S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky foregår i 2011, ett år før hendelsene i originalspillet S.T.A.L.K.E.R. En gruppe "stalkere" finner for første gang hjertet av Sonen – atomkraftverket i Tsjernobyl – og setter i gang en naturkatastrofe som kan føre til en krise. En omfattende strøm av paranormal energi forvandler Sonen.
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky foregår i 2011, ett år før hendelsene i originalspillet S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
En gruppe "stalkere" finner for første gang hjertet av Sonen – atomkraftverket i Tsjernobyl – og setter i gang en naturkatastrofe som kan føre til en krise. En omfattende strøm av paranormal energi forvandler Sonen. Veiene som én gang var både pålitelige og relativt sikre, er ikke lenger noen av delene, landskapet er blåst rent av paranormale utbrudd, og tidligere ukjente områder dukker opp på kartet over Sonen. "Stalkere" og ekspedisjoner dør eller ender opp isolert inne i de fortapte territoriene.
Mens den paranormale aktiviteten øker til et maksimalt nivå, fortsetter utbruddene i den ustabile Sonen. Forvandlingen av kartet til Sonen fører til en slutt på stabiliteten i den sårbare balansen mellom de forskjellige styrkene i Sonen. Krangling om de nye territoriene, gjenstandsfeltene og innflytelsesområdene starter opp gruppene imellom. Nå finnes ikke gamle fiender og venner lenger – nå er det alle mot alle. Fraksjonskrigen er i gang.
Hovedpersonen er en leiesoldat som dukket opp i utkanten av de bestridte områdene til "stalkerne", Strelok og selve Sonen. Hovedpersonen spiller en nøkkelrolle i hendelsene som fører til opprettelsen av Sonen, helt frem til punktet der originalspillet S.T.A.L.K.E.R. begynner.
Hvilke nye utfordringer venter "stalkerne" dypt inne i den nye sonen? Hvorfor fortsetter paranormale utbrudd å forvrenge Sonen, og hva kan gjøres for å stoppe dem? Hvilken fraksjon vil ta overhånd i fraksjonskrigen? Disse og mange andre spørsmål får du svaret på i den offisielle oppfølgeren – S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


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        • Harddisk: 10 GB ledig harddiskplass
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        Publisert: 24. august, 2015
        Immersive & unsettling // Recommended for horror-survival enthusiasts looking for a challenge

        *As I am reviewing the core product, and not various third-party mods, this review is based on a purely vanilla playthrough. Please keep that in mind, thank you!

        + Many locations and characters from Shadow of Chernobyl make a reappearance in this title
        + Equipment and weight limitations do much to force the optimization of one's gear, and make one choose what to discard and what to keep; this leaves the player feeling both challenged and rewarded as they acclimate to the concept
        + Artifacts add slight RPG-like stat combinations; these are more challenging to use than in the previous installment, though many will enjoy the increase in challenge
        + Very, very strong sense of atmosphere pervading throughout
        + Boasts a large and active modding community (many mods do well to address some of the game's various pitfalls)
        + Ambient sounds are absolutely fantastic, and keep the player consistently unsettled
        + Manner of interaction with various game-world NPCs is largely determined by the player's actions throughout the adventure; can join and help differing factions, netting different rewards (friendly factions will even show up occasionally if you're in a firefight, and they will aid you)
        + The game's world and atmosphere complements an intriguing plot; the story, itself, rewards inquisitiveness
        + Absolute plethora of side-missions
        + The game's environments are vast and very detailed; visuals, too, are crisp and the lighting mechanics excellent
        + Fast travel is included (for a fee, unfortunately)
        + Finding artifacts, as compared to the game's predecessor, is a new and unique challenge

        - Lip syncronization is absolutely atrocious
        - Hunger and thirst has been removed; some may view this as a positive, but as this series tends to attract the purists in the RPG community, most would likely see this as a negative
        - Bullet mechanics can often be questionable in behavior
        - Crouching, much like in the first installment, is laughable; one's character lowers by perhaps an inch, and it offers virtually no protection in any given situation

        If you enjoyed this review, please follow my curator page. Feel free to join my group, LockeProposal's Big Day Out for discussion and announcements, and I also have a budding YouTube Channel for those interested. Thanks for reading!
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        Publisert: 12. september, 2015
        Drink vodka and use gun. If no work, use more vodka.
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        Publisert: 19. august, 2015
        Can't believe I've never reviewed this game as the STALKER series is my favorite of all time. It is recommended that you play Shadow of Chernobyl first, but not a must. Although reguarded as the worst of the three, I still think it is a must play. The beginning is slow and the ending is unfairly hard, with the everything in the middle being one of the most unique out of the three. Faction wars brings a whole new mechanic to the table. As long as you don't finish them completely off, one of the most immersive to me. There are a few bugs in the game, and after finishing the vanilla game I played it with the STALKER Complete Mod. This to me is a bugfix and not really a mod, since it really keeps the immersion of the vanilla game.

