Approximately 20 years after the events depicted in Deus Ex, The World is only beginning to recover from a Catastrophic worldwide depression. In the Chaotic period of recovery, several religious and political factions see an opportunity to re-shape a worldwide government to their agendas, understanding that the right moves now could...
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Data lansării: 5 mart., 2004

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Cumpără Deus Ex: Invisible War

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Approximately 20 years after the events depicted in Deus Ex, The World is only beginning to recover from a Catastrophic worldwide depression. In the Chaotic period of recovery, several religious and political factions see an opportunity to re-shape a worldwide government to their agendas, understanding that the right moves now could determine the shape of human society for decades — even centuries — to come. In this techno-nightmare, take part in the dark struggle to raise the world from its own ashes.

  • Dynamic and innovative 1st person-action/adventure brings a level of reality unprecedented in a videogame.
  • Biotech modifications allow players to see through walls, leap 40 feet into the air, regenerate critical body damage or render yourself radar invisible.
  • Globe-hop to real world locations such as Seattle, Antarctica, and Cairo.
  • Cunning stealth gameplay, with darkness and sound affecting enemy awareness.
  • Variable gameplay offers multiple solutions to problems and support for varying stylistic approaches.
  • Non-lethal, non-violent resolution to conflict, allowing players to make ethical statements through their actions.
  • The player's progress through the game is supported by an unprecedented freedom of action by a dynamic, non-linear story with responsive plot branches.

Cerinţe de sistem


    • IBM PC or 100% compatible
    • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
    • Pentium IV, 1.3GHz (Or AMD Athlon XP equivalent) processor
    • 100% DirectX 9 32MB 3D Accelerated video card with Pixel Shader v1.1 Capability
    • 256 MB System RAM
    • 100% DirectX 9 Compatible Sound Card
    • 2GB free uncompressed hard drive space (additional space may be necessary for saved games)
    • 100% Windows 2000/XP compatible Mouse and Keyboard
    • Recommended:

      • Pentium IV, 1.5 Ghz (or AMD Athlon XPequivalent) or greater processor
      • 512 MB System RAM
      • 100% DirectX 9 128MB 3D Graphics Card
      • 2GB of Hard Drive Space

      Supported Video Chipsets:
      nVidia GeForce 3Ti/4Ti/FX - Note: GeForce MX series is NOT SUPPORTED. ATI Radeon 8500/9xxx or higher.

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Postat: 4 noiembrie
Deus Ex: Invisible War was made for Xbox and then ported to Windows. The sequel has got undeserved hate from the fans, but the game itself is not that bad! Unfortunately, the game is a Shooter RPG instead of an Action RPG like the first game. The game is shorter than the original Deus Ex, but it has its complexity and depth. Nonetheless, the game delivers a 'true' Deus Ex atmosphere.

Ion Storm heavily modified the Unreal Engine for this game. The engine programmer left during mid-development of the game, which is a result of many problems in the game.

I have went through Invisible War seven times and I have enjoyed it. In Invisible War, you play as Alex D. He is not like JC, but he has its own personality and he is smart. The choice of choosing between a male and female character, which was scrapped for the original game, is present in Invisible War.

The game starts out slow and is boring in the first two levels, but later, the player is introduced to many of the factions/organisations in the game. Features like computers, codes, swimming, skills, etc. are not present in Invisible War. However, transgenics return from the first game.

Invisible War introduced new mechanics like climbing over a wall when holding the 'jump' key, the ability to kill any major character when they are available in person, different type of bots, etc. Moreover, Invisible War introduced augmentations in a different way, known as 'biomods'. The choice of biomods (here) was like 'choose one from three' in every body parts -- thus, making the game more realistic. The AI is a bit poor compared to the original.

The story is very good and the gameplay is non-linear. The weapons are unique and have secondary function as well. The weapon modifications are also the best part of them, but you can only attach two to each weapon.

The inventory system is limited, as the game was made for consoles, but it is not much of an issue. The universal ammo system was a drawback, though; you can only carry eight ammo clips. It is always better to have at least one melee weapon in the inventory, as you might run out of ammo. The physics of Havok are nice; however, there is one minor issue that you might have to drag a body of an enemy to pick up their fallen content (ammo, grenades, etc.), but you get used to it.

