Crash land on an hostile planet where you'll have to build the strongest defenses if you wish to live to escape from it. But be warned... this planet is merciless. Build strong, and smart; else physics may flood or destroy your only hopes of survival.
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10. juli 2018

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25. september

v1.03 update: multiplayer & low framerate experience

This update should improve your experience in multiplayer: for late-joining clients (they will get same weapons & devices than host) and for better managing bad behaviors (easy kick & ban, and if banned host get its inventory). It should also improve low-framerate experience with the volcano lava cycle & eruption and jumping down platforms bug fix.
Also, Base Defense mode is now really (really) challenging in late game.

I'll now start working on the v1.1 update. More news about it soon.

And remember about the Eiffel Tower Building Contest, it ends tomorrow!

v1.03 (Build 814)

- Joining clients (first-time) automatically get the host devices & weapons (param m_clientGetHostItems)
- Banned players give all their item to host (param m_banGiveLootToHost)
- Kick & Ban buttons in the players list window, for host. Add a "players" button to open this window (Tab key shortcut).
- Volcano: skip a lava up/down cycle if lava didn't have time to go away when cycle should start. An "*" is then written next to the lava pressure in the F4 debug.
- Dynamic balance of the volcan eruption "lava volume", in order to avoid mass lava flooding & ocean drying, and lava not coming out:
* reduce the eruption duration (600s=>500s)
* extends its duration dynamically if lava didn't rich the top (up to 800s). Add two params for that.
* modification of the layout of the bottom-side chimneys, to make the lava coming out slowlier (on new worlds)
* modification of the layout of the top-side chimneys, to make less rain entering the boss lair (on new worlds)

Bug Fix
- Fix bug with teleporter UI (when removing an active teleporter)
- Fix "load" button in main menu locked in some situation (if no multi (or custom) save, and quitting a multi (or custom) game)
- Fixed bug that prevented to jump down from a platform when very low framerate

- Base Defense mode: after 33 nights, when there is no more monsters to spawn, monsters gain 10% of HP & damage every night
- particle turrets projectiles don't go through (that was never intended)
- Balance: Flame-thrower turrets more resistant (400 hp instead of 250)
- Plasma Sniper Rifle damage increased from 35 to 45
- ZF-0 gun unlocks target if fired with shift key pressed

- Update items description and help (no need for devices to be placed in the items bar)
- Add params m_speedSimu and m_speedSimuWorld to modify the simulation & world (liquids) simulation speeds
- Improve/fix fps debug: show framerate, then the ratio between the game time speed and the real time speed, and then the ratio between the world simulation (especially liquids) time speed and the game time speed. Add a param to lock the game/world ratio (if low framerate, the framerate will be even lower, but liquids will run at the normal speed compared to the player movement and day duration).
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25. august

Eiffel Tower Building Contest!

Here is a little building contest for fun! You have one month, until September 26th, to build the highest possible tower.
Winner will get 3 keys of the game as a little reward, 2nd and 3rd one key, that you can offer to family or friends

Really bad example of a tower

Here are the rules:
- Use this map: download it and copy it into your Dig or Die save directory, which should be something like that: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Dig or Die\<steam_id>\Saves\Solo ).
- Use only the blocks you have in your inventory. Of course don't change the params or anything like that
- You can anchor your tower only to the 4 rock anchor poitns on each side, as you can see in my example above. Do not anchor on the 10/20/etc. marks in the sky!
- Post the screenshot of the top of your tower in the forum ( ), and at the end the best one will send me their map so I can check it works well. I'll then put them public for everyone to download them and admire the Master Builder :-)

*** EDIT on 2018/08/27 ***
As you might have seen, I've modified the contest (the file changed): the walls to use are now low-tech walls (the concrete ones, iron support and wood walls).
The previous hi-tech contest is still valid, winners will get keys if they wish ; but the results were already far, far too high (130+), that wasn't very fun to build anymore. That's why I changed to low-tech walls, it will give much smaller towers but more fun and easy to build.
I'm very sorry for this change but I don't think it's really fun to play with the very special game physics that happens when you build at those huge heights

Good luck!

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Om dette spillet

Explore, fight, craft and build your defenses! Enjoy a unique and innovative game:

Strategy: survive massive attacks each night by building strong walls and placing turrets wisely.
Physics: build wisely or your structures will collapse! And you will need them to defend your base, or build bridges and high towers to access remote locations.
Water cycle: rain, infiltration, underground rivers and lakes... be careful during the heavy rains, or you could be surprised by a sudden water level rise!

You are a representative of the CRAFT & Co company. You are selling automated fabrication tools across the galaxy when your spacecraft crashes into a hostile planet. Use the tools you sell and the local resources to build up all of what you'll need to survive and eventually be able to escape the planet.

New content!

• Play classic solo or multiplayer co-op, or try the custom game modes: Under the Sea (start in a cave under a huge ocean!), Sky World (a random world composed of hundreds of flying islands), or Base Defense (no exploration, only base building and defense).
• Activate the Hazardous Events option to trigger various surprises like Meteor Shower, Rain Flood, Earthquake, Volcano Eruption or even a Sharkstorm!
• Enjoy Creative Mode and produce all items for free. This includes cheated items and tools to modify terrain or even create water and lava!


Fun from the start: no awfully slow digging, so you can concentrate on the exploration, fights and strategy.
Game's final objective: you must build a rocket ship to escape the planet.
Strategy survival: the game is a survival game in a strategic meaning. No hunger needs, the whole point of the game is to survive to the massive attacks each night. And to do that, you will have to explore the world to gather resources and craft your defenses.


• No swords, magic or flying clown monsters here! It's a consistent science-fiction world, with fast and fun laser guns fights!
Intelligent monsters: they will find the best path to attack your defenses. And be careful: even if they can't move through walls, they can still destroy them!
Difficulty progression: only the species of monsters you have already killed before attack during the night (they must have taken ill!). So you can progress at your own pace and choose when you are ready to move forward and fight stronger monsters.
AI companion: your crashed ship contains an AI that survived and will give you useful advices (or not!). Build him a drone so he can follow you and even help you fight the monsters!

World Simulation:

• Huge world with global real-time simulation of the environment, physics, water cycle and lighting.
Electricity: build solar panels or functional hydroelectric generators to power your base’s most advanced items!
Plants simulation: plants naturally grow and spread if their life-conditions are met. Create some farms with artificial sun lamps and irrigation.
Procedurally generated world: Major areas locations are specific to benefit from a logical game progression, but detailed layout of surface, caverns, ores, etc. are unique at each playthrough.

Crafting and Building:

Crafting: You dig minerals, harvest plants and kill some monsters and bosses in order to craft better items and defenses. But the digging is really fast, your inventory space is infinite and all crafting recipes are displayed, so you don’t waste all your time on grinding or wikis and can concentrate on setting up better defenses.
Base construction: You build a fortress, not a holiday house. So you won't find hundreds of flowerpots or tapestries, but rather turrets, strong walls and useful machines. Remember the Starship Troopers or Aliens movies atmosphere!


    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    • Prosessor: Intel 2.4 GHz, Amd FX-8350 or better
    • Minne: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: 256MB video memory, capable of shader model 2.0
    • DirectX: Versjon 9.0
    • Lagring: 500 MB tilgjengelig plass
    • Tilleggsmerknader: Mouse, Keyboard. Edit on 2016/03/25: caution, the game doesn't work on some Win XP 32bits hardware (not everyone), and i'm not sure if i'll be able to fix it. So you can ask a refund if that's the case for you

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