20 ans ont passés depuis les évènements décris dans Deux Ex, le monde récupère lentement d'une dépression mondiale catastrophique. Dans le chaos de ce processus, religions et factions politiques veulent saisir l'opportunité de prendre le contrôle d'un gouvernement mondial et de l'humanité pour les siècles à venir.
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Date de parution: 5 mar 2004

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À propos de ce jeu

20 ans ont passés depuis les évènements décris dans Deux Ex, le monde récupère lentement d'une dépression mondiale catastrophique. Dans le chaos de ce processus, religions et factions politiques veulent saisir l'opportunité de prendre le contrôle d'un gouvernement mondial et de l'humanité pour les siècles à venir. Dans ce cauchemar futuriste la lutte pour que le monde renaisse de ses cendres est lancée.
  • Ce jeu, de part son dynamisme et son innovation, apporte un niveau de réalisme sans équivalent dans le monde du jeu vidéo.
  • Des modifications génétiques vous permettent de voir à travers les murs, de faire des bonds de 15 mètres dans les airs, de guérir super-rapidement et d'être indétectable par les radars.
  • Parcourez le globe de destinations en destinations : Seattle, l'Antarctique, et le Caire.
  • Jouer en mode "dissimulation" en utilisant la pénombre et les sons pour tromper la vigilance de vos ennemis.
  • Une jouabilité aléatoire offre des solutions multiples aux problèmes permet leur approche selon différents styles.
  • Possibilité de résoudre les problèmes de manière non violente correspondant à une certaine éthique dans l'action.
  • Le joueur progresse dans le jeu de manière non linéaire avec une liberté totale et des choix de scénarios multiples.

Configuration requise

    • IBM PC ou 100% compatible
    • Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/XP (Windows 95, ME et NT ne sont pas supportés)
    • Processeur Pentium IV, 1.3GHz (ou AMD Athlon XP)
    • Carte vidéo 100% compatible DirectX 9 avec capacité Pixel Shader v1.1
    • 256 MB de RAM système
    • Carte son 100% Compatible DirectX 9
    • 2Go d'espace disque libre (capacité supplémentaire nécessaire pour la sauvegarde des jeux)
    • Clavier et souris 100% compatible Windows 98SE/2000/XP
      • Processeur Pentium IV, 1.5 Ghz (ou équivalent AMD Athlon XP) ou supérieur
      • 512 Mo de Ram système
      • Carte graphique compatible 100% DirectX 9 avec 128Mo de RAM
      • 2Go d'espace disque
      Composant vidéo supportés :
      nVidia GeForce 3Ti/4Ti/FX - Remarque : la série GeForce MX n'est pas supportée. ATI Radeon 8500/9xxx ou supérieure.
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Posté le : 22 juin
Very good game.

Probably a deception compare to the first because it's more accessible because of Xbox version but when I see current games, I think myself it's so much better to play this one.

I think also IW is better than Human Revolution in termes of atmosphere and scenario.

My advice: Try before judging.
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Posté le : 14 avril
The original Deus Ex is one of the best games ever made, so when Invisible War suffers from a bad reputation, I assumed it was undeserved. I assumed that it would at least be "pretty ok", and that its poor ratings were due to people comparing it to the first game. Holy cow, was I wrong.

This game is atrociously bad, and not just compared to its older brother. It's genuinely a waste of time and money completely by itself. In short: Had I known how frustratingly bad Invisible War was, I wouldn't even have picked it up for free.

Some of the bad parts (no real spoilers):

- The writing. While the story builds on Deus Ex, you get no build-up, no twists (excepting a few incredibly obvious attempts), no suspense, no room for wondering or doubting. You're never allowed to be curious about the world, the backstory or the events of the past, as most of this is just dumped bluntly at your feet. At one point you walk into a bunker, find some high-level people, and out of nowhere these complete strangers start telling you about their deepest, darkest secrets.

- The pacing. At times, people will warn you that "someone has a secret agenda for you", and you can be certain that within two minutes that same "someone" will give you a call to explain their agenda for you, right to your face.

- The level design. Pretty much every single level is a tiny, cramped area. For reference, the 'ton Hotel in Deus Ex is one of the smaller levels in that game, but it would easily fit in as one of the larger levels in Invisible War. This means you'll enjoy a lot more loading screens a lot more often, but it also makes the game feel so much more shallow: When security HQ is 15 meters from the doorstep of the terrorists, suspension of disbelief drops like a rock. It also means walking through four levels blasting bad guys, then walking back through four empty levels.

