Signs of Life is a sci-fi survival sandbox platformer with a combination of procedurally generated and hand-crafted content. You'll explore mysterious locations, Mine blocks for resources, and meet strange (and some familiar) creatures, some of which don't even want to kill you and eat your corpse.
Käyttäjäarvostelut: Erittäin myönteinen (389 arvostelua) - 86% / 389 tämän pelin pelaajien arvosteluista ovat positiivisia
Julkaisupäivä: 27. tammi, 2014

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Kehittäjien kertomaa:

Miksi Early Access?

“We wanted to get our game in the hands of as many people as possible, as soon as possible. We are a tiny team with no budget, so Early Access will allow us to think longer-term, and ultimately deliver a better game.”

Miten kauan Early Access -vaihe suunnilleen kestää?

“Until we finish the content we have planned for the 1.0 release. We can't give you an ETA at this point, as we're still quite far from being finished.”

Miten täysi versio eroaa Early Access -versiosta?

“The full version will have more content, a complete, satisfying narrative and less bugs. What we have in the current Early Access build is a solid foundation, but now our job is to expand on that content in order to finish the game.”

Millainen on Early Access -version nykyinen tila?

“The current Early Access version of Signs of Life is very playable and stable. What we have now is a solid experience, although it has only a portion of the planned total content.”

Hinnoitellaanko peli toisin Early Accessin aikana ja sen jälkeen?

“We have no plans to change the price between now and release.”

Miten yhteisö otetaan mukaan kehitysprosessiin?

“In any way we can. We're active on the Steam forums, and we love getting feedback from the community. The more you guys get involved and tell us what we're doing wrong the better the game is sure to get. We take criticism well, so don't be shy =)”
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22. joulukuu, 2015

Signs of Life Update 0.6

Version 0.6
This update had two objectives, we wanted to make the underground a bit more interesting and we wanted to do some work on general user friendliness features. We've still got a lot of work on our plate before we'll feel like the underground is as interesting as we want it to be, but this should take us a significant step closer. We also added some sweet weapons and gadgets because they're fun to make =D We've fixed all the bugs we're aware of, but I'm sure there are some things we missed, so let us know when you run into issues. We still have a bit more planned for the new Biome, but we didn't want to keep you folks waiting any longer, so expect some new things to trickle in over the next couple weeks.

New Content
  • New Underground Biome
  • New Creatures
    • Dart Crawler
    • Crawler Pod
    • Chitinous Spike Wall
    • Chitinous Spike Boss
  • Added a Decoy Hologram throwable gadget that will distract creatures that aren't too mad at you.

  • Added an Explosive Grenade.
  • Added a Trajectory Computer that displays predicted paths for throwable items and arrows.

  • Changed the sprites on the Vintage Mining Suit armor pieces, and renamed them to "Prototype Mining Suit" pieces.

  • Added a portable Iron Grill as a heat source.

  • Added Optical Camo activator gadget.

  • Added Armor Patch mods for armor pieces. You can add any one patch to any armor piece. The patches cannot be removed, but they can be replaced. If you have good ideas for more of these let us know!
    • Carbon Nanotube Mesh - Adds 2% damage resistance to a piece of armor.
    • Ceramic Plate - Adds 5% heat and energy resistance to a piece of armor.
    • Optical Camo - Adds optical camo to a piece of armor. Must be activated with the Optical Camo activator and all armor pieces must have optical camo applied to function.
  • Added 9mm Ricochet Ammo, it is not very helpful...
  • Added a Railgun. Its still way overpowered, but we'll be tweaking it.

  • The Escape Pod now has a built in respawner.

  • Equipment Spoiler: Added an upgraded version of the mining suit, the Mining Suit Mk2. Equip all the pieces of the Prototype Mining Suit to discover the recipes for the pieces.
  • Equipment Spoiler: Added a Chitinous Shield crafted with bits from the new underground boss.

