Aproximadamente 20 años después de los hechos acontecidos en Deus Ex, el mundo apenas ha empezado a recuperarse de una depresión catastrófica. En el caótico periodo de recuperación, varias religiones y facciones políticas han visto una oportunidad para remodelar un gobierno mundial que los beneficie, sabiendo que los movimientos...
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 5 de mar. 2004

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Acerca de este juego

Aproximadamente 20 años después de los hechos acontecidos en Deus Ex, el mundo apenas ha empezado a recuperarse de una depresión catastrófica. En el caótico periodo de recuperación, varias religiones y facciones políticas han visto una oportunidad para remodelar un gobierno mundial que los beneficie, sabiendo que los movimientos correctos determinarán la evolución de la sociedad humana durante las décadas e incluso los siglos venideros. Dentro de esta pesadilla tecnológica, toma parte en la oscura lucha para hacer resurgir al mundo de entre sus propias cenizas.
  • Innovadora y dinámica aventura de acción en primera persona que lleva un videojuego a un nivel de realismo sin precedentes
  • Las modificaciones nanotecnológicas permiten al jugador ver a través de las paredes, saltar a una altura de 12 metros, regenerar los daños críticos o hacerse invisible al radar de sus enemigos
  • Viajes a localizaciones reales como Seattle, la Antártida o El Cairo
  • Ingenioso sistema de sigilo, la oscuridad y los sonidos afectan al nivel de alerta de los enemigos
  • Formas de juego variables: múltiples soluciones para los problemas y soporte de varios estilos de juego
  • Posibilidad de solucionar los conflictos sin muertes ni violencia, lo que permite al jugador tomar decisiones éticas a través de sus acciones
  • Historia dinámica y no lineal con ramificaciones y actitudes de los personajes que variarán según las decisiones que tome

Requisitos del sistema

    • PC IBM o 100% compatible
    • Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP
    • Procesador Pentium IV a 1.3GHz (o AMD Athlon XP equivalente)
    • Tarjeta gráfica aceleradora 3D 100% compatible con DirectX 9, con 32MB y con soporte para Pixel Shader v1.1
    • 256 MB de RAM
    • Sonido 100% compatible con DirectX 9
    • 2GB de espacio sin comprimir libre en disco (podría ser necesario espacio extra para partidas guardadas)
    • Teclado y ratón 100% compatibles con Windows 2000/XP
      • Procesador Pentium IV a 1.5 Ghz (or AMD Athlon XP equivalente) o mejor
      • 512 MB de RAM
      • Gráficas 3D con 128MB 100% compatibles con DirectX 9
      • 2GB de espacio libre en disco
      Chipsets Gráficos Soportados:
      nVidia GeForce 3Ti/4Ti/FX - Nota: La serie GeForce MX NO ES SOPORTADA. ATI Radeon 8500/9xxx o superior.
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Publicado: 27 de septiembre de 2014
This game is... interesting. So interesting, in fact, that I would recomend playing the original game, skipping this title completely, and then playing Human Revolution. Anyway, if you care about my opinion, read on! Otherwise, I hope you have a nice day anyway.

As far as ambiance goes it is reminiscent of the original game. The dark and oppressive cityscape, the futuristic techno music, the neo-noir use of shadows and, of course, the color blue.

The one improvement this game has over it's predecesor is the ragdoll mechanic. Stuffing the limp bodies of victims into the ventillation grates is more entertaining than the story itself.

This, of course, leads into the story. I played this game for about five and a half hours. In that amount of time in the first game, I stopped numerous political terrorist plots, took out some nasty drug dealers, saved a girl from a pimp and many, many other things. I definitely felt like I was making a positive difference in the world.
In the first five hours of this game, I escaped from a bizarre super-soldier training prison that was under attack from generic religous terrorists and then wandered around for a while fighting mercenaries, killing random gang members, discovering that the terrorists were purposefully religously generic, cheated in some illeagel gambling, burglarized some rich dude's apartment, and wrecked a coffee shop. I felt like a roving psychopath.

In the first game, I felt torn between the urgency of completing the story missions and helping people by completing the side quests.
In this game I felt like there was something I was supposed to be doing, but I had no idea what that thing was or if it even mattered.

