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HELGETILBUD! Tilbudet er over 22. september


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Transistor on Steam

6. mai

Hey! If you enjoyed Bastion you might be interested in our next game, Transistor, which now has its very own Steam page.

Every member of the team that created Bastion stuck together to make this next game. We hope you enjoy it at least as much!

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“This game is amazing and you owe it to yourself to download it.”
9.0/10 – http://pc.ign.com/articles/118/1189676p1.html

“The soundtrack is phenomenal, the world is breathtaking, and the narration is a brilliant new idea for gaming.”
92/100 – PC Gamer

“The entire game drips with passionate artistry from the gorgeous watercolor aesthetics to the stirring soundtrack.”
9/10 – Wired

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Buy it on the Dota 2 Store!

Om spillet

Bastion er et action-rollespillopplevelse som revelusjonerer historiefortelling i dataspill, med en aktiv forteller som følger deg for hvert skritt du tar. Mens du oppdager hemmelighetene om ulykken, en surrealistisk katastrofe som knuste verden i stykker, utforsker du mer enn 40 frodige håndmalte omgivelser. Anvend et enormt våpenlager som kan oppgraderes, for å kjempe mot villdyr som har tilpasset seg sitt nye hjemsted. Fullfør hovedfortellingen for å låse opp Nytt spill pluss modusen, og fortsett på din reise!


  • Forbløffende håndmalte illustrasjoner i full 1080p oppløsning
  • Kritikerrost musikkspor
  • Timer med aktiv fortelling med en dyp historie
  • Handlingsmettet kampsystem som belønner de med ferdigheter
  • Skreddersydde kontroller til PC med full støtte for spillkontroller
  • Flere enn 10 unike og oppdraderbare våpen som bare venter på å bli brukt
  • 6 mektige festningsbygninger å oppdage
  • 'Nytt spill pluss' modus låses opp etter fullføring av historien

Gratis oppdatering: Den Fremmedes Drøm

Stup enda dypere inn i spillopplevelsen med den gratise oppdateringen som inneholder en utfordrende fortelling med nye måter å spille på. Innholdet omfatter:
  • Den fremmedes drøm: en helt ny "hvem hvet hvor"-sekvens, større og vanskeligere enn noen andre.
  • Poeng-modus: en ny måte å spille gjennom historien på! Du begynner på nivå en med alle ånder og gudebilder låst opp. Kampferdigheter er målt etter prestasjonsevne, og alle områder er gjentagbare.
  • Null stress-modus: for alle de som bare vil nyte Bastion-historien. I denne modusen kan du begynne på nytt så mange ganger du vil etter at du har blitt beseiret.
Og, nye Steam-prestasjoner og ledertavler! For å få tilgang til Den fremmedes drøm-sekvensen og poeng-modus, må du ha fullført historien minst en gang. Den fremmedes drøm-sekvensen vil være tilgjengelig tidlig i nytt spill pluss eller poeng-modus-spillet ditt.

Systemkrav (PC)

    • Operativsystem: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Prosessor: 1.7 GHz Dual Core eller bedre
    • Minne: 2 GB
    • Harddiskplass: 1.6 GB
    • Skjermkort: 512 MB DirectX 9.0c-kompatibelt skjermkort (shader-model 2)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Lyd: DirectX 9.0c-kompatibel

Systemkrav (MAC)

    • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    • Processor: 1.7 GHz Dual Core or Greater
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.5 GB Free Space
    • Video Card: 256 MB OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card

Systemkrav (Linux)

    • Processor: 1.7 GHz Dual Core or Greater
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Video Card: 512 MB VRAM
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Imagine a function that everyone's invited to. It's all over social media and touted as the biggest event of the year. You plan on going because all your friends and colleagues intend to, but days pass and you forget to RSVP. Your calendar stops functioning and you lose sight of all your big appointments. You press on regardless, making sure everything's ready prior to the big day as you frantically search for your invitation. Time goes by and you get distracted, forgetting about your plans and your schedule. You finally locate your invitation and head to the venue, only to find a fish and chip shop where a reception should be, and that the big event was held three years ago.

That's how late I am to this party.

Released in 2011, Bastion is a game that belies its indie origins, combining great gameplay with colourful art and an amazing soundtrack composed by Darren Korb, making for a complete package that puts some bug-ridden AAA games to shame. The haunting song that plays during the closing credits, Setting Sail, Coming Home, will likely remain in your head for days, along with the urge to keep playing.

Bastion is a lot of fun and I can't recommend it enough. If, like me, the game has been languishing in your "to-play" list for a while, waste no more time. Play it now. You won't regret it.
Publisert: 25. mai
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One of my Favorite game of all time, Great buy and if you like this you'll love Transistor also which recently released from the same group, this is the game that started it all.

