A single-player turn-based dungeon crawler. Take control of a lone hero and explore sprawling dungeons, fight dangerous monsters.
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Releasedatum: 5 apr 2012

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Over dit spel

Er zijn donkere plaatsen in de wereld die worden bewoond door kwaadaardige inwoners. Met gevaar en voorgevoelens gevulde plekken waar geen normale mannen zouden durven te komen. Maar er zijn er een paar die hun leven willen riskeren in naam van goedheid, in naam van gerechtigheid, in naam van... waardevolle buit!

Hack, Slash, Loot is een turn-based dungeon crawler voor één speler. Bestuur een enkele held en verken kerkers met vele paden, bevecht gevaarlijke monsters, en het meest belangrijke, plunder waardevolle schatten. Met een nieuwe kerker die elke keer dat je speelt gemaakt word kan je er zeker van zijn dan geen enkele twee speelsessies ooit hetzelfde zullen zijn. Met gemakkelijk te leren besturingen zul je heel snel op avontuur zijn, maar er is nog steeds genoeg diepte om zelfs de meest geharde avonturiers uit te dagen.

Belangrijkste onderdelen

  • 32 karakters om te ontgrendelen en mee te spelen
  • Zes unieke missies die verschillende tactieken vereisen om uit te spelen
  • Duizenden voorwerpen, monsters, en dingen in de kerker
  • Gestroomlijnde roguelike-gameplay met een moderne besturing
  • Schattige retro-stijl, ogredemonen zijn nog nooit zo eigenaardig geweest
  • Hakken!
  • Slaan!!
  • Plunderen!!!


Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • DirectX®:dx50
    • Hard Drive:10 MB HD space
    • OS:OS X 10.4, or later
    • Hard Drive:10 MB HD space
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Verdeeld (618 recensies)
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( 2.1 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 25 juni
wow buy it
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( 4.9 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 23 juni
Honestly, the game is bad. It is, but it's also fun.
For the $1 I paid for it in the Humble Bundle, it was worth it.
I would never pay more.
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
( 18.3 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 22 juni
One of my favorite rogue-type games. It's an oldie now, but it's pretty straight forward with not many twists in it. There is a huge random element in it on what you get from items. Some of them are uber-powered and some of them are horrible. The graphics are a nice old-school pixel style and the controls are simple.
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B. B. Banana, Professional Memer
( 0.5 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 7 juni
Got this as part of a HIB (roguelike). This probably isn't worth anyone's time - there are better roguelikes out there and this one plays painfully randomly and painfully slowly.
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A Talented Bear
( 0.9 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 3 juni
This game looks to be a traditional rogue like, but only offer three-ish classes that don't even cover the basic trinity (knight, rogue, mage). People complain about RNG, but honestly thats just part of the game. My main issues with the game were the complete lack of a list of controls or menu system. You have to learn the controls from an external website, there is no way of learning them in game. The diaglogue systemis clunky and only displays the past 3 actions. If you want a more indepth much more varied rogue like try Stone soup. Google it. Its completely free, much more complex and in depth, and personally much more fun. Avoid this.
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( 6.1 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 24 mei
Simple game, fun at times, but very difficult most of the time. I've been unable to complete any quest so far, sometimes for my own fault, sometimes because the game spawns you with 2 or 3 enemies in the initial area, and they take most of your health. Worth checking out, but not if you get angry easily.
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Lord General Yavuz
( 24.6 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 22 mei
Best game ever.
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( 1.1 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 19 mei
Hack, Slash, Loot: Not, Very, Good

There have been multiple occasions wherein I have tried to play Hack, Slash, Loot. Both times didn’t last very long… As you can tell by my total play time of an hour. I’m just gonna be straight and say I don’t like this game. But the fact that I’m reviewing it after an hour should be more than enough evidence of that.

The main issues I have with Hack, Slash, Loot stem from the fact that it is based entirely around luck, it’s rather shallow, and frankly it’s just unengaging. Also I wanted to play it more, but it’s now continuously crashing; thus preventing me from even giving the game another chance. It’s almost as if the game knows I’m not fond of it and it’s hiding from further examination!

