In this city-building strategy game, you control a group of exiled travelers who decide to restart their lives in a new land. They have only the clothes on their backs and a cart filled with supplies from their homeland. The townspeople of Banished are your primary resource.
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""Everything did not go OK...""

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New Mod Kit required for mod authors.

A new version of the Banished Mod Kit has been released for mod authors using Steam Workshop. Read more about the changes here:

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Banished 1.0.4 Now Available

Banished 1.0.4 brings modding to the game! Steam Workshop is integrated. Mods can add buildings, professions, change game balance, and more!

Additionally many bugs were fixed:

* Changes for version 1.0.4

  • Increased memory usage allowed for save games. This allows larger modded maps than default to be saved safely. However at some point very large maps will crash the game due to out of memory, or textures failing to be created.
  • Fixed a rare crash that was caused by closing tooltips in a particular way.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed combo box drop downs to stay up if the parent button went away.
  • Added an option to draw the mouse cursor in software in cases where DirectX fails to display the cursor properly.
  • Moved ‘clip mouse to window’ option from Game options to input options.
  • Added a Reset All option to the game launcher. This allows the game to reset to default settings if a setting is causing a game crash. The command line option /reset also does the same thing. Note this will unset achievements in non-steam versions.
  • Adding an option to the game launcher to disable use of DirectInput. This should allow systems where the mouse doesn’t move to work properly, however only the left, right, and middle mouse buttons will be available.
  • Roads will now always draw roads no matter how many there are on the terrain.
  • Misc fixes for rare crashes.
  • Added support for a cmd.txt file that contains command line parameters. cmd.txt must be in the same folder as the executable.
  • Added Steam Workshop support. Mods can be created, updated, downloaded, and browsed in game. Any updates to subscribed mods will download automatically. A reload is required once downloads are complete.
  • Fixed tooltip text going outside the background boundaries.
  • Fixed combo boxes not displaying correcly after being enabled, disabled, then re-enabled.

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In this city-building strategy game, you control a group of exiled travelers who decide to restart their lives in a new land. They have only the clothes on their backs and a cart filled with supplies from their homeland.

The townspeople of Banished are your primary resource. They are born, grow older, work, have children of their own, and eventually die. Keeping them healthy, happy, and well-fed are essential to making your town grow. Building new homes is not enough—there must be enough people to move in and have families of their own.

Banished has no skill trees. Any structure can be built at any time, provided that your people have collected the resources to do so. There is no money. Instead, your hard-earned resources can be bartered away with the arrival of trade vessels. These merchants are the key to adding livestock and annual crops to the townspeople’s diet; however, their lengthy trade route comes with the risk of bringing illnesses from abroad.

There are twenty different occupations that the people in the city can perform from farming, hunting, and blacksmithing, to mining, teaching, and healing. No single strategy will succeed for every town. Some resources may be more scarce from one map to the next. The player can choose to replant forests, mine for iron, and quarry for rock, but all these choices require setting aside space into which you cannot expand.

The success or failure of a town depends on the appropriate management of risks and resources.


    • OS: Win XP SP3 / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
    • Processor: 2 GHz Intel Dual Core processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible card (shader model 2)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 processor (or greater)
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB DirectX 10 compatible card
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
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这款游戏是在Early Access的时候买的 买了一直没怎么玩 因为觉得好难小人一直会死掉
前几天又下下来玩 刚开始很困难 小人一直死 但等到前面的艰难时期度过之后就轻松了不少 这就算是上手了吧
话说刚买来的时候这游戏经常是很久不更新 一度让我以为这游戏像某些游戏一样说是早期测试 结果卷了钱就很少更新的那种 看来还是我想多了哈哈
不过正式版玩起来和Early Access的版本感觉一模一样呢 大概一些数据上会有不同吧

这是一款模拟经营类游戏 游戏开始会给你一间仓库和四五户家庭(依据难度不同会有差异),你要做的就是利用这些村民收资源建房子种粮食 游戏里面的敌人就是饥饿、寒冷和疾病 每一年的活动都是为了度过艰苦的冬天以及随时可能出现的灾难做准备的 你要做的就是让这些小人活下去 并且繁衍下去

