Un jeux de tir multijoueur nerveux qui oppose des aliens aux humains dans une lutte stratégique et bourée d'action pour la survie de l'éspèce!
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Date de parution : 30 oct 2012

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22 juin

Update 303 Released!

Happy Summer Marines! We are ushering in the sunshine with update 303. This is a lighter patch focused on some bug fixes and a couple tweaks and additions to the game. With this update we are introducing a new post-round feedback system, this will help provide us with more details about your games and comparing round data to support future changes.

The last six months has seen a lot of changes and experimentation to the game and we aren’t done yet. We are working on developing plans over the next week to continue to build on the new foundation that we’ve created over these last few months. Be on the lookout for some exciting new opportunities and changes to come.

As always, thank you for being part of our community and your continued support of our team.


Tweaks / Improvements

  • Added a round feedback UI – Help us to improve the game based on your feedback
    • Rate the last round you played
    • Select multiple reasons on feedback based on rating
  • Added new Achievement “Arcade Champion”
    • Explore for at least one hour the various community made custom game mode which wait for you in the Arcade section of the server browser:
      • Faded
      • Gun Games
      • Siege
      • Last Stand
      • Defense
      • NS2 Large
  • Removed all outdated tip videos in the training menu
  • Updates the “VS. Bots” tab of the training menu
  • Commander bots can now generally be replaced by entering the command station
  • Restored the spawn animation of eggs (broke a long time ago)
  • The spawn animation of alien structures is less obscuring now by lowering the size of the initial infestation blob
  • Fixed that parasite never timed out if an entity was outside the relevancy distance
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the scoreboard from showing up after connecting to a server
  • Fixed an script error which occurred when you used escape at the tundra unpack menu
  • Fixed that the cancel button of the tundra unpack menu wasn’t functional
  • Fixed Gorge structures not being destroyed in warmup mode
  • Fixed various in-game tooltip descriptions (e.g. power surge, contamination and mines)
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a research button for a commander to permanently disappear — forcing the commander to either let someone else start the research, or return to ready room to reset it.
  • Fixed that marine upgrades stayed available after an arms lab has been power surged
  • Power nodes no longer play the flinch animation and buzzing sound when they are infested but their armor is gone. However, the lighting in the room will continue to flicker to indicate the power node is infested.
  • Power nodes will now be properly infested if they are rebuilt from death in an infested area.
  • Cysts will no longer “flash” infestation right before it begins to spread.
  • Fade stab will now work even after switching to a different weapon mid-stab.
  • Marines can now immediately shoot upon spawning from infantry portal — they no longer play the rifle deploy animation. IP-biting skulks beware!
  • Marines will now always look in the proper direction after using a phase gate. Before, having previously used a gorge tunnel would cause the view angles to be different.
  • Command station will no longer leave behind the login screen after being killed.
  • Fixed Gorge tunnels and Phase Gates are deactivated during the concede sequence.
  • Fixed exiting a hive or command station, the commander will now face the direction they were facing when they entered.
  • Fixed that bots were counted as human players by the concede and commander eject vote
  • Fixed various script errors caused by the Marine commander bot
  • Fixed that Commander bots placed structures in warmup mode
  • Caged (Thanks Flat!)
    • Made ceiling geometry around the fans in Ventilation commander invisible
    • Fixed misaligned trim textures on the curved corners of the doorways in Main Hold
    • Added collision geometry behind pipe in east corridor of Central next to Access entrance so Fades cannot get behind it
    • Made various props and sections of geometry commander Invisible in Life Support and the east corridor of Central
  • Tram (Thanks Zavaro!)
    • Fixed the Occlusion Geometry in Shipping around the door towards South Tunnels
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the displacement tool to crash the editor.

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10 juin

Update 302 now live on Steam!

This week is all about fixes and fun! As you will see in the changelog below we have made many adjustments to all of the maps including our newest awesome addition Caged. After the re-introduction of projectile spores last week, we decided to continue and tweak values and it shows progress but will probably still need some adjusting. Flamethrowers also are seeing some love as before they were just heavy lighting effects, now they do some damage.

New this week is the addition of a new pre-game mode called Warm-up. Our testing has shown that players generally avoid seeding servers, but with Warm-Up players can play a simple format of the game with all the tech unlocked and no resources required. As soon as there are 12 or more players, or two Commanders, the game will flip into regular NS2. This mode will no doubt go through some additional changes, however we’ve seen many positives to it even now.

