Um acidente o deixou preso em um planeta hostil e você deve construir defesas fortes se quiser sobreviver para escapar deste lugar. Mas, cuidado: este planeta é cruel. Construa sabiamente, senão a física destruirá sua única esperança de sobrevivência.
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11 de julho

Thank you! + Hotfixes

The game was released yesterday, and it got an amazing reception! Even better than the Early Access launch, all records have been broken :-)

I'll try to be worthy of your trust, and to offer you someday something even better, a completely new experience - and that will be entirely thanks to all of you.

About the future of Dig or Die, as I explained in the forum I don't know yet how things will go. There is so much to add (modding !), and I have also this new game concept I really want to develop. So best solutions could be to hire someone to continue update the game (I work alone for now), or find a partnership with another studio... That might be also a way to port the game to console. I'll keep you updated!

But first step is to fix the game issues, so here is a first little hot fix about issues some people got with the the volcano eruption from the Hazardous Events. I've removed it temporary from those events, until I fix it properly - but the normal eruption you discover later in the game is still there!

I'll update this post if/when I have to do other hot fixes.

So of course don't hesitate to give feedback on the forum if you see any problem!

v1.0 (Build 785) HOT FIX
- Temporary remove the Volcano Eruption from the Hazardous Events in Solo/Multiplayer game modes
- Deactivate the volcano eruption (triggered by basalt destruction) in Base Defense mode that was destroying everything
- Reduce the Meteor Shower damages (but still high enough!)
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10 de julho

Dig or Die v1.0 released!

After 3 years of Early Access, the game is finally complete!

To all of the Early Access supporters, I'll never thank you enough. You made my Indie Dev dream come true ; thanks to you I was able to work full time on the game for those last years and to develop much more content than initially planned.
To all future players, I hope you'll enjoy the game and what I tried to do with it.

Too much emotion for me, so let's go straight to the v1.0 feature list:

v1.0 (Build 784):

3 new game modes:

- Under the Sea: Players start in a cave located under a huge ocean of 300 blocks high, with a huge water pressure. Ideal for exploring a new world full of surprises, and / or having fun with the water physics engine.
- Sky World: A world composed of hundreds of flying islands, procedurally generated, offering high replayability value.
- Base Defense: This is a tower defense inspired mode. No exploration here, players only build a base and defend it against the successive waves of attacks.

Creative Mode option with:

- All items free, cheated weapons and armour (those ones were already in "post game" mode).
- Dimensional Brush: to modify terrain & minerals as you wish (press shift for bigger area)
- Water / Lava / Sponge Pistol: to generate (or absorb) water and lava. Be careful! (press shift for more!)
- Monster Gun: spawn monsters and boss at will (press shift for them being aggressive)
- Plan Gun (that I like to call "Totoro gun"): anything that could grow in certain conditions will grow instantly (press shift for bigger area)

Hazardous Events option, to trigger random events about 1 time a day:

- Heat Wave: no rain, fast evaporation, some plants spontaneously burn.
- Rain Flood: massive rain flood.
- Meteor Shower: meteor falling from the sky and destroying everything... have fun!
- Volcano eruptions.
- Earthquake: increases all structures' weight.
- Restless Night: more monsters (occurs only at night).
- Quiet Night: no monsters (occurs only at night).
- Gravitational Waves: a very rare stars alignment lowers the gravity (jump higher, buildings stronger).
- Acidic Water: water and rain turns into acid (green color, and damage to players).
- Drowsiness: all monsters move slowly.
- Mating Season: monsters aggro distance is increased a lot, and they move fast.
- Lucky Day: monsters drop every time. Crital hit for players at every shot.
- Sun Eclipse: instant night during the day (with monsters attacks).
- Mist: lights range are reduced, day darker, screen is grayed out.
- Electromagnetic disturbances: electric system shuts down.
- Sharkstorm: combination of Flood + raining sharks :-)

Soundtrack: 9 new tracks


All previous saved games (since v0.3) are compatible. You can also activate Hazardous Events on a previous save by using console commands.

