Swing, climb, and jump your way through massive “gardens” of vibrant other-worldly plant-life in this truly organic platformer.
Data de lançamento: 2 Fev 2012
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O sucesso de crítica do PSN, PixelJunk™ Eden, está disponível no Steam!
Com características e controles recriados especificamente para o PC, PixelJunk™ Eden no Steam parecerá novo mesmo para veteranos da versão do PS3. Balance-se, escale e pule através de enormes “jardins” de vibrantes plantas exóticas neste jogo de plataforma com sensação verdadeiramente orgânica, e faça os jardins crescerem enquanto explora e guia o pequeno porém ágil "Grimp" em busca das elusivas "Spectra" escondidas em cada estágio. Suba em plantas gigantes que crescem sob seus pés e balance-se por elas para destruir Pollen Prowlers em uma crescente cacofonia de pólen. Seja atirado de canhões, flutue em gravidade zero, adentre mundos invertidos ou simplesmente seja jogado pelo vento enquanto agarra-se desesperadamente a uma folha; cada jardim tem seus próprios desafios, quebra-cabeças e inimigos que vão expandir sua mente!
Com uma trilha sonora techno original e um estilo gráfico único criados em harmonia entre si pelo artista multimídia independente “Baiyon”, Eden é uma experiência como nenhum outro jogo neste planeta, ou em qualquer outro.

Principais características:

  • Uma cativante harmonia de visuais e sons criados pelo músico e artista gráfico independente Baiyon.
  • Todos os 15 jardins de ambos Eden e do pacote de expansão "Encore" estão inclusos.
  • Controles completamente recriados para o mouse.
  • Uma nova característica, "Quick Warp", que permite aos jogadores retornar à sua última posição caso eles achem que estão caindo muito longe...
  • Uma melhorada característica de "continue": os jogadores podem começar a partir de qualquer Spectra no estágio em questão.
  • Muitas conquistas novas para sua lista de conquistas Steam!

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS:Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processor:Performance equivalent to Core™2 Duo. SS3 required.
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:5 years or younger. Integrated graphics and very low budget cards may not work. OpenGL 2.1.
    • DirectX®:dx90c
    • Hard Drive:446 MB HD space
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Jogo ajuda a ter muita paciencia..

Alem de ser um jogo muito simples acredito que ajude muito na concentraçao e paciencia..
Nao e tao gostoso de jogar como Tetris mas o efeito acredito ser o mesmo.
Recomento pelo fato do jogo ao mesmo tempo que e muito simples ele e desafiante e divertido.
Publicada: 29 dezembro 2013
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A pleasant palate cleanser of a game, well worth the price of admission if you’re after something a little different from the usual platforming tropes.

At it's heart Eden is a simple platformer, each level or “garden” has five items to collect, with a cumulative total of these items unlocking additional levels. To traverse these levels you have a jump and grip/swing mechanic, the physics involved in which are slightly “floaty” therefore offering a good degree of mid-air readjustment. Reaching the higher areas of a level requires the player to pollinate plants, a process achieved by picking up nearby items, or destroying enemies in the vicinity, with larger pollen rewards generated for destroying multiple enemies in a single jump. Players are required to accomplish all of this against the clock, though that clock can be topped up by acquiring some items dotted around the gardens.

There are no great bold innovations to be seen here, the pleasure of the game is derived from the fact that the design of the game mechanics, the visuals and the sound all come together to make a very pleasant gaming experience. In an odd juxtaposition of perception and content, the easy going almost Zen-like meditative vibe of Eden in the early stages is tempered with some really rather infuriating moments in the later in the game, but that’s alright, because you can simply drop back a few levels and do a run through an earlier level for no other reason than the fact the world of Eden is a very pleasant one to visit.

Finally it should be noted this is the definitive version of the game, controls redesigned for mouse and keyboard, several annoyances ironed out from the original PSN version (Thankfully you no longer have to collect all 5 items in one run to clear a level), all of the Encore content included, and the addition of a nifty “warp” function which allows for the rapid repair of any mistimed jump.
Publicada: 18 dezembro 2013
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Let me start by mentioning that I'm not very fond of platform games. Never have been. They usually feel way to linear and restricted to me, and hardly ever offer exciting game mechanics.

While PixelJunk Eden technically is a platform game, this label wouldn't do much justice to it, as it truly is so much more! The game mechanics are simple yet innovative and the gameplay is very fluent. The player can move around freely over the entire map, explore every corner and in the meanwhile develop the map as it grows with you (by seeding plants).

No need to use the keyboard; the mouse does it all for you. This however doesn't mean it's a simple point-and-click game. Different combinations of mouse buttons make you jump in different ways and it all feels very natural.

The artwork is amazing and the 15 maps all offer something new. The minimal house music compliments the game very well.

Is there nothing negative to mention about the game? Of course, there always is. While the gameplay has the potential to be very relaxing, the timer that decreases your health can be stressful. You have to pick up crystals to recharge it, but these are not always around in the later stages of the map and it can be a little frustrating to die just before reaching your goal. In my opinion your health shouldn't be affected by time that much, but rather more by the enemies you have to defeat. These do some occasional damage, but more often interfere with your jumps.

Overall a very nice game with high replay value. You can play for just 10 minutes or for several hours, which makes it a game you can easily come back to. Even the main menu is fun to play around with.
Publicada: 4 janeiro 2014
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I would describe this game as a 'relaxing challenge'... lol. I Have never played another game like it. The music is awesome and thats enough of a reason to play it, but the gameplay is very enjoyable as well, it gives you a great sense of exploration, and satisfaction when you find a 'spectre', especially on the difficult later levels. It also can make you feel very desperate at times when your health starts going low and you need to find something to eat, because you need to constantly find food in order to stay alive. Possibly the most 'original' thing I've ever played, and in a good way. 9/10.
Publicada: 29 dezembro 2013
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I love it! Its a great game for those hours that you'd love something with a stunning score, awesome physics and not too tiring gameplay. I sometimes even just fly around for the fun of it.
Publicada: 27 dezembro 2013
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