Je stort neer op een vijandige planeet waar je een sterke verdediging moet bouwen om te overleven en uiteindelijk te ontsnappen. Maar wees gewaarschuwd... deze planeet kent geen genade. Bouw een sterke verdediging en speel slim, anders zal je enige hoop om te overleven overstromen of verwoest worden.
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10 jul 2018

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11 juli

Thank you! + Hotfixes

The game was released yesterday, and it got an amazing reception! Even better than the Early Access launch, all records have been broken :-)

I'll try to be worthy of your trust, and to offer you someday something even better, a completely new experience - and that will be entirely thanks to all of you.

About the future of Dig or Die, as I explained in the forum I don't know yet how things will go. There is so much to add (modding !), and I have also this new game concept I really want to develop. So best solutions could be to hire someone to continue update the game (I work alone for now), or find a partnership with another studio... That might be also a way to port the game to console. I'll keep you updated!

But first step is to fix the game issues, so here is a first little hot fix about issues some people got with the the volcano eruption from the Hazardous Events. I've removed it temporary from those events, until I fix it properly - but the normal eruption you discover later in the game is still there!

I'll update this post if/when I have to do other hot fixes.

So of course don't hesitate to give feedback on the forum if you see any problem!

v1.0 (Build 785) HOT FIX
- Temporary remove the Volcano Eruption from the Hazardous Events in Solo/Multiplayer game modes
- Deactivate the volcano eruption (triggered by basalt destruction) in Base Defense mode that was destroying everything
- Reduce the Meteor Shower damages (but still high enough!)
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10 juli

Dig or Die v1.0 released!

After 3 years of Early Access, the game is finally complete!

To all of the Early Access supporters, I'll never thank you enough. You made my Indie Dev dream come true ; thanks to you I was able to work full time on the game for those last years and to develop much more content than initially planned.
To all future players, I hope you'll enjoy the game and what I tried to do with it.

Too much emotion for me, so let's go straight to the v1.0 feature list:

v1.0 (Build 784):

3 new game modes:

- Under the Sea: Players start in a cave located under a huge ocean of 300 blocks high, with a huge water pressure. Ideal for exploring a new world full of surprises, and / or having fun with the water physics engine.
- Sky World: A world composed of hundreds of flying islands, procedurally generated, offering high replayability value.
- Base Defense: This is a tower defense inspired mode. No exploration here, players only build a base and defend it against the successive waves of attacks.

Creative Mode option with:

- All items free, cheated weapons and armour (those ones were already in "post game" mode).
- Dimensional Brush: to modify terrain & minerals as you wish (press shift for bigger area)
- Water / Lava / Sponge Pistol: to generate (or absorb) water and lava. Be careful! (press shift for more!)
- Monster Gun: spawn monsters and boss at will (press shift for them being aggressive)
- Plan Gun (that I like to call "Totoro gun"): anything that could grow in certain conditions will grow instantly (press shift for bigger area)

Hazardous Events option, to trigger random events about 1 time a day:

- Heat Wave: no rain, fast evaporation, some plants spontaneously burn.
- Rain Flood: massive rain flood.
- Meteor Shower: meteor falling from the sky and destroying everything... have fun!
- Volcano eruptions.
- Earthquake: increases all structures' weight.
- Restless Night: more monsters (occurs only at night).
- Quiet Night: no monsters (occurs only at night).
- Gravitational Waves: a very rare stars alignment lowers the gravity (jump higher, buildings stronger).
- Acidic Water: water and rain turns into acid (green color, and damage to players).
- Drowsiness: all monsters move slowly.
- Mating Season: monsters aggro distance is increased a lot, and they move fast.
- Lucky Day: monsters drop every time. Crital hit for players at every shot.
- Sun Eclipse: instant night during the day (with monsters attacks).
- Mist: lights range are reduced, day darker, screen is grayed out.
- Electromagnetic disturbances: electric system shuts down.
- Sharkstorm: combination of Flood + raining sharks :-)

Soundtrack: 9 new tracks


All previous saved games (since v0.3) are compatible. You can also activate Hazardous Events on a previous save by using console commands.

