Race around a dance club / skate park and nail each other with bouncy projectiles. Trick shots, powerups, custom modes, local split-screen, online multiplayer and solo challenges vs AI await in this FPS futuresport.
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Data di rilascio: 19 feb 2015

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4 agosto

7.4 "Mega Content Patch" update is here!

7.4 was just made available to all players. It has a ton of new content, improvements, and fixes.

New Levels

This is Fort. It's a throwback to the classic Mario Kart 64 multiplayer level Block Fort, remade and optimized for Disco Dodgeball. The one big difference is there's a route onto the forts from near the middle, and of course the addition of glowy LED lights. It adds a lot of verticality to the combat and confers a great advantage to those able to maintain the high ground. It's particularly good for objective-based modes like Capture The Cube.

This is Aquarium, and is a level created by the player SerialHugger (thanks!!). It involves a single walkway connecting the two spawns, some curved ramps leading to a lower fish observation area and some higher side walkways as well. It's very open and rewards those with good long range timing & accuracy.

New Modes

Elimination Hoops

A hybrid of two classic modes. To win a round, either score a single hoop or eliminate the entire enemy team. The first team or FFA player to the target number of round victories will win the match. It's an intense mode that requires the right balance of caution and aggressiveness, and players will need to use their intuition to know when is the right time to go for the goal.

Bonus Ball

This is Deathmatch with a Super Ball twist. Most KOs count for one point, but KOs with the golden ball are worth 5. Additionally, players can toss the Super Ball through the hoop for a bonus 5 points.

Score Hunter

Similar to Headhunter, this is an Elimination variant where the winner is determined by reaching a particular Score. Rounds will continue until the score target is reached. It forces players to abandon their cautious Elimination strategy and go all-out. But of course, acting too bold can easily get you eliminated as well.

New Features

  • You can now choose the team setting 'Random', which will shuffle between 2 Team and FFA modes.
  • You can now choose the mode setting 'Random + Expert', which will select a random mode including the more complex Expert modes. A good way to add some variety to your rooms if you've been playing for a while and are comfortable with advanced rule sets.

New Custom Mode rule options

  • Allow Time Limit Options (makes default time limit options appear in match settings)
  • Score Limit Option (displays specified score limit option in match settings)
  • Round Victory Limit Option (same, with round victories)
  • Time Limit Option (same, with time limits)
  • DefaultRoundVictoryLimit2P...12P (specifies default round victory limit based on number of players if mode is rotated to via Random mode settings)
  • UseCumulativeScore (makes match victory dependent on sum of round scores, useful when making elimination hybrid modes like Headhunter

Adjustments / Improvements / Fixes
  • Attrition and Headhunter are now part of the Classic modes, so they'll pop up during default random mode rotation
  • Grand Prix removed from Classic modes, is now part of Expert modes
  • Headhunter is now FFA only
  • Nerfed homing ball strength
  • Homing on friendly target is much stronger
  • Increased aim proximity requirement for selecting friendy player as homing target
  • Pooled some 3D score text objects and Kill Log items to prevent frame hiccups
  • Added new cylinder mesh to Capture Point to increase visibility (especially when particles are turned off in video settings)
  • Removed lock-on that prevents homing target from changing after reaching certain charge threshold
  • Checkpoints new cylinder mesh, and do a better job of fading in and out
  • Removed extraneous ‘First to 1’ header text in Hunter v Hunted and Hoop Defense modes
  • Fixed random Elimination FFA matches not using the correct round victory limit (3)
  • Fixed Kart Race summing all participants’ scores instead of using leader score
  • Match Settings will load default score limit when changing game mode even if that new mode has a score limit option that matches the currently loaded limit (prevening things like inadvertently setting a Hoops match to 100 if switching from a Super Ball match with limit 100)
  • Fixed switching teams making you ineligible to vote on match settings
  • Bots can prioritize the Super Ball if a KO with it is worth more points
  • Fixed admin Kick function kicking all players in room
  • Team / FFA rule is incorporated into main score subtitle (e.g. “Team Deathmatch”)
  • Headhunter has match score limit (via useCumulativeScore), not a set number of rounds
  • Added hard limit of 18 for maxTeamPlayers custom rule
  • Announcer Says ‘round won’ when you complete an arcade level
  • Fixed bot lighting in Chasm
  • Fixed jetpack particles on Bots not synching to clients
  • Fixed error in sometimes initializing perk progress items before stats were downloaded, resulting in extraneous progress notifications
  • Fixed VO clips sometimes overlapping
  • Better prioritization of VO clips - multiKill > rare trick shots > rampage > on Fire > extinguish > 4+ streak > random taunt > common trick shots > 2+ streak
  • Easy Bots speed restriction is now overridden by Behavior Zones, allowing them to jump across gaps
  • Fixed inventory display counts not updating when returning to inventory after crafting
  • Fixed hyphens being disallowed in player names

Special thanks to all the players who've been participating in the forums and provided the feedback necessary to catch & fix all these issues.

