Scatena la tua furia attraverso 32 livelli giocatore singolo e 6 livelli deathmatch di puro terrore con sonoro e luci completamente coinvolgenti. Preparati ad affrontare Orchi cannibali, Divoratori demoniaci e Abomini indistruttibili sfruttando artigli letali, crudeli Sparafulmini e mostruosi Razzi e Lancia Granate.
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Acquista Quake

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Scatena la tua furia attraverso 32 livelli giocatore singolo e 6 livelli deathmatch di puro terrore con sonoro e luci completamente coinvolgenti. Preparati ad affrontare Orchi cannibali, Divoratori demoniaci e Abomini indistruttibili sfruttando artigli letali, crudeli Sparafulmini e mostruosi Razzi e Lancia Granate.

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    Requisiti Minimi: Un computer compatibile al 100% con Windows XP/Vista
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Pubblicata: 1 luglio
Bought it for some good nostalgia but.. one would've hoped all the crash bugs were fixed by now. Not having fun.
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Pubblicata: 1 luglio
"Chemo" should get a mention because his link to the music patch got me to purchase this after holding off for ages.

With all games I almost immediately turn off the music because I find it distracting from the enviroment sounds. But Quake is different; the music is also the enviroment and the enviroment is the music. Put it this way Quake is so much better WITH the musical soundtrack and Quake is the ONLY game I can think of that has that required audio blend.

Quake , with the sound track and upped resolution options, has aged much much better than most games of similar age.

Awesome game with an awesome soundtrack - go and buy it now and download the patch to hear and see it in its fullest glory, since this patch also brings the resolution options bang up to date.
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Pubblicata: 30 giugno
I give it quake/10
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Pubblicata: 30 giugno
I've played all of id's classic FPS games, Wolfenstein 3d and both Dooms. Hell, I even passed Rage and liked it. But quake always flew from my radar. After some research I decided that I liked more the whole sci fi/medieval setting of the first one than the pure sci fi alien shooter of the second and fourth game. Quake has a moody and horrorfying atmosphere to it and solid FPS action. Highly recommend.
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Pubblicata: 30 giugno
I just installed it today - I played the game waaay back when it was FIRST released(my current phone is more powerful than my first PC!) - and it runs just fine on our run-of-the-mill Windows 10 all-in-one desktop machine. I did bump up the resolution from its default to something abit more modern, and it takes abit of getting used to(again) the fact that the mouse-looking is just side-to-side, but it doesn't matter at all, though there are keyboard keys for looking up-down.

This game still holds up today, 20 years after its release. You will quickly realize how much hand-holding is built into today's games! Quake is THE game that made me a PC gamer.
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Pubblicata: 30 giugno
Quake could be called DOOM 2.5. Why? You run around killing ugly monsters with a double barrel shotgun whilest looking for keys so that you can save Earth from invasion by an unspeakable evil.

I say unspeakable because I still cannot pronounce the final boss's name. But I digress...

Quake is one of id's best work from the golden age of pure shooters. If you liked DOOM or classic Wolfenstein, you'll like this.
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Pubblicata: 30 giugno
Great game, but you need to download a good source port as the original WinQuake and QuakeGL are terrible.

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Pubblicata: 29 giugno
I'm not allowed to say anything bad about this game so I will make this review short:

It's good.
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Pubblicata: 29 giugno
Prodotto ricevuto gratis
3 words:
Old but Gold
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Pubblicata: 28 giugno
Do you like/play videogames?
Do you like/play First Person Shooters?

If the answer to any of those questions is "Yes" then PLAY THIS GAME

QUAKE FREAKING RULES: It is simultaneously the most important PC videogame to ever be released aside from Unreal and Doom, and at the same time one of the most pulse pounding, erection throbbing, masculine pieces of hardcore videogaming to be ever devised. If you haven't played this game, you can't call yourself a lover of videogames.

The story is.... Well WHO GIVES A HORSE?? But in case you want to know what's going on:
You are Ranger: A warrior of earth who is sent by the leaders of earth through these ancient portals (Called Slipgates) into other dimentions to retrieve 4 runes and stop the evil overlord Shub-Niggurath that is controlling all the monsters that you fight. The whole story is told through the level design, and from the text and the end of each episode, just to make sure you haven't ran away to burn down your school.

The art style is very reminisent of Gothic, Sci-fi, Hell, and the Occult. The whole art style feels like a love letter to the powerful H.P. Lovecraft (if you don't know him, get out and read Cthulu). Playing Quake feels like being trapped in a metal band's nightmare of awesomness. It's dark, gritty, terrifying, and it just feels wrong. but plays so right. And it should feel like a metal band's nightmare, because Trent Reznor of the band Nine Inch Nails helped ID Software create this masterpiece. He did the amazing music, some of the iconic sound effects, and the voice of Ranger.