The level design has always been a problem in Invisible War. Players will find themselves going through small maps and constant loading screens. Unfortunately, the game also crashes sometimes and rarely gets buggy. The game did not fail to give us secret areas like the original Deus Ex.

The ending of the game falls a bit into 'not Deus Ex', since it is like 'choose the ending you like'. Invisible War has its moments, though; you get a chance to visit a few areas from the original Deus Ex.

Overall, Deus Ex: Invisible War is a good game, but not as good as the original. Every Deus Ex fan should at least try it out once!
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Postat: 27 septembrie
This game is... interesting. So interesting, in fact, that I would recomend playing the original game, skipping this title completely, and then playing Human Revolution. Anyway, if you care about my opinion, read on! Otherwise, I hope you have a nice day anyway.

As far as ambiance goes it is reminiscent of the original game. The dark and oppressive cityscape, the futuristic techno music, the neo-noir use of shadows and, of course, the color blue.

The one improvement this game has over it's predecesor is the ragdoll mechanic. Stuffing the limp bodies of victims into the ventillation grates is more entertaining than the story itself.

This, of course, leads into the story. I played this game for about five and a half hours. In that amount of time in the first game, I stopped numerous political terrorist plots, took out some nasty drug dealers, saved a girl from a pimp and many, many other things. I definitely felt like I was making a positive difference in the world.
In the first five hours of this game, I escaped from a bizarre super-soldier training prison that was under attack from generic religous terrorists and then wandered around for a while fighting mercenaries, killing random gang members, discovering the the terrorists were purposefully religously generic, cheated in some illeagel gambling, burglarized some rich dude's apartment, and wrecked a coffee shop. I felt like a roving psychopath.

In the first game, I felt torn between the urgency of completing the story missions and helping people by completing the side quests.
In this game I felt like there was something I was supposed to be doing, but I had no idea what that thing was or if it even mattered.

The first game eventually gives you a sense of moral ambiguity; over time you learn more and more about all the factions competing with each other and learn that every side does varying amounts of honorable as well as evil actions. Aligning with a certain side doesn't make you feel any better than the other side, but you just feel like you need to go with the lesser evil in order to save humanity.
This game gives you an immediate feeling of moral ambivolence. You discover within the first hour that every faction you've encountered has a mixture of good and bad intentions which culminate in stupidity. There is no urgency. These people are just going to fight amongst each other for ambiguous reasons and they want to draw you into it all. At that point I figured I'd just go and see if there was anything remotely interesting happening elsewhere. Cheat in some underground mutant lizard fighting betting? Why not. Get involved in a feud between rival coffee chains? Sure! It's more interesting than helping the Orwellian police force fight some self righteous murderers.

Last and perhaps least, we have the player character. In the first game, you get to be the badass JC. Do you think his baggy coat is unnecessary and it's ridiculous that he wears sunglasses at night? He could not care less about your opinion. If you order him to do something he thinks is questionable, he will not blindly follow your orders. He will do what he thinks is right, and he will go about it however he wants. Playing as him, you feel like an awesome futuristic warrior as you gradually upgrade his nanotech and acquire new and better equipment.
In this game, you are Alex. His/her character was not developed at all in the time that I played. All in all, (s)he pretty much just lets the different factions tell him/her what to do with very little (if any) question or objection. Truely, a compelling character. Playing as this wimp, you get a bunch of weapons and upgrades almost immediately and not much of anything to do with them.

This game is not technically good. It is not even that fun. As an experience, it's a mediocre spiral into the depths of a deranged world. The prequel is amazing, and the first game is a masterpiece. This sequel is ultimately disappointing. It is basically just one of the many Godfather 3's of the game industry.

This is all, of course, just my opinion and I sincerely thank you for reading it. I hope it was helpful. Have a nice day!
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Postat: 26 octombrie
This games gotten so much undeserved hate, It saddens me that people only see the negative in it and put others off from playing it.

