¡Un shooter multijugador que te sumergirá en un enfrentamiento entre humanos y alienígenas en una desesperada lucha por la supervivencia cargada de acción y estrategia!
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11 de febrero

ENSL.org Season 11

First of all we would like to thank everybody who took part at last week's Newcomer Tournament. We hope both participants and spectators enjoyed it as much as we did.

In addition a special thanks goes out to Ixian, Luchs and Hoeloe who casted this event and every ensl.org referee and admin. Because without them this tournament would never have happened.

In case you participated your badge is now available in your steam inventory. You can enable it in-game via the Customize Player menu. Should somebody miss their badge please leave a comment below.

For all of those who are now fired up for some more competitive Natural Selection 2 action we have good news:

You can now sign up for Season 11!

To see which teams have signed up for Season 11:

How to create a team/join a contest:

How to find a Team:

Pros of signing up for Season 11:

  • Play NS2 together with your friends.
  • Play against similar skilled players/teams in each league's division.
  • Improve your in-game teamwork and enjoy NS2 at it's finest.
  • Improve your map awareness, decision making, time management and class/lifeforms play in competitive NS2.
  • Get another fancy in-game badge.
  • Earn your spot on the Hall of Fame of Competitive NS2: http://www.ensl.org/articles/402

So don’t be shy! Grab your team and sign up. The exact date of the seasons start will be announced at ensl.org .

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29 de enero

ENSL.org Newcomer Tournament 2017

What is the Newcomer Tournament 2017 and what can I/we win ?
The ENSL.org Newcomer Tournament is an opportunity for all the players (rookie or veteran) to test their skill in a competitive environment balanced for 6vs6.
You can find a rundown of the differences between the normal and competitive balance (Comp Mod) at http://www.ensl.org/articles/998

Every participant receives as special treat a brand new in-game badge. The teams making it first and second receive a golden and silver badge everybody else that shows up and plays a Match gets a blue one:

Newcomer tournament will happen:
4 February 2017 start 19 CET / 13 EST till 23-24 CET /15-16 EST
5 February 2017 start 19 CET / 13 EST till 23-24 CET /15-16 EST
On the maps: Tram, Veil, Summit, Biodome, Descent

We will use Teamspeak 3 for communication.
Please show up for the tournament on 4 February at 18:30 CET/12:30PM EST.
on the ENSL TS3 Server:
IP: ensl.org
Channel: Newcomer Tournament early 2017 ReadyRoom

You can download Teamspeak 3 at https://www.teamspeak.com/teamspeak3 . Please make sure you have it set up before the tournament starts.

Till when can I/we Sign up?:
Sign ups for the Tournament will end on the 2 February 2017 on 22:00 CET

Who can sign up?:
Anybody who hasn’t participated in any season of Natural Selection 2 tournaments of the NSL or AusNSL can sign up as regular player.

Everybody else is free to sign up as coach or commander. You may be able to play as regular player in case you haven’t played a full season yet.

Where do I Join Up?

What is ENSL.org(nsleagues.org) ?
The Natural Selection League (NSL) is an organization that provides a platform for all Natural Selection 2 players for organized and competitive play. The vision of the NSL is to gather Natural Selection 2 players for international organized play. At its very core, we would simply like games to be played, in the hopes that this fosters tangible and meaningful relationships among its participants. We realize that its participants span the range of commitment, skill, and time zones and will do everything possible to cater to everyone’s needs and create the most enjoyable experience.

How are the teams arranged?
We will create team lists internally after these criteria:
  • Nation for low ping
  • Wants to play together with….
  • Skill and if you will/can command
  • Can he stand his teammates/coach

We will post a list of the teams here: http://ensl.org/forums/28
If people have complaints please voice them in the given forum thread and we will try to adjust the list accordingly.