The first game eventually gives you a sense of moral ambiguity; over time you learn more and more about all the factions competing with each other and also that every side does varying amounts of honorable as well as evil actions. Aligning with a certain side doesn't make you feel any better than the other side, but you just feel like you need to go with the lesser evil in order to save humanity.
This game gives you an immediate feeling of moral ambivolence. You discover within the first hour that every faction you've encountered has a mixture of good and bad intentions which culminate in stupidity. There is no urgency. These people are just going to fight amongst each other for ambiguous reasons and they want to draw you into it. At that point I figured I'd just go and see if there was anything remotely interesting happening elsewhere. Cheat in some underground mutant lizard fighting betting? Why not. Get involved in a feud between rival coffee chains? Sure! It's more interesting than helping the Orwellian police force fight some self righteous murderers.

Last and perhaps least, we have the player character. In the first game, you get to be the badass JC. Do you think his baggy coat is unnecessary and it's ridiculous that he wears sunglasses at night? He could not care less about your opinion. If you order him to do something he thinks is questionable, he will not blindly follow your orders. He will do what he thinks is right, and he will go about it however he wants. Playing as him, you feel like an awesome futuristic warrior as you gradually upgrade his nanotech and acquire new and better equipment.
In this game, you are Alex. His/her character was not developed at all in the time that I played. All in all, (s)he pretty much just lets the different factions tell him/her what to do with very little (if any) question or objection. Truely, a compelling character. Playing as this wimp, you get a bunch of weapons and upgrades almost immediately and not much of anything to do with them.

This game is not technically good. It is not even that fun. As an experience, it's a mediocre spiral into the depths of a deranged world. The prequel is amazing, and the first game is a masterpiece. This sequel is ultimately disappointing. It is basically just one of the many Godfather 3's of the game industry.

This is all, of course, just my opinion and I sincerely thank you for reading it. I hope it was helpful. Have a nice day!
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Publicado: 18 de noviembre de 2014
I played the first Deus Ex years ago and went back to play the next game in the series. I am sad to report that this game is a total piece of garbage. Overall, it was a very consolized and poorly designed sequel. Here is why I would recommend skipping this game:

1. Loading screens. You will probably spend more time watching loading screens than actually playing the game. The game is set up so that only tiny pieces of each area are loaded at one time so that you have to watch loading screen after loading screen after loading screen just to move through the game. Even the main menu has a loading screen. It is so oppressive that it ruins the gameplay.

2. Cramped level design. All the maps feel like you're moving through tunnels. Even the outdoor areas seem very close quarters and boxed in with loading barriers every 15 feet.

3. Incessant bugs and crashing (which of course leads to more loading screens). This is kind of self-expanatory, but I personally had a particularly bad problem with random crashing and then corrupt savegames. There were also the other classic bugs such as stuff getting stuck in walls, NPCs battling each other when they're not supposed to, buggy objects jittering around the levels, etc. The camera angles during cutscenes were a joke. It's kind of hard to take the game seriously when the camera angles switch between close up of the floor and half a character's face during every cutscene.

4. Flat characters and lame storyline. The game played like one of those choose your own adventure books with a little target shooting thrown in here and there. The designers really got into this 'choose between factions' idea and took it too far. All the interactions and cutscenes were nothing more than each faction trying to persuade you to join their side with very little underlying plot or consequences for your actions. The characters seemed so dull and one dimensional. The designers tried to get all philosophical with many elements of the game but failed to impress me with the depth of their ideas and understanding.

5. Crawling in air ventilation. After a while, you start to realize that attached to every room it is a grate leading to a gigantic man-sized ventilation shaft with convenient ladders for all the vertical sections. Not only is this kind of silly, but it becomes annyoing when you spend half the game crawling through these vanilla cloned tunnels. Of course you don't HAVE to go that route, but when the alternative is to waste an item, ammo, or other resource, and vent crawling is free, you are encouraged to spend your time exploring the ducts.

6. You get all firearms and items way too early. The game essentially gives you every item in the game in the first hour of playing. I had about 10 unused biomod upgrades at the end of the game with all my biomods maxed out. You are loaded up with so much stuff that it destroys all the fun of spontaneously finding a new item or upgrading your skill to a new level.

7. Side quests for money to buy WHAT? There are quite a few "secondary" goals that typically result in a small cash reward. However, you are already overstocked and a millionaire with nowhere to go and nothing to buy. They add very little to the gameplay because the story underlying each quest is trivial (e.g. go find someone and talk to them to make sure they're ok) and you're so loaded with cash anyway.
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Publicado: 26 de octubre de 2014
This games gotten so much undeserved hate, It saddens me that people only see the negative in it and put others off from playing it.

