S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky foregår i 2011, ett år før hendelsene i originalspillet S.T.A.L.K.E.R. En gruppe "stalkere" finner for første gang hjertet av Sonen – atomkraftverket i Tsjernobyl – og setter i gang en naturkatastrofe som kan føre til en krise. En omfattende strøm av paranormal energi forvandler Sonen.
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Utgivelsesdato: 15. sep, 2008

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"Clear Sky is a prequel to Shadow of Chernobyl. FPS meets Survival Horror meets CRPG. Beware Stalker games are challenging - for FPS veterans only!"

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky foregår i 2011, ett år før hendelsene i originalspillet S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
En gruppe "stalkere" finner for første gang hjertet av Sonen – atomkraftverket i Tsjernobyl – og setter i gang en naturkatastrofe som kan føre til en krise. En omfattende strøm av paranormal energi forvandler Sonen. Veiene som én gang var både pålitelige og relativt sikre, er ikke lenger noen av delene, landskapet er blåst rent av paranormale utbrudd, og tidligere ukjente områder dukker opp på kartet over Sonen. "Stalkere" og ekspedisjoner dør eller ender opp isolert inne i de fortapte territoriene.
Mens den paranormale aktiviteten øker til et maksimalt nivå, fortsetter utbruddene i den ustabile Sonen. Forvandlingen av kartet til Sonen fører til en slutt på stabiliteten i den sårbare balansen mellom de forskjellige styrkene i Sonen. Krangling om de nye territoriene, gjenstandsfeltene og innflytelsesområdene starter opp gruppene imellom. Nå finnes ikke gamle fiender og venner lenger – nå er det alle mot alle. Fraksjonskrigen er i gang.
Hovedpersonen er en leiesoldat som dukket opp i utkanten av de bestridte områdene til "stalkerne", Strelok og selve Sonen. Hovedpersonen spiller en nøkkelrolle i hendelsene som fører til opprettelsen av Sonen, helt frem til punktet der originalspillet S.T.A.L.K.E.R. begynner.
Hvilke nye utfordringer venter "stalkerne" dypt inne i den nye sonen? Hvorfor fortsetter paranormale utbrudd å forvrenge Sonen, og hva kan gjøres for å stoppe dem? Hvilken fraksjon vil ta overhånd i fraksjonskrigen? Disse og mange andre spørsmål får du svaret på i den offisielle oppfølgeren – S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


      • Operativsystem som støttes: Microsoft® Windows® XP(Service Pack 2) / Microsoft® Windows® 2000 SP4
      • Prosessor: Intel Pentium 4 2,0 GHz / AMD XP 2200+
      • Skjermkort: 128 MB DirectX® 8.0-kompatibelt kort / nVIDIA® GeForce™ 5700 / ATI Radeon® 9600
      • Minne: 512 MB RAM
      • Lyd: DirectX® 9.0-kompatibelt lydkort
      • Harddisk: 10 GB ledig harddiskplass
        • Operativsystem som støttes: Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista (SP1)
        • Prosessor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 / AMD 64 X2 4200+
        • Skjermkort: 256 MB DirectX® 9.0c-kompatibelt kort* / nVIDIA® GeForce™ 8800 GT / ATI Radeon® HD 2900 XT
        • Minne: 2 GB RAM
        • Lyd: DirectX® 9.0-kompatibelt lydkort
        • Harddisk: 10 GB ledig harddiskplass
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        Publisert: 20. mai
        I heard this is the worst STALKER game, this is my first STALKER game and I thought it was amazing.
        I can't wait to play the others now.
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        149 av 165 personer (90%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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        Publisert: 9. mai
        I've played this for several hours now without stopping. I don't know if I'm losing sanity or if I'm becoming RussiТы ючю эчжынт аккюмзан консэквюат! жят заэпы бонорюм инимёкюж экз, мацим ножтро экз эжт? Чтэт декам жольюта ут нык. Ыюм примич мныжаркхюм эа. Граэкы ридэнж пытынтёюм ку шэа.
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        Publisert: 27. april
        "Clear Sky" is brutal, uncompromising, and definitely worth a try.

        I remember becoming pretty decent at "Shadow Of Chernobyl." Maybe I had the difficulty pulled back a bit for that game. I can't quite remember.

        Even so, I don't remember "Shadow" being as downright mean as "Clear Sky" feels.

        You will die. A lot. Continuously. I'm not really exaggerating when I say you should consider saving after anything whatsoever goes in your favor. Clear a group of attackers? Save. Take down a single hostile? Save. Walk forward for 30 seconds without getting irradiated, falling into an anomaly, chewed up by dogs, or shot? Save. Stand still for a few moments without anything bad happening? Save. Hear anything even mildly "story-based" in a conversation? Save. Just successfully saved a game? Save again.

        Seriously, I was more adept at hitting F5 than the default run-toggle key after only a short time.

        And be aware that it's possible (though unlikely) to save a game that won't completely reload. The engine will get to the "Synchronizing" stage and then hang.

        Save multiple saves at multiple times.