How should i get used to 6vs6 games ?
We strongly advise all players who wish to take part to read some NS2 tutorials:
You can find a few here: http://ensl.org/forums/22

It also helps to play some Gathers when you are no longer challenged at regular servers. (Warning: The average hive skill can be above 2000) :
How to play Gathers:http://www.ensl.org/topics/1751
(They usually happen often from 20:00 CET to 4:00 CET)

Gathers will give you a feel for fast-paced competitive 6v6 NS2 before the tournament Matches!

Also we recommend to watch the
Season 10 division 2 Finals and see how the more experienced Players play:

S10 Div2 Finals:
Isay vs Close One 101
29 January 2017 19 CET / 13 EST
Casted on/by: http://twitch.tv/dkrecon / ReconDK

S10 Div2 Finals:
HBZ vs Horror Show
29 January 2017 20:30 CET / 14:30 EST
Casted on/by: http://twitch.tv/naturalselection2 / Ixian

~ ENSL.org admins

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"NS2 es una genial mezcla de Counter Strike y Starcraft"
"Esto se va aproximando a mi idea del juego definitivo"

Acerca de este juego

Natural Selection 2 pits alien against human in an action-packed struggle for survival. Wield devastating weaponry as a Frontiersman marine, or become the xenomorph as a deadly Kharaa lifeform.

Strategy Meets Shooter

Natural Selection 2 is a First Person Shooter and Real Time Stategy game rolled into one! Each team, alien and human, has a Commander. The Commander looks down on the battlefield and issues orders, places structures, collects resources, researches technology, and deploys abilities.

Here are some gameplay examples: A human Commander could drop health packs and ammunition to a trapped marine squad, and deploy sentry guns to help them defend their position. Or an alien Commander could grow a new Hive to spread infestation throughout newly captured territory, allowing more alien eggs to spawn...

Two Unique Sides

Aliens players choose to evolve into one of five lifeforms: The fast, fearsome Skulk can run on walls and deliver massive damage with its jaws. Lerks fly and deploy gasses to support their teammates in battle. Gorges heal other lifeforms and build tunnels, hydra turrets, walls, and other tactical structures. Fades blink in and out of battle, picking off marines with giant scythes. Finally, the giant Onos is so massive and so tough, that even entire marine squads can't take it down.

Marines wield rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, pistols, and other weapons. Cluster grenades can clear ventilation shafts of sneaky Skulks, flamethrowers make short work of alien structures and infestation, and boosts dropped by the Commander increase combat effectiveness.

When attacking on foot doesn't cut it, marines can construct hulking Exosuits wielding miniguns and railguns, and equip jetpacks for high speed assaults on alien Hives.

Long Term Development

Natural Selection 2 receives constant updates. This year, 2016, Unknown Worlds continues to develop new features, content, and improvements.

Mod Tools Come Standard

Natural Selection 2 comes with all the tools we used to make the game. All game code is open source. That means you can create, and play, an endless variety of mods. Publish, share, and download mods from the Steam Workshop, and automatically download mods when you join modded games.

Digital Deluxe Edition

Digital Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Official Soundtrack - 1 hour of tribal, industrial music composed by David John and Simon Chylinski
  • Digital Art Book - 40+ pages of art by Cory Strader, including environments, creatures, weapons and more
  • Exclusive in-game marine model - Exclusive in-game marine model - A new marine model with custom visor and armor plating
  • Exclusive Wallpapers and Avatars - Unique views of the NS2 universe by Amanda Diaz

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows Vista de 32 o 64 bits
    • Procesador: Core 2 Duo E6700 a 2.66 GHz
    • Memoria: 3 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Compatible con DirectX 9 y con 1 GB de VRAM, ATI X800, NVIDIA 8600 o superior
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Disco Duro: 12 GB de espacio libre
    • Otros requisitos: Conexión a internet de banda ancha
    • SO: Windows 7/8/10 de 64 bits
    • Procesador: Core 2 Quad Q6600 a 2.44 GHz
    • Memoria: 4 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Compatible con DirectX 9 y con 1.5-2 GB de VRAM, AMD 5770, NVIDIA GTX 450 o superior
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Disco Duro: 12 GB de espacio libre
    • Otros requisitos: Conexión a internet de banda ancha
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