It isn't bad, it just doesn't live up to the original or Human Revolution.
I loved the original and HR and this one too, it's a lot less complex than the other two in terms of gameplay and story which takes away from the experience but it isn't bad, it's more than worth a play.
I guess when comparing any game to the master piece Deus Ex was they'd all look ♥♥♥♥, but that's all people seem to focus on when discussing this one. Compared to the original it is a bit ♥♥♥♥ty but compared to other FPS/RPGs of a similar nature it blows some of them out of the water.
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Postat: 18 noiembrie
I played the first Deus Ex years ago and went back to play the next game in the series. I am sad to report that this game is a total piece of garbage. Overall, it was a very consolized and poorly designed sequel. Here is why I would recommend skipping this game:

1. Loading screens. You will probably spend more time watching loading screens than actually playing the game. The game is set up so that only tiny pieces of each area are loaded at one time so that you have to watch loading screen after loading screen after loading screen just to move through the game. Even the main menu has a loading screen. It is so oppressive that it ruins the gameplay.

2. Cramped level design. All the maps feel like you're moving through tunnels. Even the outdoor areas seem very close quarters and boxed in with loading barriers every 15 feet.

3. Incessant bugs and crashing (which of course leads to more loading screens). This is kind of self-expanatory, but I personally had a particularly bad problem with random crashing and then corrupt savegames. There were also the other classic bugs such as stuff getting stuck in walls, NPCs battling each other when they're not supposed to, buggy objects jittering around the levels, etc. The camera angles during cutscenes were a joke. It's kind of hard to take the game seriously when the camera angles switch between close up of the floor and half a character's face during every cutscene.

4. Flat characters and lame storyline. The game played like one of those choose your own adventure books with a little target shooting thrown in here and there. The designers really got into this 'choose between factions' idea and took it too far. All the interactions and cutscenes were nothing more than each faction trying to persuade you to join their side with very little underlying plot or consequences for your actions. The characters seemed so dull and one dimensional. The designers tried to get all philosophical with many elements of the game but failed to impress me with the depth of their ideas and understanding.

7. Crawling in air ventilation. After a while, you start to realize that attached to every room it is a grate leading to a gigantic man-sized ventilation shaft with convenient ladders for all the vertical sections. Not only is this kind of silly, but it becomes annyoing when you spend half the game crawling through these vanilla cloned tunnels. Of course you don't HAVE to go that route, but when the alternative is to waste an item, ammo, or other resource, and vent crawling is free, you are encouraged to spend your time exploring the ducts.

8. You get all firearms and items way too early. The game essentially gives you every item in the game in the first hour of playing. I had about 10 unused biomod upgrades at the end of the game with all my biomods maxed out. You are loaded up with so much stuff that it destroys all the fun of spontaneously finding a new item or upgrading your skill to a new level.

9. Side quests for money to buy WHAT? There are quite a few "secondary" goals that typically result in a small cash reward. However, you are already overstocked and a millionaire with nowhere to go and nothing to buy. They add very little to the gameplay because the story underlying each quest is trivial (e.g. go find someone and talk to them to make sure they're ok) and you're so loaded with cash anyway.
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Postat: 10 iulie
Deus Ex: Invisible War is the sequel to Deus Ex. This game is made by the same developers as the first game, Ion Storm.
But has this sequel live up to it's predecessor or even exceed it. The answer in my opinion is no way. This is a major step down from the first Deus Ex game. Everything has been simplified and compacted. For example the inventory. In the first game the inventory was good. U could fit many weapons in there and some weapons took up more space than others. That's realistic. But in this game, u only have a certain number of slots and when u fill up those slots, u can't pick up anything else. Also they have this system called universal ammo. What it does is that every weapon in the game uses the same amount of ammo. This is a ♥♥♥♥ system. For example, when i use a pistol and i use up all the ammo, i switch to my sniper rifle to only find that my snipper riffle is out of ammo. Also the character models look crapier than the first game. If that's even possible. The Evironments are also very inclosed, quite diffrent from the open world levels we got in Deus Ex and finally, the story is really confusing. I was sitting in my chair a few times saying WTF to myself.