        Oh, and you think you're pretty good with guns in videogames? Yeah - about that. In Clear Sky, here's how it works: Your enemies, even the dirt-poor bandits, fire munitions that can apparently home in on you in the dark from across the map. This behavior extends to individual shotgun pellets. Also, their grenades are seemingly possessed of a malevolent intelligence that WILL find you. Through walls. In the dark.

        Now, for your part, any weapon that is not a sniper rifle fired from the prone position has about an 80% chance of MISSING whatever it is you're trying to kill. You will fire entire magazines - and I'm talking about one shot at a time, not full-auto - and every bullet but one will guide itself to a point that is not the thing in your crosshairs. If you do hit something by micraculous happenstance, you will have to hit it many MANY times before it drops. This applies to the aforementioned bandits, and the well-equipped military. (It's just that the military kills you faster and takes twice the lead before they drop.) With the notable exception of the Bloodsuckers, any hostile you encounter can be expected to behave as though they were made of solid steel and wearing armor of similarly solid steel.

        You, of course, are made of wet tissue-paper. Some decent armor will upgrade you to dry cardboard. The thin kind, I mean. Not the cool stuff that they make shipping boxes with.

        Oh, and ammunition is pretty scarce. Also expensive. And the stuff you scrounge and sell to the traders? They buy it cheap. Some things they won't even pay you for. What they sell to you, naturally, carries a hefty premium. You can eventually build a stockpile of essentials, but it will take a while. It will also take a while because the fast-travel system (the guides) costs money to use, and you need to save that money for bullets. A trip to a trader that has anything worth buying often requires walking across nearly the whole world.

        Getting rewards for completed missions also follows that formula. That squad-leader you just risked life and limb for? No, he doesn't have the money with him. You have to walk all the way back to The Cordon for that measly 750 RU. No, he doesn't want to buy anything you have on you, except food and vodka. Have a nice trip! Hope you don't get ambushed on the way!

        And you should definitely build that ammo stockpile. As soon as you commit to a certain kind of weapon, you will go up against a horde of enemies that are carrying weapons chambered for whatever you DON'T prefer. It's almost uncanny.

        Also, before getting rolled up into the endgame, make sure you have all the best gear that exists in the world. Otherwise, you will be like me. You'll get all the way to Chernobyl, and then the game will become effectively unwinnable because you're up against nearly invincible enemies that warp in and can magically shoot around cover. You will need lots of bandages - as in, every single one you can find, and probably ten more. Plus every medkit you can get your hands on, and the best armor in the game. All that, and 1000 rounds of AR ammo. And every bullet you can possibly get for two different sniper rifles. You might have a chance.

        All of the above sounds terrifying and awful, but I also have to say something else: "Clear Sky" is oddly compelling. It took me almost 27 hours of getting abused by the game before I finally decided that I didn't care. Up to that point, I was thoroughly engrossed. The bleak, strange, and unsettling environment is intriguing, and the overall challenge somehow manages to make you want to try again (most of the time). Oh, and when the game decides to mess with your mind, it REALLY succeeds.

        So, give "Clear Sky" a shot. Several shots, actually. Like I said, good luck with actually HITTING anything.

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        Publisert: 14. mai
        Ran into some bandits:
        Ran into some stalkers:
        Ran into some dogs group:
        -*Woof ♥♥♥♥ Woof Suka*
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        Publisert: 24. august
        Immersive & unsettling // Recommended for horror-survival enthusiasts looking for a challenge

        *As I am reviewing the core product, and not various third-party mods, this review is based on a purely vanilla playthrough. Please keep that in mind, thank you!

        + Many locations and characters from Shadow of Chernobyl make a reappearance in this title
        + Equipment and weight limitations do much to force the optimization of one's gear, and make one choose what to discard and what to keep; this leaves the player feeling both challenged and rewarded as they acclimate to the concept
        + Artifacts add slight RPG-like stat combinations; these are more challenging to use than in the previous installment, though many will enjoy the increase in challenge
        + Very, very strong sense of atmosphere pervading throughout
        + Boasts a large and active modding community (many mods do well to address some of the game's various pitfalls)
        + Ambient sounds are absolutely fantastic, and keep the player consistently unsettled
        + Manner of interaction with various game-world NPCs is largely determined by the player's actions throughout the adventure; can join and help differing factions, netting different rewards (friendly factions will even show up occasionally if you're in a firefight, and they will aid you)
        + The game's world and atmosphere complements an intriguing plot; the story, itself, rewards inquisitiveness
        + Absolute plethora of side-missions
        + The game's environments are vast and very detailed; visuals, too, are crisp and the lighting mechanics excellent
        + Fast travel is included (for a fee, unfortunately)
        + Finding artifacts, as compared to the game's predecessor, is a new and unique challenge

        - Lip syncronization is absolutely atrocious
        - Hunger and thirst has been removed; some may view this as a positive, but as this series tends to attract the purists in the RPG community, most would likely see this as a negative
        - Bullet mechanics can often be questionable in behavior
        - Crouching, much like in the first installment, is laughable; one's character lowers by perhaps an inch, and it offers virtually no protection in any given situation

        If you enjoyed this review, please follow my curator page. Feel free to join my group, LockeProposal's Big Day Out for discussion and announcements, and I also have a budding YouTube Channel for those interested. Thanks for reading!
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