New Recipes
  • Decoy Hologram - 2x Steel Rivets, 3x Copper Wire, 1x Small Battery, 1x Refined Sapphire, 1x Standard Lens.
  • Trajectory Computer - 1x Microchip, 1x Plastic, 1x Copper Wire, 1x Standard Lens.
  • Explosive Grenade (3) - 1x Iron Ingot, 1x Black Powder.
  • 9mm Ricochet Ammo (12) - 1x Lead, 1x Black Powder, 1x Springtail Nectar.
  • Armor Patch Mods
    • Carbon Nanotube Mesh - 1x D6 Polymer, 1x Steel Rivet.
    • Ceramic Plate - 1x Clay, 1x Steel Rivet.
    • Optical Camo - 1x LED, 1x Steel Rivet.
  • Optical Camo Activator, 1x Microchip, 1x Plastic, 1x Small Battery, 1x Copper Wire.
  • Iron Grill - 6x Iron Ingots, Requires Tool: Hammer.
  • Railgun - 1x Steel Gun Parts, 18x Copper Wire, 1x Standard Lens, 1x Refined Ruby, 4x Medium Battery.
  • Iron Railgun Slugs (6) - 1x Iron Ingot.
  • Microchip - 1x Sand, 1x Copper Wire, 1x Rough Topaz.
  • Chitinous Shield - 1x Medusa Medulla, 6x Crawler Spines, 1x Chitinous Plate, 1x Plated Hide Strap.
  • Mining Suit Mk2 - You get the recipes when you wear the entire Prototype Mining Suit at once.
    • Mining Suit Mk2 Helmet - 1x Prototype Mining Suit Helmet, 1x Medium Battery, 1x Microchip, 2x Plastic, 2x D6 Polymer.
    • Mining Suit Mk2 Torso - 1x Protoype Mining Suit Torso, 6x Steel Rivets, 4x Plastic, 4x D6 Polymer, 4x Copper Wire.
    • Mining Suit Mk2 Legs - 1x Protoype Mining Suit Legs, 6x Steel Rivets, 4x Plastic, 2x D6 Polymer.
    • Mining Suit Mk2 Arms - 1x Prototype Mining Suit Arms, 4x Steel Rivets, 4x Plastic, 2x D6 Polymer.
    • Mining Suit Mk2 Boots - 1x Prototype Mining Suit Boots, 4x Steel Rivets, 4x Plastic, 2x D6 Polymer.
    • Mining Suit Mk2 Gloves - 1x Prototype Mining Gloves, 4x Steel Rivets, 4x Plastic, 2x D6 Polymer.
    • Mining Suit Mk2 Jumpjet - 1x Prototype Mining Suit Jumpjet, 1x Large Battery, 6x Steel Rivets, 4x Plastic, 4x D6 Polymer.
  • Prototype Mining Suit Jumpjet - 1x Broken Prototype Mining Suit Jumpjet, 1x Jumpjet Core, Requires Tool: Screwdriver.

Gameplay Changes
  • You can now switch to a manual item slot mode that lets you drag your items to your hotbar.

  • Added an Auto Pickup option to the settings menu. Automatically picks up items on the ground when you walk over them.

  • The player respawns in the escape pod by default.
  • You can stand in respawners you find and right click it in order to set your respawn point to that respawner.
  • The player now has acceleration and deceleration when moving around.

  • Fall damage calculation changed - fall damage is now potentially much more deadly if you fall for long distances.

