The highly anticipated follow-up to adventure classics The Longest Journey and Dreamfall. Dreamfall Chapters is an episodic story-driven adventure about choice and consequence, set in parallel worlds: a cyberpunk vision of the future and a magical fantasy realm. Your purchase includes all five episodes!
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The Special Edition includes the digital Art of Book One, the official Crowboy tourist map of Europolis, and HD wallpapers.
Coming soon are the official Book One soundtrack, the Journeys Birth short-story collection and digital avatars.


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"'Shape the story and the course of your journey through your choices and actions.' Recommended for fans of decision-based interactive fiction."

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19 ноября

Version 1.1.2 arriving next week

Good news, everyone!

With Thanksgiving approaching (at least for our American friends) we're putting together a new patch as a way to offer our thanks and gratitude to our patient players and loyal fans.

In addition to a whole bunch of smaller fixes — we will post proper patch notes next week — version 1.1.2 will also contain some bigger memory-related changes and upgrades that our coders have been working on the past few weeks.

These changes will improve overall memory usage and should make life easier and smoother for those of you with 3GB of RAM and/or 32-bit Windows.

We'll post more information about this patch early next week. In the meantime, thanks for playing!

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31 октября

Version 1.1.1 has arrived!

Happy Halloween! Version 1.1.1 is now live! (This would be SO much cooler if it was 6.6.6.)

Following yesterday's big performance-and-optimisation patch, we decided to fix a few lingering gameplay bugs…and, okay, we also broke a couple of things that we needed to put back together (hello, German voices!).

Version 1.1.1 contains the following fixes:

  • Bloom effect on Chinese lamps and Crowboy map in Europolis. For some reason these went missing in v1.1. They are back!
  • German voice-overs. A large number of German voice files mysteriously vanished from the previous version. We apologise for that. They are also back!
  • A save-game bug that made it possible to travel back in time if you visited the biolab while on the campaign trail. This only happened if players loaded a previously saved game and went back to the biolab during a particular point in the story.
  • If you walk away from Arn Stont in Friar's Keep without responding to his pleas, your choice will now be properly summarised at the end of the game (it was already remembered by the game, so you do not have to replay the game for this choice to take effect).
  • Floating characters in Europolis when loading a pre-v1.1 save-game. These characters have been grounded…literally.
  • A bug in Pandemonium where a rogue second camera caused a severe performance hit. Frame-rate should be higher in Mira's shop now.
  • Broken collision in House of All Worlds, allowing the player character to walk outside the world. This hole-in-the-world has been plugged.
And here is a reminder about what we fixed in yesterday's v1.1 patch:
  • 'The Story So Far' recap video available from the main menu: watch a three-minute summary of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.
  • Reduced memory usage, particularly in Europolis.
  • Improved overall performance.
  • Fixed stuck on black screen when loading into certain scenes (e.g. Pandemonium).
  • Fixed shaders that sometimes caused graphical artefacts on all platforms.
  • Altered some visual effects on Mac and Linux that were causing black artefacts (e.g. in opening cinematic).
  • More granular options in graphics settings (e.g. disable depth-of-field, change shadow draw-distance).
  • Updated German subtitles and voice overs, and updated French subtitles
    Improved localised menu interface.
  • Fixed random failure to retrieve list of Facebook friends.
  • Always syncs with Steam Cloud when game exits.
  • Support for Xbox One controller in Windows verified. Make sure you are using the official Microsoft drivers.
  • 'Consequence notification' for the most important choice in the game: Zoë's career.
As always, we welcome your feedback and input on this patch! Please let us know if this fixed a problem you were having or if something's no longer working.

