Skullgirls is a fast-paced 2-D fighting game that puts players in control of fierce warriors in an extraordinary Dark Deco world. Featuring all-new game systems which test the skills of veteran fighting game fans while also making the genre enjoyable and accessible to newcomers.
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Skullgirls Patch Notes - 8/20

20 srpna 2014

- NEW voices! Well, sorta. Fixed a bug in Big Band, Valentine, and Eliza that was preventing them from playing character-specific tag-in lines. Yay! Thanks Flotilla for leading to this discovery.
- Fix up extraneous vulnerable boxes on Valentine's burst, they couldn't be hit but were weird to see; also she only plays the slice sound if she is actually escaping the body bag (not if the burst was baited).
- You can now negative-edge Painwheel's unfly by releasing PP. Not sure when this will come up but it makes it consistent; add an additional unfly command of (already holding any P)+press another P, kinda like Squigly's stance cancels. Does not work with P+K to avoid assist calls doing this. Maybe it helps with things like j.HP->fly->unfly? Thanks NeonNightRider and the PW General thread.
- Big Band's snapback now reaches further downward, so nobody can duck or dodge it by randomly being too low when right next to him.
- Painwheel and Ms. Fortune's tag-ins will properly trigger IPS and undizzy now.
- Fix longstanding bug with Ms. Fortune's lighting information being weirdly corrupted in many spots. I'm personally very happy about this.
- Fix Big Band's trumpet visual on LK+HK or 3K notes. Still produces blasts of silence during Lv5, though.
- Update levels for new patron saint NPC, and fix 2D Class Notes to have lines in the background.

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Skullgirls Patch Notes - Mid-day 8/15

15 srpna 2014

IN THEORY fixed people's savedata getting wiped! Also re-enabled cloud saves by default, because that's the most valid test. If you were having your data get wiped, PLEASE USE
because it will still report errors, but it will also report whether my fix worked!

- Loading screens for beta-only characters do not show up during random loading slideshows in the Real Game. Thanks Skarmand!

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Speciální nabídka

Buy Skullgirls and receive access to the separate Skullgirls Beta, so you can help Lab Zero test out future gameplay changes and characters!

Zajímavý stáhnutelný obsah

Thanks to the generosity of our Indiegogo backers, FREE Character DLC will be available to all!

In the coming year, we will release the following DLC characters, ALL OF WHICH will be FREE for a LIMITED TIME:

  • Eliza
  • Beowulf
  • Robo-Fortune

Buying now ensures that you get these amazing DLC characters free!

O hře

Skullgirls is a fast-paced 2-D fighting game that puts players in control of fierce warriors in an extraordinary Dark Deco world. Featuring all-new game systems which test the skills of veteran fighting game fans while also making the genre enjoyable and accessible to newcomers.

Skullgirls is a modern take on classic arcade fighters with a hand-drawn high-definition twist. It’s a one-of-a-kind, action-packed competition complete with awesome combos and an intriguing backstory.

key Features:

  • Classic six-button play gives each character a huge variety of attacks and special moves
  • Variable Tag Battle system allows players to pit different size teams of one, two or three characters against one another
  • Custom Assists let you outfit your team with a huge variety of attacks for nearly endless strategic possibilities
  • A Robust Anti-Infinite Combo system keeps competitive play free of abusive tactics

Systémové požadavky

    • OS: Windows XP, Window Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Dual-core CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD3000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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Fabian an oui du cattre cinc oui? oui.
Přidáno: 23 dubna 2014
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It's a very solid fighting game, it's not 3rd strike or Tekken 3 or another fighting game with 3 in title but it's good nonetheless, and here's why.

Character roster is not robust but it still covers a variety of playstyles, all rounders, zoners, grapplers and speed characters... To put it shortly, despite the lack in numbers every character feels different from one another.

This game has best tutorial I've ever seen in a fighting game. It doesn't just show you which buttons do what, this tutorial will explain you every little thing about how this game works and how each character plays and when you're done, there's still a lot of space for creativity and improvement.

Story mode is... fine. I'm honestly not a big fan of it, story itself is quite predictable and largely based on one or two standard tropes that many fighting games use. Final boss felt a bit disappointing for me but it's kind of a hit or miss situation. Some will like that there's a special character that is very different from anyone else in a very fundamental way but I personally prefer when at the end you face just a character from the roster like everyone else you've been fighting before. Also at the time I was beating the game it seemed like the only way to beat the boss on higher difficulties was to just cheese her out and that's not really fun in my opinion but it was some time ago and by now people probably got much better at the game and found out other, more interesting ways to beat the boss.

Multiplayer... I wish I could say something about it but I only managed to play it once with some guy from Australia (and I live on the edge between Europe and Asia) with both of us having ping over 150 or something like that... not exactly enjoyable expirience (though i have to say lag compensation was rather nice even in that dire situation) but it was the only expirience avaliable at the time. I recommend you check out something like steam charts if you buy this game for multiplayer, and check if you have some sort of community for this game in your area.