If you wish to discuss about those new features, best is to use this forum topic:

In addition to those major v1.0 features, there is also the v0.99 pre-release I published about a month ago in order to be tested as best as possible before release.

v0.99 most important features:
- New music dynamic system: musics change depending of the "tension" of the current situation and other various specificities
- New console commands: /event (to launch an event), /find (to find an item on the map), /music
- Picked up items displayed in console. Bosses loot now auto-picked.
- Players now respawn near the autobuilder (and never inside a block)
- Improved pathfinding for monsters and drone
- Heavy changes in plants life conditions
- Various balance on drone, shield, crush damage, water evaporation, etc.
- Various bug fixes and minor improvements

The full change log is in this announcement:

And here are the change that were released those last few weeks, since this v0.99:

Changes since v0.99 release:

- Full localization in: English, Dutch, French, German, Korean, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Japanese
- New achievments (auto-builder progress)
- Drag & Drop items from your inventory directly to another player or its name (even if he is far away)
- Add a proximity sensor (detect monster or players in the cell)
- F4 mode to show a lot of information in creative mode: quantity of water, exact light, forces, content HP, achievement infos (and a few infos in normal mode)
- Improve & optimize the spawning repartition of monsters: better take into account stucked monsters in order to better spawn monsters (species and position that let monster reach the player)

Bug Fix
- Fixed various bugs within the Hazardous Events and the Creative Mode tools
- Hide UI fix: reactivate menu buttons, hide console texts
- Fix language of system texts, if the host/client has a different language than your one
- Fix bug that prevented monsters to go through platforms in some situations
- No Peaceful difficulty in Base Defense mode
- Fixed Fire & Miniaturizor input option modification (now works)
- Fix issues with AI sentences

- Rocket Launcher: reduced push force, increased cooldown and damage
- ZF-0: additional damages on time when locked on an ennemy (from 7 to 12, +1 every 5 hits)
- Drone: goes faster, do not attack species that player didn't kill yet, reduced cost (10=>2 gold for drone, 10=>6 gold for combat drone, 10=>6 gold and 5->4 thorium for war drone)
- Meteors do much more damage, less in water
- Water pump modification (no more Perpetual Motion)
- Sun lamps, teleport and Storm gun light emission slightly modified to prevent self-generating sun lamp + solar panel
- Base defense balance: start game earlier in the day, prices of MK2+ much higher (even more for repair turret, no increase for electricity items). More water, hydroelectric generation should be easier. Added the bosses (only for fun in Creative / Post game mode)
- A little more blood dropped in easy (0.6->0.8), a little less in hard/brutal (0.25->0.2)
- Water sensor, Proximity sensor and Wire Crossing doesn't burn (from lava) anymore

- Add build version warnings (if hosts and clients don't run the same game version), technical improvements
- Add Discord link in the main menu (instead of facebook) and the multiplayer window, add icons.
- Chat input closed by pressing Escape
- Multiplayer: minor improvements of player names display
- Volume option: more precise (+ left/right keys when mouse over button for max precision)
- Remove achievements in multiplayer (as it actually didn't work client)
- Various netcode improvements
- Multiplayer: a "host is reloading" message is displayed on client when host reloads
- Add some global stats on weapons to help me balance them
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Sobre este jogo

Explore, lute, crie e construa suas defesas! Curta um jogo único e inovador:

Estratégia: sobreviva a ataques maciços todas as noites, construindo paredes resistentes e posicionando sabiamente suas sentinelas.
Física: construa sabiamente, senão suas estruturas desmoronarão! Você precisará delas para defender sua base e para construir pontes e torres, possibilitando o acesso às áreas mais remotas.
Ciclo da água: chuvas, infiltrações, rios subterrâneos e lagos... cuidado com as fortes chuvas, senão você pode ser surpreendido com um aumento repentino do nível das águas!

Você é o representante da empresa CRAFT & Co. e está vendendo ferramentas de fabricação automatizada por toda a galáxia quando sua nave espacial colide com um planeta hostil. Use as ferramentas que você vende com os recursos locais para construir tudo de que precisa para sobreviver e talvez conseguir escapar do planeta.

