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10 lug 2018

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Acquista Dig or Die


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4 gennaio

Dig or Die v1.1 released!

This update brings new arts and animations for all monsters, new items, various tools and commands for map edition, and a lot of bug fixes and improvements.

New edition tools are detailed in this wiki page: Don't hesitate to complete it, or post a link to your own custom maps.

I'll now start working on a new game, and stop updating Dig or Die but for bug fixes or minor improvements. I'm not sure yet what I'll do next with Dig or Die as there are so much to do... hire a developer to work on it? find a partnership with another studio to continue it and port it to consoles (if you are one, contact me!)? Wait for some hypothetical Dig or Die 2 in order to change the game features in depth? I don't know yet.

As for my next game, it will be totally different from Dig or Die. I can't be sure if I'll manage to do something great, but I do think you'll find it very interesting, and really worth to work on it! I'll post something about it when it's time, but if you want to be sure not to miss it, register to my little mailing list (no spam, something like 1 mail per year):

Thanks again to all of you for your support during those last few years!

And here is the complete change log:

v1.1 (Build 854)


- New arts and anims for monsters and bosses (almost all, not yet complete)
- New item: Alarm. Flashing light with sound, when powered with a signal
- New item: Distance Sensor. Detect units around it (3 modes: green for players, red for monsters, blue for both). Added those 3 modes to the proximity sensor.
- New item: Composite Door
- New item: Mega Health Potion. Heal 100% of HP, cooldown 15s
- New item: Pheromones Potion. Attract monsters from further away
- New item: Invisibility Potion. Canceled if shoot or use item. Visually, player is almost invisible.
- New item: Ultimate Rebreather
- Item modification: Stealth Bracelet, changed from previous Invisibility Bracelet. Player is half-transparent. Monsters have more difficulty to find player (during the day): distance to detect, and to lose track, is reduced (half). Cancels only if shooting (player can dig). Usage 30s, cooldown 60s.
- Drone: it now stays in inventory, is called when you activate it. Recipe modified so they now are updates. Added transparency to AI speech bubble.
- Minimap: button to toggle a x2 zoom, and display the % of exploration
- Menu "CUSTOM GAMES" renamed into "OTHER WORLDS"
- Improve monthers pathfinding, to climb (especially platforms)
- Add localization in Traditional Chinese
- Update localization in Simplified Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Brazilian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese

Map edition tools

- Added an empty map in local files /DigOrDie_Data/SteamingAssets/Empty World. Work In Progress, various things left to do: manage monsters areas, bosses, strange rocks, minimap clearing.
- Clock day/night areas display now dynamic whatever the day/night durations, perfect precision now
- "Delete" key to remove items
- Made strange rock area dynamic, build those rocks anywhere with the Creative Brush.
- Organic rock heart is now dynamic too ; it regens a bit differently, player can "move" it. It can also be healed once killed with the Brush tool.
- If you spawn a boss with the Monster Gun, in Dev Mode (m_devMode=true in Creative Mode), it will set its lair/respawn area at this new position.
- Automatic character skin reset (open character window) if change of host (if map shared to someone else, even in solo)
- F4 debug : display the currently (daily) spawn monster
- Add basic rifle to recipes (useful for map edition)
- Added Scrap Metals recipe to ultimate autobuilder (useful for map edition)
- Adds an Auto-Builder Ultimate when activating the Dev Mode.
- New param: m_checkMinerals. Add some minerals (gold, etc.) at loading if not enough found (if players dug everything). True by default.
- New param: Dev Mode (m_devMode). Give invincibility, fast travel/fly/noclip with numeric keypad arrows, time change with PageUp/PageDown/Home/End keys.
- New param: m_dynamicSpawn. To make monsters spawn depending of the surrounding blocks & background (example: if crytals, spawn ants) like in Terraria (see wiki for more info).
- New param: m_rainY. Set rain/cloud altitude (880 in main world)
- New param: m_fastEvaporationYMax. Water evaporates very fast below (280 in main world).
- New params: m_sunLightYMin & m_sunLightYMax. Altitude where sky become caverns (no more sun light). Useful for map edition, as it changes some of the spawns. 600 & 665 in main world
- New param: m_lavaPressureBottomCycle. Lava altitude at the lowest point of its cycle. 2 in main world
- New command: /clearminimap. Clear Minimap (for map edition)
- New command: /clearbosses. To kill all bosses and delete their lair/respawn area
- New command: /clearminimapfog to clear the minimap fog (useful for map edition)
- New command: /clearkills to clear the killed monsters list (keep firefly & hounds) (useful for map edition)
- New command: /cleardaycounter to reset the day counter.