Visuals and sound are very good. Background music is not distracting and yet very charming, reminds me of something Yoko Kanno would've composed but it still sound quite unique and recognisable. Animation and art is beautiful and smooth, yeah there are boobs and butts but they offend as much as Switzerland. There are plently of stages and all of them look amazing. Game looks and sounds very good, period.

And to finish it off, gameplay and controls. They are both very, very solid. I use a fight stick and it works like a charm, as it should, obviously. Keyboard is also fine though, it's much harder for me to play on keyboard, but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to get good results with it after some practice, though I have to say fight stick is real sweet. Game mechanics are way beyond what you would expect from an indie dev, gameplay feels very polished and refined, every time I lost I knew that it was my fault and what that fault was and that's a big deal in any game.

So yeah, this game is good, I liked it, pros overwhelm cons and I wish this game sells even better so there would be more people to play with.
Přidáno: 23 dubna 2014
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dont let your mom watch you play this because sometimes you can see a girls underwear and you dont want to get grounded
Přidáno: 24 května 2014
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Skullgirls is still an excellent 2D fighting game on PC.A fighting game that should appeal to everyone regardless of their experience with the genre. Friendly to newcomers (but it does not reward button mashing) and deep enough for the seasoned enthusiasts.The game also has beautiful visuals which was a surprise to me.As it stands, this very likely is the best PC fighting game available, period – and doubly so for the money. And not only that, but buying the game gives you access to the Skullgirls Beta, so you can test out changes in advance of their going live in the game proper.If you feel comfortable with beat em ups from Capcom or SNK then you will enjoy Skullgirls.
Přidáno: 24 dubna 2014
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waifu fighter 2.0
Přidáno: 23 března 2014
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Na tuto hru jsem slyšela velmi mnoho stížností, což je veliká škoda.
Lidé ji soudí podle prvního dojmu... To je samozřejmě pěkně špatně. Kdybych tak učinila i já, tahle hra nemá kloudného českého, ba ani slovenského fanouška.

Hodně lidem se nelíbí, že jsou hlavní postavy ženského pohlaví a proto hru hned odsoudí jako feministickou ptákovinu.
Dobrá, dobrá. Uznávám, že je spousta postav dosti... "Fapózní" ale jsou tu i postavy jako je Painwheel, Squigly, Double nebo Peacock.
A pozor, ve hře budou i muži. Big Band a Boewulf, na kterého si budeme muset ještě hodně dlouho počkat. (Big Band a Boewulf patří spolu se Squigly, Elizou a Robo-Fortune do DLC)

Samozřejmě, je tu i spousta lidí co si postav nevšímá (což je převeliká škoda - postavy jsou fantastické) a soustředí se hlavně na styl hraní.
V tomto případě by si každý fanoušek bojových her měl tuto skvělou bojovku okamžitě zamilovat.
Hra má velmi dobrý TUTORIÁL - každý začátečník se zde naučí spoustu věcí, ať už se jedná o blokování útoků nebo o "tajemství" řetězů.
Je tu i STORY MODE - každá postava má svůj příběh, kterým můžete společně s ní prolézat. Na výběr máte obtížnosti od Sleepwalk až po Nightmare. Ráda bych podotkla, že příběhy jsou velmi zajímavé, všelijak se mezi sebou proplétají a dokážou vás i dojmout k slzám.
Dále máme na výběr ARCADE MODE - zde se utkáte s náhodně vygenerovanými týmy, jenž ovládá počítač. Obtížnosti hry jsou stejné jako u Story mode.
A konečně MULTIPLAYER - můžete hrát s osobou vedle vás, dát si rychlovku s náhodným hráčem a nebo hrát v turnaji.
Abych nezapomněla, comba a útoky můžete pilovat v TRAINING ROOM, kde si také můžete jednotlivé útoky přehrát ve zpomalených záběrech. Věřte mi, stojí to za to.

Navíc, každá postava je svým stylem boje opravdu vyjímečná - Peacock je zoner jak má být, Cerebella zase vynikající grappler...
Ještě bych ráda dodala, že pokud se hře opravdu věnujete, naučíte se ji naprosto automaticky... Zkrátka tomu za chvíli příjdete na kloub.

Vraťme se ale ke vzhledu hry. Každý si musel všimnout nádherné grafiky. Celá hra je ručně kreslená. Opakuji, RUČNĚ KRESLENÁ. 11,515 snímků ve hře celkem, kolem 1,439 snímků padlo na jednu jedinou postavu. Díky tomu se Skullgirls dostaly do Guinessovy knihy rekordů.
Mike Z. a Alex A. si s touto nezávislou hrou dali opravdu velkou práci.
Také bych ráda zmínila úžasný soundtrack.

Ale už konec keců...
Tato hra je skvělá pro začátečníky, má překrásnou grafiku, úžasné postavy a je sakra originální + velmi levná.
Jaké jsou zápory? Ty já vám nenapíšu. Do této hry jsem blázen a dělá mi velký problém nějakou chybu najít, takže vás přesměruji na jinou recenzi.

Já osobně rozhodně DOPORUČUJI!
(Jak jinak, že...)
Pokud hledáte kvalitní bojovku, popadněte Skullgirls.
Přidáno: 17 února 2014
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