Assume the role of Wyatt in this Action/Exploration Platformer as you explore the ruins of a holy city that was lost many years ago. Battle various types of demons, angels, and a new threat known only as the “Ferals”, using swordsmanship, martial arts, and sorcery.
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"Action RPG Platformer with addictive challenging gameplay, big boss fights, good character progression & ability tree. Nice loot. A Metroidvania game!"

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That Gilda Wallpaper

I’ve finally finished that Gilda Wallpaper I was working on! Feel free to use it as a desktop image or Print it out in High Resolution. I learned a bunch from these wallpaper illustrations, they have been very fun and challenging experiences. Enjoy

Aside from that, we are still working daily on patching the game. Thanks for your patience.  Yesterday, I wrote a blog post to our kickstarter backers with a little bit of a recap. If you are want, you can go read that here.


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Product Update v1.0.0.24

This is a small patch to fix some of the issues introduced in .23. There will be ongoing updates in the coming weeks to hunt down all the bugs. We will announce when the next estimated time for an update will be. This update contains the following...

Hotfix- for Gilda's servant crash.
Hotfix- for lower skyway and angel key room bugs.
Hotfix- for Intro crash.


  • sign of no return (you can pass it safely... I hope)
  • plan B finisher
  • mausoleum trap as Vladyn
  • sewer trap as Gilda
  • Crash with save in the 16th slot
  • Crusader amulet mana steal protection
  • Gilda unable to climb with 'UP' key (still in progress post if still an issue)
  • various crashes involving player minions
  • Vladyn shot skills that trigger on hit.
  • glitch with void version of Vladyn's Focus Finisher.
  • Silence now properly affects Gernot

  • various adjustments to address slowdown/crashes on room transitions (ongoing)
  • increased damage on switchblade
  • reduced attack speed of Chakram
  • [Hard Shells] to increase shot crit damage by 1.5% per Agi.

Note* Reaper Relic is currently mislabeled. It does not have -40% magic.

There are other various small issues that were fixed/changed with help from your feedback on the forums. While we don't get to answer all post we do try to read all of them, so thank you all for the feedback.

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Steam Greenlight


Assume the role of Wyatt in this Action/Exploration Platformer as you explore the ruins of a holy city that was lost many years ago. Battle various types of demons, angels, and a new threat known only as the “Ferals”, using swordsmanship, martial arts, and sorcery. There are many customizable skills and equipment that will aid Wyatt on his journey.


Over 40 years ago, the goddess Valdis was killed by her daughter, the dark goddess Myrgato. Since this event Myrgato has been at war with her twin sister, Alagath the goddess of light. This perpetual war is fueled by human souls that the gods use to create their warriors; Myrgato twisting souls into demons, and Alagath manipulating souls to create angels. Each day the remaining human population dwindles as they are forced to choose a side or die.


  • Intense combat weaving sword and sorcery together seamlessly.
  • Find magic souls that aid in combat and traversing the ruins of the city.
  • Level up stats and a variety skills to customize your play style.
  • Upgrade Weapons and Armor.
  • Unique accessories that can give you the edge in combat, or get you killed!
  • Interconnected zones allow you to explore new areas or backtrack.
  • 2 playable characters on release and more to come!
  • Compelling original soundtrack spanning over 2 hours of music!


    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Windows 8
    • Processor: Processsor 1.7 Ghz or higher
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
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  • 敵の攻撃がヒットしてしまうと連続で多段ヒットを受けてしまう場面で
  • 閉ざされた扉が開く仕掛けがあるが、仕掛けを使って扉を開いていられるのは




  • WyattはSTRベースで育てると最終盤で苦労します。INTベースが楽だそうです。
  • それでも「力(STR)こそ正義だ!」と無理やり進めるならば
    Teachings of Life Blade必須です。ないと多分詰みます
  • 装備は強化できますが、装備の強化に必要なアイテムのいくつかは有限です。
  • 味方は使い続ければLvが上がっていきます。とりあえず5まで確認。
  • スキルキャンセルのダッシュ中は敵を通過できます。この間、全身無敵状態です。
  • スキルキャンセルは回避行動だけでなくコンボを繋ぐことにも利用できます。
  • 攻撃の硬直は魔法でも解除できるものがあります。硬直の長い攻撃を魔法で繋ぐと
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Having to wait for what felt an eternity for this update i yet again find myself replying this game all over again. This has been my best purchase to date on steam and i dont say that lightly. i feel there is a real art to the fighting system in which sometimes through my frantic button bashing at times i hear in my head a little voice telling me "what you just did there, was AWESOME". My only problem with the game is it leaves me wanting to know so much more about the lore, the history of this game as the story itself is great, but leaves me asking more questions then i got answers. Not really something major with issues but its the characters you meet along the game that look interesting and quirky that make me feel that way. im begging for a sequel or even a prequel.
Endless fluff if you do this for me i will get a tattoo of Wyatt in honour of this!
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I NEED MORE! Its rare nowadays to find games that have real difficulty which can be overcome with developed skill. I Wish more games would combine RPG mechanics with great skill based combo fighting systems.
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I played this for about 25 hours on my son's computer (i wanted to try to beat the game, but i didnt)
One of the most well thought out, and well put together "metroidvania" games on PC i've ever played. The devs are dedicated to their project, and you can fell the passion they put into the game. I highly recommend!
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I backed Valdis Story on Kickstarter because it looked like the kind of game I'd want to play: a side-scrolling action RPG. The truth is that it's really closer to a Metroidvania platformer with some RPG elements. Despite its short length I had it installed for a year and a half before I got around to beating it. I just wasn't that motivated to ever play it, for reasons I'll go into.

It is fundamentally a good game though. The soundtrack is amazing, the animations are smooth (though there was considerable slow down when there was a lot of stuff on the screen), and the special effects are much better than you'd expect from an indie crew with hardly any experience. The story leaves something to be desired, but it picks up later on and it's not bad, just lacking in emotion. It does make up for that in epicness and scale though.

The single biggest problem is the controls. Playing on a keyboard my hands would start cramping after just a few minutes of play. If the game were slower-paced I'd say that switching the right hand to mouse controls might be better, but it's too much of a twitch experience for that. And that's the crux of the issue: there's some very tight jumps and timings that have to be made and given that the controls can be glitchy and are just generally a pain to use, the puzzles and fights that depend on those split-second key presses should really have been a lot more forgiving.

The combat itself isn't too hard, especially if you bother to level up at all. When I could forget the pain of the controls it was genuinely fun if I wasn't in the middle of a frustrating boss fight. The game also follows the usual steps of getting easier as it progresses because you have access to more skills and spells and equipment. So the most rage-inducing moments are generally early on.

There's a crafting aspect I didn't get into, but you don't really need to. It seems sort of superfluous and confusing.

The other major issue is just finding the next objective. There is a fast travel system, but it doesn't go to nearly enough places. And when your destination is just a name that doesn't appear on a map anywhere it can take a long time to find where you're supposed to go. Some sort of objective pointer or even a global map would've helped me a ton (there is only a very small local map without any names on it). As it is, the bulk of my play time was probably spent wandering around trying to figure out where to go next.

So if you want an action platformer with RPG elements that depends on twitch skills, I'd highly recommend Valdis Story. It's the best you're going to see in that genre from an indie team. But for the sake of your hands and sanity, bring a controller instead of relying on the keyboard.
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