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Skullgirls ist ein schnelles 2-D Kampfspiel, bei dem der Spieler in einer außergewöhnlichen Dark-Deco-Welt erbitterte Kämpfer steuert. Es besitzt brandneue Spielsysteme, welche die Fertigkeiten der Veteranen von Kampfspielen testen, während es das Genre ebenso für Anfänger zugänglich und genießbar macht.
Veröffentlichung: 22. Aug. 2013
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Skullgirls Patch Notes - 9/3

3. September

User Experience Update
- Window border is always thin, no title bar ever. (You can still quit with Alt-F4 or "Exit Game", if you were used to clicking on the [x] before.)
- You can move the window around by clicking anywhere in it and dragging it.
- Each time the game is started, it automatically makes a backup of the previous savedata in the same folder. The last 5 backups are kept. I have still not figured out what causes savedata to be wiped ;_; but maybe this will allow people to restore from a backup if they realize it is gone. (It's a hack, but it's better than nothing...and if your savedata IS wiped, the backups can possibly help me determine why!)
- Alt-Enter fullscreen/windowed toggling should always put the window in the center of the screen, not the top-left.
- Fix crash when switching resolutions in Windows 8.1.

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Skullgirls Patch Notes - 8/31

31. August

- Online play is now thin border instead of borderless, and uses a more widely-accepted code path to maintain the window's position when it changes. (It seems not all graphics drivers support querying client window position, which is kinda nuts!) Hopefully this fixes some people's freezing/crashing issues when it switches the window style, plus it's slightly prettier. Tell me in the comments! If there are still issues, I'll keep lookin' at it...
- Disabled Alt-Space in online play just in case some versions of Windows somehow allowed it with a borderless window.

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Steam Big Picture


Buy Skullgirls and receive access to the separate Skullgirls Beta, so you can help Lab Zero test out future gameplay changes and characters!


Thanks to the generosity of our Indiegogo backers, FREE Character DLC will be available to all!

In the coming year, we will release the following DLC characters, ALL OF WHICH will be FREE for a LIMITED TIME:

  • Eliza
  • Beowulf
  • Robo-Fortune

Buying now ensures that you get these amazing DLC characters free!

Über das Spiel

Skullgirls ist ein schnelles 2-D Kampfspiel, bei dem der Spieler in einer außergewöhnlichen Dark-Deco-Welt erbitterte Kämpfer steuert. Es besitzt brandneue Spielsysteme, welche die Fertigkeiten der Veteranen von Kampfspielen testen, während es das Genre ebenso für Anfänger zugänglich und genießbar macht. Skullgirls ist die moderne Variante der klassischen Arcade-Kämpfer mit einem handgezeichneten hochauflösenden Dreh. Es ist ein einzigartiger, Action-gefüllter Wettstreit zusammen mit fantastischen Kombos und einer verblüffenden Hintergrundgeschichte.

Key Feature Points

● Klassische Sechs Tasten-Steuerung gibt jedem Charakter eine riesige Varianz von Angriffen und Spezial-Attacken

● Das „Variable Tag“-Kampfsystem erlaubt es den Spielern Teams verschiedener Größen gegeneinander zu stellen

● Anpassbare Unterstützung lässt dich dein Team mit einer riesigen Auswahl an Angriffen für nahezu endlosen Strategischen Möglichkeiten ausrüsten

● Eine stabiles Anti-Unendliche-Kombo-System hält das Spiel frei von missbräuchlichen Taktiken

● Alles ist in handgezeichneter, hochauflösender 2-D-Grafik mit den meisten Animationsbildern pro Charakter eines jeglichen Kampfspieles, und alles wird dank einer mächtigen 3-D-Engine mit Lichteffekten in Echtzeit verstärkt

● Anständige Tutorials und eine KI, welche Taktiken sowie Moves und Kombos lehrt, erleichtert es neuen Spielern in das traditionell einschüchternde Genre der Kampfspiele eingeführt zu werden und hilft dir dich zu verbessern