Novo conteúdo!

• Jogo solo, do jeito clássico, multijogador em grupo ou experimente os novos modos de jogo personalizados: Submarino (comece em uma caverna no fundo de um enorme oceano!), Mundo Celeste (um mundo aleatório composto de ilhas flutuantes) ou Defesa de Base (sem exploração, apenas construção e defesa de base).
• Ative os Eventos Perigosos[\b] para possibilitar surpresas como a Chuva de Meteoros, Enchente Pluvial, Terremoto, Erupção Vulcânica e até uma Tempestade de Tubarões!
• Experimente o Modo Criativo[\b] com todos os itens. Isso inclui itens trapaceiros que modificam o terreno e até criam água e lava!


Diversão desde o começo: esqueça a escavação lenta — você pode se concentrar na exploração, nas lutas e na estratégia.
Objetivo final do jogo: você precisa construir um foguete para escapar do planeta.
Estratégia de sobrevivência: um jogo de sobrevivência em âmbito estratégico. Sem a necessidade de se alimentar, o foco do jogo é sobreviver aos ataques em massa todas as noites. Para conseguir isso, você precisará explorar o mundo em busca de recursos para criar suas defesas.


• Sem espadas, magia nem palhaços monstruosos e voadores! É um um mundo de ficção científica coerente, com divertidas e rápidas batalhas com armas de lasers!
Monstros inteligentes: eles encontrarão o melhor caminho para atacar suas defesas. E tenha cuidado: mesmo que não consigam passar pelas paredes, ainda poderão destruí-las.
Progressão de dificuldade: apenas as espécies de monstros que você matou atacarão durante a noite (eles devem ter adoecido!). Então, você pode progredir no seu próprio tempo, escolhendo quando estiver pronto para seguir em frente e lutar contra monstros mais fortes.
Companhia da IA: sua nave acidentada tem uma inteligência artificial (IA) que sobreviveu e dará conselhos úteis (ou não!). Construa um drone, assim ele o seguirá ajudando aonde você for. Ele pode até ajudar a lutar contra os monstros!

Simulação de mundo:

• Mundo gigantesco com simulação global em tempo real do ambiente, física, ciclo da água e iluminação.
Eletricidade: construa painéis solares ou geradores hidrelétricos funcionais para carregar os itens mais modernos da sua base!
Simulação de plantas: plantas crescem naturalmente e se espalham caso existam as devidas condições de vida necessárias. Crie algumas fazendas com lâmpadas artificiais e irrigação.
Mundo gerado de forma procedimental: alguns locais importantes são criados conforme uma ordem de progressão lógica para o jogo, mas o design da superfície, as cavernas, os minérios etc. são únicos a cada jogo.

Criação e construção:

Criação: você escava minerais, colhe plantas e mata alguns monstros e inimigos a fim de criar defesas e itens melhores. Porém, a escavação é muito veloz, o espaço do seu inventário é infinito e todas as receitas de criação são exibidas para que você não perca todo o tempo em tarefas repetitivas ou buscas em wikis, podendo se concentrar na criação de defesas melhores.
Construção da base: você construirá um forte, não uma casa de veraneio. Logo, não encontrará centenas de vasos ou tapetes, mas encontrará sentinelas, paredes resistentes e um bom maquinário. Lembre-se da atmosfera de filmes como Starship Troopers e Aliens!

Requisitos de sistema

    • SO: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    • Processador: Intel 2.4 GHz, Amd FX-8350 or better
    • Memória: 1 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: 256MB video memory, capable of shader model 2.0
    • DirectX: Versão 9.0
    • Armazenamento: 500 MB de espaço disponível
    • Outras observações: Mouse, Keyboard. Edit on 2016/03/25: caution, the game doesn't work on some Win XP 32bits hardware (not everyone), and i'm not sure if i'll be able to fix it. So you can ask a refund if that's the case for you
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