Crashing aside Hack, Slash, Loot definitely has some cool ideas, but the game’s execution could definitely have used some work. When the game launches, after you’ve taken about five minutes to parse the UI, you can pick from a rather large selection of quests-- these are essentially the game’s ‘campaigns’; and four character classes. The game’s various quests are really just a set of parameters on the random dungeon generation. Apparently the dungeons span multiple floors and also contain bosses but I’ve never lived long enough to see one…

This is because the game pits you off against a nearly unending horde of monsters that do far too much damage, have way too much health, and almost comically out number you. Plus healing items are few and far between due to the random nature of the game’s loot. In the hour I’ve played I’ve probably run through thirty or forty dungeons.

Let that sink in.

My longest run was probably 20 minutes, and I still never made it past the first floor. Hell, I’ve died in the room that I spawned in.

Fighting hordes of powerful enemies can definitely be fun, other games prove this. But Hack, Slash, Loot’s reliance on luck permeates into the combat as well. Even with a 60% chance to hit I find myself missing the majority of my shots. A fight with a single monster can take upwards of ten turns or more, which are spent watching your character and the monster haplessly flail at one another only occasionally connecting. Once you finally land a hit and damage to the monster you have to hope that you roll well... or you’ll find yourself dealing almost no damage, making the fight take even longer.

There’s nothing like missing ten attacks only to land one and deal 2 damage.

The best way I can describe this game is that it feels like a Pen and Paper RPG, like Pathfinder… But without any of the systems that actually allow you to do the cool stuff.

There are no modifiers that help your dice rolls, or give you an edge. It’s just raw randomness.

Most of the time you simply rely on luck, and hope that the five orcs breathing down your neck miss more than you do. Or that you get a good weapon that can deal decent damage. But that only happened to me once, and then I promptly died.

This game definitely has potential. And it’s clearly there under the layers of randomness… But as it stands Hack, Slash, Loot isn’t worth your time.
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( 0.2 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 19 mei
This game seriously needs a "Monkey King Bar"
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
Possibly Glenn
( 2.9 uur in totaal )
Geplaatst: 15 mei
Left click for RNG, super boring
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18.3 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 22 juni
One of my favorite rogue-type games. It's an oldie now, but it's pretty straight forward with not many twists in it. There is a huge random element in it on what you get from items. Some of them are uber-powered and some of them are horrible. The graphics are a nice old-school pixel style and the controls are simple.
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8.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 4 november 2014
For a brief moment I couldn't decide whether this game is just too hard or game design is severely flawed.

Now I've come to a conclusion - this game is VERY flawed. It's pure RNG, even the knowledge you gain by trying to beat it will be countered by incredible randomness.

It doesn't give you a sense of progression, you either get lucky or not.
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32.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 27 oktober 2014
As of this writing, 49% of the reviews for this game are positive. This is frankly, to me inexplicable as this is the worst game in my library of 90 so far. What makes this game obnoxiously bad, egregiously terrible is that it has surface appeal. It deceives the experienced player of roguelikes into thinking that strategic and thoughtful play will be rewarded if one can intuit the subtle rules of the game. Don't waste your time. There is no depth of gameplay here. For example, you find a potion. Will it hurt you or heal you? It's random. It might give you a permanent defect. Or it might heal you. There is no way to tell unless you drink it. Intelligent decision making in this game amounts to not wasting a precious minute of your life on this cynical trap created by a soulless programmer whose only goal was to part you from your hard earned money. It is one of the most offensively designed games I ever played in my life. I am passionate in my hatred of this game. Good day sir or madam.
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2.4 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 12 november 2014
Alright, I tried to like this game, I really did. Normally I can get some enjoyment out of rogue-like or rogue-lite games. Hard games are fine. Games like Demon's Souls or Dark Souls? Great fun. But Dark Souls has a design philosophy that makes sense. If you die, it's your own fault. You're punished for your own failures. But this game? It's basically just a coin flip that determines whether you win a fight or not. You're punished for things you have no control over.