To Enjoy Invisible war, u have to go in with low expectations. If u like crappy gameplay with inclosed levels and a story that is very hard to grasp and understand then this is the game for you.

Video: 5/10
Gameplay: 4/10
Story: 7/10
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Postat: 27 octombrie
First off I love the Deus Ex series. My favorite deus ex has to be Human Revolution and I really liked the first one, but what about Invisible War? Well yeah I have to agree its not as good as the first and third but that doesn't make it bad. I really enjoyed this game, I love the graphics and music, but the story could have used some work but other than that it was still interesting. My only concern with this game is the loading screens. The loading screens are very very annoying and will always close the game for a split second than bring it back up during each loading screen.
My personal rating for the game has to be a 7/10. It was going to be an 8/10 but it needed more electronic old men.
I believe this game is worth the $6.99
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Postat: 17 septembrie
I'm only recommending this game because of it's story. Other features of the game are really bad. It keeps crashing when you travel somewhere and it's really annoying. Optimize is not that good. Gameplay is much easier than the first one. Also, they've restrained most of the features. For example, we don't have a skill tree anymore. Biomods will do the job. I gotta say it didn't feel like Deus Ex. Story is really strange and beautiful. You're playing as Alex Denton. He has an advanced system than JC. Also, he's the first protagonist who doesn't wear sunglasses in DX series. If I have to vote this game I'd give 6/10 to it.
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Postat: 26 iulie
This game gets kind of a bad rap, and it's easy to see why. For one, it's a sequel to one of the most heavily lauded games ever made. That automatically put it in the position of trying to live up to a nigh-impossible standard. But the game isn't bad, it's just very average. That's it's biggest problem, really: It's an average game that's a sequel to an amazing one. (Well, that and the stupid cover with the guy holding a pistol sideways.)

Invisible War takes place about twenty years after Deus Ex. Events at the end of that game triggered something called "The Collapse", which basically crippled civilization and caused a wide variety of problems that people are still recovering from. In a way, the game implies that all three endings from DX1 sort-of happened: J.C. Denton attempted to merge with Helios but fails, which causes the global network to cease to function, which results in the downfall of national governments and the rise of "city-states". Some people have a problem with this, and while I'll certainly agree it could have been handled better, I'm not sure what people expected. Did they think that the developers would make three radically different settings depending on which ending you picked in the first game?

You play as Alex D, a nanoaugmented student in the Tarsus Academy. Of course, things aren't what they seem, and just as in the original Deus Ex, you have to uncover a conspiracy and puzzle out what's really going on.

The game plays out much as the original; you go from city to city performing missions, although in this game you get to choose whether you want to work for the Order (a religious group that springs up after the Collapse) or the World Trade Organization (which has more or less become the new version of the U.N. in this game). Which you choose does affect how the missions play out. However, it ultimately has no bearing on the way the game ends, which is another problem people have with it. I don't want to spoil the plot by explaining this, but I will say that I agree that the ultimate reveal is kind of dumb and renders a lot of your choices meaningless.

Another story element that some people complain about is how several characters from the first game return, but have radically different points of view than in the first game. However, this complaint seems rather naive to me. First of all, it's been twenty years. People change a lot over that period of time. But more importantly, the characters in question were all directly involved in the events that triggered the Collapse. If your ideals led to a catastrophic event causing untold amounts of death and devastation, don't you think that might change your outlook?

Gameplay-wise, the game is very similar to the original, but there are a few changes that were made to simplify things that ultimately work to the detriment of the game. The biomod system is less interesting, the level areas are smaller in order to accomodate the X-Box's memory limitations, but the worst change (and the one you will hear EVERYONE who plays this game ♥♥♥♥♥ about) is the ammunition system. In the original game (as in real life and in most FPSes), each weapon had its own ammunition, and in many cases a weapon had multiple ammo types you could choose between (for instance, shotguns had both buckshot and armor-piercing rounds). In this game, someone decided it would be a good idea to have every weapon use the same ammunition counter. The conceit is that the weapons are using nanomachines to build ammunition, and that your "ammo" is actually the raw material used to make bullets and whatnot. The biggest problem with this is that the amount of this material that you can carry is severely restricted, and heavy weapons take a huge amount of material to fire. If you, say, use a rocket launcher a few times, you may suddenly find yourself having no ammo for your pistol.

