A single-player turn-based dungeon crawler. Take control of a lone hero and explore sprawling dungeons, fight dangerous monsters.
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Data di rilascio: 5 apr 2012

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Informazioni sul gioco

There are dark places in the world inhabited by evil denizens. Places filled with danger and foreboding where no ordinary man would dare to journey. However, there are a few who are willing to risk death in the name of good, in the name of justice, in the name of.. valuable loot!

Hack, Slash, Loot is a single-player turn-based dungeon crawler. Take control of a lone hero and explore sprawling dungeons, fight dangerous monsters, and most importantly, plunder valuable treasures. With a new dungeon created every game you can be sure that no two playthroughs will ever be the same. Boasting easy to master controls you'll be adventuring in no time, but there is still enough depth to challenge the most hardened of adventurers.

Key Features

  • 32 characters to unlock and play
  • Six distinct quests requiring different tactics to beat
  • Thousands of items, monsters, and dungeon features
  • Streamlined roguelike gameplay with a modern control scheme
  • Cute retro stylings, daemon ogres have never looked so quaint
  • Hacking!
  • Slashing!!
  • Looting!!!

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • DirectX®:dx50
    • Hard Drive:10 MB HD space
    • OS:OS X 10.4, or later
    • Hard Drive:10 MB HD space
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Pubblicata: 26 ottobre 2015
"Hack, Slash, Loot" is an overpriced waste of time. What could of been a cute little roguelike is purely an only-RNG based mess of a game that has you rely only on luck. There is maybe only one mission you can play through the longest since it has easier enemies but even then the game is all luck based. There is no real progression here, and there is nothing in this game worth mentioning as a positive. You can get dozens of far superior and cheaper roguelikes (E.G Dungeons of Dredmore, Tales of Maj'Eyal) and you can just find a bunch of free rogue likes anywhere, with a thousand times the quality.

This game is worthless.
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Pubblicata: 12 dicembre 2015
Simple is not always good. A game needs to offer its players enough options to form strategies against whatever challenges are posed. Otherwise, you're just playing a glorified slot machine. I don't think the folks behind Hack, Slash, Loot understood this because they made a dungeon crawler that has classes with no skills and loot with no inventory.

The game dumps you straight into a cluttered, pixellated menu where you pick your class and your quest, and then get dumped into a crowded, nondescript dungeon. The perspective is a weirdly squished 2D where tiles are twice as wide as they are long, which crams the otherwise pleasant character sprites too close together. As you navigate the random floors and rooms, you'll find items like weapons, armor, potions, and scrolls laying around. Gear can only be swapped with what you already have, with the stat change shown in the corner when you mouse over items. Similarly, consumables are used the moment you pick them up, and their purpose is obfuscated in an annoyingly Nethacky way so you don't know what they'll do for sure until you use them.

These are all corner cases for those times that you're not beset by monsters. HSL is packed to the brim with things that want to kill you, while offering absolutely no tactical options for killing them back besides funnel them through a doorway. While this isn't terribly different from many old-school roguelikes, the distinct lack of healing items or reliable gear upgrades is. Everything appears to be randomized in the extreme, and with no inventory, there's no way to store potions or food until you actually need it. There's not even a guarantee any will appear, because I've definitely had runs end on the first floor because literally no healing options were offered.

Imagine playing Diablo without skills, potions, or inventory, and you get a very basic idea of how flawed HSL is. Streamlined roguelikes are an excellent idea because many of the classics go way too far in their complexity, but this completely overshoots the mark in the opposite direction. Nothing you do in this game will effect whether or not you win, and there's not even any sort of overarching progression system to make losing worthwhile. With all the clever, interesting roguelikes on Steam now, Hack, Slash, Loot is better left forgotten.
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Pubblicata: 7 novembre 2015
While this is a part of a trend, I really wanted to like the game as it seemed to have potental but it seems to have wasted it in various ways.

I don't mind the graphics, but a glaring thing is the lack of variety in tilesets. The spites/animation are pretty basic.

Music isn't too bad

Now for the big beef; Roguelikes are random but this takes it to absurd levels as fights often devole into flurries of "MISS!" and prying the enemy doesn't get lucky with his hit and/or damage.

The items aren't so random as some claim as there's hints as to their effects, the Gyphs on some quests on the other hand.... yeah pretty random. But there's not much of a stockable healing item to be seen nor a passive healing ability that often appears in some games.

These things combine to make a quest often an exercise in futility as unless you get lucky, you'd get worn down and dead on the first floor. Not exactly fun.

So consider yourselves warned before trying to get this.
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Pubblicata: 27 novembre 2013
Hack, Slash, Loot è un RPG totalmente basilare e randomico.

L'idea di base è fantastica, io stesso da sempre vorrei fare un RPG randomico.
Però secondo me lo sviluppatore ha puntato fin troppo sulla semplicità, e questo incide molto sulla profondità del gameplay e quindi sulla longevità.

Nel senso che il gioco scema facilmente di interesse, anche se la costanza ripaga con lo sblocco di nuovi personaggi ed avventure.
Qui però viene contro il secondo aspetto negativo del gioco: non esiste bilanciamento e curva di difficoltà.
In quanto il gioco è TOTALMENTE random: la partita può durare così 3 livelli come 3 turni!

Perciò succede anche che le quest sbloccate sono sempre più difficili, mentre non è detto che i PG sbloccati siano sempre più forti.

Morale della favola: il voto è positivo perché se lo trovate con un prezzo scontatissimo e avete spesso del tempo a vuoto da spendere (troppo poco per giocare qualcosa di serio), allora Hack, Slash, Loot è comunque un dignitoso casual game... nonostante il suo gameplay piatto. ;)
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Pubblicata: 7 agosto 2012
HSL è un Rogue-Like pixellosissimo, con un gameplay estremamente semplificato, ma spietato come ogni altro gioco del suo genere.
L'elemento fortuna è molto importante (forse troppo, purtroppo) in quanto è assente un vero e proprio inventario. I personaggi utilizzano esclusivamente gli oggetti equipaggiati, e l'unico modo per recuperare i preziosissimi Hit-Point è quello di trovare pozioni e pergamene non identificate, che verranno immediatamente consumate applicando bonus (e talvolta malus) in maniera più o meno casuale.
Tantissimi i personaggi selezionabili, che verranno sbloccati con l'aumentare dei fallimenti delle partite precedenti. Praticamente: più morite, più personaggi sbloccate.
Non è un gioco per tutti, gli stessi appassionati del genere potrebbero non apprezzare la sua eccessiva semplicità, ma la sua forza sta proprio in questa immediatezza. Uno speedy Rogue-Like, per brevi (e intensi) momenti di relax videoludico.
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