● Der offizielle GGPO-Netzwerkcode stellt verzögerungsfreien Online-Kampf sicher

● Ein fantastischer Soundtrack des Komponisten von „Castlevania: Symphony of the Night“, Michiru Yamane, zieht dich in die einzigartige “Dark Deco”-Welt des Spiels


    • OS: Windows XP, Window Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Dual-core CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD3000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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Verfasst: 24. April
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Exzellentes Gameplay trifft auch sehr cooles Design

Im Tutorial von *Skullgirls* war ich aufgrund der überdrehten und Augenkrebs verursachenden Animationen zunächst skeptisch ob ein richtiger Kampf überhaupt ohne epileptischen Anfall
möglich ist. So bunt und schnell die Animationen waren, so sehr befürchtete ich dass sie mich vom eigentlichen Kampfgeschehen ablenken würden. Als es dann endlich zur Sache ging schienen alle Zweifel sofort beseitigt, denn wie von Zauberhand verschmolzen die Animationen mit der schnellen und präzisen Steuerung. Das Ergebnis war ein 2D-Prügler wie er sein muss!
Dabei richtet sich *Skullgirls* dank des komplexen Combo-Systems vor allem an
erfahrene Spieler, aber auch Neulinge sind aufgrund des wirklich hervorragenden Tutorials,
in dem wirklich jedes Detail des Spiels gezeigt wird, nicht verloren.

Somit ist *Skullgirls* ein Muss für alle Veteranen des 2D-Prügelspiels, und Dank des Tutorials auch für alle, die es noch werden wollen.
Verfasst: 18. August
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Nice :D
Verfasst: 23. Juni
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Skullgirls > Blazblue. 'Nuff said.
Verfasst: 1. Juli
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It's a very solid fighting game, it's not 3rd strike or Tekken 3 or another fighting game with 3 in title but it's good nonetheless, and here's why.

Character roster is not robust but it still covers a variety of playstyles, all rounders, zoners, grapplers and speed characters... To put it shortly, despite the lack in numbers every character feels different from one another.

This game has best tutorial I've ever seen in a fighting game. It doesn't just show you which buttons do what, this tutorial will explain you every little thing about how this game works and how each character plays and when you're done, there's still a lot of space for creativity and improvement.

Story mode is... fine. I'm honestly not a big fan of it, story itself is quite predictable and largely based on one or two standard tropes that many fighting games use. Final boss felt a bit disappointing for me but it's kind of a hit or miss situation. Some will like that there's a special character that is very different from anyone else in a very fundamental way but I personally prefer when at the end you face just a character from the roster like everyone else you've been fighting before. Also at the time I was beating the game it seemed like the only way to beat the boss on higher difficulties was to just cheese her out and that's not really fun in my opinion but it was some time ago and by now people probably got much better at the game and found out other, more interesting ways to beat the boss.

Multiplayer... I wish I could say something about it but I only managed to play it once with some guy from Australia (and I live on the edge between Europe and Asia) with both of us having ping over 150 or something like that... not exactly enjoyable expirience (though i have to say lag compensation was rather nice even in that dire situation) but it was the only expirience avaliable at the time. I recommend you check out something like steam charts if you buy this game for multiplayer, and check if you have some sort of community for this game in your area.

Visuals and sound are very good. Background music is not distracting and yet very charming, reminds me of something Yoko Kanno would've composed but it still sound quite unique and recognisable. Animation and art is beautiful and smooth, yeah there are boobs and butts but they offend as much as Switzerland. There are plently of stages and all of them look amazing. Game looks and sounds very good, period.

And to finish it off, gameplay and controls. They are both very, very solid. I use a fight stick and it works like a charm, as it should, obviously. Keyboard is also fine though, it's much harder for me to play on keyboard, but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to get good results with it after some practice, though I have to say fight stick is real sweet. Game mechanics are way beyond what you would expect from an indie dev, gameplay feels very polished and refined, every time I lost I knew that it was my fault and what that fault was and that's a big deal in any game.

So yeah, this game is good, I liked it, pros overwhelm cons and I wish this game sells even better so there would be more people to play with.
Verfasst: 23. April
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