If you wish to discuss about those new features, best is to use this forum topic:

In addition to those major v1.0 features, there is also the v0.99 pre-release I published about a month ago in order to be tested as best as possible before release.

v0.99 most important features:
- New music dynamic system: musics change depending of the "tension" of the current situation and other various specificities
- New console commands: /event (to launch an event), /find (to find an item on the map), /music
- Picked up items displayed in console. Bosses loot now auto-picked.
- Players now respawn near the autobuilder (and never inside a block)
- Improved pathfinding for monsters and drone
- Heavy changes in plants life conditions
- Various balance on drone, shield, crush damage, water evaporation, etc.
- Various bug fixes and minor improvements

The full change log is in this announcement:

And here are the change that were released those last few weeks, since this v0.99:

Changes since v0.99 release:

- Full localization in: English, Dutch, French, German, Korean, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Japanese
- New achievments (auto-builder progress)
- Drag & Drop items from your inventory directly to another player or its name (even if he is far away)
- Add a proximity sensor (detect monster or players in the cell)
- F4 mode to show a lot of information in creative mode: quantity of water, exact light, forces, content HP, achievement infos (and a few infos in normal mode)
- Improve & optimize the spawning repartition of monsters: better take into account stucked monsters in order to better spawn monsters (species and position that let monster reach the player)

Bug Fix
- Fixed various bugs within the Hazardous Events and the Creative Mode tools
- Hide UI fix: reactivate menu buttons, hide console texts
- Fix language of system texts, if the host/client has a different language than your one
- Fix bug that prevented monsters to go through platforms in some situations
- No Peaceful difficulty in Base Defense mode
- Fixed Fire & Miniaturizor input option modification (now works)
- Fix issues with AI sentences

- Rocket Launcher: reduced push force, increased cooldown and damage
- ZF-0: additional damages on time when locked on an ennemy (from 7 to 12, +1 every 5 hits)
- Drone: goes faster, do not attack species that player didn't kill yet, reduced cost (10=>2 gold for drone, 10=>6 gold for combat drone, 10=>6 gold and 5->4 thorium for war drone)
- Meteors do much more damage, less in water
- Water pump modification (no more Perpetual Motion)
- Sun lamps, teleport and Storm gun light emission slightly modified to prevent self-generating sun lamp + solar panel
- Base defense balance: start game earlier in the day, prices of MK2+ much higher (even more for repair turret, no increase for electricity items). More water, hydroelectric generation should be easier. Added the bosses (only for fun in Creative / Post game mode)
- A little more blood dropped in easy (0.6->0.8), a little less in hard/brutal (0.25->0.2)
- Water sensor, Proximity sensor and Wire Crossing doesn't burn (from lava) anymore

- Add build version warnings (if hosts and clients don't run the same game version), technical improvements
- Add Discord link in the main menu (instead of facebook) and the multiplayer window, add icons.
- Chat input closed by pressing Escape
- Multiplayer: minor improvements of player names display
- Volume option: more precise (+ left/right keys when mouse over button for max precision)
- Remove achievements in multiplayer (as it actually didn't work client)
- Various netcode improvements
- Multiplayer: a "host is reloading" message is displayed on client when host reloads
- Add some global stats on weapons to help me balance them
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Over dit spel

Verken, vecht, maak items en bouw je verdediging! Speel een uniek en vernieuwend spel:

Strategie: overleef elke nacht massale aanvallen door sterke muren te bouwen en kanonnen te plaatsen.
Architectuur: bouw slim, anders storten je bouwwerken in! Bouw muren om je basis te verdedigen of bruggen en hoge torens om afgelegen plekken te bereiken.
Waterhuishouding: regen, infiltratie, ondergrondse rivieren en meren... wees voorzichtig als het hard regent, want het water kan zomaar stijgen!

Je bent een vertegenwoordiger van het bedrijf CRAFT & Co. Je verkoopt geautomatiseerde productiesystemen in het hele sterrenstelsel wanneer je ruimteschip neerstort op een vijandige planeet. Gebruik de apparaten die je verkoopt en de lokale grondstoffen om alles te bouwen wat je nodig hebt om te overleven en uiteindelijk van de planeet te kunnen ontsnappen.