It isn't bad, it just doesn't live up to the original or Human Revolution.
I loved the original and HR and this one too, it's a lot less complex than the other two in terms of gameplay and story which takes away from the experience but it isn't bad, it's more than worth a play.
I guess when comparing any game to the master piece Deus Ex was they'd all look ♥♥♥♥, but that's all people seem to focus on when discussing this one. Compared to the original it is a bit ♥♥♥♥♥♥ but compared to other FPS/RPGs of a similar nature it blows some of them out of the water.
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Publicado: 27 de octubre de 2014
First off I love the Deus Ex series. My favorite deus ex has to be Human Revolution and I really liked the first one, but what about Invisible War? Well yeah I have to agree its not as good as the first and third but that doesn't make it bad. I really enjoyed this game, I love the graphics and music, but the story could have used some work but other than that it was still interesting. My only concern with this game is the loading screens. The loading screens are very very annoying and will always close the game for a split second than bring it back up during each loading screen.
My personal rating for the game has to be a 7/10. It was going to be an 8/10 but it needed more electronic old men.
I believe this game is worth the $6.99

P.S. You can't beat the menu soundtrack, it's just awesome!
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Publicado: 5 de diciembre de 2014
Grossly underrated. It's a non-linear game where you can literally kill every single NPC you meet, even story-important ones, and even children, without resulting in a non-standard gameover or a plot failure. Also, some NPCs treat you differently and offer different quests according to your gender. Great example of player freedom in a video game.
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Publicado: 10 de febrero
Nice story, nice RPG, and fullness Sci-fi Fantasy. Good graphic for 2004 game.
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Publicado: 16 de septiembre de 2014
Personal rating: 7/10

+ fun gameplay (multiple ways to clear a mission)
+ interesting story
+ hacking system
+ nice variety of weapons to choose
+ story continuations from Deux Ex
+ multiple endings

- weird UI
- simplified game mechanics and systems
- multiple endings in Deus Ex combined into one to continue story
- a bit ruins image of JC from first game

As the second game of the series it gets a lot of hate. And it is sort of justified as the game UI, mechanics and system got simplified/dumbed down. Because of this it fails to capture that awesome essence the first Deus Ex had. However, this game is still enjoyable and even more if you actually played the first one because it continues the story. It does have a lot of flaws but it is undeniably a good game worth the money during a sale. So yeah, I do recommend it although expect a more "casual" approach.
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Publicado: 9 de enero
If this were its own game rather than a sequel it wouldn't have such a negative reputation.
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Publicado: 20 de enero
This game isn't SO bad. It's just ok and mediocre. It's a watered down, shortened version of the original Deus Ex. That being said, there are a couple of things that made this game worth playing through.

+ The freedom of choice is fairly broad and there are different ways to complete various objectives.
+ Fairly good story/Interesting to see the world post Deus Ex 1.
+ Good amount of missions per area to keep you busy.
+ NG Resonance Holo-Sim is waifu material.

- Mechanics from the first game became overly simplified (Guns/ammo, biomods, keycodes, locks, etc).
- Characters are not interesting.
- Stealth and combat are hit and miss.
- HUD is atrocious.
- Loading screens everywhere.
- Game can be a pain to get running correctly sometimes.

One thing I really want to comment on is the fact that I've had this game crash on me numerous times for the most random of reasons. I still don't know what was causing them or what fixed them, it just happens. It also seems to take up an obscene amount of computer processing power/memory for a game made over a decade ago.

It's not a terrible game per se, it's just not the follow up one would hope for after Deus Ex. I played through this because I was curious of the what the world was like after the events of the first game and that alone was what carried me through it. That and NG Resonance Holo-Sim.

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Publicado: 1 de marzo
My Adventure with DX:IW

TL:DR Version: Couldn't even get it to run, compatibility issues abound, don't waste your money.

I really wanted to play this game having just finished the original Deus Ex and Human Revolution and loving them both. I know this game has gotten a lot of hate so I wanted to see if it really stood for it or if that was just the angry nostalgia talking...

Too bad I was never able to find out.