画面:游戏的画面不算华丽 但是也不算粗糙 总体看上去有一种很舒服的感觉 画面很简单 你也可以拉近看看小人的行为举止 季节和天气的表现还是很不错的很有特征感 我觉得这个游戏的画面还是可以的 UI也很简单 你也可以根据你自己的习惯增加一些对话框 让你的了解和操作更加方便

声音:小镇里会有各种各样的音效——收割粮食的声音、树木被伐倒的声音、牛羊的叫声、采石场的叮当声之类 音效种类不多而且很简单 但是游戏的背景音乐还算不错 很惬意的感觉 配合上简单的音效 还是能给这游戏的表现加分的~

游戏性:这游戏的系统玩下来感觉比起其他的模拟经营类游戏像SimCity、Cities XL之类云云 绝对算是简单的 刚开始可能会为小人的不停死亡而烦恼 但是上手以后这个游戏真得很容易 玩得好不好就看你如何调节村民的工作、年龄构成了 每一场游戏可能都会有不同的发展道路 一切全在你 看着这些小人的生活 谁也不会忍心让他们死去的吧
这游戏也不是一味的以人口为王道 人多对粮食、燃料也会有很高的要求 一下子扩张很多人口会带来很多小孩 而小孩对资源的需求量是非常大的 但是也不能老龄化太严重 否则可能一段时间内会死掉很多人 造成劳动力严重缺失

游戏很小 200MB左右 但是五脏俱全 内容是足够的 不过说实话 可以发掘的东西在你圆满的玩过一次之后恐怕就没什么了 这就是游戏的缺陷吧 可能是成本的问题 游戏内容充实但不算丰富 但这样才让游戏的系统变得简单好上手 让我这种模拟经营类苦手也能够玩得有模有样 也让这个游戏在此类游戏中有了特点

这款游戏也是种非常轻松的游戏 前期过去后基本就是快进看小人的劳动 然后必要的时候点一下鼠标 是一款可以一边喝茶一边玩的游戏

不过还是想吐槽一下这游戏的道路系统 据我几个小时的观察小人们基本上还是喜欢在野地直接超近道 很少走道路 感觉这游戏的道路只是起美观作用的了

这款游戏对配置要求很低(当然玩人口流的话还是需要稍微考虑下配置的) 所以你也不必担心什么配置问题 就敬请放心购买吧

诚意满满的游戏 与其$60买EA的模拟吞城 不如$20买放逐之城这个游戏
当然如果你不是喜欢这类游戏或者非常想玩的 还是建议在特卖的时候购买 不过真的是很不错很不错的游戏啊 值得玩 值得收藏 千万不能+1了喔

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5.现在可以放下码头了,码头人安排2个工作足够,多了浪费人力。前期劳力紧张,能精简的最好都精简。因为商人基本一年来一回,所以刚建设好那年基本上想商人来是没什么希望了!码头就放柴火,放1000柴火差不多了,柴火的价格是4, 1000X4=4000。2500一个的种子只要625柴火,










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Banished is the best city builder I've ever played (and I've played a lot, having been a fan of the genre since the original Sim City and the old Sierra historical builder games). The game is deceptively simple, you start with a few settlers and minimal supplies and you build a thriving settlement. Sounds easy enough, but it's probably one of the most challenging games I've played.

There are a variety of crops, animals, and natural resources. Your setttlers will plant and gather and use these to build a rustic town. Steel tools and stone houses represent the pinnacle of your settlement's technological advancement. You can barter goods with a few visiting tradesmen and some nomads may periodically ask to join your settlement, but that's the limit of your outside contact. Peace reigns, you won't need any military (or even police) here. The only hostile forces you will encounter in Banished are tornadoes, fires, diseases, starvation, and cold. And you will encounter them, a lot.

Although the game is relaxing to play, it can at times be incredibly difficult. Your settlement might be going along nicely for 100 years, with plenty of food and lots of citizens available to fill all the jobs that need to be done, and suddenly everyone has cholera and you're closing down the schoolhouse to free up some child laborers to expand your cemetary. Banished is brutal that way. But it's also beautiful. The music and graphics and effects are really appealing, and the immersion factor is high. It's definitely one of those games you can sit down to in the early afternoon and play for hours and hours and then be surprised to find your stomach growling and oh hey when did it get so dark outside?

The developer is very active and involved in the community, and new features are added often. Now the game offers modding capability and Steam Workshop. So far the community has responded with some amazing tweaks and additions which only make the game even better (also a little easier, if you find the challenge a bit much).

