Captain your own space ship and roam the galaxy in 3D in this tactical space simulator with tons of RPG depth ! Space has never looked so inviting - but images can betray... It has been two years since the end of the second Gemini war, the situation in the wartorn system is further from resolution than ever.
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Data wydania: 26 Wrz, 2014

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"New space trading and combat sim with some CRPG-elements. If you like Freelancer this is a game for you!"

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13 maja

[2015/5/13] Update v1.4000 - La Résistance française!

Greetings captains,

It's been awhile since our last update, but we have been working. Unfortunately, not everything is ready just yet. Our biggest announcement is the upcoming free DLC featuring a complete storyline, even longer than the original campaign. As we promised, we've been recreating the storyline from Starpoint Gemini 1 and it should become available in June! We'll make sure to announce the release as soon as we're ready!

But, let's return to the business at hand. What's this update about? Several things:

  • Preparations for the upcoming free DLC
  • Standard assortment of minor fixes
  • And last, but nowhere near least: French localization. ALL credit goes to the esteemed gentleman by the name of Sébastien Gigot, a member of this amazing community, who took it upon himself to translate the entire game to French.
    Mr. Gigot, we owe you a debt of gratitude we can hardly repay. THANK YOU!

As always, if you encounter problems, let us know and we'll do our best to answer and help as fast as possible.

And finally we come to the already standard change list:

  • ADDED: Follow mission button, which comes in handy when juggling several missions at once
  • FIXED: Active Only button on the logs panel, now properly toggles between active/non-active missions
  • ADDED: New mission markers (on the HUD and the Starchart) for acquired/followed missions
  • ADDED: Campaign missions now have mission-appropriate images
  • FIXED: Several errors in the Cat and Mouse campaign missions (Shinova problem)
  • FIXED: Several minor errors in Second Front Baeldor side mission
  • ADDED: Throttle/Slider implemeted for Thrustmaster Flight Hotas X, Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, Cybord F.L.Y. 5 flight stick. ship speed should now properly change according to the position of the joystick's throttle/slider.
  • FIXED: Some issues with resetting to default controls. Full Gamepad control (for Xbox controllers) should now properly load the correct controls at game start-up and the "Reset" button at Options->Controls should now reset the controls for the appropriate controller.
  • UPDATED: Support for the following controllers:
    • Logitech F710 Wireless Controller
    • Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510
    • Thrustmaster Flight Hotas X
    • Logitech Extreme 3D Pro
  • FIXED: A bug where you were sometimes unable to accept a main mission (pressing Accept didn't start the mission)
  • UPDATED: Minor changes in the flare system
  • FIXED: Minor fixes in the Defense platform hitpoints calculations
  • UPDATED: File loading system improved (optimized for mods and DLCs)
  • FIXED: A potential problem related to News panels on stations where the game was attempting to access the wrong region
  • FIXED: A potential problem related to loading textures on some graphics cards
  • FIXED: A potential problem when drawing asteroids on some graphics cards
  • FIXED: A potential problem when drawing junkyard on some graphics cards
  • FIXED: Several fixes and improvements in the game log recording

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18 lutego

Secrets of Aethera DLC for Starpoint Gemini 2 is out now!

Greetings captains, once again.

We've got another announcement today. It's not just an update day, it's also a DLC day.

Secrets of Aethera is now available bringing new ships, new missions, a special upgradeable weapon, new freelance mission... a nifty little bundle :).

I won't spam you too much, so here's a link to the DLC store page

Safe travels captains!

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“ of the most positive and relaxing game experiences I’ve had in a long time”
80 – PC Gamer

“… if you’re the kind of gamer who really enjoyed the likes of Freelancer and the X-series, then you’ll want to keep an eye on this game.”
Escapist Magazine

“...largely nails that feeling of being a grizzled starship captain who doesn't play by the rules, making his living any way he can.”
75 – Strategy Informer


We do NOT officially support Vista, as is shown in the minimum requirements section (Win7 is minimum), but we do our best to keep it compatible nonetheless. PLEASE keep this in mind when considering a purchase. The current version does run on Vista though, but there is a special procedure for it (you need to opt into a special product branch) which is described in detail on the game discussion board.