The level design is SECOND TO NONE: This is as criptic as Doom, and every single map is carefully constructed and planned so that you feel overwhelmed on where you need to go, yet they are simple enough to navigate so that you get the feeling of being a baddass, overcoming the criptic levels. The sheer amount of effort and detail that went into these levels puts every single fps level made today to shame. Even Doom 2016's levels, while criptic and challenging, are childs play compared to the epicness of Quake. The only other games I can think of that have better level design that this are Doom 1 & 2, Heretic/Hexen, Blood, Duke Nukem 3D, and Unreal 1. And even then, I would say that Quake is more complex and better than all of them: the levels are not as straightforward as Dooms, nor as brainkilling as Heretic/Hexens, nor as believable or iconic as Blood or Duke Nukem 3D's; Quake's levels feel like something out of a nightmare and there has been nothing like this ever been seen since.

The music in Quake is just simply amazing. It captures the whole mood of being in a nightmare, and is as iconic as Quake it'self. Just listen to this, and it sums up what playing quake is like:

The enemies are amazing and very original too: You have to learn and memorise all their attack patterns and behaviours to overcome them, and use the right weapon for the right enemy.

The weapons themselves are also metal as ♥♥♥♥: You start off with Ranger's iconic useless Axe, and a fast firing shotgun. There is then the Double barrel shotgun, and the rocket launcher, all stuff you expect. Instead of a machine gun, you have NAILGUNS: a Double barrel nailgun, and a Gattling nail gun, and the nails are not hitscan attacks they are projectiles, so you have to lead your targets. You also get a grenade launcher and a rocket launcher to kill the undead zombies, as they can only be killed by Gibbing them. Finally you have the lightning gun, which requires you to have a line of sight on your enemies to use, so you can't simply use it and duck behind a pillar, meaning you have to THINK on how you will use it.

And did I mention this game is hard? FREAKING hard? Even on the easiest difficulty this game will test your skills to the bone. In fact the Nightmare difficulty is so hard that they hid it in the episode select hub. See if you can find it and takkle the ultimate challenge.

This is also one of the most important PC games ever made: It was one of the first games to use 3D polygons and run itself off a computers CPU, which was mindboggling for the year 1997. It was the first FPS game to implement the WASD+Mouse controls as standard for FPS, it cemented the fast paced arena deathmatch multiplayer, and it's mindblowing idTech graphics engine created a game engine for HUNDREDS of games to use. So many iconic games today have used this game's engine; Call of Duty, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, the original Team Fortress was a mod for this, and I could go on ALL DAY.

Quake is one of the greatest videogames of all time, and the aftershock of it's impact and legecy are STILL being felt to this day. Quake changed videgames forever.

5/5 An unmissable masterpiece.

Still not convinced? Watch this:

[Editors note: If you want to have the full experience, download this source port for the game: Darkplaces: It allows for more lighting options, has higher resolutions, and includes the music, which is absent from the steam release. Install this into your Quake folder in your Steamapps directory file, and you should be good to go!]
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Pubblicata: 23 giugno
*POOF* *chik* *POOF* *chik* *POOF* *chik*
*POOF* *chik* *POOF* *chik*
*POOF* *chik* *POOF* *chik* *POOF* *chik*
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Pubblicata: 21 giugno
Quake is an old, old game. But still a lot of fun- especially thanks to the incredible quantity of excellent mods.
In particular, I recommend enhancing it with the following:
Quoth (essentially a free expansion pack that is absolutely brilliant)
Darkplaces (a new free engine that greatly improves visuals and memory)
Quake Re-texturing project or some other HD texture pack.
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Pubblicata: 22 giugno
20 years old, but still fun as ever to play.

I downloaded this patch to fix the music:
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Pubblicata: 2 giugno
A giant among giants. My childhood.
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Pubblicata: 22 giugno
In honor of Quake's 20th birthday and Quake Champions announcement, I feel it's relevant to say how great this gem of a game has aged.

As id's leap into 3D, and one of the first truly 3D polygonal shooters I can recall, Quake is still as much fun in 2016 as it was in 1996. The game oozes a dark, eeire and ominous atmosphere, with an interesting blend of gothic fantasy and gritty sci-fi for a really one of a kind look. The 3D graphics, though obviously very dated, are still rather charming. This is too speak nothing of Trent Reznor's fantastic soundtrack, which deeply enhances the creepy atmoshphere.

If you enjoyed Doom 2016, this would be right up your alley. It makes me very happy to say how well Quake holds up.

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Pubblicata: 6 giugno
It was the first fully 3d fps on pc and layed the groundwork for what we have today. It can be modded to todays resolution and a bit nicer graphics.