I can't wait to see how Banished continues to evolve, which it seems to do in much the same way that my tiny settlements grow and evolve, with all of the little details coming together to make something really satisfying and enjoyable.
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After everyone else in my city starved to death, only Nesto was left. I followed him for several more years as he lived off what others had left behind; moving from house to house to find food and firewood. Nesto spent half his entire life completely alone in a post-apocalyptic city, finally succumbing to the cold one late winter day at the age of 60. When Nesto died, the overall happiness of the city increased. This is the best game I have ever played.
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Click for Gameplay Trailer - Review
+ credible landscapes
+ clear, sharp graphics
+ lovely details
- technically simple
- many gray-brown textures

+ good tutorial
+ extensive help and tooltips
+ every action has an traceable effect
+ realistic disasters
- difficulty only affects the starting conditions

+ individual villagers
+ coherent middle ages scenario
+ atmospheric seasons
+ high realism
- brittle presentation

+ vibrant sound world
+ very good weather effects
+ appropriate music
- some sounds a bit thin

+ uncomplicated building
+ statistics with high significance
+ customizable interface
+ four speed levels
+ free save

Game Size:
+ random maps
+ many farm-variants
+ decent amount of buildings
- virtually no upgrades
- no scenarios

Endless Game:
+ every action needs realistic time
+ a large population, a long-term challenge
+ there is always something to improve
- Survival voltage decreases with increasing skill

We start Banished depending on the difficulty with some settlers and supplies on a randomly generated map. All buildings are available from the start - provided we have building materials and workers. But ... what we start? With a farm, as effectively as possible to win food? Or with a hunting lodge, so a tailor from the skins of hunted animals can sew jackets?

Banished course is not the first game in which a city or an entire country perish without thoughtful planning and functioning economic cycles.
Hodorowicz missing aspects of urban planning, could not even capture the teeming settlers: an intimate proximity to the population and the intense experience of her worries. And just to include questions such as "how tomorrow is food on the table?" or "How do we get enough firewood?"
You don't control your citizens, but your people do have "lives" of their own, which can sometimes throw a wrench into your plans. They get cold, hungry, and tired.
While you're yelling at them to just frickin' move that rock, they go for lunch. It's not that they're endemically lazy; it's more like they're unionized, and by gosh, it's break time.
But that's also a big part of the appeal: You're not building this town. They are, and that can lead to an odd sort of personal connection with "characters" who don't actually exist, like the crazy herb lady all alone out in the forest or those jerk builders who insist on regular meal breaks.

People, more than anything else, are your vital resource. They need homes, food, decent clothes, tools, emotional support, medicine, and more.
Every mechanic, every building you can place, and everything else you can do relates back to that central theme of survival. If you can't gather enough food, your people die.
If they're stuck outside for too long, or don't have warm clothing, they die. Each time you fail as their leader, you're reminded of the loss with a grating sound and a yellow gravestone.
These serve as a one-two punch to punish you for failure because losing citizens makes it that much harder to keep up the resource flow.

Banished has a number of natural disasters that strike your populace. In many ways, they serve as a kind of random "boss fight" in the sense that they will often test one aspect of your infrastructure.
Diseases test the health of your population, fires your city planning, and tornadoes your ability to rapidly rebuild before winter comes again.
With Banished already amounting to a desperate attempt to stave off death, disasters can be absolutely devastating for the unprepared. When pests hit your crops and you're already barely squeaking by each year, you're going to start losing a lot of people.

While the process of survival is never-ending, holding out against the elements amid the hostility of the untamed natural world is a small but powerful personal victory.
Villagers have names; they're born, grow up, and eventually die under your intense supervision. Banished reinforces the human drama with its brutal difficulty and negative feedback loops.
There's no goal beyond survival and a handful of achievements to work toward. The lack of a campaign or meta-game meant that it was hard for me to stay motivated to play once I had a good-sized, reasonably stable village.