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“A fascinating game with interwoven tales, beautiful set pieces and believeable protagonists, Dreamfall is going strong and only getting started.”
90% – Gaming Trend

“an expertly written narrative, a brilliantly realised location in Europolis, and subtly far-reaching choices to make even at this stage, Book One: Reborn is an excellent return to The Longest Journey saga”
90% – Dealspwn

“one of the few games this year that I’d call beautiful”
80% – Hardcore Gamer

Steam Greenlight

Специальное издание

In addition to receiving all five episodes of the game as they are released, Dreamfall Chapters Special Edition includes the following digital extras:

  • Reborn: The Art of Dreamfall Chapters Book One — a digital art book featuring concept art and illustrations from the first episode of Dreamfall Chapters (coming soon!)
  • Journeys Birth — two short stories in PDF and ebook formats, set in The Longest Journey universe and leading up to the events in Dreamfall Chapters (available November 1st)
  • Digital soundtrack featuring music from Dreamfall Chapters Book One in FLAC and MP3 format (available November 1st)
  • Digital Europolis tourist map! Sponsored by Niyom Media and presented by Crowboy, everyone’s favourite crow cowboy (coming soon!)
  • 7 HD wallpapers (coming soon!)
  • 5 digital avatars featuring characters from Dreamfall Chapters (coming soon!)

Об этой игре

Your purchase of Dreamfall Chapters includes all five episodes! Book One: Reborn is available for download now, and the remaining four books will be available as free updates as soon as they are released.

Dreamfall Chapters is the episodic follow-up to award-winning adventures The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey: a story-driven adventure about choices and consequences, dreams and reality, magic and science, chaos and order, and the broken heroes whose actions will shape the course of history in all worlds.

Set in parallel worlds — one a dark cyberpunk vision of the future, the other a magical fantasy realm — the game follows two broken heroes on their journey across worlds to save the very nature of dreams from the Undreaming. Dreamfall Chapters is a mature, emotional, dark, magical and heartbreaking adventure that will take you by surprise.

With a brand new storyline, Dreamfall Chapters introduces new players to The Longest Journey Saga, while returning players will get the conclusion they have been waiting for ever since the end of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.

Key Features

  • Experience a deep and emotional episodic storyline that continues the epic saga of The Longest Journey — an award-winning story the New York Times called “compelling” and “terrific”
  • The sequel to acclaimed Adventure Game of the Year, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. A recap of Dreamfall is available in-game for new players
  • Shape the story and the course of your journey through your choices and actions, and live with the surprising and sometimes devastating consequences
  • Connect your game and see the choices your Steam and Facebook friends have made before making your own, and share your decisions with everyone playing the game
  • Explore beautiful, rich, detailed and original worlds that combine a stunning cyberpunk vision of the future with magical fantasy, along with a broken and decaying dreamscape

Системные требования

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes
    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    • Processor: Quad Core i5 2.5GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI or Nvidia card with 2GB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes
    • OS: Mac OS X v10.9 Mavericks or higher
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes
    • OS: Mac OS X v10.9 Mavericks or higher
    • Processor: Quad Core i5 2.5GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI or Nvidia card with 1GB VRAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes
    • OS: Linux Kernel 3.0 or above
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes
    • OS: Linux Kernel 3.0 or above
    • Processor: Quad Core i5 2.5GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI or Nvidia card with 2GB VRAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes
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11.1 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 2 ноября
Пять часов в компании с Dreamfall Chapters: Book One — Reborn пролетели незаметно, а это наилучшая характеристика для любой игры. И хотя первый эпизод содержит в основном одни намеки на грядущие события, никакого разочарования он не принес. Скорее, твердую уверенность в том, что перед нами нечто большее, чем просто игра.
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23 из 25 пользователей (92%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
3.8 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 27 октября
Спустя 8 лет.... долгих лет....через которые игра прошла огонь. воду, медные трубы, компанию на Кикстартер, и отбор в Гринлайт, наконец-то мы можем лицезреть это творение на своих мониторах.
Поиграв 2 часа. я уже в миллионный раз убедил себя что ждал ненапрасно.
Игра у которой бюджет в 1млн долларов выглядит просто великолепно, И порой кажется что это огромный многомиллионный проект. Тут вам и эфекты, и плавная анимация, вобщем то чем разработчики могут гордится.
Управление как для меня. почти не изменилось со времен 2 части. Добавлено несколько новых возможностей вроди замедление времени.
Особенно шикарен новый облик Зои, она стала очень привлекательна. но с другой стороны, как буд-то стала более взрослой. Если в первой части она - 20ти летняя девушка, то в новинке - ну прям лет на 28-30. Хотя промежуток времени у сюжета - всего год, а такое чувство что лет 8 как минимум. Но она попрежнему со своей изюминкой. своими мечтами, своим харатером.
Тут вы встречаете всех знакомых фанату персонажей, таких колоритных как ватилла Вонкерс )))))))))