Bug Fix

- Prevent getting several similiar Hazardous Events following each other
- Fixed Meteor Shower and Earthquake for clients
- Fixed monsters spawning from altitude (and crashing stupidly)
- Ultimate Autobuilder don't consume items anymore when they are available
- Minimap : fixed bug when near map borders
- Fixed sync of blocks destroyed by grenade launcher
- Fixed other players name highlight (now only if item is beinbg dragged)
- Fixed bug that let projectiles go through walls when quick saving (+ other collisions issues when quick saving)
- Fixed some texts not updating when changing language (game creation & lobbies screen)
- Monster Gun: bosses spawn with right clic are now aggressive
- Monster Gun: Spawn monsters with Monster Gun are not killed anymore at loading.
- Fixed bug (at loading) with lava cycle skip & organic rock kill
- Fixed an issue with the input field while saving game
- Fixed bug that prevented infiltration when water pressure was > 83


- Potion regen: +150% instead of +200%
- Potion armor (-30% damages ) applied before armor (so more effective)
- Critics damage : x3 instead of x2
- Plasma Sniper: 35 damages instead of 45, but 25% of critics chance instead of 5%
- Armor Potion now reduce damage by 30%
- Precision Potion: 20% more chance instead of 30%
- Increased drowing monster damage (2+ 5% of max HP)
- Fishes damages in air are now the same as drowning monsters
- Under The Sea mode: modify shape of the bottom of the sea to let player go closer to the gas rock islands
- Under The Sea mode: MadCrab easier to find (bigger lair)
- Under the Sea: spawning zone for T3 monster a bit higher so players can reach the cavern ceiling more easily.
- Default mode: granit caverns a bit longer, more connected
- Base Defense mode: move all bosses (now better hidden)
- Demon aim better when player is running
- Regeneration Potion ticks duration changed. One tick every 1.6s (still 150% of hp healed over 60s - so heal ticks of 1/2/3/4 hp depending of difficulty)
- Grenade Launcher cannot damage T4 & T5 rocks
- All electric components recipes produce 2 instead of 1
- HP Regen Potion cost modified (3 blue flower instead of 4)
- Precision Potion cost modified (7 High Radioactive Blood instead of 10)
- Armor Potion cost modified (7 High Radioactive blood instead of 10, no more dead plants)
- Speed Potion cost modified (now 3 Deep Cave Tree Seeds and 7 Highly Radioactive Blood)
- Invisibility potion recipe change (deadly blood)
- Mega potion recipe change (build 1 instead of 3 - change for big potions too)
- Sapphire emit a bit of light


- New Command: /killme
- Crafting group: "minerals / materials" now together
- Add contrast & modify colors of steel platforms and composite walls
- AI: improve bubbles colors to be more readable at day & night
- AI message when near a rare mineral
- AI message to explain there is no normal loot at night
- Help: says we can place dirt but not rock; and that we can drag&drop items onto the other players names
- Update english localization
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27 novembre 2018

v1.1 Work In Progress

Major v1.1 update will soon be ready!

Today I uploaded on the beta branch a version with two of the major v1.1 features:
- New arts and animations for all monsters and bosses! You can already see most of them in the beta version (still work in progress however)
- Tools to help players to create or customize a map: a "dev mode" param to get full invincibility, fast travel and no collision ; a param to make monsters spawn dynamically depending of the surrounding mineral backgrounds ; and various other commands and params (Here is the wiki page to explain them: ).

V1.1 will also have a lot of balance, some new items (not yet done), a minimap zoom, and various bug fixes

It will probably be the last major update of the game for some time, as after this one i'll start working on a new game.
I'll see if I can find some partnership, or hire a developer to continue major updates for Dig or Die. If not, I'll work only on bug fixes and minor improvements for Dig or Die, and focus mostly on my next game (which will not be Dig or Die 2, at all)

19 commenti Altre informazioni

Informazioni sul gioco

Esplora, lotta, crea e costruisci la tua base! Un gioco unico e innovativo:

strategia: sopravvivi agli attacchi di massa notturni proteggendoti con forti mura e piazzando con cura le torrette.
Fisica: costruisci con metodo o le tue strutture crolleranno! Dovrai anche difendere al meglio la tua base ed erigere ponti e torri per accedere ai punti più remoti.
Tutto scorre: pioggia, infiltrazioni, fiumi sotterranei e laghi... fai attenzione quando piove molto o l'acqua potrebbe coglierti di sorpresa!

