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45+ Team Objective Maps submitted for the Fortification map contest - Official Testing times


Hear ye, hear ye, oh noble Lords and Ladies of the Chivalry Community.

The entry period to the Fortification Team Objective Map Contest has come to a close today. Over 45 maps featuring peasant killing, king slaying, town pillaging, ballista shooting, and all other sorts of medieval mayhem have been submitted for a chance to bring home the grand prize of $10,000 USD.

45 maps. That is crazy! All of us here at Torn Banner are incredibly excited to see such an awesome turnout for the contest, and have really enjoyed seeing the progess that content creators have made in these few short months.

Over the next few weeks, all the contenders will be in rotation on the custom map servers dedicated to the contest. Make sure to join a server in your region. There are specific testing times in which we encourage people to not only play these awesome maps, but to also give feedback to the map creators in their forum thread. We will be awarding the super rare peasant hat model to playtesters who post constructive criticism in the contestants feedback thread.

Official testing times are:
Wednesday: 3-6 PM EST
Friday: 3-6 PM EST
Sunday: 3-6 PM EST

We will be testing and judging in the official custom content servers over the next few weeks anonymously with the community. During this time, you are allowed to make tweaks, adjustments, and updates to your map at your own risk. If the map isn't functional when play-tested, it will be disqualified from the contest.

Best of luck to the contestants, and we’ll see you on the Fortification Map battlefields!

Full list of entrants:

P.S. All the lords and ladies who submitted a map for the contest by the deadline will receive a peasant hat as well.

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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Patch 27


<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Patch 27</span>

***Focus on Fixes and Improvements!***

<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Gameplay

  • Adjusted the low health Post Process chain to not desaturate your screen as much. This is to help people not hit their teammates as much while they have low health
  • Fixed archer bots on server. They will actually hit players now with ranged weapons.
  • The reach for the halberd and quarterstaff now displays properly in the weapon selection menu.
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">General

  • Boiling oil splash now shows on servers
  • Fixed 1p double axe sprint animation
  • Fixed crash caused by a reference from an uncleanedup AOCView_Frontend_Customization into the world
  • Players would experience a crash joining a match after having visited the customization menu
  • Fixed a variety of carried weapons visibility in 3rd person
  • Reverted back to old Mason brown primary colour.
  • Re-positioned Mason barb archer helmet to prevent clipping
  • Brightened mason vanguard barb metal chest plate for better emblem visibility.
  • Added original Chivalry Helmets to Barbarians but omitting some of the too small/beard clipping ones
  • Also added DLC2 helms, default basic helms, and knight dlc helms to barbs.
  • Korean translation: Steam build scripts updated, localization .ini added
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Maps</span>

<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Outpost</span>
  • Fix for players being able to skip the breakable objective
  • Replaced the blaze mesh with a barb
  • Outpost Objective Tweaks.
    • Playspace modifications around falling log.
    • Capture Volume and Barbarians killed required to win now.
    • Condensed Objective Text. Changed language on Outpost to support final objective.
    • More safety checks for the final capture volume
    • Changed outpost chieftains to be wearing cow skull helmets.
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Coldfront</span>
  • Optimization. Set Barb NPCs to ragdoll as opposed to gibs. Destruction after 5 seconds
  • Improved Cull Distance Volumes on Beach and in the Castle.
  • Removed Ice Rock from "Boat Ramp" path.
  • Removed spec off of the landscape material which should help performance
  • Deleted a few meshes that weren't needed in order to lower drawcalls by a very small amount
  • Lowered number of materials on the keep meshes
  • Coldfront ocean material have significantly fewer instructions, may help performance
  • Replaced all bsp with meshes
  • Added epic blocking volume in harbor area for the floor
  • Replaced fracture mesh doors with static meshes.
  • Added minor Set dressing inside castle walls.
  • Added collision to back wall in throne room
  • Refined playspace around Courtyard.
    • Cover Pass
    • Added more props
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Hillside</span>
  • Made spectral echo ghostly again
  • Added some blocking volumes on a few exploit spots and adjusted some see-thru wall collisions
  • Added some barrels in caves to prevent stuck collisions
  • Tweaked arch collision
  • Put the breaking wall on precomputed lighting
  • Aligned flames with stationary torch meshes
  • Minor fixing of a couple ruined meshes
  • Garbage cleanup on variant levels
  • Replaced unclothed flags with static mesh versions with lightmaps
  • Created lightmap UV for broken lighthouse
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Battlegrounds</span>
  • Minor optimization: Replaced a few skeletal meshes,
  • Adjusted some culling distances
  • Removed a few background assets.
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Darkforest</span>
  • Minor optimization: Non-gameplay relevant particles only show up on medium settings now
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Stoneshill</span>
  • Removed floating arrows in village
<span style="color: #ff8c00;">Citadel</span>
  • Visual improvements to the broken wall
  • Added culling for all particles
  • Reduced particles for low settings
  • Added in a cheaper tower mesh with 3 rather than 6 material IDs and replaced instances in the background with it.
  • Made changes to the kismet so that the broken wall mesh does not matinee up it just toggles collision off and on

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Rock Paper Shotgun

Custom Maps and Modding Support!

Discover and download custom, player-made maps for your game. Or create your own to share with the community.


攻陷城堡、袭击村庄——这就是《骑士精神:中世纪战争》,一款快节奏的中世纪 FPS 游戏(以血腥的多人对战内容为核心)

《骑士精神:中世纪战争》是一款第一人称的血腥多人对战游戏。特点是线上竞技战斗,旨在表现出中世纪战场的真实体验。游戏灵感来自于震撼与史诗的电影:如《斯巴达 300 勇士》、《角斗士》和《勇敢的心》。《骑士精神:中世纪战争》的目标就是将如此激动人心的体验带到玩家的手中。

这款游戏跟其他 FPS 游戏一样,以游戏技术水平和控制操作为主。但与大众 FPS 游戏不同,这款游戏里并没有各种枪械或手雷,玩家被给予剑、盾、锤、战斧和长弓。游戏背景设定于一个虚构但坚毅而真实的世界,玩家将在快节奏的虚拟线上游戏中攻陷城堡、袭击村庄,为荣耀而战。游戏最多支持 32 名玩家于一张地图之中。


  • 设定巧妙的肉搏对战系统提供给玩家大范围的战斗选项。
  • 通过鼠标实时调整您的攻击与格挡,游戏为您带来精确和完全控制的动作。
  • 挥舞多达 60 种残忍的武器,从阔剑到战斧,从长弓到标枪。
  • 当玩家摧毁城门、袭击村庄、暗杀敌人的国王,动态目标系统将会把前线的战术与策略带给您的团队,以取得胜利。
  • 使用各式各样的攻城武器,弹射器、热油罐、弩车、攻城槌,应有尽有。
  • 通过辽阔、丰富的环境将玩家带入如同身临其境而又坚毅的中世纪世界。
  • 线下游戏选项允许玩家在进入战斗之前熟悉游戏的玩法与控制操作。


    • 系统:Windows XP
    • 处理器:英特尔酷睿 2 双核 2.4 GHz 或 AMD 速龙 X2 2.7 GHz
    • 内存:2 GB 内存
    • 显卡:ATI Radeon 3870 或更高,英伟达 GeForce 8800 GT 或更高。512MB 显存。
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • 硬盘:7 GB 硬盘空间
    • 其他要求:宽带互联网连接
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