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Space Empires IV es la última entrega en la serie Space Empires. Este nuevo capítulo actualiza completamente la interfaz de usuario y transporta al jugador a un universo 3D en tiempo real. Observa batallas espaciales creadas con increíble detalle y efectos realistas.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 16 Oct 2006
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Acerca del juego

Space Empires IV es la última entrega en la serie Space Empires. Este nuevo capítulo actualiza completamente la interfaz de usuario y transporta al jugador a un universo 3D en tiempo real. Observa batallas espaciales creadas con increíble detalle y efectos realistas. Expande tu imperio, explora, obtén recursos y extermina a tus rivales en una enorme y emocionante galaxia. Hay multitud de nuevas funciones como alianzas políticas entre varios imperios, un sistema de diseño completo de naves, una red hexagonal de movimientos y mucho más. Teniendo en cuenta las exigencias del jugador, la partida admite varios modos e incluye además un sistema de inteligencia artifical por scripts. Space Empires V va un paso más allá en el género de la estrategia espacial
  • Gráficos de 24 bits en tiempo real.
  • Combate táctico detallado (y un simulador de combate para probar tus diseños).
  • Nuevos tipos y tamaños de vehículos: naves, bases, cargueros, minas, satélites, tropas, aviones teledirigidos y plataformas de armamento.
  • Posibilidad de diseñar y personalizar completamente todos tus vehículos.
  • Enorme galaxia: 100 sistemas solares con 15 planetas cada uno.
  • Enorme árbol de tecnologías: miles de niveles tecnológicos de componentes e instalaciones.
  • Gráficos completamente personalizables: crea tus propios planetas, estrellas, vehículos, etc.
  • Jugadores de inteligencia artifical completamente personalizables: crea tus propios jugadores de inteligencia artificial con características, estilos y formas de hablar únicas.
  • 14 razas únicas para jugar o personalizar (o también puedes crear la tuya propia)
  • Mapa generado de forma aleatoria para cada partida (o también puedes cargar un mapa existente).
  • Personalización completa del juego por los jugadores ("mods").

Requisitos del sistema

    Requisitos mínimos del sistema: Pentium 500 a MHz o superior, Windows XP, 64 MB de RAM o más, resolución de pantalla de 1024x768 o superior, pantalla en color de 16 bits o superior, DirectX 7.0 (o superior), tarjeta gráfica con aceleración 3D, 500 MB de espacio libre en el disco duro, tarjeta de sonido compatible con reproducción en MP3 y DirectSound. La tarjeta de sonido debe ser compatible con DirectX 7.0 (o superior).
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old...very old.. yet it has a limitless technology system, and a ♥♥♥♥ing massive tech tree. You design your ship layouts. The tiniest of drones to the most massive of Baseships.
Publicado: 10 marzo 2014
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Don't play without the all recommended balance mod and if you want to stay sane let the AI run almost everything.
Publicado: 16 junio 2014
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Unfortunately, ever since I upgraded to a 64-bit OS, this game has become literally unplayable, with frequent crashing and inexcusably severe lag. In its heyday it was a gem of the 4x genre, but sadly, it hasn't received the support it really needed to stay relevant.
Publicado: 27 junio 2014
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Very satisfying, very complex space 4X. Definitely worth some time if you're nerdy for this genre like I am.

Only problem is that the game completely crawls on Win 7. The user shouldn't have to make tons of tweaks to boost FPS, the developer should assume some optimization responsibility for their primary market.
Publicado: 24 febrero 2014
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I was pretty excited to see Space Empires 5 here after I got SE4 from sale on - But I was utterly and completely disappointed with this game. The new resolution messed up the UI badly and the icons that were previously very visible are now very hard to make out. Even if you get used to it, you'll find out that the game is in that regard fundamentally the same as the previous part and loads of the new stuff I've seen is largely superficial or outright stupid.

-Parts placement: In SE4, you just added components to the ships, here you have a 2D-View of your ship with lots of slots to put your parts on. It's utterly redundant though, as the placement doesn't seem to do anything (surround your crew quaters with engines? why not!) Additionally, there are three decks for these slots and the new view makes it hard to see what you got on your ship already.

-Race Creation: They put in new options for race creation. Mostly, it's cosmetic and allows you to e.g. describe the physical make-up of your species and can choose the ship designs independently from each other (unlike SE4). The new social structure your empire has ultimately added just a little bonus to various aspect. Instead of making each government unique and stuff, you just have a sliding scale of peaceful/research bonuses vs. war/combat bonuses (for some reason Anarchy is on the far end of peaceful gameplay and Hivemind is for aggressive play, everything in the middle is when you are indifferent). Oh and you can of course give your leader the title "Grand Emperor Führer Overlord" if you are in a peaceful democracy, because that totally makes sense and all.

-Research: Oh god. In SE4, you just picked all areas in which you research and then the game allocated all your research points automagically. Either split evenly or one after another. The new system requires you to allocate the points with sliders which is incredibly cumbersome and you can't just enter the amount you want with a keyboard either. The option to automatically (re)allocate points is missing entirely. This is furthermore worsened by the fact that the Research tree was broadened to include stuff that no player would ever research unless he knew the techtree. I mean if you research Energy Beam Weapons, you know you can laz0r your enemies harder afterwards. But please tell me why you would research Ethics in a game like that? Would you have known that it protects you from espionage actions? Also, gaining new ship hulls is now a crawl, while you could get the base ships (Death Star-Sized warships) within 7 research steps in SE4, you now need five times as much, because each shiphull size is now it's own research field.

I could elaborate on every aspect this game has to offer now, but given the amount of content it predessor already had, this could probably fill a book.

What I noticed about this game is that loading between turns and other stuff (e.g. generating the maps) is much longer and low-end machines might perform rather slow, a problem SEIV doesn't have.

Ultimately, if you like 4x Strategy games and this game seems really interesting to you, get SE4. There is no reason to choose this game over the prequel.
Publicado: 27 febrero 2014
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Space Empires V, like its predecessor, is a brilliant turn-based strategy game. Research is deep and complex. The AI, with mods, runs well. Ship design has interesting nuances and micromanagement isn't overwhelming even in the late game. Diplomacy is good enough and resource management isn't that easy but isn't overly complex, either. The modding community has created some absolute masterpieces for this game, as well.

Of course, then, there must be a caveat. SE:V is one of the buggiest games to exist in recent memory. It was designed to run with DX7.1 and DX8 on Windows XP machines. As technology marches ever onwards, getting SE:V to actually install and work even remotely properly has been a source of constant headaches. Provided you're willing to go through the slog of troubleshooting cryptic error messages, forum heresay, and troubleshooting myths from people who are taking potshots in the dark, SE:V is a game that I wholeheartedly recommend. Otherwise, stay away.
Publicado: 27 noviembre 2013
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