Sei un rappresentante della CRAFT & Co. Vendi attrezzi per la costruzione automatizzati in tutta la Galassia, ma la tua navicella precipita su un pianeta ostile. Utilizza i prodotti che vendi e le risorse del luogo per costruire tutto ciò di cui avrai bisogno per proteggerti mentre cerchi di fuggire dal pianeta.

Nuovi contenuti!

• Gioca in solitario o in multigiocatore co-op, oppure prova le modalità personalizzate: In fondo al mare (inizia in una caverna in fondo all'oceano!), Mondo Celeste (un mondo procedurale composto da centinaia di isole fluttuanti) o Difendi la base (senza esplorazione, solo costruzione e difesa della base).
• Attiva gli eventi catastrofici per vivere una sorpresa dopo l'altra, come la pioggia di meteoriti, l'alluvione, il terremoto, l'eruzione e persino una tempesta di squali!
• Costruisci tutti gli oggetti senza costi nella modalità creativa. Avrai a disposizione oggetti troppo potenti per essere veri e strumenti per modificare il terreno o creare acqua e lava!


divertente fin dal primo momento: raccogliere le risorse non è una noia mortale e potrai concentrarti da subito sull'esplorazione, il combattimento e la strategia.
Scopo del gioco: devi costruire un razzo per fuggire dal pianeta.
Strategie di sopravvivenza: avrai bisogno di tutte le tue abilità strategiche per sopravvivere. Non dovrai pensare alla cena, ma solo a sopravvivere ai violenti assalti notturni. E per farlo, dovrai esplorare il mondo intorno a te, raccogliere risorse e crearti una base.


• niente spade, magie o clown volanti! È un mondo fantascientifico plausibile e con tanta azione a base di fucili laser!
Mostri intelligenti: troveranno sempre il modo più efficace per attaccare le tue difese. E fai attenzione: non attraversano i muri, ma possono pur sempre distruggerli!
Difficoltà graduale: di notte ti prenderanno di mira solo le specie che hai già ucciso (mi sa che se la sono presa!). Puoi fare progressi alla velocità che vuoi e decidere tu quando te la senti di affrontare mostri più feroci.
Compagnia artificiale: la tua navicella contiene un'IA che è sopravvissuta allo schianto e saprà (quasi!) sempre come aiutarti. Costruisci un drone che ti seguirà ovunque andrai e ti aiuterà a sconfiggere i mostri!

Un mondo simulato:

• un mondo di gioco gigantesco con una simulazione in tempo reale di ecosistema, fisica, ciclo dell'acqua e luce.
Elettricità: costruisci pannelli solari o generatori idroelettrici funzionanti per alimentare gli elementi più avanzati della tua base!
Simulazione della vegetazione: le piante crescono e proliferano nelle giuste condizioni. Metti su la tua fattoria con lampade solari e sistemi di irrigazione.
Un mondo generato proceduralmente: Il mondo di gioco ha una struttura di base fissa che garantisce una progressione di gioco logica, ma i dettagli delle superfici, caverne, metalli ecc. cambiano di partita in partita.

Crafting e costruzioni:

crafting: estrai minerali, raccogli piante e uccidi mostri e boss per creare oggetti e fortificazioni sempre migliori. E in tutto ciò, raccogliere le risorse è rapidissimo, lo spazio in inventario è infinito e sai già all'inizio tutte le ricette del crafting, così non dovrai perdere tempo con il grinding o la wiki, ma potrai concentrarti solo sul costruire le tue fortificazioni.
Costruisci la tua base: ti serve una fortezza, non una casa vacanze. Per questo non troverai centinaia di soprammobili o tappezzerie, ma torrette, mura resistenti e macchine utili. Abbiamo voluto ricreare l'atmosfera di Starship Troopers e Aliens!

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema operativo: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    • Processore: Intel 2.4 GHz, Amd FX-8350 or better
    • Memoria: 1 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: 256MB video memory, capable of shader model 2.0
    • DirectX: Versione 9.0
    • Memoria: 500 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Note aggiuntive: Mouse, Keyboard. Edit on 2016/03/25: caution, the game doesn't work on some Win XP 32bits hardware (not everyone), and i'm not sure if i'll be able to fix it. So you can ask a refund if that's the case for you

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