Right off the bat the game wouldn't run, it would sit on a black screen and do nothing as task manager repeatedly warned that it was not responding. Eventually I found a fix for that and was able to get it started, and thought I was on the road to beginning the game, but a short time and an intro cutscene later the game threw my hopes of that out the window. I was able to choose my character and clicked the done button and then I was greeted by another black screen. I ended the task and the game refused to let my resolution go back to normal. After I went and manually turned it back, the game randomly decided to start back up, and I was thrust into the first level. I went through it and got to the next level, and again, another black screen. This one wouldn't go away no matter what I did. I searched forums and tried all sorts of "fixes" but none of them worked: compatibility settings, resolution changes, "fixed" start exes, even changing the affinity of the exe to a single core. None of these things worked. The only thing I didn't try that people said worked was a compatibility problem with Realtek audio drivers...which I wasn't about to uninstall all of my audio to run this game. Not worth it. So, having never gotten to play the game except for the first "level," I have to not recommend this game simply for it's horrible compatibility problems.
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Publicado: 17 de septiembre de 2014
I'm only recommending this game because of it's story. Other features of the game are really bad. It keeps crashing when you travel somewhere and it's really annoying. Optimize is not that good. Gameplay is much easier than the first one. Also, they've restrained most of the features. For example, we don't have a skill tree anymore. Biomods will do the job. I gotta say it didn't feel like Deus Ex. Story is really strange and beautiful. You're playing as Alex Denton. He has an advanced system than JC. Also, he's the first protagonist who doesn't wear sunglasses in DX series. If I have to vote this game I'd give 6/10 to it.
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Publicado: 20 de octubre de 2014
A game that is on par with the original in terms of story.
The gameplay, while considerably shallower than the original still has a Deus Ex vibe that fans of the series will recognise.
The game is quite buggy with it's long load times and other issues.

I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who has played the original Deus Ex. It is an important entry in the series that should not be written off.
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Publicado: 20 de febrero
Oh man I ran out of bullets in my pistol, better switch to a different gun to finish them off.

Said the person playing a game less dog ♥♥♥♥ than this abomination.
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Publicado: 29 de diciembre de 2014
I don't know why so many people hate this.
The sequel of legend turned very interesting and quality game.
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Publicado: 28 de diciembre de 2014
Análisis de preestreno
Not as good as Deus Ex the original, or Deus Ex: Human Revolution, both of which are great games. This is ok, but I couldn't be bothered to finish it. Just not compelling at all, and the shooting element isn't very fun either.
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Publicado: 15 de febrero
Crashes/goes to desktop everytime you hit a loading screen. (And there's a MILLION loading screens.)
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Publicado: 11 de julio de 2014
La trama de este juego se desarrolla 20 años después (si no me equivoco) de los acontecimientos del primero, Deus Ex Game Of The Year Edition. Me resultó muy curioso que los hechos de este juego partan de una mezcla de los tres finales posibles del anterior. Aunque no es completamente imprescindible haberlo jugado, lo recomiendo fuertemente.
De hecho, voy a escribir este análisis suponiendo que habéis jugado al primero (del cual también hice un análisis).

Hablando un poco de la historia, sigue un poco en la línea de cargas filosóficas sobre hasta dónde nos puede llevar la ambición por evolucionar. Hay una lucha constante entre los que defienden la evolución mediante biomodificaciones (habilidades introducidas en los humanos mediante nanotecnología que les permite realizar hazañas tales como dar saltos enormes o hacerse invisibles durante un tiempo) y los que argumentan que eso es una aberración contra la humanidad. Aunque no encontraremos solamente dos bandos.

En relación con el apartado anterior, tenemos la toma de decisiones. Durante el transcurso del juego deberemos tomar decisiones que afectan en una medida muy considerable los acontecimientos que ocurrirán después. También influirán sobre de parte de qué bando estamos, y, por último, en el final que obtendremos (hay, si recuerdo bien, 4 finales distintos). Algo que me gustó bastante es que muchas decisiones no son definitivas. Es decir, que puedes ir favoreciendo a un bando y a otro alternativamente dependiendo de lo que más te convenza en cada momento (o sea, que, si, por ejemplo, la primera decisión que tomas apoya al bando A, eso no quiere decir que obtengas el final en el que el bando A gana).

En cuanto a la jugabilidad, hay cambios importantes con respecto al primer juego. Dispones de un inventario en el que ocupa lo mismo un lanzacohetes que una barrita energética (aunque puedes stackear unas 50 barritas energéticas sin ocupar espacio adicional). Las biomodificaciones que eliges pueden ser cambiadas durante el juego (a diferencia de la precuela, en la que, biomodificación que elegías, biomodificación que no podías quitarte). Un aspecto que me llamó la atención es que las armas no se recargan y todas usan el mismo tipo de munición (aunque no gasta lo mismo un disparo de escopeta que un disparo de pistola). También encuentras a menudo modificaciones para tus armas (silenciadores, munición explosiva, etc.).

Ahora he de comentar un aspecto que he odiado durante todo el juego: los mapas son completamente herméticos. Me explico. En cualquier otro juego encuentras puertas cerradas, escombros, vallas… Es decir: ambientación que te hace pensar oh, no puedo pasar por aquí, pero esto me hace deducir inconscientemente que estoy en un espacio grande y el mapa continúa por allí. En este juego no. Está todo lleno de paredes, y todas las puertas que hay, se abren. Esto me dio una sensación horrible de claustrofobia, de estar todo el rato metido en una caja de zapatos. Por no haber, casi no hay ni ventanas que te enseñen lo que hay fuera.