+ Great Narration and storytelling
+ Phenominal music
+ Fast pace platform action game with variety of weapons
+ Great handdrawn art
+ Fun gameplay, platforming arcade style
+ Great use of different ways to change game difficulty and challenges to unlock upgrades

- Not much in replayability
- Need online play some sort of vs for replayability.
Publisert: 27. mai
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Rarely does artistic excellence and mechanical brilliance come together in as amazing an experience as Supergiant's Bastion. It's vision is remarkably strong and merciless in its attempts to astound your expectations, never content to settle for anything less than wholly inspired. It stands apart as a shiny example of independent ingenuity, a bar to which others should aspire to hit, but more than that it manages to feel as fresh and fully developed as anything coming out of much larger studios. It's the sort of experience that sticks with you after you finish it, hollowing out a place in your mind where the most excellent games of our time take up residence, sure to be talked about for years to come.

A proper story's supposed to start at the beginning, but Bastion's not that simple. It spins its narrative in a nonlinear spiral, urged on by the smooth voice of the narrator, who describes everything your character's every action with a cool and calculated tone that gives the impression he knows more than he's letting on and has seen this all before. More than just a original storytelling device, it gives Bastion a personality all its own from the second the game begins. It keeps you engrossed despite an almost complete lack of character dialog, falling back largely to third person descriptions that on their own may seem meaningless, but when weaved in perfect context to the action on screen create something of a living story; one which feels as much a product of your own actions as the author's. The plot is never neglected however, as slowly but surely it all winds back together, taking control over the fascinating amounts of lore you are told throughout your journey and turning them into a full featured narrative that never falters or shows any sign of hesitation. It's deliberate planning can be traced back to the very first line uttered in the game, and when you finally see it all fleshed out, it's rather incredible that it works anywhere near as well as it does.

Bastion operates under a clear design to offer the player as much freedom as possible to choose their own playstyle. Almost entirely focused on hack'n'slash combat, it presents new weapons and means to dispose of your enemies on a near constant basis. Mixing and matching these weapons and abilities is what allows you to tailor the game to your own playstyle, from melee and ranged weapons, to a near endless variety of passive upgrades and power ups. Whatever you choose you're never locked into any one upgrade path, which lets you freely experiment to find what works best for you. The combat itself is extremely simple, but meticulously balanced and refined to feel satisfying and as challenging as you want to make it. It excels at creating a constant feeling of progression, even past the point of finishing the game as you can then playthrough it again in new game plus mode to catch any upgrades you missed, or take on even bigger challenges.

This almost doesn't matter though, in the face of Bastion's astonishing presentation. The flow of tiles building the path in front of you venture through the world, the gorgeous art design that overflows with vibrancy and creativity, and the unbelievable soundtrack that blends an astonishing amount of styles into a sound that's unlike anything I've ever heard. It's truly an artistic feat that puts the bland and predicable visual and sound designs of other games to shame, and should serve as a reminder to developers that conforming to a common mold is detrimental not only to your games identity, but the industry as a whole. I can scarcely recall playing a game with as much aesthetic originality and finesse as Bastion, and its a triumph to its creators that they were able to create something that is as impressive to look and listen to as it is to play.

Even before I played it, Bastion always stood as something of a posterchild to me for indie games. It's relentless ambition and startling success at achieving it are a showcase of how much can be accomplished by a small team with a clear set of ideas for the game they want to make. It's stunning and memorable in the way few games could ever hope for, and is as mechanically solid as it is breathtakingly presented. It succeeds in every aspect, and is one of the most well rounded games I have likely ever played.
Publisert: 29. juni
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After playing this game through twice and achieving both endings I can safely say that this has one of the very best stories ever! The soundtrack and beautiful art style make it so addicting and I just want to play it through over and over again.
Probably one of the very best indie games out there.
Publisert: 6. august
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It's $2.24 today.

Buy it nao.
Publisert: 27. mai
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Bastion is an amazing game, filled with colorful art and a sexy narration that tells the story as you play as oppose to ripping the camera and controls from you so you can watch a 5 minute cut scene. I would love to play another game with this guy as a lead voice. Music for the game is also very good and fitting for this kind of game, somewhat somber at times.The game play is pretty fast pace and excellent, though has it's short falls. One of them is that you are given too many weapons, Unless you plan on experimenting with the weapon load-out, You will usually stick with what works for you. Same with secret skills, which I hardly ever used while playing. Overall, an amazing game that opens up for you the more you play.
Publisert: 28. november, 2013
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Winner of more than 20 awards, including the Game Critics Award for “Best Downloadable Game of E3”, Paste Magazine’s “Best Videogame of the Year”, Spike TV’s “Best Downloadable Game” and “Best Original Score”, and the Inside Gaming Awards for “Best Downloadable Game” and “Best Indie Game”.