Planet Explorers is an open world sandbox adventure RPG game set on a distant planet. The game uses a new OpenCL calculated voxel system to allow players to change the terrain in any way, create new objects such as weapons, vehicles, objects, and do it anywhere.
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注: この早期アクセスゲームは開発段階によって大きく変わることも、そうならないこともありえます。現時点でこのゲームをプレイしても満足に遊べない場合は、 ゲームの開発が更に進捗するまで待ってみる必要があるかもしれません。 詳細はこちら


“Planet Explorers is an open world RPG for its single player mode, as in there's a storyline with an ending. The game is in alpha, there will be bugs and strange things that we can't explain. Since it's an RPG, there will be more bugs than other games of the voxel type. Also due to the RPG nature, each main update will be spaced by about a month. But due to the decent size of our team, each update will contain a lot of content. We do listen very closely to our players, so you will have an opportunity to impact the direction of the game.”

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"Great RPG/Sandbox game. Mine, quest, build, & kill to your hearts content, this game is fun especially with your fellow friends, it has great potential."

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There will be a build before Christmas

We’ve been having lots of meetings regarding the progress of A0.9 this months. So far, the main objectives of a new ai behavior system, a new player movement system, a new ui, the world editor, and their incorporation into multiplayer are all moving forward, albeit at different speeds. The world editor is fairly stable and ready for player testing now, while the rest are still a month away at the earliest. So, we’ve decided to put out an a0.86 build before Christmas with the world editor. Before anyone gets too excited, the game can’t currently read the world editor maps yet (the a0.86 build is still based on the a0.85 branch, not the a0.9 branch), but most of the editing functions are in. We’ll try to put in an early version of the story editor as well if we can get it to work smoothly, no promises though.

Another thing to be included in a0.86 will be the block building system LOD. What this does is to allow block buildings to show up at the farthest terrain setting. We’ll also be testing in the future to see if we can get the resolution of blocks down to .25 meters from the current .5 meters.


We're going to have a video next week of the new player animations as well.

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A0.85 Released on Steam

We’ve just released the a0.85 build on Steam. It’s mostly a Story mode build with some Adventure mode updates. All old saves are probably not going to work with the current build, so here’s a save package for you to download:

Below is the changelist:

Added player customization
Added several new face types
Added 11 new animal species
Added 2 new enemy types
Added 2 new locations
Added swamp biome
Added mountain biome
Added 7 new NPCs
Added Pujan wall
Added 2 new Pujan towns
Added 4 new rivers to story map
Extended storyline
Added natural bridges to adventure mode
Added better town designs to adventure mode
Added new air boss to adventure mode
Added rainforest biome to adventure mode
Changed building block textures
Easier to pick up plants

We weren’t able to get the 64 bit version working with the current build due to the difference in behavior tree libraries, but it is already working with a0.9, so everyone will just need to wait a bit longer for that. The player customization and ingame NPC randomization are still being don't worry too much yet if you happen to meet a really strange character...

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In Planet Explorers, it is the year 2287, one of the first colony ships sent out by Earth arrives at the planet Maria, in the Epsilon Indi Star System. During its landing sequence, something appears in front of the massive ship that causes it to lose control and crash into the planet. Some of the colonists survive in lifeboats, but what they find is an unforgiving land filled with creatures ready to outlast the visitors from Earth. Now the survivors must explorer, gather, build, create, fight, and ultimately, build a new home.

Game Modes

Planet Explorers will feature single and multiplayer modes.

In single player there are 3 distinct selections

  • Story Mode – Story mode is the main meat and bones of the game, it is the action-adventure-rpg-somewhat-4X segment, offering npcs, missions, colony building, farming, ranching, training, diplomacy, and of course, a storyline that you can follow or ignore. This story features a 17X8km world map with many unique character, landscapes, biomes, locations, and over 100 types of potential enemies. Even though we’ve made it seem like a very action oriented game in the trailers, in reality, players can choose to not fight so much as to just plant a farm, make some food, keep the colonists alive, negotiate with the sentient aliens, and defend the perimeter from the local life forms. That can still eventually arrive at the ending. And yes, there is an ending.

