A single-player turn-based dungeon crawler. Take control of a lone hero and explore sprawling dungeons, fight dangerous monsters.
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Julkaisupäivä: 5. huhti, 2012

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Osta Hack, Slash, Loot

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There are dark places in the world inhabited by evil denizens. Places filled with danger and foreboding where no ordinary man would dare to journey. However, there are a few who are willing to risk death in the name of good, in the name of justice, in the name of.. valuable loot!

Hack, Slash, Loot is a single-player turn-based dungeon crawler. Take control of a lone hero and explore sprawling dungeons, fight dangerous monsters, and most importantly, plunder valuable treasures. With a new dungeon created every game you can be sure that no two playthroughs will ever be the same. Boasting easy to master controls you'll be adventuring in no time, but there is still enough depth to challenge the most hardened of adventurers.

Key Features

  • 32 characters to unlock and play
  • Six distinct quests requiring different tactics to beat
  • Thousands of items, monsters, and dungeon features
  • Streamlined roguelike gameplay with a modern control scheme
  • Cute retro stylings, daemon ogres have never looked so quaint
  • Hacking!
  • Slashing!!
  • Looting!!!


Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • DirectX®:dx50
    • Hard Drive:10 MB HD space
    • OS:OS X 10.4, or later
    • Hard Drive:10 MB HD space
Hyödylliset arvostelut
40/44 (91%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
8.5 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 4. marraskuu.
For a brief moment I couldn't decide whether this game is just too hard or game design is severely flawed.

Now I've come to a conclusion - this game is VERY flawed. It's pure RNG, even the knowledge you gain by trying to beat it will be countered by incredible randomness.

It doesn't give you a sense of progression, you either get lucky or not.
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52/69 (75%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
32.8 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 27. lokakuu.
As of this writing, 49% of the reviews for this game are positive. This is frankly, to me inexplicable as this is the worst game in my library of 90 so far. What makes this game obnoxiously bad, egregiously terrible is that it has surface appeal. It deceives the experienced player of roguelikes into thinking that strategic and thoughtful play will be rewarded if one can intuit the subtle rules of the game. Don't waste your time. There is no depth of gameplay here. For example, you find a potion. Will it hurt you or heal you? It's random. It might give you a permanent defect. Or it might heal you. There is no way to tell unless you drink it. Intelligent decision making in this game amounts to not wasting a precious minute of your life on this cynical trap created by a soulless programmer whose only goal was to part you from your hard earned money. It is one of the most offensively designed games I ever played in my life. I am passionate in my hatred of this game. Good day sir or madam.
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24/25 (96%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
2.4 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 12. marraskuu.
Alright, I tried to like this game, I really did. Normally I can get some enjoyment out of rogue-like or rogue-lite games. Hard games are fine. Games like Demon's Souls or Dark Souls? Great fun. But Dark Souls has a design philosophy that makes sense. If you die, it's your own fault. You're punished for your own failures. But this game? It's basically just a coin flip that determines whether you win a fight or not. You're punished for things you have no control over.

I think the biggest point of failure is the lack of a maximum health stat. Sure health is there, but the problem is it is finite, and can only be replenished by picking up a random enchantment from a scroll or potion or what have you. And keep in mind that it's random whether or not you find a scroll and random again whether or not this scroll will heal you. It could even be detrimental and hurt you instead. Basically if you get unlucky and take too much damage in combat? You're hooped. You have no chance. The point of health in most games is to give you a chance to survive even if you get unlucky.

There's additional classes that you can unlock, but the game is so entranced with being obtuse that it doesn't tell you at all how to unlock them. I unlocked one somehow and the game didn't even inform me that I had. I only found out when I returned to the main menu and found another class just sitting there.
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20/22 (91%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
7.6 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 15. heinäkuu.
Hack, Slash, Loot has almost no redeeming qualities. Seriously. The pixel art looks cool and retro for a couple of minutes but there is no variation on the blue tileset. What you see in the screenshots, that's it. Blue.