Score: 84 / 100

Sorry for my bad english. This is my review account, because the low playtime.
Thanks for reading! If you Like my Review, give me a Thumbs up in Steam.
Your help is greatly appreciated :)

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So I got vis game in the hope that I would be able to build a balanced city and survive at least one winter, how wrong I was, I died like 16 times in a row, then I discovered plums, I traded everything I had for one plumb seed and the plumb boom began. I found that if I devoted my entire town to be a plumb nation so to speak, nothing could stop me. I dedicated all my time to plumb manufacturing. I set up a trading post and traded my vast abundance of plumbs for clothing and materials. After my brief time on this game I really feel I discovered the true value of plumbs in todays society and will never take them for granted again.
For example for 10 years in a row I found my population to be stagnant and it hovered around the 66 citisen mark (not including children) for these 10 years. My solution to this was simple, I set up plumb farms all across the coast, from what I can gather with my basic understanding of immigration, traders come into my city on canoes and see the plumbs, they then return to their families after trading their iron and coal for my nations plumbs, they tell their families tales of he great plumb nation, then they tell friends and co-workers. This all led to the great population inflation of 18AD.
After 10 years of 66 citisens I grew to 88, many historians argue this was due to a better education system and advancements in stone houses and such. But these people are heretics and should be shakled and plumbed to death. Of course the real reason was due to plumb based immigration. Unfortunately the great mine collapse of 18AD saw the death of 15 good miners, so this countered the growth, I decided to close all mines and quarries and focus solely on plumbs and the occasional gatherer for berries.

All in all I would give plumb simulator 2014 a 9/10 would deffo play again.
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还等什么.just buy this
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My entire village burned down, leaving two teenage boys alive and no-one else. I had a very successful economy so they survived on their own for many years in the burnt out husk of what was once a thriving merchant town by living off my extensive stockpile of most resources. Unable to have children for obvious reasons, they slowly grew old, and in late winter of Year 108, they both died at the ripe old ages of 72 and 73 respectively.
11/10 would play again.
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So, I now have about 100 hours in to this game. I've played multiple games, with my best reaching a population of approx 900 people before the wheels fell off. I've played easy, medium and hard. I've read all of the guides on the wiki, the forums, and even Reddit. I really, really wanted to love this game. I waited for it to come out for what felt like *ages*, stalking this guy's FB page for update info. And I am just so sad that I can't love it.

Why? The inconsistencies. I am a creature of habit. I place all my buildings in a predictable pattern, and I'm a hoarder by nature so I'm very careful about pathing to ensure maximum efficiency of the workers. And yet, despite my consistency in behavior and detail, there is no consistency in output. In one game, 2 woodcutters will provide enough firewood for a population of 120 with firewood to spare. In another game, 14 woodcutters cannot keep the same population afloat, despite over 4k backlog in wood. Woodcutters placed directly beside stockpile containing 2k logs. Woodcutter (A) will cut 42 logs in a season, while Woodcutter (B) will cut 298 logs in the same season, and Woodcutter (C) might cut 3 logs that season. All three are educated, and are situated in homes very close by. Their food is supplied by the gatherer and hunter that are always paired with foresters on my maps. They want for nothing, but they do not work.

This is a problem that I find repeatedly throughout the game. You want a field of about 40x40 cleared, so you free up 100 or so laborers, prioritize that field and wait for them to get to work! And you wait.... and you wait.... and you wait. You re-prioritize the field. You de-select everything else on the map for clearing. You wait..... 8 seasons have passed, and your field is not cleared. 8 seasons of 100 laborers that could have been doing any number of other things.

This is a randomly occurring problem within the game. You could go 50 seasons without a hitch, before you get a spike of random unproductiveness. Whole fields can produce less than 50 food per year, woodcutters that just dont show up for work, miners that idle the entire season away in the Cemetary.

Oh! And for funsies, when you get a disease outbreak, and the diseased persons refuse to go to any of your multiple, fully staffed hospitals for treatment! They just wander the map, going about their business like Typhoid Mary from Hell. Every town center I make gets a hospital, and the sick folks generally find their way to them in short order. However, every now and then, you will get a Typhoid Mary who will inflict their disease on 100+ of your population before they finally die.

Yeah, inconsistent.

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Don't blink.
Blink and you starve.
It happens fast.
Faster than you can believe.
Don't turn your back
Don't look away.
And don't blink.
Good luck
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>Play long enough to get 110 people
>Outbreak of influenza
>No big deal, have physician
>Winter comes early
>Crops die before harvesting
>Physician keeps dying of starvation
>By the next summer, before crops can be harvested, 75% of town dead
>Why God.