Space Empires V is de nieuwste aflevering in de serie Space Empires. In deze aflevering is de gebruikersinterface volledig bijgewerkt en wordt de speler meegenomen naar een 3D-universum in real time. Kijk mee hoe oorlogen in de ruimte worden uitgevochten met schitterende details en realistische effecten.
Gebruikersrecensies: Grotendeels positief (178 recensies) - 70% van de 178 gebruikersrecensies voor deze game is positief.
Releasedatum: 16 okt 2006

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Over dit spel

Space Empires V is de nieuwste aflevering in de serie Space Empires. In deze aflevering is de gebruikersinterface volledig bijgewerkt en wordt de speler meegenomen naar een 3D-universum in real time. Kijk mee hoe oorlogen in de ruimte worden uitgevochten met schitterende details en realistische effecten. Expand, Explore, Exploit en Exterminate in een enorm, levensecht sterrenstelsel. Talloze nieuwe aspecten met politieke bondgenootschappen tussen verschillende rijken, een systeem waarmee je van top tot teen een ruimteschip ontwerpt, een zeshoekig bewegingsraster en nog veel meer. Op verzoek van de spelers is het spel volledig 'moddable' en kan zelfs een AI-systeem worden geschreven. Space Empires V neemt stoutmoedig de volgende stap in het genre van de ruimtestrategie
  • 24-bits 3D realtimegraphics.
  • Gedetailleerde tactische strijd (en een strijdsimulator om je ontwerpen te testen!).
  • Voertuigen van een nieuw type en andere afmetingen: schepen, bases, vrachtschepen, gevechtsvliegtuigen, mijnen, satellieten, troepen, radiografisch bestuurde raketten en wapenplatforms.
  • Je kunt al je voertuigen volledig zelf ontwerpen en aanpassen aan je wensen.
  • Uitgestrekt melkwegstelsel: 100 zonnestelsels met elk 15 planeten.
  • Enorme technologische structuur: duizenden niveaus met honderden componenten en faciliteiten.
  • Volledig aanpasbare spelgraphics: maak je eigen planeten, sterren, voertuigen en nog veel meer.
  • Volledig aanpasbare AI-spelers: maak je eigen AI-spelers met unieke gelaatstrekken, een eigen stijl en herkenbare stemmen.
  • 14 unieke ronden om te spelen of aan te passen. Je kunt natuurlijk ook je eigen spelronden ontwerpen!
  • Willekeurig geproduceerde kaart voor elk spel. Je kunt ook een bestaande kaart laden.
  • Spelers kunnen het spel volledig aanpassen ('mods').


    Minimale systeemvereisten: Pentium 500 MHz of een klasse beter, Windows XP, 64 MB RAM of meer, schermresolutie 1024x768 of beter, 16-bits kleurenweergave of beter, DirectX 7.0 (of beter), videokaart met 3D-versnelling, 500 MB ruimte op de vaste schijf, geluidskaart die MP3 en DirectSound ondersteunt. Geluidskaart moet compatibel zijn met DirectX 7.0 (of beter).
Nuttige klantrecensies
9 van de 9 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
2 mensen vonden deze recensie grappig
182.0 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 20 november 2015
- The game has an incredible number of customization options and offers a wealth of variety in viable strategies, particularly if you're using the balance mod practically everybody seems to be using. You can manage fine details of your empire's war machine that most games would abstract, and the game is clearly aimed at people who get giddy at the prospect of developing and testing warships to maintain an edge over current and prospective enemies.
- Despite the dated graphics and sound design, fleet battles manage to be enjoyable, and I've killed hours just messing with designs and testing them in the simulator. The weapons have a good amount of variety in their look and feel, and the encouragement toward mixing specialist designs in a fleet means that the enemy's fleet composition can significantly affect your tactics in the field.
- The AI will happily sign my Treaty of Imminent Backstabbing and praise me as a peacemaker, because the AI cannot comprehend the English language (I guess that's kind of a con, but I've never seen a game with AI that could deduce when it was being threatened or insulted through a text prompt, so I'm just happy for the source of amusement).

- You're not really given a choice in terms of how much detail you want. You're going to engage with all the detail, or you're going to lose. The learning curve can be very steep, and the UI is not friendly to new players. Forget not holding your hand; SE5 is pushing you down in the street over and over and laughing at you while you try to cross. Enjoy giving orders tediously one at a time across your huge empire until you figure out queues, because the game isn't going to nudge you in that direction one bit.
- The balance mod is almost necessary, because the base game doesn't feel like it was balance-tested sufficiently, and the built-in AI is pretty much useless. Even with the balance mod, the AI doesn't have a good chance against a player with at least a decent understanding of the system, which only makes the transition from single-player to multi-player less comfortable, because if you're used to fighting the AI, human players will kill you before you even figure out how they built so fast (it's spaceyard rushing and their management of that emergency build thing the game never hints at the importance of).
- There is only war. That depth I mentioned earlier doesn't extend to politics, economics, or anything else like that. Your empire is a machine to kill other empires, and everything else just kind of feels bolted-on. If you don't enjoy designing ships to patrol spacelanes, or you get bored of it, there's not much to fall back on. You can win through diplomacy, but it's far too easy to be any fun.

Bottom Line
If you're looking for a combat-focused space 4x that's so deep it hurts, SE5 is one of the best I've played. You definitely want the balance mod, though.
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6 van de 7 mensen (86%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
2.1 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 3 december 2015
Finetuning required!

This game is setting one more step above the Space Empires IV game. Also the graphics got updated, the sound isn't so enervating as in Space Empires IV.

The game would be a nice addition to any library, if, yes if there weren't some issues. The game requires a lot of manual finetuning by the player, to get it run smoothly on any system with a modern OS. Fullscreen is, well, not implemented for those resolutions too. All this would be suferable, and bearable...

But there is more, it's even more complex than it's predecessor and for someone who is new to the 4X Space Conquest genre it might be too much.

  • Updated Graphics and sound compared to Space Empires IV.
  • A lot of self customization, you can download so much stuff - even fanbased patches, to give it a more fluid run on modern machines.

  • Buggy, it might crash on modern OS if not finetuned by the user. Lags would also be possible, and hanging up during calculating the outcome of a round.
  • The game can overwhelm a newbie with all those windows, informations and options, please read and tread carefully.
  • Sadly, not supported anymore officially.

Recommended only to a limited audience.

This game is for empire builders, to all others the game won't open it's charm. It will get boring after playing some rounds and not seeing anything fruitful comming out of it.

I can't and I won't recommendate this game to a broad audience, because it's harder than it seems. But once you get the run of the game, you'll find it quite easy.

Furthermore there is a lot of finetuning to be done to get the game run smoothly - which will possibly frustrate younger or more impatient players, there is a lot to do for this.

The game is not bad, per se - it's among my alltime favorites, since it offers so much possibilities - but, as I said, to a broad audience this game can't be recommended, not now, not even back when it was created.
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6 van de 7 mensen (86%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
7 mensen vonden deze recensie grappig
0.7 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 10 oktober 2015
A good game if you have a sinlge core processor and Windows XP to run it under. UNder just about any other configuration it takes either a lot of tinkering with, or plays like a man in boxing gloves trying to roll a piece of cooked spaghetti up a muddy hill.
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2 van de 2 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
26.6 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 26 december 2015
Seriously STILL broken? It is not that hard tofix these issues, MM just does not care about its users.
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0.1 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 30 november 2015
Run's ridiculously slow on Windows 8, and there are dozens of different solutions floating around, none of the ones I tried worked.
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