Terminando, mencionaré algún otro aspecto. Hay muchísimas misiones secundarias. Algunas armas tienen un disparo secundario. La inteligencia artificial no está mal. Hay unas físicas un poco raras (desde la calle, puedes tirar un cadáver hasta la cima de un edificio sin mayor esfuerzo). Aunque me parece un juego algo más lineal que el primero, también puedes elegir entre apañártelas para entrar por los conductos o irrumpir por la puerta principal. Además, para cambiar de escenario, a menudo tienes que contactar con un piloto, y existen dos opciones: hay una que te lleva gratis pero te deja un poco lejos de tu objetivo, y luego hay otro que te cobra pero que te deja en un lugar mejor. Luchas mayormente contra humanos (a veces biomodificados) y algunos bots de seguridad, aunque alguna remota vez te encuentras a algún animal poco amigable. Me llevó 11 horas de juego en la máxima dificultad (un poco corto, y eso que soy de los que inspeccionan mucho y dan un montón de vueltas), más luego un par de horas adicionales que emprendí para desbloquear todos los finales posibles. El juego no tiene traducción oficial; nivel de inglés requerido.

En definitiva, si te gustó el primero, probablemente te guste éste. Es más corto y, en general, a mí me gustó menos. Pero lo suficiente como para recomendarlo. Si no has jugado al primero, empieza por ahí y después considera comprar éste (yo, sin apenas conocer nada de ellos, me compré los dos un día que estaban al 75% de descuento).
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Publicado: 16 de agosto de 2014
Ya me habían comentado que la segunda parte de, quizás, uno de los mejores juegos hechos hasta ahora, era bastante decepcionante, pero seguramente porque ya llevaba esa idea a mi deus ex invisible war me ha gustado.

El juego se desarrolla veinte años después del primer deus ex, tomando como partida el gran colapso producido por Jc Denton. El protagonista es Alex, un agente biomodificado de la WTO que pronto se dará cuenta que es algo más de lo que cree, conectando con el primer deus ex desde casi el principio.

No tiene la libertad del primer deus ex, y se nota que lo han simplificado bastante (el tema de las municiones y los implantes sobretodo) y recortado (comparando la duración que es bastante más corta que el anterior, 16 horas más o menos)) pero sigue teniendo esa esencia donde las decisiones que vas tomando durante el juego se ven reflejadas en tus acciones posteriores, donde en cada momento te dan la libertad de elegir el camino que quieras, sin que eso restrinja el juego. Al final hay cuatro finales (cinco si contamos el "extra") que dependerán de la última decisión que tomes.

El juego esta algo más orientado a la acción, y es cierto que hay veces que tendrás que disparar y matar, aunque ya entrado el desenlace final, donde esas decisiones te granjearán enemigos irrconciliables. Aun asi, mantiene el espiritu deus ex, y me parece una buena aventura.

Comentar que el juego en win 7 puede llegar a dar problemas serios, tanto con la comunidad steam como con las resoluciones. Es una pena que no hayan sacado un parche porque aunque se puede jugar,se hace muy incómodo ya que cada dos por tres el juego se cuelga en una pantalla de carga. Al final me lo termine, pero porque era deus ex, sino quizás no hubiera tenido ese aguante.

Recomendable instalar la traducción de dlan y el mod de texturas hd, que aunque es todo visual, le da un toque más moderno.

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Publicado: 28 de octubre de 2011
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Hola, este es el juego que nunca debió existir. Ya lo he dicho todo.

Aunque lo jugaré de todas maneras, por seguir la historia de la saga.
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Publicado: 20 de agosto de 2014
La peor conversión a PC de uno de los juegos más mediocres habidos y por haber. De todas las horas contabilizadas por Steam, con suerte habré jugado 4, el resto del tiempo lo he perdido intentando configurar el juego en W 8.1, pantallas de carga que salen al escritorio, etc.

El diseño de niveles y la ambientación son lamentables. Las voces originales están mal grabadas y peor interpretadas. La historia es simplona, los personajes son planos y el desarrollo de la trama es completamente lineal, solo importando la decisión final y qué final... El sistema de juego es horrible, solo hay una munición para todas las armas. La IA no podría ni con un tres en raya. Gráficamente se podría salvar y gracias a un pack de texturas no oficial aun tiene un pase...

Resumiendo: no lo compres, y si ya lo tienes no pierdas demasiado tiempo con él.
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