Первый запуск - это просто нечто. Как только стартовала игра и пошел вступителный ролик - мои эмоции были такими, как будто я первый раз ступил на луну, или ребенок который получил игрушку о которой мечтал. Эмоции просто переполняют.
Конечно, у меня масса вопросов на которые хотелось бы получить ответы. Но надеюсь все прояснится к 5му эпизоду.
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15 из 17 пользователей (88%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
5.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 3 ноября
Также как в свое время я следил за историей "Темной Башни" С. Кинга, которую начал читать будучи школьникам, а последний том дочитывал, воспитывая дочь.... Так и с Бесконечным путешествием... История, в которую я играю, а точнее за которой я слежу и которая развивается уже второй десяток лет...

Сейчас с большим удовольствием растягиваю первую главу, пробираясь через английскую версию. Море диалогов. Многое из первых частей подзабылось....

Всем кто не играл в 2 первые части Истории, ловите момент! Пользуйтесь случаем. Пройдите первые две части, потому, что сейчас вы можете оказаться свидетелями и участниками одной из самых интересных и важных Историй в череде бесконечных компьютерных игр. Это не еще одна из. Эта история в стороне или над большинством.

Проходить мимо не рекомендуется.
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10 из 11 пользователей (91%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
5.5 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 28 октября
Если вы играли и полюбили первые части этой великой игры, то тут и думать нечего - сразу брать.
Если нет - это игра жанра Adventure, как Fahrenheit и т.д. То есть, никаких перестрелок, прокачек, фарма здесь нет. НО! Здесь есть великолепный сюжет, который затягивает в водоворот происходящих событий, полностью погружая вас в происходящее. Персонажи сделаны на отлино - качественно и красиво. То и дело им сопереживаешь и ощущаешь себя на их месте. Диалоги и монологи тоже на высочайшем уровне; те, кто озвучивал персонажей, потрудились на славу. Графика, музыка - на высоте, город из будущего просто завораживает. Атмосфера киберпанка особенно понравилась, хотя и фентези мир выполнен прекрасно. Казалось бы, куда еще лучше? Есть куда - принятые решения и сказанные слова влияют как на отношение второстепенных персонажей к главному герою, так и на сюжет в будущем. Также будет продолжение этой игры. И не одно, это будет что-то вроде игры-сериала.

+приятная картинка
+диалоги/монологи/их озвучка
+интереснейший сюжет
+атмосфера самой игры
+главная героиня няша:3 и много других няш:3
+будет продолжение

Минусы. Минусы чисто субъективные.
-очень много диалогов/монологов. Кто-то этого не любит. Конечно, можно пропустить, но тогда не поймешь, что к чему, зачем и почему и вообще смысла играть в этом случае нет. КРАЙНЕ РЕКОМЕНДУЕТСЯ НИЧЕГО НЕ ПРОПУСКАТЬ.
-головоломки не так интересны, как хотелось бы. Но это первое впечатление, прошел совсем немного.
-отсутствие русской локализации. И звук, и текст на англ. Кому-то плохо, кому-то нет. Лично я хорошо знаю английский, поэтому для меня это минусом не является. Как я уже сказал, минусы субъективные.

Вывод - если вы любите интересные:3 истории, читать интересные:3 диалоги/монологи, хотите пожить жизнью интересной:3 главной героиней, то покупайте - не пожалеете!)
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10 из 11 пользователей (91%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
6.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 5 ноября
Восемь лет фанаты ждали выхода нового эпизода Dreamfall из комы. И вот продолжение увлекло нас на пару часов геймплея и намекнуло, что эта история подходит к концу.

Новая игра из вселенной Dreamfall будет выходить главами (хотя, если ей займется Шейфер [продолжение этой фразы появится позже в этом году]). И к Chapters нужно относиться именно как к книге. Как к истории, которая захватит вас в свой мир и вы не захотите его покидать. Так было с The Longest Journey и c Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, так будет и с Dreamfall Chapters.

