Space Empires V è l'ultima versione della serie Space Empires. Questo nuovo capitolo presenta un'interfaccia utente completamente rinnovata e trasporta il giocatore in un universo 3D con rendering in tempo reale. Guarda la ricchezza dei dettagli e gli effetti realistici delle battaglie spaziali.
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Data di rilascio: 16 ott 2006

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Informazioni sul gioco

Space Empires V è l'ultima versione della serie Space Empires. Questo nuovo capitolo presenta un'interfaccia utente completamente rinnovata e trasporta il giocatore in un universo 3D con rendering in tempo reale. Guarda la ricchezza dei dettagli e gli effetti realistici delle battaglie spaziali. Espanditi, esplora, sfrutta e stermina in un'enorme galassia viva e vitale. Le novità comprendono un gran numero di alleanze politiche tra imperi diversi, uno strabiliante sistema di progettazione delle navi, una griglia esagonale per i movimenti e molto altro ancora. In base alle esigenze del giocatore, la partita è completamente "modificabile" e include anche un sistema IA per la creazione dello script. Space Empires V ti farà scoprire la nuova dimensione dei giochi di strategia spaziale
  • Grafica con rendering in tempo reale 3D a 24 bit.
  • Combattimento tattico dettagliato (e simulatore per provare i tuoi progetti!).
  • Nuovi veicoli di dimensioni e tipi diversi: navi, basi, trasportatori, combattimenti, miniere, satelliti, truppe, droni e piattaforme per armi.
  • Possibilità di progettare e personalizzare tutti i veicoli.
  • Galassia imponente: 100 sistemi solari con 15 pianeti ciascuno.
  • Tecnologia sorprendente: migliaia di livelli tecnologici con centinaia di componenti e strutture.
  • Grafica di gioco completamente personalizzabile: crea i tuoi pianeti, stelle, veicoli, ecc.
  • Giocatori controllati dal computer completamente personalizzabili: crea i tuoi giocatori virtuali dotandoli di caratteristiche, stili e abilità oratorie uniche.
  • 14 razze esclusive con cui giocare o da personalizzare (con la possibilità di creare la tua!)
  • Mappa generata casualmente per ogni partita (o possibilità di caricare una mappa esistente).
  • Personalizzazione completa della partita da parte dei giocatori ("mod").

Requisiti di sistema

    Requisiti minimi di sistema: Pentium da 500 MHz o superiore, Windows XP, 64 MB di RAM o più, risoluzione schermo 1024x768 o superiore, visualizzazione colore a 16 bit o superiore, DirectX 7.0 (o superiore), scheda video con accelerazione 3D, 500 MB di spazio libero su hard disk, scheda audio con supporto riproduzione MP3 e DirectSound. La scheda audio deve essere compatibile con DirectX 7.0 (o superiore).
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Run's amazing, 50+ FPS on Windows 8 in windowed mode; go to SE5 folder/data/HUDSettings and edit Width and Height. When you run SE5, click Setup and change Display Drive to your graphics cards, Video mode to Windowed, Video memory usage to Safe. (Graphics and Background left on High ;)).
Nvidia Settings for SE5 executable Manage 3D settings, Program Settings:
Maximum pre-rendered frames: 1
Power management mode: Prefer Maximum Performance
Triple buffering: On
Vertical sync: On
Dunno how much of the above is necissary or if it actually did anything, but the above is what I cobbled together from over the interwebs to get good fps.
Also, toss in some shipsets and spice it up.
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Pubblicata: 21 giugno
Great game! It is practically identical to space empire 4 but with better graphics!

The good:
- Same amount and same teks as in space empire 4, which mean an enormous amount of tek to research
- Graphics of solar system and ships is good but starting to get dated. This is a game from 2008 still.
- Strategy can go pretty deep in this game
- Ships and bases and satellites and weapons platforms and even troops can be customised to your heart content. Eventually, you can even build Ring worlds and mega huge sphere worlds if you research far enough. Destroy and create black holes, destroy and create warp points and the like!
- If you like space empire 4, you will love this game since it's so similar
- It can be modded to your heart content. There are quite a few mods out there. Better to install the Balance mod straight from the get go to get better ai opponents and better structured research too.
- Music and sound are pretty good and never tiresome. Space Opera like star trek.

The bad:
- The single guy who did all the space empire games sold the game and its right to make space empire games to another company. And he doesn't work for them either. They never did any dev on the game or any patch after it was sold. I don't even understand what they intended to do with this game after paying money for it.
- The game is stable, but it looks a bit unpolished and unfinished in some area
- The game was developped for Windows XP directX only. It doesn't work fullscreen in Vista or Windoze 7 & later. You can play it in windowed 1024x768 with no problems, but its small for nowaday. The performance of the game is abysmal with lots of lag if you manage to put it in fullscreen.
- The ai in the base game is terribad. No challenge even at highest difficulty. Install the balance mod to correct that problem.
- The scale of the research is a bit too much. You can research 100 levels in one research. So there is no point in changing your type of weapons from the starting tek you have if you invested millions of points of research into it, it's going to be so strong that no amount of new weapon ability is going to top it. For example, the starting laser can go from 5 damage at lvl1 to 500 damage at lvl 100. The balance mod adresses this specifically which is good!
- Very addictive game. You can't stop yourself from playing just another turn and look its now 3 am in the morning and you got to go to work in a few hours! yipeeeeee!
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Space Empires V is a turn based strategy/empire manager. There is just so much that you can do in this game, really. I don't even know how to start reviewing this, there is so much to talk about. The game itself is so complex yet simple at the same time, anyway, lets just go on to the pros and cons list.


Audio/Music, the music is great and doesn't get to repetetive or broing. The sounds and everything just fit the game really well.

Empire Management, this is huge. You can develop your entire empire, from the solar system to the single building on a planet. You also manage foreign relations, trade, your local population, ambassadors, and so much more. Like I said, this game is huge and complex.

Combat, the combat is also very complex and fun. A huge list of weapons for your ships is available to you, but ship combat isn't all there is. There is also land combat, defensive planetary shields or gun stations, and a lot more. You can either have your units do combat automatically or manage each one of your units. There is so many strategies available that the options are basically endless for a single playthrough.


Graphics, the graphics are very basic. I understand this game is slightly dated, but even so, the graphics are not really special. But I can overlook this, the game is amazing.

Complex Research Tree, but isn't this a good thing? What I mean is, there are so many options available to you, it is nearly impossible to research a vast majority of the researches in the span of a single playthrough. There are also some "Elite" research paths, that let you do godlike things like create planets, destroy stars, and so on, that take a huge amount of research to unlock, making them impractical for a normal playthrough.

TIME, this is the biggest downside to this game. It takes a long time to get through a playthrough of it (depends on settings, but if you are like me, then you like huge maps with lots to do). Early on in the game before you set up your adminitration on planets, completing a turn can take quite a bit of time as well, so overall the game progresses slowly.

Anyone that calls themself a fan of these turn based strategy/empire building games must get this, it is simply amazing all of the options it gives you to play with. You can create almost anything you can think of, want a peaceful democratic nation? Make one. Want a tyrannical dictatorship? Make one. If you want a nation whose population is made up entirely of pokemon? You can do that to! Anyway, hope this review has helped some!

May your adventures be many and always end in reward!
-Donoknight, Founder of Tabletop RPG Gamers League
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Able to spawn black holes on colonized planets....... 10/10 Satan said this.
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A good game if you have a sinlge core processor and Windows XP to run it under. UNder just about any other configuration it takes either a lot of tinkering with, or plays like a man in boxing gloves trying to roll a piece of cooked spaghetti up a muddy hill.
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