  • Adventure Mode – This mode is based on a procedural map generated from a seed. Currently, it comes in a 40X40 kilometer map. Players will be able to complete random missions, defeat bosses, and explore different landscapes in the mode and eventually be able to setup conditions that they want to play (such as tower defense or attack an alien camp). This mode will also feature survival gameplay. The randomization in this mode will eventually pull in player made objects and locations so that a world will always feature something new and unique.

  • Build Mode – In this mode, there are no enemies and an infinite amount of building material. It also currently comes in a 40X40km map. Players will be able to build whatever they want in this mode, including everything in the Creations Editor. Think of this as the perfect testing ground to test everything you build. Or…it’s your place to build your garden without ever worrying about the pesky aliens.

Multiplayer allows Local Area Network and player hosted servers. It features several modes but some are still on the drawing board or going through technical trials so the final result is still in flux. Players playing multiplayer should be able to bring at least one of their created objects into multiplayer games, be it a sword, gun, or vehicle.

  • Coop – Coop comes in many selections, such as adventure mode, tower defense mode, build mode, etc. This is pretty much an open world sandbox with a max of 32 players (this number still needs to be stress tested).

  • Versus – This mode allows teams of up to 16 players to battle against 16 players from another team. We allow full terrain manipulation in this mode. Currently, it's a point based system where one team wins if they reach a certain point level based on kills, built objects, resources mined, etc.

Game Features


  • 20+ hours of storyline
  • 70+ types of enemies
  • 20+ unique mainline NPCs
  • Able to dig
  • Able to build
  • Able to plant farm
  • Able to build colony
  • Able to have followers
  • Creation Editor to create vehicles, weapons, objects, vtols, and more
  • Day/night cycle with realistic moon cycles
  • Weather system
  • 15+ types of mineral types
  • 200+ unique items
  • Resource scanner
  • Realtime AI pathfinding
  • Multiplayer COOP
  • Multiplayer VS
  • Realtime water physics


  • Finish up the single player storyline
  • 30+ more enemy types
  • More mainline NPCs
  • Multiple boss types
  • Story Editor
  • Pet system
  • Herding
  • Fishing
  • AI bot followers
  • Ingame music player
  • Hardcore survival mode
  • Negotiation with aliens
  • War with aliens
  • Missions to the moons
  • More objects in Creation Editor (boats, mechs, armor, etc.)


  • Riding animals
  • NPC Marrying
  • NPC Procreation
  • Season system


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Win 7
    • Processor: i3+
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 460+ HD 5700+
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Must have OpenCL compatible CPU or GPU (DX10.1)
    • OS: Win 7 +
    • Processor: i5+
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 670+ HD7000+
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Must have OpenCL compatible CPU or GPU (DX10.1)
    • OS: OSX 10.7
    • Processor: i3+
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 460+ HD 5700+
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Must have OpenCL compatible CPU or GPU (DX10.1)
    • OS: OSX 10.7+
    • Processor: i5+
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 670+ HD7000+
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Must have OpenCL compatible CPU or GPU (DX10.1)
    • OS: Linux Kernal 3.2
    • Processor: i3+
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 460+ HD 5700+
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Must have OpenCL compatible CPU or GPU (DX10.1)
    • OS: Linux Kernal 3.2+
    • Processor: i5+
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 670+ HD7000+
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Must have OpenCL compatible CPU or GPU (DX10.1)
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Pros: Nearly unlimited creativity. Want to fly a Millenium Falcon? No problem! Even if you are not very creative, installing other peoples wondrous works is as easy as drag and drop.

Exploring is fun! Some cool scenic locations as well as hangliding through alien canyons.

Storyline is solid. From the intro with Carl Sagan's quote to the mystery behind this planet, I really craved more.

Cons: Everything that comes with alpha. Bugs mostly that range from annoying (falling through the ground) to storyline breaking (Mainline npcs turn invisible).

Despite there being over 200 different animals, most of their animations and actions are too similar. Runs up to me, swings claw defines most animals (not all though).