Steam Workshop And Modding

Starpoint Gemini 2 is as mod-friendly as we can make it (although we constantly work on opening it up even more). Sharing your modded content through Steam Workshop is done easily via our Mod Manager that is supplied with the game. Check out the Workshop section to see what mods are already available!

O tej grze

Captain your own space ship and roam the galaxy in 3D in this tactical space simulator with tons of RPG depth ! Space has never looked so inviting - but images can betray...

It has been two years since the end of the second Gemini war, the situation in the wartorn system is further from resolution than ever.
The collection of freedom fighters named Gemini League is now reduced to a small group, with no power or influence, after losing their leaders. The Empire meanwhile, has used the re-opened Starpoint to occupy the once renegade Gemini sector - and beyond.

A multitude of Imperial warship fleets and mammoth motherships have crushed every trace of opposition. The situation was looking bleak, when they suddenly halted their armada and re-shifted their focus on fortifying Starpoint with staggering numbers. Rumours soon spread that they were afraid of something coming after them through the T-gate, from what was supposed to be the core of the Empire. What are they running from that makes even the mighty Empire tremble?

Starpoint Gemini 2 will take players on a breath taking journey, with dark secrets and unimaginable twists that will finally unveil the incredible truth...

Key features:

  • Complex, but easy-to-use RPG system, now coupled with dynamic real-time 3D combat.
  • Explore the dynamic game world as a whole, rather than through individual maps.
  • Use T-Gates, wormholes and riftways to travel faster around the Gemini system .
  • Fifty diverse factions ranging from states and companies to outlaws, locked in a powerstruggle, with over 100 commodities to trade or plunder.
  • Special revocable licenses acquired from factions offer various bonuses and unlock new options.
  • Hire mercenary captains to follow you on your travels and share your fate, and employ officers to fill key positions on your ship (engineering, navigation, tactical).
  • Random missions get generated depending on the player’s actions and allegiances.
  • Over 70 unique ships, fully upgradeable with various ship systems, with a.o. visible turrets, and a large arsenal of destructive weapons to blast enemies to pieces.
  • Direct ship controls create complete immersion.
  • Advanced physics provided by NVIDIA PhysX technology

Wymagania systemowe

    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8
    • Processor: 2.2 GHz Dual core or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 10 compliant graphics card with 512MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8
    • Processor: 3.0 GHz Dual core or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 11 compliant graphics card with 1GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
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19.8 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 25 stycznia
Gra warta polecenia, dużo misji oraz ciekawych zdarzeń losowych.
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23.0 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 20 grudnia, 2014
I really enjoy this game for the sense of freedom/exploration it gives.

Here's something that happened to me a couple days ago.

I got a mission to deliver some porno mags to a sector that I had not explored yet, everything was going fine... just another day in the Space Delivery bussiness, full speed, power diverted to my propulsion system... everything was going smooth.

When I finally was able to spot my destination (long trip), I got a warning on my bridge control about hostile/uncloaking ships nearby, not even a second after the warning BAM, my Power gets disrupted and my Engines no longer work at full speed, I am now being chased by ~6ships with MUCH better Offensive/Defensive systems, I had no chance.

Im taking a lot of hits, and my shields are long gone, my HULL is down to ~30% and my ship is about to be blown to pieces... THEN I spotted it, one of those small wormholes that take you to about ~3 sector away if you keep "riding" its gravitational pull.

I had no time, my ship was burning, my guns didn't even scratch the enemy ships and all I had left was the items that give you a small speed boost. Without thinking much I pointed my ship to the worm hole and put it on the max speed possible. It was freaking amazing to avoid the enemy ships by riding the Worm hole.

I ended up riding it for about half a sector and then used my PowerToEngines to get out of it and back to my delivery destination, this time fully cloaked!

Can't help but think what kind of sick Space Porno that was.

I recommend this game to everyone, the various things that happen make it very interesting for those who thrill to be a Space Captain.
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86.5 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 28 listopada, 2014
Loved this game. Felt like Privateer 2 without the cutscenes and sadly missing Clive Owen with Christopher Walkins :-( Freelancer should've been more like this. SG2 is a lot more open world than Freelancer which has its advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I found it purely an advantage. Unlike Privateer 2 and Freelancer you can truly just be a merchant if you want and switch effortlessly to being a badass kill everything murder ship at any space station/planet. Sometimes it's just the little things that make you happy... The graphics are great, the music not annoying, the abundance/ease of quickly accepting missions is a serious plus, and most importantly the flexibility of the game to allow someone the ability to play the game how they want w/out the need of trainers, cheat codes, or cheat engine.
Just like in the real world there are easy ways to make a quick buck with minimal returns or riskier methods that garnish heavy monetary rewards. I love that this game isn't afraid to make the playing field drastically uneven when it comes to rewards. Harder, almost always (there are times you get lucky/learn to exploit advantageous situations), means greater rewards! Learning the in game market is very beneficial. But it gets better, should you disagree w/me all you have to do is download any of the many mods and change how the game mechanics work. This game is a literal win-win. Small minor bonus pluses that I think are worth mentioning are; 1.) Achievements actually give you in game bonuses 2.) Blueprints that give better stuff that can't be bought 3.) Bounty hunting ( this is a mixed bag. this system could better implemented but I'll be damned if i didn't end up hunting everyone down!) 4.) Buying of certificates/licenses (w/game money and not real money) that give-in game bonuses for no other reason but to make the game fun (personally, I think it could have been better implemented but I sure as ♥♥♥♥ was excited to find a new one!). 5.) A good array of ships to pick from (potentially unlimited if you count mods... Just saying...) 6.) Personally, I found the system upgrade gimmick confusing at 1st but once understood, it opens the door to a lot of options that becomes unlimited if you include modding (just saying...).
No game is perfect and this one isn't either. This is the disadvantage section of SG2. SG2 has some pretty poor optimization problems. 4-5 years ago my PC was a champ so it's aged a bit meow. Still, w/the level of graphics/visuals/objects it should run better. Especially since the video/graphics adjustment is bugged/non-functional. It's only a moderate complaint because the game allows mods and several are designed to reduce the toll taken on your PC. The rest of the comaplaints are mild at best because all are easily adjusted w/mods or are drastically overshadowed by the game's massive, bulging, make you scream in your pillow as you take it awesomeness so here goes- 1.) The voicovers are almost all a joke. They're done w/the stalest emotion possible. 2.) The story is kinda flat. Open ended games are prone to this a lot so it obviousley shouldn't be a huge unseen problem here. The game brings up interesting things here and there so kudos for the Devs for trying but it is still kinda... ummm... blah most of the time (kudos for the DEVs for doing such a good job to make the game so fun I really didn't care!)

In short, my complaints are minimal at best and I had countless hours of fun playing it. I found it quick and easy to learn and SG2 left a lot of options for me to explore for future play throughs. I can't ask a game to do more than that but w/mods this game could be literally different everytime I played. I got it on sale and felt like I stole something. I would have happily paid full price and been more than content. This game is awesome, WOOF!
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1.9 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 28 listopada, 2014
I wish I hadn't bought this game. I loved Freelancer and thought it would be something similar but boy was I wrong.
This game lacks any atmosphere and feeling of a space-traveling universe. Docking at stations and visiting stations is one of the most disappointing events I ever encountered in a space game. There is no radio chatter, no clearance for docking; you never hear anybody over radio nor do you see more than one or two ships (even near well populated planets!). This game feels so incredibly dead and empty, that travelling and exploring just simply isn't any fun at all. It all feels so static. Add to that that planets and stations you visit are not animated but all just have a static, bland screensaver in the background of dull buying menues. There are no bars or other places that give you the feeling of really setting a foot on a place. Rather it all feels so incredibly generic and it doesn't get better if you add the boring "go there and kill pirate x"-missions that we all have seen way too often now.

This game is nowhere near Freelancer and if you look for something like that, you will most likely be as disappointed as I am. This is a sad and empty game and I would be careful to get carried away by the positive albeit misleading reviews here.
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30.5 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 29 listopada, 2014
This game gets compared to Freelancer a lot (particularly by forums users), but it's like a poor man's version of Freelancer without any of its artistry or high points like the lore backgrounding the game, and the great universe design. There are similar mechanics: do some basic trading, have a ship...

TBH it is a bit of a disappointment after the hype you hear about it from fans. To be really blunt in its current state I think this is a $10 max game. It feels a bit like it would be a good iOS space game, but as yet isn't a good PC space game. It needs an additional layer of depth and polish to become anything more than average. I'm playing it a bit but it's mostly as a time filler and because its a pretty massive grind to get anywhere (which I assume covers for a lack of content).

The forums seem to be an unadulterated love fest for this game and that was one of the main things that swayed me, but it's fairly average so far. I think it has something to do with the developers being active on the forums, big-upping anyone that says anything positive. Will update this review if my opinion changes, but I have a pretty good picture of the core dynamics: capture till you get a bigger ship, capture till you get a bigger ship until you get the biggest ship. Do really boring missions until you get your rank up. Otherwise you might do the really boring version of trading or mining (compared to other games).

  • Tutorial and the campaign to date are pretty bad and unengaging (I kinda know what I'm doing but just don't care).
  • Visuals are mediocre, although the ship art is okay.
  • Universe feels empty in a bad way.
  • Voice acting in the plot is amateur.
  • You can only save in certain places which is a pain in the ♥♥♥♥ (there are some lackluster excuses about this)
  • Combat seems fairly one dimensional
  • RPG elements are lighter than I expected (4 skills that you level, and some perks)
  • Crew are just stats bonuses
  • Trading economy and mining seem extremely basic

Overall I think a game like Starsector has far more RPG depth.

You can customise ship colours, decals, and names so we can all call our ship Stormbringer, however, I haven't tried naming one Mistake Not My Current State Of Joshing Gentle Peevishness For The Awesome And Terrible Majesty Of The Towering Seas Of Ire That Are Themselves The Milquetoast Shallows Fringing My Vast Oceans Of Wrath - it might be possible.

The cosmetic stuff like naming the ships and changing colours seems to be my high point so far. It might end up being a good's hoping.
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3.1 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 19 grudnia, 2014
This is a good game for space adventurers. However, there should be an emphasis on the word "adventure" more than action on this one.

There is story here, but I find the game play is slightly lacking. The idea of controlling a modify-able ship is awesome, especially with the ability to turn auto-firing and auto-pilot on and off - but I just find this game lacks a bit in depth. There is a lot to do, a lot of side missions, main missions are intriguing enough, but SG2 just fails to deliver amazing game play. Maybe it's because I'm playing with a controller, but I find from the stuff you can do in game to scanning or teleporting is not quite there. You cannot walk around space ports or your own ship which is really disappointing because what captain doesn't want to see what's going on - on his/her ship. I find myself always chasing new nav points and flying in circles and turning on auto-firing.

I like the game, but enough to pass time or keep me busy. I do not think it's worth the stated price and recommended to buy on sale.

7/10 as it is simply an average game.
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22 z 26 osób (85%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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33.5 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 29 listopada, 2014
Very good Freelancer-like spaceships game.

Very nice graphics, playability and effects. A lot of ships which are actually different one from one to another. There's not just the boring small-big-bigger-huge mechanics mixed with the Light-Heavy-Trader axis. With different stats (cargo load, soldiers, weapon spots etc) the choice between one model and the other seems to have some meaning.

Trading is a bit basic, although the map is very large and there are a lot different goods with different degrees of "rareness".

Main campaign not so exciting but with some twists and cutplay more than decent.

Big plus: the company is still supporting the game with fixes, adds and patches. Without asking you for more money.

Much wows, so honest, many pleasant.
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17 z 19 osób (89%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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29.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 5 lutego
Starpoing Gemini 2 is a humbling game. It isn't on the scale of some star exploration games, being in only one star system. But where it lacks in size to its competition, it makes up for it with sheer density and diversity in play. You can be a star trader, pirate, a security operative, or... yes, even a mere space station mechanic -- only accepting missions to repair other space stations to earn your money. The combat is intelligent and engaging, but not too challenging. The only drawback is I cannot bring my friends in. But with a list of objectives like I have in this, who has time for them? time to go kill some pirates and steal whatever they've stolen, and sell it! BETTER SHIPS ♥♥♥♥♥ES
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21 z 27 osób (78%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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4.4 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 5 lutego
I kind of hoped this game would be an open world sandbox RPG like Mount and Blade but in space, however I was disappointed. It's suprisingly very shallow, overpriced, falls short in many aspects, missions are dull and repetitive, the game feels too grindy and the world is fairly lifeless despite being beautiful. With more depth the game could have been monumental.

It is certainly not a terrible game and it has some merits, but it did disappoint me. If I could give it a neutral or maybe rating I would as I don't think it deserves a thumbs down, hence my recommendation.
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17 z 20 osób (85%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 2 osób ta recenzja jest zabawna
59.8 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 5 lutego
30+ hours in game and I'm nowhere near finished with this thing! Totaly got my money's worth. I heard there are people with 1000+ hours and I know I'm not going there, but I'm pretty suer it will keep me occupied over 100 hours.

Then again, DLC is near and it means even more time sunk into this amazing game. Keep up the good work developers!!!
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18 z 22 osób (82%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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83.0 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 14 lutego
I love this game. Great mods, awesome single play gameplay. I wish there was some multiplayer action though. Maybe in the future sometime. Idk. Huge open world and lots of upgrades and weapons etc.

9/10 will play again.
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15 z 17 osób (88%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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4.5 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 19 lutego
With only 3 hours play this is only first thoughts.

A worthy title. If you have played any of the X series of games this is it's younger and not so complicated brother. In some ways it is more like Freelancer but either way it has nods to all these games whilst keeping it light on the learning curve.

You can jump right in and start blasting asteroids for early bucks and the early missions (freeplay) are doable with the starting ship.

I have several mods that give me Star Trek ships and a Star Wars universe to roam in which are both from the Steam Workshop.

In short (in earlry play) this is an instantly playable space trading/shooter that looks and feels great but don't expect the depth that the X series has (which for some people will be perfect ;) )

7/10 Go give an asteroid a new bumhole.
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15 z 18 osób (83%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 1 osoby ta recenzja jest zabawna
70.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 5 lutego
good game, good graphics, much fun. and if you get bored, try mods cause there are many available in workshop.

9/10 score.
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13 z 15 osób (87%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 1 osoby ta recenzja jest zabawna
68.2 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 29 stycznia
I can not believe how much fun I am having with SPG2. I have played the X games and enjoyed them, however, I always found them obtuse and very difficult to learn. SPG2 is simple by comparison but this in no way a bad thing. They have found all the elements I found fun and pulled them out and made an awesome game. Combat is fun, I feel like I am in control of a mighty star ship, not some egg with guns. However, if your not careful you can be over run and taken down. The ballance is great, I have died but never have I said "but why" or "that wasn't fair" . There is Traiding in the game but its simple, again not a bad thing. If I wanted Stock market sim 2015 I'd have gone and bought that. This is a nice system to make money with that I don't have to spend weeks reserching prices and locations. Mining and salvage as well, but again, I don't have to spend a week trying to find a station that sells mining or salvage mod for my ship. Weapons are again Simple. havinge 300 different items that all do basicly the same thing isn't a plus in my books. 3 weapon types with several items for each class and clear choices which is better. Ships are again simple with up to 10 systems to worry about. I find no fun in the need to have 100 different system for a ship.... simple is better.

I Now have 35 hours in this game, one of my top single player game in my libray now. I find it difficult to find any con's for this game that the DEV's seem to be very involed in. My only thought is More Ships, but again keep it simple.

Awesme game all around.
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10 z 11 osób (91%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 1 osoby ta recenzja jest zabawna
21.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 22 stycznia
Ever since I played Starpoint Gemini, I have been a big fan. The original game was very easy ot use and not too overly complicated to use. The game was in 3D, but only flew in 2D, so it wasn't hard to get form point "A" to point "B" with little effort.

Starpoint Gemini 2 takes the original game several steps fruther. The concept is sitll the same. You are a space pilot looking to make a name for yourself in the age of space trader. You can either play in campiagn or in freemode.

Some of the things that have improved since the first game are as follows...

1.) Flight is now in 3D instead of 2D
2.) You no longer have to use jump gates to get to your destination
3.) A lot more ships to choose from
4.) Ships have a lot more upgrades to choose from
5.) Some ships offer a "Flight Deck" where you can send small fighters out while you battle
6.) Not only can you have a flight deck, but you can also choose which kind of fighters you want
7.) This time, you can also land on planets as well as star bases
8.) Combat is lot more "tactical" than before
9.) You can now make friends and enemies, this determines if you are able to land on stations or planets
10.) There are now factions, each with their own likes and dislikes about you and other factions
11.) More items to buy and trade
12.) Major improvementts on comba, flight, and trading system
13.) There is now a fully viewable starchart you can use to determine where you are versus where you go

Overall a much more enjoyable game with added features that allow a lot mroe to do as well as a lot more offer. The added bonus of flight decks is also very helpful for when you need that added help durig combat. If you are into the Space Trader system that has true 3D concept of space flight, this is a good game to get. If you loved Starpoint Gemini, you will love this second part. The added benefit of landing on planets is a major bonus from the original game.
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10 z 11 osób (91%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
39.9 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 5 lutego
A good game that could have been a great game.

After several hour of play the missions quickly get repetitive. Trading and mining get boring even quicker. The real challenge of the game is capturing enemy ships (and it is the only way to make enough money to advance in the game).

The faction system didn't much much sense to me, and didn't seem very important as it was just goodies vs badies in the end.

Near the end game there was nothing to spend your cash on. The weapons at the end of the game really aren't much better than what you get 20% into the game.

The game crashes from time to time, but not enough to ruin the game thanks to the auto-save feature. It is a 32bit only game and seems to run out of virtual RAM. The developers should have also included a 64bit executable in the install package.

So, good fun for maybe 20 hours.

Some suggestions as to what would have made this a great game.
- Some ship customisation (and why can't I see the weapon arcs)
- More variety in the enemy ships (maybe some boss ships)
- Some random system wide events. Not just random pirates
- The hacking (and anti-hacking) features making some sense. I didn't get hacked ever, but had zero protection.
- More high end weapons and gear
- The galaxy having low and high level sections rather than being seemingly mostly uniform. At the moment sectors are either friendly or impossibly hard. I never found any netural sectors.
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11 z 13 osób (85%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
76.4 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 5 lutego
Do I recommend it? Of course I do! It's a bloody masterpiece! And the fact that a team so small made a game this big is something I deepply respect. And that they are giving us free content updates regulary. And that they are actively talking to us on forums. And that they implement most of community suggestions. And that they made the game highly moddable and with Workshop support. Yes I deeply respect that and I wholeheartedly recommend this game. Even if you leave it after the campaign, you will still have more than 20 hours in it which alone makes it worth its price.
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8.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 15 lutego
Very much like free lancer and already the beginning of decent mods and conversions already in the pipeline
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12 z 15 osób (80%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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8.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 16 lutego
Fun game with lots of game systems. Plays well ona laptop during travel.
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12 z 15 osób (80%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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5.6 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 18 lutego
If you liked Freelancer, you will love this. Though, so far, the story hasn't been as engaging as Freelancers but there is a freeroam mode that basically cuts that aspect out of it and just throws into this really well designed and nice looking universe, for you to do in as you please.

The combat is awesome, the UI is nicely layed out and easy to understand and the game isnt overly complex for the sake of being complex (I'm looking at you X series). The soundtrack is pretty cool too.

Its quite fun and addictive for now, but I can see it becoming quite repetitive. I'm sure later on in the game things become a bit more interesting with bigger ships and fleet battles, but the early game requires a lot of grind it seems.

I recommend buying this on sale, as it is at the time of writing this review. I can't say, yet anyway, if its worth the full asking price. Though I am having a lot of fun with it at the moment.

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