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20 ans ont passés depuis les évènements décris dans Deux Ex, le monde récupère lentement d'une dépression mondiale catastrophique. Dans le chaos de ce processus, religions et factions politiques veulent saisir l'opportunité de prendre le contrôle d'un gouvernement mondial et de l'humanité pour les siècles à venir.
Date de parution: 5 mar 2004
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À propos du jeu

20 ans ont passés depuis les évènements décris dans Deux Ex, le monde récupère lentement d'une dépression mondiale catastrophique. Dans le chaos de ce processus, religions et factions politiques veulent saisir l'opportunité de prendre le contrôle d'un gouvernement mondial et de l'humanité pour les siècles à venir. Dans ce cauchemar futuriste la lutte pour que le monde renaisse de ses cendres est lancée.

  • Ce jeu, de part son dynamisme et son innovation, apporte un niveau de réalisme sans équivalent dans le monde du jeu vidéo.
  • Des modifications génétiques vous permettent de voir à travers les murs, de faire des bonds de 15 mètres dans les airs, de guérir super-rapidement et d'être indétectable par les radars.
  • Parcourez le globe de destinations en destinations : Seattle, l'Antarctique, et le Caire.
  • Jouer en mode "dissimulation" en utilisant la pénombre et les sons pour tromper la vigilance de vos ennemis.
  • Une jouabilité aléatoire offre des solutions multiples aux problèmes permet leur approche selon différents styles.
  • Possibilité de résoudre les problèmes de manière non violente correspondant à une certaine éthique dans l'action.
  • Le joueur progresse dans le jeu de manière non linéaire avec une liberté totale et des choix de scénarios multiples.

Configuration requise


    • IBM PC ou 100% compatible
    • Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/XP (Windows 95, ME et NT ne sont pas supportés)
    • Processeur Pentium IV, 1.3GHz (ou AMD Athlon XP)
    • Carte vidéo 100% compatible DirectX 9 avec capacité Pixel Shader v1.1
    • 256 MB de RAM système
    • Carte son 100% Compatible DirectX 9
    • 2Go d'espace disque libre (capacité supplémentaire nécessaire pour la sauvegarde des jeux)
    • Clavier et souris 100% compatible Windows 98SE/2000/XP
    • Recommandée:

      • Processeur Pentium IV, 1.5 Ghz (ou équivalent AMD Athlon XP) ou supérieur
      • 512 Mo de Ram système
      • Carte graphique compatible 100% DirectX 9 avec 128Mo de RAM
      • 2Go d'espace disque

      Composant vidéo supportés :
      nVidia GeForce 3Ti/4Ti/FX - Remarque : la série GeForce MX n'est pas supportée. ATI Radeon 8500/9xxx ou supérieure.

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This game is just barely recommended, and only if the first game has been completed. To enjoy DX2:IW it is best to approach with lowered expectations. The game play is decent, but reduced from what one will find in the first game. Where this game shines is the story. The story is excellent and will compel the player to move forward. Some other things that are enjoyable are finding multiple solutions to achieve a goal, and being able to explore the connected levels however you wish.

Having said that, there are plenty of things to complain about here. The maps are smaller. The game is shorter. Even the enemies are dumber and the variety is reduced. I find it silly that Ion Storm created this game from scratch with the Unreal 2 engine; the game engine from the first game could easily do everything that one finds in this installment. Guess they really want to get it onto Xbox. Swimming in water is gone, and I really miss the reflecting floors.

The game is good, but not legendary like the first.
Posté le : 23 janvier 2014
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This game should be reported for false advertising. The war was clearly in plain view.
Posté le : 25 mai 2014
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I have no idea how this game has a metascore of 80. It was a 67 at best when it was brand new; it's aged badly since then. It suffers badly from having been designed for the memory and control constraints of the original X-Box. The levels are cramped and ugly. The field of view is far too tight (and requires using a hex editor to manually edit memory values in the executable to change to something tolerable). The guns are forgettable (with the exception of the gun mod that makes glass windows dissolve instead of shatter, that was mildly amusing) and all draw from the same universal ammo pool. Worst of all the main story is plain old tripe that not only does not hold up well to scrutiny but which commits the sin of trivializing the first game's ending by declaring that all three mutually exclusive endings in Deus Ex 1 happened simultaneously. By watering down and blending three very distinct and different endings they weakened and cheapened the story space for both Deus Ex 1 and Deus Ex: Invisible War.

