Parcourez 32 niveaux de désolation et de pure terreur. Combattez les ogres cannibales et les autres ennemis à grands renforts de clous, de décharges électriques, de grenades et de missiles.
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Date de parution: 31 mai 2007

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"The game from which Eurogamer was born, back when all this was just LAN parties. As fun now as it was (way back) then."
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Parcourez 32 niveaux de désolation et de pure terreur. Combattez les ogres cannibales et les autres ennemis à grands renforts de clous, de décharges électriques, de grenades et de missiles.

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    Minimum : Ordinateur équipé et 100% compatible Windows XP/Vista
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Quake is a masterpiece, plain and simple.

Quake may be one of my favorite games, but I'll try to make this review as unbiased as possible. Created in 1996, Quake was revolutionary at the time. Following after Doom (Both created by the wonderful ID Software), Quake took all of what Doom did right and pushed it into the third dimension. The levels, music, and enemies all go beyond the call of duty and make this game a timeless classic.

Quake is heavily inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, creating a dark and medieval setting. The dark shades of brown, green and bright reds in later levels really play to this note. This is not just to play homage to Lovecraft, but it doubles up as a way to put the player into an uneasy, unfamiliar, and terrifying world. Playing the game in linear order allows you to slowly creep into these unfamiliar waters. The levels are easy to commute, and allow for minor exploration to find secrets and health/ammo packs. When you run into a group of enemies, you rarely feel unprepared. That's not saying that this game is easy, because it'll tear you a new one if you don't watch out. This game isn't about unfairly pairing you with hard enemies; it’s about a gradual learning curve that teaches you to manage ammo, health and enemies.

The enemies in Quake are also inspired by Lovecraft's novels. Otherworldly beings with a cameo appearance by the “Lord of the Wood” are just a sampler of what you are in store for. Like I touched on in my levels section, the enemies never feel too tough to beat. The first enemies you'll face are dogs and soldiers, gradually building up to Fiends, Shamblers, and Spawns (Seriously, ♥♥♥♥ these guys). You are introduced to new weapons semi-regularly, and are given a good amount of time to find out what to use on the different enemies. An example (and quick tip) are the Zombies. You can mow the Zombies down with your shotgun, but after awhile they will stand back up to fight. Then how do you kill them? When the level first starts you are given a grenade launcher. The first enemies you see? Zombies. With this new weapon already ready to fire, you unload on the group to find that you gib (kill) the zombies for good. From that point on you know how to dispose of them, and that you shouldn't waste your grenades on enemies other than zombies (with an exception for tougher enemies).

With this dark fantasy world coming together with the level design and enemies, there's one last piece missing. Music. The music in Quake was composed by Nine-Inch-Nails. I'm not sure that I can say much else than that. The music fits the game perfectly with eerie, yet appropriate tracks. Take a look at the nail gun ammo boxes for a subtle nod.

Nobody is perfect, and sadly this port isn't an exception to that rule. The Steam version of Quake comes without the classic Nine-Inch-Nails soundtrack, and the mouse is locked horizontally. This is quickly fixed however by downloading this fix from the community page -

All in all, Quake is worth the $5 price tag. The amazing level design, challenging enemies, and great music all come together to create one of video game histories greatest. Never think that you are finished playing Quake. While the main story may have been finished, the lively modding community is doing its job to keep Quake alive. Brand new stories, fun game modes (Team Fortress 2 has roots set in Quake), and many more changes make this game that keeps on giving. I cannot recommend this game more, you'll have to try it for yourself.
Posté le : 9 juillet
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Quake is the legendary old-school first person shooter from ID Software that was a step up from Doom as a true 3D game. The controls are simple, move, strafe, shoot, jump and change weapons. It is fast paced and you can strafe avoid most everything, so if you get hit, its your own fault. Because this is such a fast paced game, gone is the use button, instead you'll walk up to a button or a door and automatically interact with it.

As a shooter, Quake features a lot of guns such as double barreled shotguns, various versions of nail guns (machine guns), grenade and rocket launchers. The weapons feel nice and have great impact, everything from making an enemy fall backward to gib explosions everywhere! There are no throwable grenades or alt fire, but the weapons feel so good to use you won't need them.

You'll need the diverse array of weapons to take on an army of enemies in every level. Everything from standard soldiers and attack dogs to grenade launching chainsaw wielders and electric shocking giant yetis. There is a diverse array of enemies, that always keeps ramping up the challenge and tactics you'll need to kill them. The enemies will fight against one another, which is fun to see, but there aren't factions that you'll see intentionally compete against each other, but Quake still boils down to you vs everything else.