Overall, this game is great and worth the buy. You can put a couple hours into it or hundreds, there many possibilities.
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Went to the martian camp and stole all their doors and shoe racks. 10/10 would steal shoe racks again
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It's crazy. You run around killing things and getting better items like in any RPG-FPS thing, only it's a bit rogue-like in that you have no idea (at least at first) whether you've bitten off more thna you can chew. Combine this with almost god-like powers to build things, both permanent fixtures and crafting useable items ranging from personal weapons to land, water, and air vehicles. And no real documentation so you have to experiment, experiment, experiment. Oh, and you can starve to death, too, unless you learn how to get food. And once you get beyond these basics, there's a whole alien world to explore, quests, bosses, the works. Fantastic concept and incredible freedome. It can easily become a total time sink.
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投稿日: 11月28日
Some of my freinds mocked me for picking this game up. They agreed (almost unanimously) that it looked like something a 12 year old would enjoy. Thats kind of what drew me to the game to begin with, its cutesy sci-fi theming. So they will not pick it up in case a friend of theirs sees it in their library and judges them non adults or some other social convention i dont fully understand.
Ill tell you what keeps me playing though, this game rocks! and dirts! and sands! and you can craft almost anything you can imagine. If the item you want is not something you can get a recipe from an npc for, then you can open the object creator and create it. if you have the materials in your inventory, you just export it to the game and BAM! your imagination, now realised. I mean anything too, need a weapon? no problem. need a car? no problem! need a chopper? no problem! need a town? easy as pie!
Admitedly, the object creator portion of this game could use some better tutorial in game... but there are a good number of youtube videos showing exactly how to use it (and some tips to using it more efficiently) so really the community has come together where the developers have delayed their efforts.
Remembering also that this game is still in alpha (currently at version 0.85a as of this writing), and plans to include items the fans have taken it upon themselves to create and share (tutorials, ISOs, and the like) may be in the works still, this game still plays really well. Ive had to restart the story a few times now, due to saves not being compatible with features added/removed in version patches, but i enjoy it (after the first few missions, anyway) each time since i generally notice something in the story line that i didnt pick up on before.
All in all, i would give this game 7/10. The music is ♥♥♥♥♥ (its easy enough to turn off though), and the grass is distracting at best (the blades are too fat, and obscure the terrain too well imho) but again, easy enough to turn off... The game plays well, but without these 2 features enabled looses a lot of its gloss (themed music that isnt annoying as all get out would increase immersion, and better grass would make surface deposits more visible). I would reccomend this game to anyone who likes this builder/survival genre.
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投稿日: 12月6日
So I've had a few hours of this and progressed quite far into the game. So many people complain about the type of games that you have to craft stone pickaxes and then go farm for hours. Personally, you're always going to get that sort of progression in a game like this.

Anyway, onto the game. The game's story I didn't complete yet but it was definitely cool. I'm not too interested into story and more for the gameplay. The game can be harsh and will be harsh, you will die if you go to an alien camp unarmed. The fighting style of melee is... odd at the moment. It doesn't feel fluent enough for a fighting system and just feels like a bad design. By far the most interesting feature of the game is the feature you can design weapons, aircraft, vehicles, shield and even game objects. You can really push the limit of what you want to create. The way to create things is easy to use and get used to.

The game is of course (as of writing this) in alpha. The amount of content for an alpha is amazing. I have experienced 2 crashes but the autosave had save me both times. Overall, the game looks like a great idea and can be really fun.
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Unfortunately my $2500 Alienware laptop cannot run this game due to it's graphics card making the game too laggy to enjoy. However, I am still able to do create mode just fine making my own weapons and vehicles. I have watched a lot of videos about this game and read a ton of opinions. As an avid Minecraft player, who plays with mods and shaders, I can honestly say I need to get a desktop now to play this game.

This is the sandbox building experience we've all been waiting for. Finally we can ditch the blocky worlds and trade up for some sweet voxels. I am not a huge gamer, I only like to build things and I'm going to build a pc just for this game. Says much?

Please don't be like so many developers I'm hearing about on Steam that up and ditches their games for various reasons. Don't ever stop working on this game as you can clearly see you're gaining popularity and loyal fans. This is THE game in my life now, don't ever take that away from me!!!
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投稿日: 12月14日
Exactly what I've been looking for!

I have been in a state of distress ever since seeing some pre-release footage of 'No Mans Sky', and this has filled that hole perfectly! A massive, wonderous, and dangerous open world crafting game with far more posibilities than I've had time to explore. Explore, farm, build, fight! This is a great game to play alone or to get stuck in with some friends, as you form a squadron of jetpack lunatics zooming around the map!