Enjoy the new modes & maps! As always, feedback is welcome on the forums.


22 commenti Altre informazioni

2 agosto

First Announcer Pack available from workshop!

A short time ago I added support for custom announcer packs. Now, the first one has been completed and is a highly recommended (and free) download! It's by Videogre and here's the preview video:


It's very simple to add to your game - just go to its workshop item page (below), click Subscribe, then next time you launch the game you'll have it available to select within Options / Audio / Announcer:


If you want to submit your own pack, it's straightforward and the instructions are in this guide:


(Friendly reminder that copyrighted material is prohibited)

I'm also very close to releasing version 7.4 which is a huge content patch including many new game modes & two new levels. Will post another announcement when that's ready!


3 commenti Altre informazioni


“It's a great idea well executed...so many satisfying moments...you should probably think about buying it if you're into arena shooters - frankly, it's a damn good one.”

“Disco Dodgeball feels like an utter revelation, a lightning bolt aimed to shock FPS developers from their creative slumber”
9/10 – IndieHaven

“It's as amazing as you would expect.”

Steam Workshop

Submit items to the game and earn sales revenue!

Informazioni sul gioco

Disco Dodgeball is a physics-based sports FPS where you race unicycle robots around a dance club and nail each other with bouncy projectiles. Dodge, deflect and catch enemy fire as you perform ridiculous aerial stunt shots. Play a wide variety of classic, expert, and custom game modes online, in split-screen local multiplayer, or solo with bots.


  • 21 different multiplayer modes & solo/co-op challenges to test your skills and teamwork - like Hoops, Grand Prix racing, and of course classic Elimination.
  • Deep game mode customization with in-game rule editor allows you to mutate & remix gameplay with near-limitless possibilities
  • Offline singleplayer challenges, bot matches, and randomized Arcade mode where you battle waves of bots & bosses using clever combinations of superpowered perks
  • Online multiplayer servers provided at no extra cost. Easily create your own public or unlisted online rooms without any server knowledge required.
  • No online queues - jump into a match and start playing within seconds of game launch
  • Split-screen Local Multiplayer PvP and co-op challenges with up to 4 players
  • Cosmetic hats, robot bodies, heads, wheels, decals, sunglasses, moustaches, and ball FX that can be crafted or earned from random in-game drops
  • Powerups like Jetpacks, Huge Dodgeballs, Laser Balls, and Boomerang Balls. Pick them up randomly or enable as permanent arena modifiers.
  • Co-op challenges that let you team up with friends, equip scenario-specific powerups, destroy bots and aim for leaderboard high scores.
  • Random loot drops that you can craft into rare cosmetic items, trade with other players, or sell on the Steam Marketplace.
  • LAN support
  • Steam Workshop support to submit your own cosmetic items for inclusion in the game
  • Capture and share your best shots as replay GIFs
  • An amazing electronic music soundtrack and playback of audio files from your own computer. Arena lights pulse dynamically to the beat of the music.
  • A monster truck announcer
  • AlienFX-equipped computers glow and pulse to match the arena lights
  • Persistent stats and achievements
  • Still being regularly updated with new content and features based on community suggestions!

PHOTOSENSITIVITY WARNING: This game contains lots of flashing lights. You can enable photosensitive mode in options / video. This will disable lasers, bright explosions and other lights that pulse to the beat of the music.