Nieuwe content!

• Speel klassiek singleplayer, multiplayer co-op of probeer de speciale spelmodi: Onder de zee (start in een grot onder een enorme oceaan!), In de wolken (een willekeurig samengestelde wereld die bestaat uit honderden zwevende eilanden) of Basis verdedigen (zonder verkennen, alleen basis bouwen en verdedigen).
• Schakel de optie Gevaarlijke gebeurtenissen in om verschillende rampen te activeren zoals meteorenregen, overstroming, aardbeving, vulkaanuitbarsting of zelfs een haaienstorm!
• Speel Creatieve modus en maak alle items gratis. In deze modus krijg je ook verborgen items en hulpmiddelen om het terrein aan te passen of zelfs water en lava te maken!


Leuk vanaf de start: je hoeft niet eindeloos te graven, maar kunt gelijk beginnen met verkennen, vechten en strategisch spelen.
Doel van het spel: je moet een raket bouwen om van de planeet te ontsnappen.
Strategisch overleven: in het spel moet je strategisch spelen om te overleven. Je hebt geen honger, maar je moet elke nacht massale aanvallen zien te overleven. Daarvoor moet je de wereld verkennen en grondstoffen verzamelen om je verdediging te bouwen.


• Geen zwaarden, magie of vliegende clownmonsters! Het is een veelzijdige sciencefictionwereld met snelle en leuke lasergevechten!
Intelligente monsters: zij zoeken naar de beste manier om je verdediging aan te vallen. Let op: Ze kunnen niet door muren heen, maar ze kunnen de muren wel vernietigen!
Wisselende moeilijkheid: alleen de soorten die je overdag hebt gedood vallen 's nachts aan (ze voelen zich vast gekwetst!). Op deze manier kun je zelf bepalen wanneer je tegen sterkere monsters wilt vechten.
AI-maatje: je neergestorte ruimteschip bevat een AI die de crash heeft overleefd en hij geeft je handige tips (of niet!). Bouw een drone voor hem zodat hij je kan volgen en kan helpen vechten tegen de monsters!


• Enorme wereld met real-time simulatie van de omgeving, fysica, watercyclus en licht/donker.
Stroom: bouw zonnepanelen of waterkrachtgenerators om de geavanceerde items van je basis aan te drijven!
Plantensimulatie: planten groeien op natuurlijke wijze en verspreiden zich als aan de vereiste omstandigheden wordt voldaan. Creëer boerderijen met kunstmatige zonnelampen en irrigatie.
Procedureel gegenereerde wereld: Grote hoofdlijnen zijn vastgelegd om een logische spelvoortgang te bevorderen, maar de gedetailleerde lay-out van de bodem, grotten, grondstoffen, enz. is telkens uniek.

Maken en bouwen:

Maken: Je delft grondstoffen, oogst planten en doodt monsters en bazen om betere items en verdedigingswerken te kunnen maken. Het graven gaat heel snel, je inventarisruimte is oneindig en alle formules worden weergegeven, zodat je niet al je tijd verspilt aan graven of wiki's lezen en je kunt concentreren op het bouwen van een betere verdediging.
Bouw van de basis: Je bouwt een vesting, geen vakantiehuisje. Je zult dus geen bloempotten en wandtapijten aantreffen, maar kanonnen, sterke muren en handige machines. Denk aan de sfeer van films als Starship Troopers of Aliens!


    • Besturingssysteem: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: Intel 2.4 GHz, Amd FX-8350 or better
    • Geheugen: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafische kaart: 256MB video memory, capable of shader model 2.0
    • DirectX: Versie 9.0
    • Opslagruimte: 500 MB beschikbare ruimte
    • Aanvullende opmerkingen: Mouse, Keyboard. Edit on 2016/03/25: caution, the game doesn't work on some Win XP 32bits hardware (not everyone), and i'm not sure if i'll be able to fix it. So you can ask a refund if that's the case for you
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