Людям, не игравшим в предыдущие игры будет довольно сложно проникнуться историей и терзаниями главных героев. Конечно, для новичков есть видеоролик, рассказывающий о том, что случилось с Зои Кастильо, но он не раскрывает всех тонкостей становления характера этой девушки, а трагичное вступление и вовсе будет непонятно.

Но вряд ли Chapters станет историей для фанатов, даже наоборот. Люди не знающие предыстории будут выбирать иные варианты ответов и действия игровых персонажей, а каждое действие будет иметь последствие (О БОЖЕ МОЙ, ДА ПЕРЕСТАНЬТЕ УЖЕ ЭТО ПОВТОРЯТЬ!!!!). И пусть наши решения не будут такими масштабными, как в Mass Effect. И Зои не будет стоять перед выбором, спасти ли ей планету, но вопросы, которые задает игра важны для нашей повседневной жизни.

Новая Dreamfall может стать глобальным социальным экспериментом и неким бланком для сбора сухой статистики. Но попробуйте примерить на себя те проблемы, что встают перед персонажами: почему вы решили заняться политикой - просто от скуки или потому что хотите лучшего будущего? Стоит ли придраться к наставническому тону своей второй половинки, после тяжелого дня или просто пропустить это мимо ушей?

Конечно это не те вопросы, которые приходится решать ежедневно, но они так близки, а все эти люди так похожи на тех, что нас окружает, что в этот мир невозможно не поверить.

Город Европолис, где нам предстоит провести большую часть игрового времени (в первой главе), кажется по настоящему живым. Для каждого маленького района тут предназначена своя музыкальная тема, люди обсуждают текущую политическую ситуацию, а уличный музыкант на набережной всегда окружен толпой слушателей. И пусть к музыканту вовсе невозможно подойти из-за невидимой стены, но его песня пробивает этот барьер и трогает сердце.

Техническая реализация все еще оставляет желать лучшего. Иногда игра притормаживает, люди, прогуливающиеся по набережной, просто разворачиваются и идут назад, часть города может пропасть на мгновенье, а Зои сможет нарушить законы гравитации. Но патчи, выходящие регулярно, рано или поздно доведут эти моменты до ума.

Dreamfall Chapters определенно будет увлекательной историей, которая понравится многим. Тут есть и политический контекст и простые человеческие взаимоотношения, и немного милой детской наивности - собственно все, что нужно для хорошей истории. Вот только русской локализации, пожалуй, не хватает.
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4.8 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 14 ноября
Играл в Dream Fall: Longest Journey и вот мне подарили её продолжение и а очень благодарен тому человеку. Так вот однозначно рекомендую данную игру к прохождению, а последущие чати могут и не иметь той глубокой атмосферы и погружения в мир этой отличной игры. Поклонники жанра обезательно оценять по достоинству эту игру. Как и в любой игре в ней есть недостатки но разве такие мелочи Вам важны? Если игра Вам действительно нравиться то стоит её купить либо хотябы ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥у скачать если с деньгами напряг)
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3.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 3 ноября
Игра о выборе и последствиях,в которой на первый взгляд незначительное решение может всё изменить.Отличная история.Интересные паззлы.И это только начало.Конца.
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3.0 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 3 ноября
Продолжение лучших адвенчур в мире The longest jorney и Dreamfall.
Если вы хотите увидеть что такое настоящий СЮЖЕТ и живые персонажи то эти игры + Chapters обязательно должны быть у вас в коллекции.
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1.8 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 30 октября
Я ждал 8 лет! Этим все сказано)
Хотя оптимизацию можно было сделать получше(
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1 из 4 пользователей (25%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
8.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 27 октября
Я был просто в ШОКЕ когда игра закончилась......я понимаю что это сериал но такой маленький квест...да еще и русского нет. Было бы все на русском я бы прошел еще быстрее....а денег отдал как за что то серьезное...
Много диалогов. Очень много, что опять выделяет минус отсутствия русского языка.
Все Интересно все интригует, но по большей части эта серия игры просто поставила меня в тупик ... пробежался несколько раз туда сюда наговорился со всеми и конец игры. Ждите ребята дальше и платите больше...
Столько лет ждал что бы снова ждать...при этом потерять деньги за ощущение будто поиграл в дэмо версию... поиграть стоит но проще не в лиценз чем за такие деньги....Пройти можно эту серию за 2-4 часа. учитывая перекуры и перерывы.
Перепробовал все сюжеты все варианты и варианты ответов в диалогах прошел 2 раза или 3. за 8 часов в игре. Думайте сами.
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9.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 31 октября
ваще номр пасаны графон как в крузис давайте еще
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8 из 20 пользователей (40%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
4.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 5 ноября
В этом интерактивном комиксе вас ждут четыре часа юнити, утечек памяти, хипстеров, ленс флеера, скучноочевидных искусственно раздутых диалогов с серыми скучными людишками и грубых ошибок в сценарии.
За восемь лет визуальная живость персонажей и интересность беготни выросли, мягко говоря, мало. Наглая копипаста решений у Telltale Games умиляет.