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Sistema operativo: Windows XP (Vista not supported)
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: Video card supporting shader model 3.0
    • Memoria: 400 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Sistema operativo: Win 7, Win 8
    • Memoria: 4 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: Video card supporting shader model 3.0
    • Rete: Connessione Internet a banda larga
    • Memoria: 400 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Sistema operativo: 10.6.8 Snow Leopard
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Memoria: 400 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Sistema operativo: 10.9 Mavericks
    • Memoria: 4 GB di RAM
    • Rete: Connessione Internet a banda larga
    • Memoria: 400 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Sistema operativo: 64-bit or 32-bit Ubuntu Linux
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Memoria: 400 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Sistema operativo: 64-bit or 32-bit Ubuntu Linux
    • Memoria: 4 GB di RAM
    • Rete: Connessione Internet a banda larga
    • Memoria: 400 MB di spazio disponibile
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Ryoga Hibiki
0.8 hrs
Pubblicata: 28 giugno
Adrenalina, confusione e musica.
Davvero stupendo, peccato che ci siano ancora pochi giocatori, ma è stra-divertente!
6.4 hrs
Pubblicata: 25 giugno 2015
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59.3 ore in totale
Recensione della versione ad accesso anticipato
Pubblicata: 21 gennaio 2015
Dei Robot che giocano a Dodgeball. Solo questo dovrebbe esaltarne l'originalità, infatti è davvero un bel gioco e il multiplayer lo completa del tutto. Numerosi e difficili achievement da sbloccare rendono più interessante l'esperienza. Inoltre troviamo tante modalità originali in team o da soli e una personalizzazione (anche se poco varia) del viso robot. Apparte qualche bug leggero è perfetto da ogni punto di vista.
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1 persone su 1 (100%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
11.7 ore in totale
Recensione della versione ad accesso anticipato
Pubblicata: 25 dicembre 2014
online player please ! great game and fun

10 gameplay
10 scenery
10 music

runs very beautiful

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1 persone su 1 (100%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
3.3 ore in totale
Recensione della versione ad accesso anticipato
Pubblicata: 6 febbraio 2015
Una sola parola: EPICO ! Può sembrare un gioco banale ma se siete amanti degli arcade è assolutamente da acquistare! Per ora avete due modalità single e multiplayer, il singlepayer non sottovalutatelo, non è facile come sembra, molte volte morirete anche per un banale errore ahaha. Il multi invece è molto diverte ci sono svariate modalità di gioco dal classico deathmatch a una modalità dove dovrete fare goal con una palla speciale in alcune porte.

Quindi come giudiczio finale è altamente consigliato :D
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1 persone su 1 (100%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
5.6 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 8 marzo 2015
Esempio di come un gioco semplice possa essere anche bellissimo.
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1 persone su 1 (100%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
5.4 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 29 novembre 2015
Per chi si vuole divertire tra amici o con altri giocatori, questo è il gioco che fa per voi!! Dispone di tantissime modalità e il soundtrack vi accompagnerà nell'esperienza di gioco.
Questa recensione ti è stata utile? No Divertente
0 persone su 1 (0%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
0.3 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 1 ottobre 2015
Questa recensione ti è stata utile? No Divertente
0 persone su 4 (0%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
3.8 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 26 novembre 2015
Questo gioco, bé è carino, interessante ed anche divertente, peccato che ci sono pochi server e poche persone, quindi capita sempre di vedere le stesse persone, in più alcuni sono anche laggosi, come gioco non è neanche facile da come sembra, io pensavo che fosse un giochino che si potesse giocare anche con il controller, invece serve il mouse e tastiera (per mirare e per girarti velocemente, ok si poteva anche capire che si doveva giocare al mouse e tastiera anziché il controller), io ci ho giocato sia con il controller e sia con la tastiera e il mouse, e devo dire che i movimenti sono difficili ed anche complicati specialmente se si usa il controller.
Io sinceramente non lo consiglio, specialmente se è giocato da solo senza qualche amico, poi il costo....
Non vale ne 15 euro e neppure 5 euro (come ho pagato io, e me ne pento amaramente).

Voto: 6.
Questa recensione ti è stata utile? No Divertente
12.1 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 1 luglio 2015
Davvero un bel gioco con componenti di un FPS arena.
Se anche a te piacciono i giochi veloci easy speedy, allora ti consiglio questo gioco.

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15.2 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 12 settembre 2015
Very fun and addicting gameplay. It remembers a lot old arena shooters like Q3. Not sure how the network works, but i had some lag in every online match i played (wich is bad, cause of the need to aim and the right timing to pull of a catch). Overall great game, got it with humble bundle, don't know what's the full price, but if it's under the ten buck line, you may consider buying it.
Questa recensione ti è stata utile? No Divertente
3.2 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 17 dicembre 2015
i bot sono troppo forti..
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