  • Added a shield bash
  • Changed Jumpjet behavior to be much more useful
  • Increased growing time of bush saplings.
  • Thrown items no longer stack with existing items in the world.
  • You can now cancel a throw or bow pull by pressing the reload key.
  • Changed controls for throwable items. Left clicking now drops items and you can hold the right mouse button to power up a throw. You can use the scroll wheel to adjust the power of the throw after holding down the right mouse button.
  • Tweaked thrown item physics a bit.
  • Removed Material Printer crafting requirement from: Steel Arrows, Steel Bolts, Jewel Arrows, Jewel Bolts, Explosive Arrows, Rockets and Launcher Grenades.
  • Reduced healing rate of the Regeneration Salve by half.
  • Smelting Furnace now smelts metal twice as fast as the basic smelter.
  • Jewel Arrows and Bolts now travel a bit faster.
  • Jewel Bows and Crossbows have a bit more power.
  • The pale spitting creature's melee attacks now break weak blocks and its spit can corrode away weak blocks.
  • Tweaked creature AI to be a bit more consistent.
  • Mobs should no longer be able to hit players through the wall with melee attacks.
  • Marble Deposits now have a chance to drop anthracite when broken.
  • Tapping the hotbar slot for the active item now holsters it
  • Fall damage is no longer impacted by armor. We likely will add more fall damage reduction foot items rather than have the armor value itself reduce fall damage.
  • The old steel jumpjet has been replaced with the Prototype Mining Suit Jumpjet, which is crafted from a broken one you find in the Pioneer Station. along with the Jumpjet Core that you get from the robot chicken.

Misc Changes
  • Prototype Mining Suit armor pieces are now distributed randomly in bases in the world.
  • Platforms now draw in front of trees and bushes.
  • Increased the max audio volume from 11 to 20.
  • Significantly decreased world generation time.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Renamed Puncher Plate to Chitinous Plate.

We ran out of characters, so check the Steam Forums for the bug fixes that we couldn't fit here.

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Signs of Life is a sci-fi survival sandbox platformer with a combination of procedurally generated and hand-crafted content. You'll explore mysterious locations, Mine blocks for resources, and meet strange (and some familiar) creatures, some of which don't even want to kill you and eat your corpse. Along the way, you'll be able to craft armor, weapons, gadgets and more to assist you in surviving in an inhospitable environment.


Sensing that an apocalyptic war was imminent, the United Nations executed a last ditch plan to save what they could of the human race. 2 crafts were launched, a massive colony ship called the Hephaestus and a smaller, faster scout ship called the Hermes. The destination was a recently discovered earth-like planet with the potential to harbor life located roughly 18 light years away. The Hermes reached the planet first in order to establish a presence in anticipation of the arrival of the Hephaestus.

4 years later, as the Hephaestus approached its destination a faint signal was detected from a nearby asteroid. Against their better judgement, the crew of the Hephaestus decided to investigate, and in doing so set in motion a chain of events that would ultimately lead to their destruction.

The good news is, you managed to survive by hitching a ride on a small escape pod just in the nick of time. The bad news is, everyone you knew and loved is dead, you have nothing but the clothes on your back, a standard issue multi-function wrist laser and a faulty artificial intelligence companion named AGIS. Oh, and the human race is probably doomed.



  • An expansive world with procedurally generated and hand-crafted content.
  • Online Co-Op Multiplayer
  • A bunch of weird alien creatures.
  • Some familiar creatures.
  • Chickens.
  • Mining, hunting, gathering.
  • Gobs of ores, materials and animal organs you can use to...
  • Craft all kinds of weapons, armor, gadgets, furniture, etc.
  • A bit of story and lore to hold the whole thing together.
  • Eggs.
  • All spiritual content in this game has been assessed by Dr. Halamkah, advisor to the stars.

Current State of Development

Signs of Life is currently in Alpha. We feel like we've put together a fun, satisfying experience that will allow us to get wider feedback while we complete the rest of the game.

Right now our first priority is making sure that the content we have in-game is as bug-free, balanced, polished and fun as possible based on feedback from you folks. We have a significant prologue/tutorial planned, as well as significant content beyond what is currently playable, so the sooner you get involved the more of an effect you'll have on the final game. We deal in hard science, and in working very closely with our personal science advisor at Sweet Dog Studios, that tends to lead to results.