Additionally, we have decided to extend the ABYSS unlock achievement until 10AM PST on Monday, June 13th. For those of you of unfamiliar with this, players that complete 2hrs of gameplay on the new map Caged will unlock the ABYSS skulk skin.

So get in the game and earn one today!

Tweaks / Improvements

  • New Pre-Game mode added: Warm-Up
    • Active until 12 or more players joined the teams or each team has a commander
    • All abilities, weapons and upgrades are available for free while Warm-Up mode is active (except for commanders)
    • Bots will work in Warm-Up Mode
  • Marines
    • Flamethrower
      • Increased base damage to 9 (was 8)
      • Increased on-fire damage bonus to 2x when directly damaging structures (was 0.5x)
      • Increased damage range to 9.5 (was 9)
    • Marine maximum Sprint speed reduced by 0.25, now 6 (was 6.25 max)
  • Aliens
    • Lerk Spores
      • Energy cost increased to 27 (was 15)
      • Increased range to 17 (was 12)
      • Increased Spore-Cloud radius to 4 (was 2.5)
      • Changed rate of fire to match attack animation, results in slower rate of fire for Spores.
      • Updated cinematic effects for Spores (Thanks Ironhorse!)
      • Marines see the same Spore effects as Aliens now, which obscure less.
      • Added world sound when Spores impact something
  • Bots
    • Alien Bot Commander now researches Metabolize and Advanced Metabolize
    • Improved the movement routine of Fades, Lerks and Oni. They will now use Blink and Metabolize, their wings or Sprint.
    • More bots will now save up for Onus and Fades.
    • Bots are more afraid of human players and will retreat faster with higher lifeforms.
  • Updated several Commander tooltips
  • Updated the fastload shader achieve to make sure loading time stays short even with the recent updates
  • Fixed Lerk Spores and Umbra having inconsistent trajectories compared to where a player is aiming.
  • Fixed Umbra cinematic cut-off due to length mismatch (Thanks Ironhorse!)
  • Fixed GetRandomPointsWithinRadius server log spam
  • Fixed Scoreboard not displaying number of connecting players when number of bots was at or above 12
  • Fixed that Cysts did not update their cyst chain parent correctly sometimes leading to various script errors. (Thanks Brute)
  • Refinery (Thanks Zavaro!)
    • Fixed holes in ready room enabling players to escape into oblivion
  • Summit (Thanks Zavaro!)
    • Beautified Atrium, Flight Control, and Glass Hallway with actual glass and reflection probes instead of greasy-glass prop
  • Tram (Thanks Zavaro!)
    • Fixed occlusion issue in main tramway facing Platform
  • Derelict (Thanks Loki!)
    • Updated occlusion-geo in Biome
    • Reduced some lights and cinematics in Biome
  • Caged (Thanks Flaterectomy!)
    • Added Low-Lights support
    • Fixed z-fighting DAT-1 vent
    • Fixed greybox between Ventilation and Airshaft on ground
    • Fixed holes at top of Airshaft
    • Fixed holes under catwalk Airvent (part of the catwalk geo)
    • Made the catwalk in Airshaft be supported
    • Fixed players getting under the Airshaft stairs leading into Ventilation
    • Fixed players getting behind diagonal ceiling pipe in Ventilation
    • Fixed stuck spot on the pipes in the corner opposite the northwest exit of Ventilation
    • Fixed players jumping behind crate near vent entrance under catwalk in Ventilation
    • Fixed players getting under stairs near RT in Ventilation
    • Fixed greybox textures behind the fans in Vent (at TP and Shipping exit)
    • Fixed z-fighting on pipes prop in Access -> Shipping vent
    • Fixed occlusion issues in Vent -> Life Support vent
    • Fixed small hole ceiling above TP in Ventilation
    • Fixed small hole middle of ceiling just under the 45 degree angle near TP on other side of airshaft
    • Deleted old red mockup geo that stuck through floor of elevator platform under diagonal Airshaft pipes in Vent
    • Fixed floating pipe west of TP on south wall in Ventilation
    • Fixed holes next to wall props in Vent -> Shipping vent
    • Added missing light prop east of Central
    • Fixed greybox bottom of pillar on higher floor near Marine entrance in Ready Room
  • New “Disable Hidden Lights” option in the Viewport menu allows mappers to completely hide the effects of lights that are in hidden layers.  Useful for when making low-lights.

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"NS2 est un mélange parfait de Counter Strike et Starcraft"
"Ça se rapproche de l'idée que j'ai du jeu ultime"

À propos de ce jeu

Natural Selection 2 propulse les humains contre des aliens dans une lutte musclée pour la survie. Brandissez des armes dévastatrices en tant que soldat, ou incarnez un prédateur mortelle en rejoignant les rangs des aliens Kharaa. Les deux équipes s'affrontent à la première personne, dans le meme temps deux commandants observent le champ de bataille d'un point de vue élevé, genre RTS. Ces commandants peuvent donner des ordres, construire des structures, collecter des ressources, rechercher de nouvelles technologies, et utiliser des actions spéciales afin d'aider leur équipe à écraser l'ennemi.

La stratégie rencontre le jeux de tir

Natural Selection 2 est à la fois un jeu de tir et de stratégie en temps réel! Chaque équipe, alien et humaine, a un commandant. Celui-ci a une vue globale du champ de bataille, donne des ordres, place des structures, collecte les ressources, recherche de nouvelles technologies, et développe des capacités.

Quelques exemples de gameplay: un commandant humain peux donner des packs de santé et des munitions à un groupe de soldats piégé ou déployer des mitrailleuses pour les aider à défendre leur position. En alien, le commandant peut créer une nouvelle ruche pour que l'infestation se répande sur le territoire nouvellement capturé, permettant une production d'oeufs aliens plus importante...

Deux races uniques

Les joueurs Alien peuvent se métamorphoser en l'une des 5 créatures disponibles : Les Skulks, rapides et redoutables, peuvent courir sur les murs et délivrer des dégâts massifs avec leurs morsures. Les Lerks sont capables voler et génèrent différents gaz pour soutenir leurs coéquipiers dans la bataille. Les Gorges peuvent guérir les autres créatures et construire des tunnels, des tourelles Hydre, des murs et d'autres structures tactiques. Les Fades se téléportent rapidement, tuant les soldats avec leurs gigantesques faux. Enfin, le Onos géant est si massif et puissant, que des escadrons entiers de marines ne peuvent le vaincre.

Les soldats sont armés de fusils automatiques, de shotguns, de lance-grenades, de pistolets et d'autres armes. Les grenades à fragmentation pouvent débarasser les ventilations de Skulks embusqués, les lance-flammes sont efficaces contre les structures alien et l'infestation, les améliorations temporaires envoyées par le commandant, tels que les nano-boucliers et des packs de catalystes augmentent l'efficacité des combattants.

Quand l'infanterie ne suffit pas à terrasser l'ennemi, les soldats peuvent construire des exosuits géants brandissant des miniguns et des railguns, ou s'équipper de jetpacks afin de mener des attaques à grande vitesse contre les ruches des aliens.

Développement à long terme

Natural Selection 2 est constamment mis à jour. Cette année 2016, Unknown Worlds continue à développer de nouvelles fonctionnalités, plus du contenu ainsi que divers améliorations.

Le jeux est fourni avec des outils de modding

Natural Selection 2 est livré avec tous les outils que nous avons utilisés pour faire le jeu. Tout le code du jeu est open source. Cela signifie que vous pouvez créer et jouer une variété infinie de mods. Publiez, partagez et téléchargez des mods sur le Workshop de Steam, et téléchargez automatiquement les mods Lorsque vous rejoignez un serveur modifié.

Edition Digitale Deluxe

L'édition digitale deluxe contient:

  • Bande son officielle - 1 heure de musique tribale et industrielle, composée par David John et Simon Chylinski
  • Art Book numérique - 40+ pages d'oeuvres d'art crées par Cory Strader, y compris des environnements, des créatures, des armes et bien plus.
  • Fonds d'écran et Avatars exclusifs - Vues uniques de l'univers de NS2 par l'artiste Rantology
  • Modèle exclusif de soldats dans le jeu - Un nouveau modèle de soldats avec visière et blindage personnalisés

Configuration requise

    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows Vista 32-bit ou meilleure
    • Processeur : Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66 ghz
    • Mémoire vive : 3 Go de RAM
    • Affichage : Carte vidéo comportant 1 Go de mémoire vidéo et compatible DirectX 9. ATI X800, NVidia 8600 ou meilleure
    • DirectX® : 9.0
    • Disque dur : 12 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Autres prérequis : Connexion internet haut débit
    Recommandée :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
    • Processeur :Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 ghz
    • Mémoire vive : 4 Go de RAM
    • Affichage : Carte vidéo comportant 1.5 - 2 Go de mémoire vidéo et compatible DirectX 9. ATI 5770, NVidia GTX 450 ou meilleure
    • DirectX® : 9.0
    • Disque dur : 12 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Autres prérequis : Connexion internet haut débit
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( 75.7 heures en tout )
Posté le : 28 juin
Best stand-alone Half-Life mod in history!
And also 2nd best atmosphere I've ever felt in a game.
Don't hesitate, just download! :)
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Gamer X
( 155.8 heures en tout )
Posté le : 28 juin
Always a game to be had and weekly updates. This is one of my games that any time day or night I can go to and find a game. While it can be frustrating to learn the community is usually pretty helpful to newbies, particularly if you play on the rookie/rookie friendly servers. The learning curb is a little steep but this is greatly helped by in game viewable tuturials. I highly suggest you watch videos on how to command in youtube seperately though before you consider trying to command youself. And when you do in general it's best that you wait until a time when no one else wants to command and then you can pipe up on mic that you'd like to give it a shot that you've done your homework. It's usually best if you wait until you lose your rookie status which takes awhile unless you are putting some serious playtime in.

The two teams couldn't be more different both to command and to play, which really lends to the emmersion. Although if you have a choice you're probably better off playing as marines especially if you haven't checked out the tuturial videos which I highly recommend especially playing as one of the various alient types. There is a very active workshop community which you can make use of to get various helpful mods or cosmetic ones if you want to spice things up for yourself. This is well worth the price of admission as the game shows no signs of going dead anytime soon.

If I were to complain about anything it would be that the balance sometimes favors one side or another but as I said they come out with updates every week so if something is noticed as being too OP they will usually fix it. My only other gripe is that sometimes I log in and there are 3-7 servers going that I usually like to play on and they are all full so I might have to spend 15-30 minutes in a low popped server until it builds up into a proper game. Most servers are full at 18-22 give or take a few, but there are a few servers that use enlargened maps with max players set to 50 or more, although those only really get popped during peak hours usually.

The action can be quite intense even in pub games and it's not uncommon for people to get excited, if anyone ever gives you any grief just say your new and if you don't know what you did wrong ask what you could have done better. Almost everyone uses their Mic btw, especially if they are commanding.

If you've always wanted to play Aliens online but weren't in the scene when the last good aliens multiplayer games were out (lets face it they all mostly sucked) then this is your game. You will not go bored here and the incredible amount of detail in every map will keep giving new discoveries for ambush points or ventilation access. Stick in groups so you can better watch eachothers backs as an attack can come from anywhere above or below. Aim steady and true or the aliens are gonna eat ya!
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( 753.2 heures en tout )
Posté le : 28 juin
It's fun but extremely challenging. If you want to play a game that will really challenge your ability to work as a team and be a better player, this is the game for you.

Sadly, the sharp and very early learning curve combined with the low-population have led this game to fall apart and die. It's slowly fading out of existence, which is terrible considering how great this game really is.
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( 44.6 heures en tout )
Posté le : 27 juin
♥♥♥♥ your forced tutorial broken piece of ♥♥♥♥
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( 119.0 heures en tout )
Posté le : 27 juin
Wow.. Natural Selection 2 is one of the best gaming experiences I've had. This is not an easy game to get into right away, but it's a blast to play from the start and it's a blast to play when you've pumped many hours into it. The community is fun and active and will be for years ahead. Most people are helpful and kind, lending help to new players.

This is a game for anyone to get into in my opinion. Mics help, but aren't required, but you DO need to listen to your teammates/com to work together. Once you get into the flow of things, it can become a bit too addicting.

Blasting aliens hecticly and chomping humans to death is delivered with beautiful level design, stunning attention to detail, andactive dev patches, new weapons, etc. Buy it n try it.
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Eternal Tilt
( 61.9 heures en tout )
Posté le : 27 juin
bobo got mad cuz bad
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( 53.5 heures en tout )
Posté le : 27 juin
Ce jeux à un gros potentiel... MAIS:
Je pensais que c'était le digne successeur de Tremulous, mais à y voir de plus près, l'équilibrage des Team Marines/Aliens est complétement biaisé, malgrés le rôle de Commandant pour coordonner les actions la communauté présente à beaucoup de mal à penser stratégie de groupe, ce qui rends le rôle de Commandant plus pénible qu'autres choses.
Beaucoup de ré-équilibrage à faire sur les PV/Regen/Vitesse de Déplacement des Aliens (actuellement s'il n'y a pas d'Onos dans l'équipe juste une bandes de Marines armées de pistolet peuvent repousser les attaques.. ce qui en dit long sur l'utilité des 2 autres évolutions..) + un gros défaut sur le Skull: l'attaque. Au lieu d'être manuel, il vaudrait mieux la repasser en attaque-auto au contact comme le Dretch de Tremulous.. parce que vu l'AIM de certain c'est juste mission impossible de compter sur leur colaboration.
Bref, beaucoup de boulot encore avant qu'il ne soit compétitif et attractif..
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( 83.9 heures en tout )
Posté le : 27 juin
The game is certainly worth playing, just be ready to die many times and jump many many more. Marines are armored bunnies with guns and aliens tend to sneak around and jump even more (part of the gameplay). The downsides would be the uneven teams, lack of decent servers and the overreaction to new players that aren't quite as good as those who spend a bit too much time on the game want them to be, but just let them cry and you, enjoy the game. Defintely worth the price if you're looking for a fastpaced and varied multiplayer. Also, I've noticed a lot of people willing to guide in Commanding, just politely ask and they might let you Comm. the game. Don't pass this gem up!
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( 23.8 heures en tout )
Posté le : 27 juin
So I have been playing this game for a while, I have to say that the game is currently the best it has ever been. Not only is the game play excellent and tight, but the fusion of the RTS elements with FPS gameplay truly makes your team feel like a unit when when everyone is on the same page. That is another thing, you really have to try to communicate and listen to the commander, because just trying to fight everyone is not going to work. Anyway, I think the game is really great, its still being developed by the developers, and the community is still active. Check it out, it's great.
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( 1.5 heures en tout )
Posté le : 27 juin
Bland & generic!
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5.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 17 juin
Very nice game cooperation !

Choose between marines or aliens and prepare to fight !
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14 personne(s) sur 16 (88%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
664.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 11 juin
Ahhh. NS2. The perfect combination of RTS and FPS. I have spent hours doing pretty much everything possible in this game, sans competative play. From shooting aliens to chomping marine scum, I have had the pleasure of playing NS2 for a while, through its low phase of small player count, and into what is now a fine time to purchase the game, as people are once again active and the servers are finally occupied. NS2 to a stranger hosts a team of marines, who play a standard (from a control standpoint) FPS game with a birds eye RTS commander, and a team of aliens with their own RTS commander. Both teams struggle to earn resources, both for the commander to place structures and assistance to players (tech, medpacks, etc), and for the players who need to buy weapons and stronger aliens. As the marine experience is more standard, and is not the most unique and in need of description part of this game, I will describe only the aliens in more depth to save you time reading this. The free one (the skulk) walks on walls, the others include a flying bat like creature with poison bites and spikes, a blade handed creature who can "teleport" short distances, a tubby hippo with healspray, and a giant gorilla rhino thing. The learning curve is steep for marines, steeper for aliens, and the steepest for commanders, but once past it, the game opens up into a unique, unforgettable experience.

Here is what NS2 is to me though:
-Crawling through an airvent as a marine and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ yourself when a cloaked skulk bites you and you spray and pray like nothing else.
-Running away as a gorge from a marine that is pelting your behind and begging your teammates to save you.
-That one guy who buys a flamethrower and everyone judges.
-Beginners learning how to play as a higher alien lifeforms and thinking they are immortal (spoilers, they are not).
-That marine who gets his exosuit for the first time, then screams "I NEED WELDS" when he loses 15 HP.
-Commanders who care about their teams and strive to win, yet lose respectfully (most of the time).
-A community that makes the stereotypical FPS community weep in jealousy...so many people who aren't pointlessly disrespectful and irritating.
-Rookies (and people in general most of the time) who listen to advice, play hard and have fun. No matter what.

In short, I 100% recommend this to anyone who enjoys strategy, FPS, and gaming with people who are mature (most of the time), intelligent team players, especially if in need of a unique twist or change of pace.
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8 personne(s) sur 10 (80%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
5 personnes ont trouvé cette évaluation amusante
45.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 14 juin
I haven't had as many problems with the community as all the reviews are giving. Just join a rookie only server and play the game! Of course there will always be players that are better than you, but if you stick with it these players force your own skill to improve.
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5 personne(s) sur 6 (83%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
71.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 15 juin
As I've often summed up (since the days of NS1), this is like the first person shooter version of a StarCraft battle between marines and the Zerg.

In Natural Selection 2 it's not all about twitch reflexes (though this is faster paced than most); victory requires dynamic strategy, tactical combat, communication and team work.

The strategic element to this game makes it a unique gem. It's far more engaging and complex than anything offered by Battlefield, Team Fortress, Counter Strike and similar games.

The community isn't huge, but this game has no equal. Highly recommended.
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1,288.2 heures en tout
Posté le : 11 juin
Excellent FPS-RTS-hybrid with a strong focus on the FPS part. Initially you have to invest some time since there is so much stuff to learn about, but it is very rewarding afterwards. Certainly one of the best games I know.
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55.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 15 juin
Produit reçu gratuitement
this game is onestly one of the most amazing team co-oparation games you can buying in 2016, because unlike other types of games, this game doesn't use microtranactions to make money or add a large amount of dlc, instead they use skins, which do no imapact effect on the gameplay (well the Reaper Onons is something you would'nt want to see uncloking right in front of your face!)
this game is saidly losing it's players fast and the only main way you can find a full server is by looking for almost full ones or joining other lanuage based servers.
mastering the aliens and understanding the commanders on both sides is also just as fun as been two shot via stalkers at the start of the game.
this game has a lot more potenial, but the gameplay makes it a bit of a boring game, sure it's fun but over time the only way you can get the most fun out of it is by playing with friends, all on the same server on the same/different teams on a skype call. (also the lack of weapons is annoying, because in the trailer a marine has a grenade launcher attachment on his rilfe, so that makes me think that they need to add more content onto this game, such as turret upgrades, more marine upgrades,more aliens and different hive parts and so much more)
but over all i would recomend this game if you like real time games and no recoil gun games or pogostick alien simulators!
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4 personne(s) sur 5 (80%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
8.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 22 juin
The ultimate tactical shooter + strategy game. Though it has it's problems. Get on sale.

This game is just really fun to play. It's very tactical, matches take long if done right and it's pretty balanced.

The problems are: it runs pretty bad, it's not very accesible.
Make sure to watch some introductory video's !! not just play the tutorial !!

This game is hard to learn.

I give it a 7/10 (better than CS:GO)
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Posté le : 23 juin
Good game, hard for new players to get in to, but good for keeping your twitch and FPS skills sharp. You can usually find teammates to work with if you want to do something fun or interesting, and the community is nice and mature besides a few toxic players and pervasive stacking. As a long time player, the new changes are really good, I don't even like playing on the server that is still on 'classic' mode. Recommended if you like a strategic team game that challenges your twitch skills.
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Ok, so this is gonna be the first game that i´ll ever review. Can i recommend it? The answer is pretty short, yes i can. It has one of the most interesting game ideas ive ever seen and a pretty good graphic. The gamplay feels nice and smooth, the atmosphere is really great and both races (Marines and Aliens) are pretty even so no race can be called op. Personally i like the community (sure there are always some people that behave like idiots) and would love to see new players in Ns2.
So if you read this and consider buying it, i can only say that these are some well invested 10 euros. And if youre able to get this in the summer sale for 5 euros why are you not playing already?

For people that dont like reading: Should you buy it? -yes you should.

cheers Syntexx
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This game is fun and lives up to its 10$ price tag. With freinds this game can be a blast and evenmore fun when your team has a good commander.

Buy this game and you will have tons of fun.

PS: Dont buy skins on the market, unless you want to waste money!
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