Like I said: Overall, it's not a terrible game; it's just not good, either.It's easy to see why, when they made a third game, they chose to make it a prequel. Even if this had been a great game, it's hard to see where the series could go from here. I think the only way we're ever going to get a Deus Ex game set after the first one is if they reboot the original first... which, depending on how it's done, could be pretty cool, actually.

If you're a fan of the original Deus Ex, I would recommend playing through Invisible War at least once to see for yourself what's good and what's bad about it.
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Postat: 3 decembrie
What is there to say that hasn't been said about Invisible War? It isn't as good as the original masterpiece, does that make it bad? No. I wouldn't recommend Invisible War to everyone, only to fans of the original game.

There is a lot of bad about this game. The game is far shorter then the first Deus Ex, only taking me around 10 hours. The pooled ammo system is garbage, and the endings suck.
The first Deus Ex was designed around PCs hardware at the time, but Invisible War was designed around the console hardware at the time. Whenever you have to design a multiplatform game you have to design it around the platform with the ♥♥♥♥tiest hardware and the ♥♥♥♥tiest controls, in other words, consoles. No more typing notes or typing into computers. The inventory system is dumbed down, like the rest of the game. Skills are removed, and augmentations (Now 'biomods') are dumbed down beyond belief.

But there is still a lot to enjoy in Deus Ex: Invisible War. The story is really good, the hub areas are fun to explore, there is a lot of side missions in the hub areas. The combat is simplified (Some may find that bad, and while the combat is easy, it is actually possible to take on more then a few enemies at once in this game, even though you may die.), the stealth is okay...

Deus Ex: Invisible War is no Terminator 2, but if you are a fan of Deus Ex there is no reason not to like this game. Even if it is dumbed down for ♥♥♥♥ty consoles.

Now, would you kindly play Deus Ex: Invisible War?

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Postat: 5 decembrie
Grossly underrated. It's a non-linear game where you can literally kill every single NPC you meet, even story-important ones, and even children, without resulting in a non-standard gameover or a plot failure. Also, some NPCs treat you differently and offer different quests according to your gender. Great example of player freedom in a video game.
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Postat: 1 decembrie
I love the DeusEx series. That being said, I am totally biased on this game. Yeah it may be the worst of the series but the plot fills that little gap about JC Denton's descendants. It is like a filler-game, not so much attention has been payed on it, unluckily for DEIW, it cannot be compared to the first installment.

Lots of buggeys and faults are here, this game is rather broken, you should play it when you are not tired or nervous.

In short:
You like cyberpunk? If yes okay go right ahead.

Thanks for reading.
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Postat: 16 septembrie
Personal rating: 7/10

+ fun gameplay (multiple ways to clear a mission)
+ interesting story
+ hacking system
+ nice variety of weapons to choose
+ story continuations from Deux Ex
+ multiple endings

- weird UI
- simplified game mechanics and systems
- multiple endings in Deus Ex combined into one to continue story
- a bit ruins image of JC from first game

As the second game of the series it gets a lot of hate. And it is sort of justified as the game UI, mechanics and system got simplified/dumbed down. Because of this it fails to capture that awesome essence the first Deus Ex had. However, this game is still enjoyable and even more if you actually played the first one because it continues the story. It does have a lot of flaws but it is undeniably a good game worth the money it costs now. So yeah, I do recommend it although expect a more "casual" approach.
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Postat: 24 noiembrie
A nice Sequel to Deus Ex 1 for the PC & XBox Platforms, and it even features Anime/VG English Voice Actress; Laura Bailey, as Alex D. (Female), should you chose to play as her.
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Postat: 26 iunie
If you can get past the annoying console-like interface and the constant switching of binarys every time you change areas, this game is definitely worth a play through. (8/10)
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Postat: 10 octombrie
If you like a game where there are multiple ways of tackling your objective and multiple ways of killing someone...and multiple endings? Your gonna crazy like this game. You could knock a guy out, and use his unconscious body to heal your own with augments. You can see through walls to gather all the items you need..or locate potential enemies. You can get a Hell-fire Boltcaster and set enemies/civilians on fire and watch them run around ( i mean that in a non-sadistic way HA!). You could unlock a door using a multitool, oooooor, you could bribe for the key, oooooor you figure out a way to get on the person's good side and let them trust you so you can loot their apartment AND get the key.