Even as a early access game, it's a solid 8/10
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投稿日: 12月4日
An excellent addition to the sandbox adventure/miner sub-genre, Planet Explorers is, in a nutshell, what people who fell for the hype over StarForge were and still are looking for.

Where Starbound is basically Terraria in space, Planet Explorers has that same relationship with Minecraft but manages to be better. While Minecraft uses block-based voxels to construct its landscapes, Planet Explorers uses OpenCL. This enables the terrain to be just as malleable as that of Minecraft, but look a damn sight better. Though admittedly OpenCL, being a prototype, has a few bugs, one of which is that vehicles travelling at high speed over rough ground have a tendency to clip through the terrain as of 0.85. That said, the bugs present in the alpha of Planet Explorers, albeit slightly frustrating at times, are easily more forgivable than those in certain AAA games (*stares viciously at EA and Ubisoft*) and barely put a scratch into the rest of the game.

Story mode is easily the best of the three game modes, the other two being Adventure (basically Minecraft Survival) and Build (creative mode). Beneath the magnificent visuals - not to mention the aliens themselves (which look slightly less silly than those in Starbound) - there is a surprisingly well-crafted storyline with interesting lore and bright characters to explore. Item crafting in Story is tiered depending on how far you are into the story, with simple wooden equipment available for use at the start and more powerful armour and weapons being available for manufacture later on.

Speaking of crafting, Planet Explorers has what far too few games of this genre have in my honest opinion - a fleshed-out and incredibly detailed item creation system that is easily mastered to boot. One can create a huge amount of useful, fully personalised items and vehicles - swords, guns, bikes, tanks, helicopters, boats and airborne dreadnoughts, to name but a few. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create custom tools or armour, and firearms are limited to pistols, assault rifles and laser rifles (but this might change soon). Nonetheless, Planet Explorers' powerful item creation system gives it a big leverage over other games of its genre.

To conclude: do I recommend this game? Of course I do. If you can forgive the glitches and bugs (take into account that this is an alpha, and not a fully released game yet), a wonderful sandbox adventure that has the potential to surpass even Minecraft in its scope awaits the lenient.
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投稿日: 12月5日
Design your own weapons and vehicles and witness them in action in-game, build a base and survive against the hordes of wildlife and strange races and robots - oh hell yes, one of the best Early Access titles i own, very excited to see this release as a full version, updates do happen and i can definately recommend this game for fans of the survival crafting genre.
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投稿日: 11月27日
Great game, i love this game its awesome
the game give you a chance to meet a world full of fantasia and creatures
meet friends,discouver new places or build them.

ride cool monsters,kill bosses with friends, fish , build ur own cars,helicopters,swords,guns and more lovley things!
mine,craft,build and enjoy this great game :)

if you buy this game just talk with me because i want to play with more friends :D
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投稿日: 12月12日
Decent computer required.
Lagged a tiny bit on my laptop.
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投稿日: 11月24日
i LOVE this game! But not many people is paying attention to it. Why? Because... same reason justin Bieber is famous. none! Its a Cool game you can create own items and vehicles and weapons. But no one cares. There are many bad games that are famous. This SHOULD be famous. And i want it to be. My friend wanted me to buy the game and i did. We came far but our server shut down. Then He like never want to play This game anymore. <:( I recommend this game with whole my heart and wish luck for this game too become famous...
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投稿日: 11月30日
I strongly recommend this game to Voxel game fans. Though it still has some bugs, the design and interfaces are amazing. 9/10. This game features beautiful landscapes, intricate crafting systems, and once you get into it and get used to the gameplay, it really becomes a wonderful game.
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投稿日: 12月17日
Can't Play it anymore WTF! it starts up at start screen i put it in FS&WM but either way it just wont play so please give my money back this is just horrible i was able to play it a couple months ago
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投稿日: 11月24日
good game, looking forward to see how it evolves
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投稿日: 11月21日
Its like minecraft x 3 or something smooth terrain better building and item creation including vehielces.
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記録時間: 152.9 時間
投稿日: 11月25日
fun game spent so much time playing just need more people to play with lol 145.4 hrs played still playing
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記録時間: 4.4 時間
投稿日: 12月8日
This game has a lot of promise, but it's grindy at times.
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記録時間: 6.6 時間
投稿日: 12月10日
This game is really fun, it has a lot of potential in it's upcoming updates. I would totally recommend it!
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投稿日: 11月8日







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