Объективней оценить не получится из-за чудовищно малой длительности и малого количества событий, даже учитывая, что это одна пятая игры.

Остаётся только робкая надежда, что продолжение разрушит сложившееся впечатление.
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Великолепнейшая история, созданная ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥нскими разработчиками. Это первый случай, когда я благодарен не разработчикам за игру, а игре за то, что создатели теперь не сдохнут от голода. Благодарен сообществу игроков за то, что благодаря, в первую очередь, их инициативе, игра ныне воплощена в жизнь.

А печёт мне всё по одной простой причине - казалось бы коммуникабельный, отзывчивый стак создателей игры, которые столь общительны, столь инициативны, просто ♥♥♥♥♥♥ КЛАЛИ на просьбы и вопросы российского коммьюнити. За всё время мне не ответили ни на один вопрос ни в одной соц-сети... И так забавно наблюдать за публичной перепиской Red Thread в твиттере с фанатам, в то время, как ни на один твой вопрос не было отписано даже пробела. Тупо словно меня и не существует. Такое ощущение, что разработчики принципиально выслушивали и отвечали всем кроме русскоязычных фанатов во время работы над проектом. Полнейший игнор. Это крайне некрасиво с их стороны, что очень сильно подорвало мое, былое, столь уважительное отношение к ним.

Я уверен, что игра - достойна похвалы. И что она оставит неизгладимое впечатление у тысячи тысяч игроков. Незамеченным такой проект не останется, факт. И это круто, что мы являемся свидетелями возрождения серии после 8-ми лет тишины. Но такое отношение к русскоязычным игрокам... Увольте, я купил игру не потому что я рад успеху разрабов на кикстартере. Я приобрел этот продукт в знак уважения к The Longes Journey и подходу в маркетинге в купе с интереснейшей историей. Надеюсь что Red Thread хотя бы немного протрезвеют и станут вести себя более лояльно, так как на данный момент подождать 5-7 дней и скачать Dreamfall с трекера труда особого не составляет каждому первому человеку, увлекающемуся компьютерными играми...

Что касаемо самой игры - если вас не смутит пол часа геймплея за такую стоимость, то это шедевр, даже не сомневайтесь.
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типа ты алтфак и не любишь кинцо как Telltale делает? Ты по адресу, пердун! Тут ты по 20 минут будешь тыкать в каждое очко не понимая что делать или куда идти ( в будущем видимо отменили нормальные карты ),прямо как раньше! Пока я еще не стар и вонюч не могу посоветовать эту игру.
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сплошные диалоги,загрузки и беготня.://Никаких головоломок и задач.
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Just to sumarise what I'm about to say, everything about this game is high quality in terms of graphics quality, sounds/music, art style, story, voice acting, controls, creativity, basically anything one (or me at least) can think of about a game that's story focused, the game has it all in great care.

The game has gorgeous graphics in terms of technical power (effects, textures, animations) and art direction, with smooth high quality soundtrack that conveys an epic sense of journey, also the great voice acting for the game that's almost fully voice acted with a ton of different types of accents.