As far as the storyline goes, i think its pretty swell. If you like politics and/or picking a side, this game is for you. Sometimes i feel torn between what side i want to be on. One thing i will say is how the characters you meet add to the story and atmosphere very well. There are also some scattered newsaudio and books to read in this game to suck you in. And another thing...the music and the atmosphere go way too well! They fit so perfectly to me! But then again, i think thats been staple in the Deus Ex series.

On the graphics side of things, its aiiight. Its managable. I have a HD texture pack installed..but i leave the character models the same and thats it. You know how in Deus Ex: Human Revolution they have the Gold luminosity goin' on? In this game, its blue.

Other than all that, if your a person that likes admiring the atmosphere, taking your time with the environment, and/or sucking in the cyberpunk story, i'd recommend this game.
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Postat: 20 octombrie
A game that is on par with the original in terms of story.
The gameplay, while considerably shallower than the original still has a Deus Ex vibe that fans of the series will recognise.
The game is quite buggy with it's long load times and other issues.

I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who has played the original Deus Ex. It is an important entry in the series that should not be written off.
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Postat: 23 iunie
One of the best games ever made. Hours of fun and infinite variations in play-throughs.
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Postat: 26 octombrie
It's noooooooooooot that bad!
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Postat: 10 noiembrie
So far, this isn't even worth the time for an individual review. The shooting is so clunky. Every gun uses the same ammo. There is no reloading. The voice acting is terrible beyond belief. I'm going to keep playing, but I highly doubt it's going to get any better. Once I've played an hour or two, I'll try giving it a full review.
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As a sequel to the original Deus Ex, Invisible War is weak, being inferior in most aspects. The levels are much smaller, the the levelling system is massively neutered (you can only upgrade augments, as opposed to additional skills) combat is weaker in many ways.

With that said however, Invisible War is actually a pretty good game when taken on its own merits. First off, the atmosphere is fantastic. Even though the worlds are way smaller than those of Deus Ex 1, Invisible war uses lighting, music, and visuals to great effect, resulting in a moody world that draws you in, despite being so far removed from anything in the real world. The art direction is really fantastic. Furthermore, the storyline is really interesting. It doesn't start out quite as compelling as the original, but it picks up quickly and has loads of great twists. There were lots of memorable characters, as is series tradition, and it's great to see what became of certain characters from the first game (although I didn't care for what they did with JC Denton). Also, the fact that this game essentially provides closure for the Deus Ex Universe makes it very much worth seeing the game through to the ending.

One really interesting thing this game does that the first game didn't (and I'd even say Invisible War might be slightly better in this regard) is that you can actually choose which faction to work for during each mission. Invisible War carries on the first game's tradition of having your choices make a massive impact on how the story plays out (I've heard that your choice of character gender actually has an effect on some of what side-missions are available, but I haven't done a second playthrough so I'm not sure what extent this alters things to), and being able to choose who you work for brings this to a whole new level, as it lets you experience the story from different perspectives, and what you do at certain points in the game actually does effect which endings are available (as opposed to in the first and third game, where you essentially choose your ending at the last minute). How you interact with characters is key and your relationships with the characters can affect the gameplay in numerous ways. The dialogue plays out more naturally than in the first game (I do miss how all the random NPCs seemingly had PHD's in philosophy in the first game, as it was cheesy, but also really interesting and part of the original's charm) and the story covers some interesting topics. Interestingly, this game goes into a lot of the same pro-augmentation vs anti-augmentation debates that characters in Human Revolution had (this topic was in Deus Ex 1 a bit, but not to the extent of this game and HR), so it does seem to have at least had some influence on future installments of the series. Overall, the storyline is definitely a strong point, and worthy of the Deus Ex name.