There is no strategy to it, you cannot avoid monsters once you've seen them and combat is random. That means you're playing a dice simulator and hoping to roll only winning numbers. There is nothing more, you can't hide, you can't change from melee to ranged fighting you have no inventory and can't heal after fights. You can't even run away because evey character moves at the exact same speed.

Gameplay-wise there are just two tyes of enemy. Those that do random damage from a distance and those that do random damage up close. Again that's it. There's no space for depth of play, roll a dice and hope.

The strange view angle sometimes makes it difficult to tell if you're standing next to something or one square away from it and also sometimes hides cupboards behind walls. A minor gripe but gvien Hack, Slash, Loot does nothing right it all adds up to a pretty terrible experience.

Lastly - and for me the most frustrating - is the 'animation'. One character moves at a time, if there are 8 serfs around you and a bunch of demons then you've got to wait for each one to do their little bobbing movement. Similarly with ranged combat, if you're firing at an archer on the other side of the map it degenerates into a very slow game of ping-poing as the arrow crosses the screeon one way and then crosses the screen the other.

Play 'Doom the Roguelike' instead. It's free and it's awesome. Hack, Slash, Loot is neither.
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6/6 (100%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
2.2 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 22. kesäkuu.
I can't help but feel that playing this game might be fun if I picked up the right items and was extremely lucky with combat.

Unfortunately, the game is unforgiving and it feels more like I'm fighting a random number generator than hordes of orcs and other undesirables. Unlike other roguelikes, I didn't feel like I learned anything with each death.

It's also not pretty to look at - it's hard to tell the difference between enemies (which one of those is the one shooting ranged attacks?), and sometimes it's even hard to tell the difference between enemies and furniture.
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7/9 (78%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
5.2 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 18. lokakuu.
There is a lot of rogue-like worth your time and money. This is unfortunately not that game. All is luck based , that's it,that's all. It could have been great with just some little ajustements. But currently i don't see where i have an impact on the game.
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7/9 (78%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
3.7 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 13. syyskuu.
I don't know why people hate this game so much. Okay, it's not the best roguelike in the world, but it's really not as bad as people say. The graphics and sounds are amazing. If you like to hack, slash and loot, and you can tolerate the luck-based combat system, then this game is for you. (If you're new to roguelikes, I don't think that would be a smart idea to start with Hack, Slash, Loot, play Sword of the Stars: The Pit or The Binding of Isaac first).
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9/13 (69%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
16.3 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 28. syyskuu.
It's very hard but not random you just have to play a while to get the groove. Certain characters complete certain game modes easier, but you wouldn't know why until you play a while, it has very much to do with playing each character and instance thrown at you at a different pace and changing gears appropriately. Sounds like these other reviewers never tried Ultima, or just dont have the patience for a real gutty roguelike.
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10/15 (67%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
2.0 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 12. lokakuu.
The game is enjoyable. The UI is a bit finicky. Of the 10 games I've played so far, I think I've accidently exited 4 of them (two by crashing the game when I changed the screen size). If there was some sort of auto-save functionality I wouldn't care as much.
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10/16 (63%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
1.1 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 21. lokakuu.
Not for me. "run in a random room, take a random stuff, die from a random mob, loop". It's hard to call it a gameplay
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27/49 (55%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
2.3 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 1. heinäkuu.
The only way to enjoy this game is by doing the following step