- The loading screens. Loading time is usually not an issue for me, with a fast SSD in a fast PC. Invisible War doesn't care. Every so often it goes through a complicated series of steps to load a new level, which includes shutting down the rendering engine to flash you your desktop for a few seconds, then going all white for a while as it restarts, and then it starts actually loading, which takes another 10-15 seconds.

- The number of loading screens. In one typical part of the game, you go through a door - loading screen - across a square - loading screen - across a room to talk to someone, then back out - loading screen - around a corner and down a street - loading screen - down some stairs, talk to a guy, and then retrace the whole route with all the loading screens all over again. Steam tells me I've had the game running some 12 hours, but my save game clock tells me I have 7,5 hours playtime. Including a little menu browsing, that means I have likely spent a quarter of my ingame time looking at loading screens.

- The AI. It is so bad it can sometimes be an involuntary source of rare fun. At one point, members of two opposing factions are involved in a firefight, while a couple of guards stroll idly through the crossfire, taking no notice. As the fight ends, the same guards suddenly freak out over the bodies at their feet - "Ah! A body! There's been a murder! You won't get away with this", they exclaim, and then just keep walking. On a different occasion, an NPC shoots another NPC, and then freaks out over the body *which he just made*. "There's been a murder!" - no, really? And that's saying nothing of the shoddy combat AI, nor the incredibly poor search AI. You can actually hide from enemies by standing on the other side of a glass door, or by closing an air vent cover, and they will have no idea where you went.

- Graphics – and I don't mean "it's ugly", I mean it's really poorly designed. Most weapons are close to identical both when equipped and as inventory icons. With a few exceptions, it's hard to tell what things you can pick up in the field really is (except blinky and futuristic). Are those credit chips, datacubes, or maybe weapon modifications? Who knows! Better break into this locker to find out.

- User interface. Of all the compromises made to make this game possible to run for its intended Xbox, this is likely the worst. Honestly, the UI of Invisible War is worse than trying to do internet banking with a broken gamepad.

I could go on for a long time - this is in no way a complete list - but honestly, if you still think it "can't be that bad", go right ahead and buy it. Or save your money, go on YouTube and find a "let's play" video. I enjoyed some 25 hours of fun on my last Deus Ex playthrough. In Invisible War, it took me less than 8 hours to reach the 2nd to last level. Then I just decided I couldn't be bothered, uninstalled it, and would rather just read about the ending than suffer through more.
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Posté le : 29 mai
Being a huge fan of the Deus Ex series, I had high hopes going into Deus Ex: Invisible War. The story starts off with Alex, an Orphan, raised by a couple in Chicago and put into a special schoolfor gifted children, where she eventually found her way into the Taurus program, a human augmentation program. You start off being attacked by religious fanatics and are given both sides point of view, with each side trying to persuade you the other is the real threat. Interesting story, I like the concept and it had be playing for over an hour, when I only intended a short demo for the review. It appears to further the Deus Ex Canon, and while it has all the wonderful potential of a Deus Ex game, I will warn you now there are bugs.

First of all, every time the game wants to load a new area, It jumps back to your desktop for a a few seconds and the resolution change makes your desktop appear to be supersized. It does this a lot. The graphics are not quite up to par for a sequel to Deus Ex, but it is passable. The game almost has a feel as though it were rushed or poorly ported from a handheld or console. I think it would be a prime candidate for a reboot, as it was interesting. All in all I will recommend it, but only to those who are familiar with the Deus Ex series, so as to acquire this piece of Deus Ex Canon for your collection. Otherwise, if you are looking for a quality game, and don't care about the series, the Original is great, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution is fantastic. Either way, the series is solid.
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Posté le : 13 juin
I do not understand why so many people dislike this game.
I have way more hours on this game, this is a classic to me. I remember playing this on Xbox when I was like, 12.

I love Deus Ex, I love the story, I love the game play. If you like the universe there is nothing wrong with this game.
The AI isnt great but the game is 11 years old. It's truely a gem, and at any price $10 or below it's a must have. I think DE1 and Human Rev are as well.
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Posté le : 18 septembre
Évaluation avant sortie
It's like this game is locked in an Invisible War with my computer. Last time I attempted to run it it crashed, reported to steam that I wasn't playing anymore, then loaded the level I had tried to load. Actually played this game for about 30 hours, but due to the invisible nature of this war steam doesn't even know it has begun.

Somebody tell Majestic 12 and J.C. Denton that I didn't ask for this, but I sure paid for it.
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