I think the biggest point of failure is the lack of a maximum health stat. Sure health is there, but the problem is it is finite, and can only be replenished by picking up a random enchantment from a scroll or potion or what have you. And keep in mind that it's random whether or not you find a scroll and random again whether or not this scroll will heal you. It could even be detrimental and hurt you instead. Basically if you get unlucky and take too much damage in combat? You're hooped. You have no chance. The point of health in most games is to give you a chance to survive even if you get unlucky.

There's additional classes that you can unlock, but the game is so entranced with being obtuse that it doesn't tell you at all how to unlock them. I unlocked one somehow and the game didn't even inform me that I had. I only found out when I returned to the main menu and found another class just sitting there.
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19.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 11 maart 2015
The game in a nutshell:



Buy a couple of dice. It will be cheaper and WAY more fun than this game.
And the chances of getting a desired number on said dice are accurate, as oppossed to this game's RNG.

RNG (random number generator) is an important part in roguelikes. It's not, however, the ONLY meaningful part.
This is the game's worst sin. it's completely random. In good roguelikes, there's a lot of strategy and thought. Randomness can screw you up, but usually, a good player can turn the tides.
Not in hack, slash, loot. Frankly it's like someone saw the success of rogue-lites and jumped the wagon without actual knowledge of what makes a roguelike/lite a good game.

Protip: it's NOT randomness what makes a roguelike good. Randomness is just one of the ingredients.
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7.4 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 21 maart 2015
This game is stupid-hard, and not even in a good way. There's no depth to the mechanics; it's just one RNG-driven slap-fight after another. Every once in a while I play it again just to remind myself why I never play it.

If you want something that's really hard but rewarding, go play Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, or something by Edmund McMillen.
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6.5 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 26 oktober 2015
"Hack, Slash, Loot" is an overpriced waste of time. What could of been a cute little roguelike is purely an only-RNG based mess of a game that has you rely only on luck. There is maybe only one mission you can play through the longest since it has easier enemies but even then the game is all luck based. There is no real progression here, and there is nothing in this game worth mentioning as a positive. You can get dozens of far superior and cheaper roguelikes (E.G Dungeons of Dredmore, Tales of Maj'Eyal) and you can just find a bunch of free rogue likes anywhere, with a thousand times the quality.

This game is worthless.
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1.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 23 januari 2014
Meh...everything in this game is random. Everything. From the level generation to attacking and being attacked. You could literally die from the first rat you fight if your random luck is bad enough. I started one game where I spawned, opend the first door , and was greeted with about 7 enemies that swarmed me from the surrounding rooms. All of which got to take shots at me while I had to focus on one hoping I could get some quick kills. Of course I "Missed" about the first 4 turns I had so the game lasted 12 seconds before I died. It is basiclaly just a game of chance that you hope you will acquire some fantastic weapon, or gear randomly and you hopefully don't get hit every time you have to fight something before you can hit them. You can't really run away from anything unless you get a double move item.

It's just not that good and I wouldn't recommend it to roguelike fans at all. There is little to no "skill" involved in this game, and you will see no progression in which you feel like you are getting better at the game. If you like playing games that can only be beaten by having a lucky day, thengo for it. If you want a challenge and feel like you beat something based on skill...don't bother.

Idle this game for the cards if you happened to buy it in some crap bundle and don't even bother playing it while you do that.
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3.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 18 december 2014
A good roguelike is characterized by providing you limited resources and abilities, but presenting situations where your choices among those resources and abilities are generally meaningful and significant to your survival and progress. Hack, Slash, Loot does not understand this, limiting options to the point where the game may as well be a linear corridor occasionally blocked off by an enemy or a small numeric increase. I cannot stress how disappointed I am that I gave this developer my money.
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2.2 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 25 november 2013
Hack, Slash, Loot is a simple dungeon crawling roguelike that keeps everything minimal: the graphics are low resolution, the characters are limited, the story is basic. However, this is not its weakness. The gameplay can be awkward with the mouse, and bearable with the keyboard. What ruins it the most though, is the awful game mechanics where constant misses send your character to the grave randomly, and most of the times prematurely. Sadly, it fails to entertain even those looking for some casual retro fun.
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