We are still very much in development, and we would like you to join us in shaping the game from here on out. Your feedback is vital to us, so don't be shy =)


  • Some sound effects are missing, but we are actively working on filling them in.


    • Käyttöjärjestelmä: Windows XP
    • Prosessori: Dual-Core 2 GHz
    • Muisti: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafiikka: Graphics card with Shader Model 2 support
    • DirectX: Versio 9.0
    • Tallennus: 1 GB vapaata muistia
    • Käyttöjärjestelmä: Windows 7
    • Prosessori: Dual-Core 2+ GHz
    • Muisti: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafiikka: Graphics card with Shader Model 2 support
    • DirectX: Versio 9.0c
    • Tallennus: 1 GB vapaata muistia
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10/14 (71%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
2 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
17.2 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 8. tammikuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
Really promising game so far, I will be playing for some time.

That said, time for some c&c

So first the UI is really nice and the hotbar works well, but holy mother of God does it need Lshift clicking or some kind of rapid move thing. Also a search feature for inventory and chests is needed asap.

Please add underwater biome, ice, lava, Sky, planet core, etc.

More monsters needed!


Add a Grappling hook and jet pack energy cost down, even with power core/gem armor it's too expensive.

Why no gem sword? ;-:

Loved the story.

More bosses please. The chicken is ok, but the underground big robot is really bad RN.

Ok final crazy gripe, the bloody mining laser doesn't have an option to auto mine in a grid formation, so you have to spasm your mouse all over after you get it upgraded. Big oversight there.

That's it for now. Devs if you read this, please head my words.

For everyone else. Nice game worth the price and shows promise.

Sorry for bad grammar I'm super exhausted right now. I'm not some uneducated troglodyte.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
3/4 (75%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
110.8 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 11. tammikuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
This has to be my favourite game in this genre; if I hadn't had to have taken a 3 month break due to an illness I would have many more hours sunk into the game. I don't have the time right now to write a more detailed review, that is something I will do that in the future, but I wanted to point out a few things I like about the game.
I love the colourful graphics, the storyline, the crafting system. The myriad different items to make or find, the different weapons and armour, the wildlife that sort of feel like a living ecology, the different aggressive creatures, wow the list goes on. As I said, I plan on writing a more in depth review at some point, but for now let me just say, if you like sandbox games with an interesting storyline and great graphics, buy Signs Of Life now!
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
3/4 (75%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
38.4 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 22. tammikuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
This game is obviously a work in progress and is lacking in some areas noticably the story which sets a damn good background but ends way too soon (Early Access and more due to come later). The crafting system is well thought out and your avatar has a genuine weight behind it which is lacking in other similar titles (looking at you starbound).

Early Access though it may be there is still some content here worthy of the price they are asking (bout £8 at the time of this review) and I can heartily recommend this game if you are a fan of survival, crafting and terrraria/starbound.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
2/3 (67%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
13.3 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 19. tammikuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
its as good as starbound or terriaria and is probably one of my favrite games
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
2/3 (67%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
41.8 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 26. tammikuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
So far I don't see much bad to say on this game beside that's its only in alpha for now and therefore have to wait for new content


-Good animation

-Good graphic style

-Good gameplay

-Just enough story to keep things interesting (more to come)

-Relaxing music while playing

-Dem stupid archievements ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


-Lack of content (because its in alpha, but you are going to sink quite some hours before you think you seen it all)

-Enemy AI mostly shooting in straight line whenever they have ranged weapon, making it easy to defeat most of them

Other info

-When you start, you have a 9mm gun with 1 bullet, a flare gun with some flares, a random auto sorting bag and a GPS beacon in your rescuepod in a container

-No item droped disapear over time and when you die the GPS you carry with you emit a signale visible on your minimap

-The Grinder turn some useless junk into interesting stuff, making grinding less grindy *pun*

-Avoid shaving sheeps at night/dawn/nightfall

Looking foward to new content
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska