Craft The World is a unique sandbox strategy game, the mix of Dungeon Keeper, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress. Explore a random generated world populated by dangerous creatures, build a dwarf fortress, gather resources, and craft all the items, weapons, and armor you need.
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DLC - Sisters in Arms

Sisters in Arms is an official DLC to Craft the World that features new characters, special items, weapons, and decor, as well as creatures with new abilities.

Primary features:
● New characters: Female dwarves. The hard-working dwarves will be joined by their charming sisters in arms. Female dwarves have a little less health than their male counterparts, but their movement speed is significantly higher. They will defend the shelter and explore the dungeons along with the male dwarves.
●Pets: We’ve made two kinds of pets for you that can be called upon to hunt pests, guard the dwarves’ home, and protect their masters. Having a pet also significantly increases your comfort level.
●Mobile equipment: The dwarves have become more self-sufficient and now use temporary ladders without waiting for the player’s help if they can’t reach a certain spot. They also have access to parachutes that allow them to jump from high places without getting hurt.
● Defensive weapons: Dwarves armed with shields receive additional armor and can sometimes block attacks completely, but their speed is also slightly reduced. Several kinds of shields of various weights and armor levels are available in the DLC.
● When you zoom out on the map, resource-gathering locations will be marked with their corresponding icons. This will make it much easier to find the resource you need on the map.
● New dwarven defensive equipment: The mechanized catapult is effective against large groups of monsters and deals damage to an area from long range.
● In this update you will gain access to various panels for finishing walls. Keep in mind that you can choose their appearance with a click just like stucco.
● Wine casks that have been placed will occasionally generate bottles of wine that have several useful features.

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Update 1.3.000

Update 1.3.000

+ Models of dwarves were significantly improved, were modified old animations and added new.
+ Increased base speed of dwarves. For various armor added parameter – agility, which affect on dwarf’s movement speed.
+ Improved dwarves AI. Idle dwarves can take tasks by themselves inside the shelter: patrolling the perimeter, eating food, have a rest, removing bushes, preparing dishes, improving furniture, hunting pests.
+ Added dialog with common statistic for each dwarf – how much monsters he destroyed, how many blocks dig etc.
+ Added additional slot to the dwarf’s equipment.
+ If player sends a dwarf for sleep but shelter’s boundaries have been broken then dwarf notify about this.
+ Released ability of mass building/replacing the several blocks. You should select block, then move cursor through the level while holding down the right mouse button.
+ Spiders now can create colonies by increasing their population. The more older spider the more dangerously it becomes.
+ Inside the shelter with insufficient comfort may arrive the rat’s nest. Rats fill the shelter, eat food from tables, destroy wheat fields and could become dangerous.
+ Temporary portals opened with spell can be closed now by player.
+ Added lightning and sound of thunder during the heavy rain.
+ Dwarves improve mage skill when preparing elixirs. Swimmer skill improves when dwarf get into the water, climber skill improves when dwarf climbs at the wall 5 blocks high.
+ Archer’s skill increases speed of shooting.
+ Wooden stuff now available earlier in the tech tree.
+ Added new equipment item – parachute which helps dwarves to jump from any height without damage.
+ Added popup dialog with major parameters for weapon, armor and tools.
+ Hens on farm lay eggs even if their population reached the maximum level.
+ Fixed bug when goblin drops the steeled loot after every kick.
+ Fixed bug with direct control of dwarf when he was waiting for elevator.
+ Fixed bug with using portal and illumination spells near the unexplored area.
+ Fixed boss went in cycles at the beetles’ biome.
+ Dozens of minor bugs fixes.

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Craft The World is a unique sandbox strategy game, the mix of Dungeon Keeper, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress.
Explore a random generated world populated by dangerous creatures, build a dwarf fortress, gather resources, and craft all the items, weapons, and armor you need.

You control a tribe of dwarves by giving them commands to dig in certain places, attack enemy creatures, and build houses and other structures. You'll need to provide your dwarves food and clothing, as well as help them with magic when fighting against other inhabitants of the world. You start the game with one dwarf and gain additional dwarves as your experience level increases.

Each game level has many layers of earth to explore, from the sky down to boiling subterranean lava. The level is randomly generated as an island, restricted by natural boundaries: oceans on the edges, lava beneath it, and the sky above. Other features include day and night and changing weather conditions. The worlds differ in size, humidity, temperature, terrain, and flora and fauna. Abandoned halls and rooms with treasure are hidden somewhere deep within the islands.

One feature of the game is a user-friendly system of recipes for crafting. The recipes are organized and easily accessible. You can craft dozens of different items: building blocks for houses, furniture, decorations, weapons, armor, ammunition, and food for your dwarves.

At the outset you find the recipes for basic tools and items, and build a small house with places to sleep and eat. Then, the size of the tribe increases and catches the attention of other inhabitants of the world. Most of them are night creatures and dwell underground. The worlds are full of fantasy creatures like zombies, skeletons, goblins, beholders, ghosts, giant spiders, and others. Some of them pay little attention to the dwarves, as long as the dwarves do not come into their field of vision. Others gather into quite large groups and try to break into the dwarves’ residence.

Especially dangerous are the waves of monsters that appear from time to time from portals. So, do not neglect to build a safe haven with strong walls and numerous trapdoors, cells, firing towers, and secret passageways.

As a divine being, you possess various spells. You can speed up the movement of the dwarves, open small portals, illuminate dark caves to scare away monsters, evoke natural magic in the form of rain or tree growth, hurl fireballs at the monsters’ heads, and find useful resources and hidden rooms underground, thereby helping to speed up resource extraction, exploration of the world, and the population growth of your assistants.

Απαιτήσεις συστήματος

Mac OS X
    • ΛΣ: Windows XP or later
    • Επεξεργαστής: 2.0 GHz Dual Core CPU
    • Μνήμη: 1 GB RAM
    • Γραφικά: Intel Graphics
    • DirectX: Έκδοση 9.0
    • Αποθήκευση: 200 MB διαθέσιμος χώρος
    • ΛΣ: Windows 7 or later
    • Επεξεργαστής: 2.4 Ghz Dual Core CPU
    • Μνήμη: 4 GB RAM
    • Γραφικά: 512 MB graphics memory (Radeon HD 4600, GeForce 8600)
    • DirectX: Έκδοση 9.0
    • Αποθήκευση: 200 MB διαθέσιμος χώρος
    • ΛΣ: 10.6
    • Επεξεργαστής: 2.0 GHz Dual Core CPU
    • Μνήμη: 1 GB RAM
    • Αποθήκευση: 200 MB διαθέσιμος χώρος
    • ΛΣ: 10.9
    • Επεξεργαστής: 2.4 Ghz Dual Core CPU
    • Μνήμη: 4 GB RAM
    • Αποθήκευση: 200 MB διαθέσιμος χώρος
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Αναρτήθηκε: 22 Ιουλίου
After roughly 300 hours of this game I can't do anything but recommend it. It's a Dwarf fortress meets Minecraft in a wonderful little package. The new DLC adds to the experience and is well worth it for only $2.99. I've only played single player though, and I read some people being a bit disappointed in the multiplayer.
( 130.3 ώρες στο μητρώο )
Αναρτήθηκε: 22 Ιουλίου
I picked this up on a huge discount during the summer sale and really got my money's worth. In fact, I find it addictive to the point where I should probably uninstall it and get some stuff done... nah. I've only played one, abortive, multiplayer game-- the other person quit. So this review is based on single player.

Long story short? It's a simplified Dwarf Fortress with a big dose of cute. Plus it has a campaign.

It's hard to put my finger on why I like Craft the World so much. I guess it's largely because the progression of the tech tree is well balanced so there's always something not far off to work toward, and usually on multiple paths. The tech tree itself is nothing special-- in fact, it's littered with useless items I only craft to level up-- but well balanced so that by the time I need some materials for the next tech, I've either already stocked it or it's near to hand.

The campaign is a series of worlds, and so far I've played grass, snow, desert, and "underground", although for some reason it gets rain. The successive worlds aren't exactly more challenging in themselves, but the monsters are more deadly. You seek out portal pieces, which are guarded by fairly powerful creatures, and once you go through the portal to the next world, that's that for the one you just played, so far as I can tell, you're on to the next one.

The game itself is not challenging, either, following the trend of recent games that have challenging moments but are difficult (or impossible) to actually lose. I'm not even sure if Craft the World has a loss condition. Every so often waves of enemies, individually weak but deadly in a pack, will assault your settlement. While I've seen images of impressive defenses posted by players, it's easier to just build walls several blocks thick and ignore the waves or treat them as a way to gain experience (the dwarves have skills like warrior and archer, among others, that increase through use) by picking off stragglers, aided by the handy Portal spell.

I do lose individual dwarves, though. Sometimes I have no clue how difficult a particular monster will be and it can kill with two or three attacks. The dwarves themselves are pretty dumb-- other player reviews deride this as bad AI but I consider it to be flavor-- and will sometimes fall in lava or ignore an order to retreat. A replacement soon appears, though, so all that's really lost is experience and possibly equipment.

There's a few things I wish were different about the game, although I wouldn't call them negatives to the game itself exactly. For one thing, the maps could be smaller. I'm pretty methodical, if sloppy, and it takes many hours to clear a map in campaign mode. The community could be stronger, too. For example, the game's wiki is sketchy. Of course, it's a fairly simple game, so you don't need a manual, but the game has hotkeys and so far as I can tell, doesn't bother to tell you about them. It would be nice if the opening quests in a new world in campaign were varied. It's been cut down a tree, dig a tunnel, complete the shelter, etc., same thing each time.

I've gone on too long, especially as I rarely bother reading long reviews myself. I just wanted to get my thoughts down about this game. Also, just felt that some reviews harp on bugs an awful lot when I haven't noticed any definite ones. The game is certainly stable.
Mr. Worldwide
( 59.9 ώρες στο μητρώο )
Αναρτήθηκε: 20 Ιουλίου
Игра неплохая,но мне кажется,что как-то рано вышла из раннего доступа. Гномы обладаютсильным интелектом и часто тупят. Хотелось бы,чтобы игру доработали в плане искустренного интелекта
( 69.4 ώρες στο μητρώο )
Αναρτήθηκε: 19 Ιουλίου
Έλαβε το προϊόν δωρεάν
The game is very good and creative than the others simular games.

There just one thing if monster portals and goblins camp can be a little more far away from the base.
( 8.1 ώρες στο μητρώο )
Αναρτήθηκε: 19 Ιουλίου
- Its fun
- Has a "Teirra-esk" feel
- Seems like it would be fun multiplayer

- The instructions are a bit lacking. If you dismiss an objective within the tutorial, and forget what it asks, you might as well restart the game. Cause it takes a while to figure out what to do
- thows you into a multiplayer round with a random person after 20 mins and expects you understand everything
- Getting the totem (that makes a house) to accept your house is fairly difficult.

- Fun, but "fun-er" if you have friends that will play it with you.
( 33.6 ώρες στο μητρώο )
Αναρτήθηκε: 18 Ιουλίου
I would recommend this game if you like this genre. This is an awesome game, definitely! I love the art style, I love all of the concepts (get dwarves, craft items, build houses, defend against monster, get better equipment for your dwarves, use magic utility spells). And throughout the game there are many many things to do.

The first world took me 17 hours to almost beat...then I took a break, came back, started over and beat it in about 14 hours. I am now on the second world (there's a series of different worlds with different environments and difficulties that progressively get harder)...but this is where I am stuck.

I still recommend this game, but this gets very hard. Maybe I'm alone in this feeling...but they really leave you hanging when it comes to knowing how to build your base. I can't figure out how to do it on my own, and when I try to search for different strategies I come up empty. If I can figure out how to not die on the waves of monsters I will definitely continue playing.

The first world was very fun, and it was relatively easy to grasp what you are supposed to do and it's not ridiculously difficult. Even though I'm struggling to get by on the second world, I still recommend this game to you just for the fact that I spent over 30 hours playing this game...and for $19? Definitely worth the money even if you don't play it all the way through the entire game/worlds.

This is a really fun and addicting game, but just be warned that it is hard and you need to have a strategy for building your base (something that flies right over my head).

If you are not very good at base building, I suggest waiting for a sale perhaps (since you probably will stop playing it on the second world, like I did...more value for your buck that way). If that's your forte, buy this game immediately because it's awesome.
( 72.8 ώρες στο μητρώο )
Αναρτήθηκε: 18 Ιουλίου
I loved this game. Loved it to death. It was just one of those RTS/building games that filled a void I felt... Until the thing went belly up on me, never to live again. I have no idea what happened, but back in January of 2016 there was an update for the game that caused it to stop working on my computer.

Several months later in July of 2016, I decided to try and take this one for a spin again. Nope.
Still broken, and still no idea why.

( 27.2 ώρες στο μητρώο )
Αναρτήθηκε: 18 Ιουλίου
This is a great game, I would recomend it to people who like to stay up all night playing, because I know I have. XD
( 17.7 ώρες στο μητρώο )
Αναρτήθηκε: 18 Ιουλίου
this game is nice and you have to build a nice house with some defense to protect your dwarf, collect ressources and use them to craft some useful stuf (or not for most of them). the point of campaighne is that you have to craft the 5 portal parts that you will found in the underground gard by strong monsters, but it took me 14h to complete the first level who is supposed to be easy...well dwarf are kind of dumb, 1 dwarf mine the dirt block and the other one come from accross the map to collect it,,,yeah right and the crafting tree is so long to unlock what you need to complete the portal parts.

well this game is cool but you loose all your base if you change world by completing the 5 portal parts and have to restart took me 14h to complete the first lvl i mean cmon this is more than a call of duty campaigne on the hardest difficulty.
( 20.7 ώρες στο μητρώο )
Αναρτήθηκε: 18 Ιουλίου
Dwarves digging diggy diggy holes. 5/7 with rice.
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Αναρτήθηκε: 23 Ιουνίου
I absolutely love this game. Been playing it on and off for a fair amount now, maybe a year in total.
It's a bit like Sims, you'll go out marathoning it, then maybe put it down for 3 months, but then you find another update and you're right back into it.

Though I think this is the longest I've been playing it because of the new Biomes feature. Skip off to another world with/out friends; destroy and strip mine the place- come back and you've got a bounty of goods waiting for you to start your crafting all over.

I've built libraries, castles, bridges and countless other things. With the new updates it all gets better.

I love this game and honestly have spent WAY longer than I probably should on it hahaha. The time you see there is literally a 6th of my actual game time because I started on my mate's account, loved it so much I bought it myself.
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Αναρτήθηκε: 6 Ιουλίου
Fun game for a time, eventually I realised that the vast majority of resources in the game are non-renewable, which coupled with the lack of any sort of dismantle/scrap function, ultimately killed the game for me. Also the game seems to lack replayability since the maps are semi-samey and the gameplay doesn't change.

Ultimately still enjoyable and you should try it if it's on sale but don't expect to play a single game forever, so if that's what you like to do, try something else first.

Edit1: As Corsaer thankfully pointed out in the comments, there is a scrap/dismantle function. However not everything can be dismantled, Edit3: thanks to mad_myke for letting me know that any item crafted in multiples can't be scrapped.

Edit2: The ai in it's current state needs work, dwarves often don't listen when ordering them to rest and won't consistently rest on their own. In addition, could use an option to have dwarves drop everything in their pack (Items theyre carrying not the ones they have equipped) when running back home to rest since a full pack slows them down significantly. Extremely frustrating to have your best dwarves die this way.
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6 από 6 άτομα (100%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
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27.8 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 12 Ιουλίου
I really, really enjoyed playing this game, but after 30 hours the bugs and the half-♥♥♥♥♥ programming becomes unbearable.
I have to stress this: This game is great fun! It's like any other Sandbox game, but with better graphics.

The game has been out for years and yet it's very obvious mistakes are still not fixed, addtionally a DLC was released which on the one hand features new content, but on the other hand it contains basic things, which should be included in the game anyway (we all know that kind of DLC).

About the game:
You order your pack of dwarfes to do various and all kinds of quests, gathering and processing resources mostly. The processing becomes more advanced throughout the game, just as the fighting. The graphics are sweet, the music alright and theme specific. There are different biomes and there is much to explore, although it's kind of all the same, after a while (unlike Terraria).

Now the bugs/annoying things:

Dwarfes sometimes won't do anything, instead of carrying out pending tasks, which is really annoying.
Dwarfes fail to find a way back, even if there is no obstacle hindering them (e.g. a portal is above them, on a block and they won't climb upwards in order to reach it).
Dwarfes cannot attack certain foes 1v1, if the enemy is one block above -> the knock back will cancel their attack, thus a Yeti can kill a dwaf with end game armor/weapons.
Sometimes Dwarfs stay in/enter a fight with low health, which results in quick death.

Not bugs, but just annoying parts of the game:

The crafting system: Where to start? You have to follow the technology tree and in order to build the better stuff, you have to go through a lot of redundant bad stuff, every single time you enter a new world. You always have to build a lot of furniture/vanity items, which drains your resources and you don't need that many, not - at - all. You end up with a lot of items, which you have no use for, never had.
Furthermore you have to drag and drop the crafting recipes every single time you are on a new map: Once you crafted the item, the pattern is safed, but if you enter a new map, you have to do it all over again.

Dwarfes have perks, like miner, cook, fisherman etc. which allows them to fulfill certain tasks faster! But when there are any number of tasks queued, dwarfes fulfil them randomly and then the fisherman ends up mining, while the miner ends up fishing -> the perk system, a core feature of the game = useless

You cannot prioritize certain tasks, which makes it hard to keep all dwarfes busy, while at the same time have the important tasks done!

Often Dwarfes won't pick up goods/resources and instead they will do -> 'nothing' again!

In conclusion I have to say that the game is definitly not worth 20€, though you may buy it if it's on discount. It is playable, but not for too long, it gets repetitive and the bugs will become very apparent and annoying.
Highly addictive at first, but that wears off, after a while. Great for Terraria-players!
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6 από 7 άτομα (86%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
58.3 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 7 Ιουλίου
SImple, cute and fun game!

No difficulty setting, morale or similar stuff, and no pesky micromanagment.

Its for "casual" worldbuilders, though it is building slowly to be more and more feature rich game!

Multiplayer is not the best there is, but its OK for few hours of fun more.

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7 από 9 άτομα (78%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
16.1 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 27 Ιουνίου
If you like sandboxy, tech-tree type games where you're in a constant cycle of harvesting --> crafting --> unlocking new technologies --> harvesting, you'll like this game. It's well-balanced, you're constantly advancing, and there's a nice amount of surprises, and the mechanics are cleanly executed. Definitely recommended, ESPECIALLY on such a deep discount this summer.
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7 από 9 άτομα (78%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
39.5 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 3 Ιουλίου
On the surface, Craft the World seems like a Terraria lite kind of game. I would compare it to a mix of Terraria and Game of Dwarves. On its own Craft the World is a creative digging/crafting game where you encourage your motley group of dwarves to do your bidding as you tend to their needs; things like comfort, food, and guiding them for self-defense.

The game is brightly animated with an easy to follow control scheme. The interface alerts you to the vital statistics of your dwarves when they are low health, when they die, and even if they are drowning.

The game itself keeps the challenge interesting with a nighttime cycle and then an occasional evil portal that wll open up and spawn groups of enemies. Encouraging a somewhat tactical mindset while playing the game when it comes to where and how you construct the home for your dwarves.

Overall I find this game amazingly fun to play and have lost quite a few hours with it since purchasing it. If you're unsure about what the game is like you can also find some Let's Plays by Splattercat, who has done a great job in the past of showcasing the quality and enjoyment of the game.
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5 από 6 άτομα (83%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
1 άτομο βρήκε αυτή την κριτική αστεία
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29.7 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 6 Ιουλίου
Honest feedback after 27 hours of gameplay!

1. The Enemy Waves getting extremly big... my 12 dwarfs where killed even with full mythril gear.
2. After 24 hours still just two portal parts (out of 5) guardians way to powerful... for 12 times mythril gear...
3. slow players are doomed to lose, if you enjoy slowly playing through your game, don't buy
4. I checked the wiki for the other worlds cause i can't reach them... they are jsut the smae, nothing new on the items side
5. DLC for female dwarfs is useless, it should have been added for free
6. Pets are useless as well, they bite the enemy, nothing else... my first weapon deals more damage.
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5 από 6 άτομα (83%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
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105.5 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 7 Ιουλίου
Its a great game but...

100hrs in, had to mod the game (or its awfully "slow") but I'm only giving this negative review because the devs keep going in the wrong direction and won't fix problems that the community is screaming for.

Dwarfs have horrible AI
Tower Defense style combat that was somewhat lost in translation (you'll see what I mean when the hordes get big)
Extremely slow (I mod their movement speed, Devs increased block durability... to slow you down more)

The levels are Worlds, which you have to beat to unlock the next, no biggie but if a bug prevents you from proceeding, lol start over. (they took care of most of these) You have to pump in tons of hours to get through these worlds, so getting there and reporting a bug to which no Dev responds in the forums is a waste.


Just browse the forums to see how messed up this is. Let's just say less than 1% have the achievement that they played it.

The recent DLC release...

Playing as a female dwarf costs money... okay, well they also added pets which automatically kills rats (which they introduced in the update with the DLC) but if you don't have the DLC, you have to manually kill rats that pop up in your base.... a lot.... see the forums to know what I mean.

Great game but wish they would listen to the community. I'd grab it on sale and you'll enjoy it.

Ήταν αυτή η κριτική χρήσιμη; Ναι Όχι Αστεία
5 από 7 άτομα (71%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
1 άτομο βρήκε αυτή την κριτική αστεία
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113.3 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 6 Ιουλίου
So, I've obviously played enough of this game to judge it.

The AI is horrible. It would be laughable if it weren't so mind-numbingly frustrating. The number of times I've watched my dwarfs glitch off of ladders and fall to their death, carry my new bed around for what feels like hours instead of TAKING IT TO THE ♥♥♥♥ING STOCKPILE, stand dumbly right beyond the portal that is closing (costing me another cast to get their dumb asses home)'s frustrating as f*.

The *game*, the fundamental idea of the game, is fun. With some tweaks and patching, it could be really fun.

The tech tree is terribly flawed. If it must artificially gate progress, it should be reworked into a more simple tiered setup: wood, farming, stone, iron, steel, silver, gold, mithril. Far too often the game is artifically made difficult and the pace slowed because I have to build 30 lamps before I can make armor. It's nonsensical and clearly artificial.

The animation is stiff, the new dwarves *don't* look as good as the old ones, but they're passable.

You can control a dwarf directly, can and should. Must, even. The AI is so bad, what you want done will never happen unless you do it yourself. You can easily clear blocks 3-5 times faster manually, since the dwarves will go back to the stockpile after every few chops

I can't speak to multiplayer, that's not my preferred gametype. What it should support is Minecraft/Terraria-style cooperative base building: one base, 2+ players. I do not believe it does, though.

If they can fix the AI situation, this game will be a definite "Recommended." As it is, though, I just don't think the fun outweighs the frustration. 10 hours of relatively fun base-building *easily* gets wiped out by one glitchy death thanks to autosave.
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It's a mobile UI so you spend a huge portion of your time either fighting the interface or waiting on things to happen.

Like your dwarves will craft something then toss that ♥♥♥♥ on the ground. If you're lucky, a few minutes later, a different dwarf will pick it up and then because they still have room in their backpack for more items, carry it to the OTHER SIDE OF THE EARTH to grab a single log before coming back and finally adding it to your stockpile. So you wonder "Where's all the swords I crafted. Better make some more" then you check later and suddenly you have 500 of them. Arrghh.

The tech tree takes forever to climb and the game makes you build multiple of an item for the sole purpose of consuming a bunch of that resource. You can't skip ahead in the tech tree. And all the branches are tied together. So this means, you may have no interested in home decoration, but if you want to make silver swords, you have to build like 50 water fountains, a ♥♥♥♥ ton of barrels and vanity mirrors and thatched roof panels (way more than you need) to level up your home decorating skill.

WHY? Does the mobile version let you purchase resources as shortcuts or something? Why would you design it like this.

I should add that the game isn't actually that bad. If you're a big fan of the genre, this game has nice art and an increasing difficulty curve. It's relaxing and you can make attractive bases. But in general, I'd say there's better entries into this genre. This one has too many frustrating UI aspects involving crafting, which is the key mechanic in a crafting game.
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