The levels are expertly designed, but can be overly brown, but I guess a game named Quake makes me think inner earth and inner earth makes me think brown. Each level will have you going up, down, forward, opening doors, finding keys, falling in traps, jumping over lava, finding secrets, swimming through ugly water, dodging enemies and murdering much more. It is not straight forward, but you won't get lost, because it is well designed. There are four episodes with 8 or so levels each. Not just that, but because this game is so old and was so wildly popular, it has a million mods and levels.

For new players, there is no regenerating health, but health and ammo are abundant, this is an action game. Kill an enemy, get rewarded with ammo. There is also armor that will let you take more damage.

The music was performed or designed by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and feels like a touch of ambiance amongst scratch guitars. The nail gun ammo also has NIN logos.

The Steam version of Quake offers QuakeWorld compatibility, but the big problem with that is QuakeWorld uses GameSpy servers, which were shut down. There are no achievements, but it is still a classic game that holds up today as one of the greatest old-school first person shooters.

In all this is a fantastic game that uses a game engine that spawned dozens of other engines.
Posté le : 25 août
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Favourite game of my childhood!
Posté le : 31 juillet
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A Classic that still holds up today, and graphics mods make it even better

-Classic FPS style with health/weapon pickups and no 2 weapon limit
-Fast paced and fun
-Level design you don't see at all today
-Tons of Mods/levels out on the intranets

-Quite easy even on hardest difficulty as AI shows its age
-Really needs to have Graphics mods to be enjoyable this day and age
-Nice weapon selection

-Missing the NiN soundtrack that shipped with it back in the day
-No save feature(unless i missed it somewhere) means you need to complete an act in one sitting to beat it--"edit I totally missed it the SAVE feature is listed under new game"

The Lowdown

Quake is still a classic FPS that is still a blast to play today. Its fast paced requires quick aiming skills on later difficulties. The level design is top notch, which compared to todays corrider shooters which is quite sad we have evolved backwards due to the ADHD generation. While there are only 4 acts with a handful of levels each and no real story it can be a quick play for veterans of this era. But what makes up for it is there is tons of content out there for Quake so you basically have endless hours of content. Steam workdhop would be amazing if it was p[ossible. The graphics did not age that well, along with the S#@% brown color palete will hurt your eyes. But this is quite easly fixed with a good number of graphics mods that make it on equal terms of todays indie games(Epsilon/Darkplaces). And last but not least be aware that the steam version is missing the NiN soundtrack that was on the release disk so long ago. [b]
The graphics did not age that well, along with the S#@% brown color palete will hurt your eyes. But this is quite easly fixed with a good number of graphics mods that make it on equal terms of todays indie games(Epsilon/Darkplaces). And last but not least be aware that the steam version is missing the NiN soundtrack that was on the release disk so long ago.

[b]Verdict:Buy It!
Posté le : 8 juin
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Since I reviewed Quake II and Quake III Arena, I could not finished the Pre-DOOM 3 Quakes without including the legendary Quake!

Let's start how I discovered it... On a typical trip to best buy in 1997, at the time, I grew up with macintosh than windows, we were looking for a new Mac game to buy and play, I discovered Quake, and looking through the back cover of the box, I felt scared of the screenshots in it. When I played it, I loved it, even the clever thing one time when I put the Warcraft II CD in, it would play Warcraft music!

The game's final boss, monsters, and art style is primarily based the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, or better known as H.P. Lovecraft. And no, Cthulu isn't there, Shub-Nigath is there. Same gameplay as the other Quakes I mentioned were fun, fast-pace, and addicting.

For the story, you are Ranger, a soldier who has investigate the incidents happened with a monster known as "Quake" (AKA Shub-Nigath). You are there to kill Vores that shoots energy that follows you, Powerful Death Knights, the tough to kill Shamblers, Zombies only killed by Explosives, Possessed Soldiers and Rottweilers, And the apprentience Knights.

Yeah, even Quake 1 has enemy variety. It also has some iconic weapons, like the rocket launcher featured in Team Fortress 2 (AKA The Original) and Lightning gun, powerful yet consumes ammo fast! Aside from that, there is the Nailguns inspired by the band Nine Inch Nails. Yes! Trent Reznor, as a DOOM Fan, along with Nine Inch Nails, did the music and sounds for Quake.

Totally get this game that revolutionizes the 3D world of gaming.

P.S. I can't spell Shub's name right due to the censorship in steam reviewing, blame Valve, not me.
Posté le : 23 septembre
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Cette version Steam peut se montrer retorde suivant votre PC. Comme par exemple le non-support de la souris...
Mais ne vous découragez pas, les guides Steam sont très fournis pour vous aider.

Ceci dit, des versions Mac et Linux disponibles depuis Steam seraient tout de même la moindre des choses !
Posté le : 4 mars 2013
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