        =Open world atmospheric thriller
        =Side quests and pda function more appropriately
        =Improved map and Pda
        =Weather is superb

        The big downsdie to Clear Sky is the ending. Yes there is a point of no return and if you are not prepared you may not be able to beat it. It is hard, ruthless and unforgiving. Depending on your point of view you may be disappointed with the ending as well. But in this game, its the journey, not exactly the ending that is memorable.

        Still a 9.9/10, and a must play.
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        Publisert: 24. august, 2015
        You see Ivan play STALKER
        You will never.
        Because too much Cheeki
        For little Breeki
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        Publisert: 26. november, 2015
        Now, Part 2 of the revisions. To recap after the 1st stalker game revision....this is based on the vanilla experience.

        Ah, the prequel. Also, the game that the stalker community thought was forgettable. Me? I personally LOVED this game. Sure, it's missing a few things....namely hunger, and an all-around creepiness with some of the environments. But to counter, this game introduced some features that proved to be worthwhile; for instance, the weapon and armor upgrades and repair. Do the weapons and armor still degrade? Yes, but now you can enhance them with more armor plates, flex the durability, and even add protection against anomalies. It's needed because if you ask me, this is the hardest of the 3 stalker games. Just as is with the first game, once you get to a certain point, there's no turning back. So, be prepared for ANY situation again.

        The story revolves around Scar, a mercenary that inserts himself into the faction war. Various factions are battling for territory in the zone in a race to reach the center. When a group of stalkers reaches the center, the zone changes and becomes more unstable, making the territory more valuable.

        Gameplay is relatively the same with a few changes. First, the artifacts aren't just there for the taking this time. You need a detector to find the artifacts, which involves getting into the thick of the anomaly. The weakest detectors won't spot the best artifacts, so you need a top notch one to make up for the weaker ones shortcomings. This game also manages to feel less like a sandbox, only because as you progress through the story you are able to uncover more of the map. In other words, you're actually blocked from progressing far into the zone until you progress through the story. Once you get so far, then it's open for you to explore all over. Numerous players weren't fond of this because of the open nature of the 1st game, but i think it worked well here because it made for better pacing. You couldn't get the best weapon in the game very early, giving you a major advantage. Even the armor suits were paced better, as an exoskeleton suit COULD be given to you about half way through, but required some work on your part in joining the faction wars for Duty or Freedom. Better pacing equals more fun if you ask me. The stalker way is the hard way.

        Artifacts were not so abundant here, as each map in the zone contained a few anomalies, which hold artifacts. With less artifacts comes less money, which means upgrading or repairing was a little tricky because you had to draw the line between keeping an artifact or trading it in for a valuable upgrade. Less money also equals more fun. Stalker games are supposed to be challenging and this adds another layer of challenge. Of course, once you get so far and have your armor or weapons upgraded, then you can save some money for future use.

        The AI has some improvements, but still has its pros and cons. The faction wars can be a bit buggy sometimes, as the AI isn't entirely supportive. You may find yourself doing alot of the work, and while this game is difficult as it is, i personally don't mind doing most of the work. It's a shooter.....you shoot things. The more the merrier.

        Most of the maps are reused from Shadow of Chernobyl, with the addition of a few new ones. The swamps and red forest are the highlights, creating a fresh change from gloomy landscapes to lush vegetation. Also, some of the reoccurring maps have been slightly altered to appear more lifelike. Remember, this takes place before the events of SoC.

        All in all, i think this game gets a bad rap. What it is missing from other stalker games it makes up for by introducing some iconic stalker features, like the upgrades. Again, mods are a-plenty here, but do yourself a favor and play vanilla first...on MASTER difficulty. It's brutal again, and the difficulty spike is worse this time around in the end, so be even more prepared. While it still may not be every stalker fan's cup of tea, it's still part of the stalker lore that every fan should check out. It's my personal favorite of the 3 games, mostly for the reasons of the pacing and balance. Difficult as hell, borderline rage-inducing in the end, but still worthwhile. Crowning achievement completing this on master. Good luck stalker.

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