The three main factions in the game, the Templars (hypocrtical neo-Luddities in power armor), the Illuminati (representing capitalist concerns), and the Dentons (who are trying to properly finish the Helios ending from Deus Ex 1) are all easy to hate. By the middle of the game I was annoyed with all of them. By the end, I decided to actively sabotage everyone, giving me the Omar Trader ending where the world burns in an apocolypse and Russian cyborgs end up ruling the cinders. I was actually happy with that, since the "good" endings required working with characters I had come to despise.

On the up side, the game does have a somewhat interesting side story about a corporate war between two coffee chains. This was in no way a worthy sequel to Deus Ex 1, and would have been a better game if it'd been divorced entirely from that intellectual property.
Posté le : 21 février 2014
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The second part of the franchise came to us through the same creative team that developed the first part. With a limited development due to its console version and more directed towards the action, we have a pretty solid game that keeps most gameplay elements introduced in its predecessor.


- Continues and closes the storyline of the first part (Characters, organizations and elements of the story previously established in the first part, make their appearance here, either explicitly or through a mention).
- Possibility to choose between a male or female protagonist with different options on their physical appearance.
- Like the first part, what begins as a simple story unfolds in a story full of twists and complexities.
- Like its predecessor, depending on the choices you make, you can change the style of the narrative or the relationship of certain NPC's toward the protagonist.
- Is set on a Semi-Open World structure ala Wolfenstein (2009) for its narrative.
- The exploration remains key for obtaining items, ammunition, rewards, etc.
- Implementation of Havok Physics to move obstacles, hide corpses, attack, etc.
- Multiple primary and secondary objectives to meet (Some of them create conflicts between them, as the fulfillment of a goal to a specific faction can affect another one and their relationship towards the protagonist).
- Like the first part, there are multiple ways to meet the goals, reach a destination, get an item, etc.
- Augmentations obtained and improved can be replaced by others once installed.
- Integration of an ability to climb certain surfaces becomes quite useful.
- Being a game more focused on the action than the first part, the combat is much more polished than its predecessor (Though the element of stealth is still present).
- Most of the ranged weapons have a secondary fire mode.
- Very good textures and lighting effects for its time (Thanks to Unreal Engine 2).


- The protagonist, whatever male or female, does not have enough charisma.
- Most NPC's share the same face.
- Many elements are simplified when compared to its predecessor (No experience points for improve character skills, all guns share the same ammunition, many fewer weapons, the tool for hacking and lockpicking is the same one, etc.).
- Improvements of the characters are limited exclusively to augmentations (As long as you have the item that allows you to install or upgrade these).
- Each weapon only accept two modifications (From a total of eight options).
- Control over jumps is sometimes a bit disastrous.
- Many times, the use of physics in certain situations, is erratic and not let the situation settle directly or at the first attempt (Which can be a bit frustrating ).
- The Quick-Load is not so "Quick".
- The campaign lasts half the first Deus Ex (We are talking about a campaign of approximately 30 hours, although this is much more than the average for today's games).
- An annoying Black-Screen bug present in the final length of the game when you load a Savegame (Which can be corrected going to the Task-Manager and placing a single core in the affinity of the application).

Deus Ex: Invisible War is a solid game with a great story, more focused on the action that the first part and simplifying the elements that were in this.

My Score: 7.8/10

Note : Played it on Windows XP - SP3
Posté le : 2 mars 2014
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The weakest entry in the Deus Ex series. Pretty much a watered down version of Deus Ex; inventory, ammunition, weapon mods, biomods, story, gameplay...all have been dumbed down pretty badly.

For anyone having graphics issues (due to poor graphics coding) on any type of machine, turn off dynamic shadows, and the game should run fine.
Posté le : 14 mai 2014
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