Now, about the gameplay. Yes, it isn't nearly as good as Deus Ex 1, but it's still better than many games. Whereas the original was an RPG played through the interface of a first person shooter, this game is more of a first-person shooter with light RPG elements. Overall the guns feel decent (although the pistol is pretty useless), but the melee attacks lack punch. You'll be progressing through a series of cramped, but surprisingly non-linear levels and are given the freedom to choose your objectives based on what faction you like. There are a surprising amount of side missions, and just like in the original game, you can opt to do a pacifist run. Your augmentations can let you do some crazy, almost game-breaking stuff (Bot Domination is particularly awesome. It lets you take control of enemy robots, and getting the jump on an enemy patrol who was hanging out with enemy robots is both awesome and hilarious), which can lead to some fun situations. Something that's interesting about how this game handles augments is that you can actually replace your augments with a different ones if you find yourself in a desperate situation where an augment you didn't choose would be helpful. This is a last-ditch strategy though, as the new augment starts out un-upgraded, so you'll usually have to carefully weigh your options. Unfortunately, the weight of this decision is lessened a great deal by the sheer abundance of upgrade cannisters in the game. By the time you finish, you'll probably have at least 10 or so extra cannisters laying around, meaning that if you swap augs for a situation, you can often easily swap back to what you had before and re-upgrade it to the maximum level. Swapping is still an interesting and useful mechanic, even though the abundance of upgrades hurts the design.

The inventory system is a bit awkward. You can only carry somewhat small amount of things, which makes sense from the standpoint that the developers want you to pick and choose a playstyle, but gets frustrating when you just want to pick up a medkit and all of your slots are full. Not too bad, but it does add up over time. Furthermore, there's a bug where sometimes more than one of the same item won't stack, which is especially frustrating for the lockpick multitools, as some doors need a certain amount (so if a door needs four tools, and you have two stacks of two, it won't open), which is incredibly frustrating. The interface of it is also a bit clunky, being clearly designed for a gamepad. It's not offensively bad, but moving an item to be equipped is a bit tedious, as you can't click and drag. Instead, you click the space for the item you want to move, and then click which slot you want it to go to.

The main flaw of the gameplay is the universal ammo system. Basically there's one type of ammo, and if you run out of it for one gun, you're out of luck for all of your guns. It's frustrating and you run out often, but there are some benefits. It does force you to use stealth in some places and it encourages an efficient style of play (always go for headshots if you can). It also leads to some tense situations (such as you versus 15 armored guys and some robots with little ammo) that force you to think way outside the box and come up with your own solutions to problems, and it was actually during these parts that the game felt the most like Deus Ex 1. Despite these interesting situations, Universal ammo is a pretty ham-handed way of of making these things happen, and the same effects could have been achieved in different ways with better design. For all the neat gameplay scenarios it causes, it also causes a noticeable amount of annoyance (although there's always some way out of your problem).

The level design is solid (despite levels being really small) and it does encourage you to expore the environment. You still have multiple ways to do things and what you do has a fascinating imact on the story. The real problem with the levels is that they're split up into many separate maps, which means you'll be seeing loading screens a ton. This isn't too bad as today's computers can load things rather quickly, but for some reason the game minimizes to the desktop each time a map loads, and then goes back to normal once everything is up. This is jarring and does take you out of the game abit, so an actual loading screen would have been nice. The levels themseles are densly packed with detail, and there is a great variety to the environments you'll be in. Most levels have a nice kind of back and forth flow, almost reminiscent in some ways of the level design in an oldschool Doom game (in a good way). The game mostly takes place in interiors as opposed to the large outdoors environments of Deus Ex 1, but the levels aren't bad.

Overall, Invisible War falls short in many areas, especially compared to the original Deus Ex, but taken on its own it is a very interesting game that's definitely worth playing. There are a lot of unique ideas, and even though they don't all pan out, it mostly falls on the "good" side of things. Recommended.
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