The story is interesting and compelling, with different scenarios happening that goes alongside with how you play with different characters other than the main character in a different world and time, and these worlds are believable ones to be in, especially the city where you mainly play in as the main character with how one can tell and differentiate one area from another, and so memorising the city slowly becomes accomplished, looking at a map becomes a useful tool to check where you're going rather than using it as a guide for the rest of the game.

Although at a certain point in the game i found myself where i couldn't find the place where the game told me to go, while this annoyed me a bit i found it enjoyable to go and find it myself, thinking that the city is an area where i can see myself go to in real life, and that's kind of a great feeling to having while roaming the city, trying to find the place you want to go to. I guess instead of thinking this as a negative, I'd go with 'bitter-sweet'.

The choices the game presents you with are vague but described correctly and not falsely, in which case it falls back to the person playing on which of the choices is the best one to choose, putting serious thought into a choice keeping in mind that something might happen later on.

And so at the end of the game, book one out of five, the game reminds you of the choices you made and how each one will effect the story and character(s) throughout the next chapters of the game, with a "what other players choose" which is neat. Having the game push the idea of how the choices you make or have made will have meaningful changes or consequences later on, and whether that's true or not, having you believe it, believe in the idea that you're choices actually has an impact, is a great point for a story focused game to have.

Overall i love the game, from the technicalities like the graphics, sounds, level design and controls, to the design choices like the art style, level design, characters, to the story and how there's a lot of mystery to it. If you want the full package with the full story and content, then wait until all of the chapters are out, but i do recommend getting this game, saying it's well worth the asking price on PC digital stores, and really can't say no to it, heck I'd say this is a GOTY contender in my book, but let's see where the rest of the game goes in the remaining chapters.

Shamless link to original post.
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The writing is impecible, hilarious, and at times moving. The images are colorful, artistic and wonderful for an indie game. The music is very atmospheric with some good mood elements. The gameplay itself could use a little harder puzzles but this first episode kept me busy for quite some time, so when the entire game is finished it will be a decent sized game. All in all it's a worthy sequel and adds to the wonderful univers of The Longest Journey. I look forward to more.
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I'm going to be talking about the immersion/atmosphere/mystique in Dreamfall Chapters as it appears in Part 1 and appears to be the trend for the currently unreleased parts, i.e. the quality of the writing and the mechanics of how the game conveys you that writing. See other reviews for stuff like graphics and whatever. I played TLJ and Dreamfall in like 2012 or something and loved them so those don't really matter to me too much.

Dreamfall Chapters seems to also rely on the story to carry it, but I don't think it will.

The expansion from point-and-click 2.5D static background in TLJ to the simple 3D corridor in Dreamfall survived decently well, but Dreamfall Chapters just drops the ball on the atmosphere as far as I'm concerned.

With TLJ the technology limitations and game type worked fairly well together. Fixed background allows easily for design to really make it feel more like an art piece and really define what it is that the player sees. The nature of clickable things being part of the fixed background though kept it on the game side via interactive exploration. April growing and shrinking also gave a more effective sense of distance than I think game developers these days are willing to admit.

Dreamfall managed to keep the transition to 3D decently since 3D world capabilities were probably fairly limited back then. Our world's cities were fairly narrow without too much "open world", but there were enough things to interact with to not feel like it was simply a walking simulator. Marcuria's city was the same way.

Dreamfall Chapters however is way too populated with interactable things that do absolutely nothing.

What happened in TLJ when you clicked on things and they had no purpose in the story or its progression, it simply gave you no response. There were things here and there you could look into, but there weren't that many and they gave you a feel of the situation, things that felt like they were there to speak for the music, the art style, and the premise of the story.

Dreamfall somewhat removed this with its eye/highlight system, but it was a reasonable system. The system had a very narrow range of view when selecting things to highlight, and although scanning was a lot easier than running a tiny cursor over the whole screen, it retained enough of the TLJ spirit to it to feel like I was still exploring and finding things out. The world shown was fairly small, but the way things were talked about made it feel fairly big and alive. Sort of like Remember Me, if you played that. The small corridors with glimpses of a huge world behind it are pretty good design choices. Creating a desire and hinting at it is often stronger than fulfilling a desire that one is unaware of; see skimpy clothing on women and basically any PR/hype for any product before it's out.