1. You don't
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7/11 (64%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
1.0 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 1. marraskuu.
No strategy or interest. Just click and hope for the best. D
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2/2 (100%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
0.6 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 28. kesäkuu.
Hack, Slash, Loot is a rogue-like game stripped down to its randomly generated bones, and beaten with graphical tiles so bad they make you wish you where an @ surrounded by D's. The descision making process is ripped from your hands and you simply click your way through monsters, doors, and chests alike with 0 strategy until you either die or succeed.
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4/6 (67%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
11.5 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 12. lokakuu.
It is a great game. It can be played in snack sizes or in larger chunks. There is perma death and that gives you a greater feeling of achievement when you actually make it all the way through a scenario. There is some depth in the strategies you can use in battle. Great little turn based RPG Rogue-like. I have spent some enjoyable hours with this game.
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4/6 (67%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
0.7 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 28. kesäkuu.
Yet another Roguelike that is pure RNG. You can't get anything higher than a 60% hit chance at the start of the game, so naturally I continuously whiff 4 times in a row. You can't heal from anything other than potions (you can't rest) so whether or not you have health at all is pure randomness. There's very little in-game instruction, so it's good that the mechanics are easy to understand, but that also means that you quickly realize how unfairly stacked against you the odds are. There are literally dozens of better games in the genre than this one.
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7/12 (58%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
6.6 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 19. heinäkuu.
I would suggest not to buy this game unless you want to earn more achievements, in that case, it's a good game for you BUT READ THE ♥♥♥♥ING REVIEW FIRST!. Game is really boring but you can earn achievements easy if you are clever enough, I haven't spent much time playing it but as you cans see I've already got few achievements. I don't really remember how I got this game, maybe friend send it to me idk but I'm sure I would never spend 5$ on this ♥♥♥♥, if you want to play a reall games, get more money and buy CS:GO, Garry's Mod, Rust, DayZ and so on nice games. Even if you are a great achievement hunter, 17 achievements for 5$ is too much, you can buy CS:GO and get 150+ Achievements there or free TF2 which has 500+ achievements. Long story shot : Game sucks, I play and will play it just to get all 17 achievements and then stop playing this ♥♥♥♥. <3
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7/12 (58%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
0.6 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 2. lokakuu.
This game is definately not what I look for in a roguelike. I think I got it in a bundle and was very unimpressed. It's possible this game will be fun for some people, but the itemization and gameplay is very very basic. Feels like a phone game or something. Just one mans opinion largely colored my my hopes and expectations.
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1/1 (100%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
0.1 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 15. marraskuu.
Not actually fun. It's basically fake-difficulty. It's not truely roguelike, where you have a chance of surviving for a long while if you play well. Instead it just throws everything at you, everything seems to do much more damage than your character, nothing (especially the stats) is particularly explained well, and you get near-constantly swarmed by enemies (and will often miss just about everything in combat) for very little reward- the loot seems...pretty depressing, for a game that actually includes "loot" in the title.
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1/1 (100%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
4.5 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 29. heinäkuu.
I really want to like this game. I mean--really. It could have been so good.

But, the movement-combat mechanism, combined with the rogue-like randomness, makes it an exericise in frustration. The "mechanic", in this case, is how your character attacks and moves. I've played the old ASCII rogue-like game "ADOM", and it has exactly this same mechanism; you'd think that the developers could have come up with something other than a mechanism identical to one that's been in place for the last 20+ years. This mechanism, lIke most similar games, functions where each attack or movement takes roughly equal "turns", for both you and your opponents. This means that you will get into situations where you can't out-run your opponents, reducing the combat to simply a matter of "trading shots."

Unfortunately, depending on your class selection, you will be "trading shots" either a lot, or all the time, which means a unfortunate roll of the dice will effectively (or definitively) end your run. This mechanism, in combiation with the lack of any RPG elements to provide value to "wasted" runs, means this becomes a glorified dice roller.

You're better off playing any number of better rogue-like games. I recommend Binding of Isaac or Rogue Legacy.
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1/1 (100%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
4.0 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 25. heinäkuu.
Probably the most boring game I have on my list. Worst roguelike/lite I've played. To put it in perspective, I LOVE the retro visuals and I love roguelikes. I even like simple Gauntlet style games. This just doesn't do it for me. I'll give another go sometime when I have absolutely nothing to do, but I doubt my opinion will change.

Maybe 4/10.
Either way I don't like it. At all.
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