Played a lot with this game and Doom of course as child with friends and colleague as well :)

It is a pice of history there ...

It dos not came with its soundtrack for some reason!
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Pubblicata: 23 giugno
Quake's 20th anniversary is here and I started playing the singleplayer campaign again. I played Quake when it originally released and it still holds up today. Quake's legacy might be its multiplayer, but Quake 1's campaign is great. It's all about the creepy atmosphere. It's not a game where you quickly mow through legions of demonic creatures. It involves exploration and some minor puzzle solving (mostly just finding keys or pressing a panel to open a wall, etc). You're wandering around a dark, subterranean castle-like environment which is in stark contrast to the sci fi settings of the sequels. This is by far the best setting out of the Quake series and I wish they'd do a modern take on the original setting, instead of all the sci fi Strogg nonsense that came after it. None of them captured the eerie horror setting and atmosphere of the original which is a shame. There is a basic story and lore to the game you can read about, but its not really presented in the game. You don't need to read anything to enjoy the game though. Similar to how Doom had a basic plot, but the game itself just involves you navigating levels and shooting stuff.

You must play this game with the Ultimate Quake Patch installed. It restores Trent Reznor's (of Nine Inch Nails) original soundtrack which was a creepy atmospheric masterpiece. To play the game without it is doing yourself a serious disservice. In addition to the soundtrack, it adds support for new resolutions. I personally don't think it needs any high res texture pack, playing it at a higher screen resolution is enough. It might look primitive by today's standards but id Software did a superb job with the limitations they had at the time.

Multiplayer is all but dead. While servers still exist, good luck finding anybody to play with. I had loads of fun with the multiplayer when the game was new, the Headhunters mod was particularly entertaining. You're not going to be playing this game today for the multiplayer, but for its singleplayer where it really shines.
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Pubblicata: 22 giugno
Quake is a first person shooter released by id Software in 1996. One of the earliest 3D shooters, Quake became the basis for shooters beyond it for years to come, like Doom before it. Quake was also one of the most popular games to mod. Aforementioned mods also spawned franchises that are still popular today, such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress.

Quake's artstyle is one that immediately stands out, it's very Lovecraftian, with indescribably horrifying monsters and huge creepy castles.The sound design is great too. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame was brought in to do the music and sounds, and they're absolutely fantastic. With creepy ambient sound effects, and horrific monster voices, the whole game's atmosphere is practically made by the sound design. The biggest problem with all this, is that the Steam version doesn't contain the soundtrack, so you need to download a patch to add them back in, or simply put the original cd in if you have it.

Back to the aforementioned castles, the levels largely consist of maze-like castles and fortresses filled with secrets and monsters. Powerups, weapons, and shortcuts are all hidden behind secret doors and in the shadows. The level-design overall is par for the course when it comes to old-school id, meaning it kicks major ♥♥♥.

The weapons are pretty varied, with shotguns, nailguns, rocket and grenade launchers, pretty much all the tropes that these games invented, Quake has. It has a few powerups too, these being the Quad Damage, Pentagram of Protection, and the Ring of Shadows. Enemy variety is also fantastic, with some enemies that are explosive resistant, others that need to be blown to smithereens, otherwise getting back up and continuing the fight. The multiplayer isn't really active, although it's still great for lan parties.

  • Solid, if simple, gameplay
  • Great map design
  • Artstyle was original for games back then, and is still somewhat original today.
  • Sound design on the level of games like Thief
  • Weapon and enemy variety

  • Soundtrack is missing in Steam version, requiring a patch to add it back in.
  • Multiplayer isn't very active. Understandable, as the newer games have expanded upon it.

Final Thoughts:
Quake has a fantastic artstyle and horrifyingly awesome sound design. It's officially 20 years old as of today, and it remains one of the best arena shooters of all time.

Rating: 10/10

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Pubblicata: 12 giugno
If you dont like Quake then you can suck some balls.
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Pubblicata: 31 maggio
This game has a few issues on steam, luckily they can all be fixed if you just take a very quick look at the forum.

Everything still holds up, although there are a couple levels that are a tad dull, perhaps maybe it\'s just my personal taste, but overall the atmosphere, enemies, and levels are all very interestingly designed and you can just tell that the original development team was very excited to do all kinds of weird things with the new engine they were working with. The levels have tons of different elements to them, constantly mixing jumping, with swimming, with playforming in some area\'s. They really took advantage of how versatile and free your character was and makes the gameplay feel very dynamic and energetic.

Great experience through and through, with 2 expansions in case you want more. There\'s also a semi-active modding community still around, not sure if it\'s still as active as Doom\'s, but they\'ve produced some great content.
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