The population of the world in Dreamfall Chapters completely reversed this. I can remember the look of some people and some of the things of TLJ and Dreamfall. The autotaxi I thought was super neat, and the space station scene and the type of people in it have been strongly imprinted in my mind.

Whereas the technological limitations were implicitly acknowledged in TLJ and Dreamfall by its design, Dreamfall Chapters makes it way too obvious to the player. Now instead of a few things that you really pay attention, there's a torrent of repetition. In Europolis no matter what I higlighted in the market I heard the same things over and over again. Why are there 20 or so market tables but only 2 or 3 messages I hear about all of them? What is the purpose of 10 selectable trash cans? The adbots of Dreamfall Chapters nowhere near compare to the Screens of Dreamfall. There's a bunch of people now walking around that I really don't care about, and a lot of things strewn about that I don't know if I should really care about.

And I know where every single one of them are because with almost no effort on my part any time I look in a general direction, I'm told exactly what is and what isn't selectable.

There's something else that causes this complete lack of atmosphere or mystique.

It might be the writing.

In the opening of TLJ and Dreamfall we're introduced to a bit of the mystery and the scale of the story we're about to uncover within the first several minutes of the game. TLJ opens with a girl in underwear clearly from a time and place we can relate to and in a world which is clearly not. Dreamfall opens largely the same way with some vaguely modern guy with a bunch of kooky priests doing kooky stuff.

There is none of this in the opening of Dreamfall Chapters. We're told everything matter-of-factly, Zoe Castillo seems to perfectly know what she's doing except when she doesn't, and whatshisface opens his mouth too much in too many stupid ways and there's nothing amazing about any of it at all. Storytime used to be this really unknowable timeless place, now it's, oh, it's basically just where dreams happen. And we have this guy who has a poor command of the english language who appears sometimes. And we have superpowers somehow. We're told that we need to go back and stop the undreaming or something, which could be great even if the intro was poor, but we don't do any of that. We go back into the real world and all we talk about is Zoe's feelings and politics. There's nothing tying this to anything at all.

Not knowing the whole story is integral for a story to move forward, but thinking you know the next step is necessary for a story to even happen. April knew what her next step was going to be at all times, even if it was wrong. Zoe Castillo in Dreamfall knew at all times what her next step would be, even if it was wrong.

Zoe Castillo in Dreamfall Chapters doesn't know jack about anything and any time she's about to reveal something important, we're told to decide what it's about instead.

What was the 20% point for the average playthrough of TLJ or Dreamfall? Surely it's different from this. Looking over various Steam reviews it appears the average time to completion of Book 1 was somewhere between 4-8 hours (mine was 6 at time of writing). I took 13-14 hours to get through Dreamfall and about 15-17 to get through TLJ. I've seen a lot of defenses about how gameplay time isn't representative or whatever and this is true but the flow of the story is undoubtedly different and whether by percentage or by absolute playtime (which cannot be completely ignored) and in basically any story you see by the 20% point or in any game/movie/TV series/book by 4-8 hours in (unless the story is several hundred hours long) you have a fair idea of what is going on. At any time the audience can feel disengaged and you always have to have something around the corner to keep them turning the page or whatever it might be in that medium.

There is nothing of the sort in Dreamfall Chapters as far as I can tell.

I don't think it is reasonable to say that Dreamfall Chapters is good. I have no real reason to come back to it except for the fact that I backed the game and want to see how things turn out. I cannot recommend this game to anyone who has not already played TLJ and Dreamfall, and even to those who do I cannot really say it is a worth spending money on.

For all the reasons that can be said about releasing a game in chapters, it is undeniable that RTG thought that this first book/chapter/part of their game was worthy of releasing to the public and thus fair for any and all criticism. It is not an alpha or a beta or an early release. It is a public release of a section of the game.

Unless the design philosophy changes quite radically I don't think I will be changing my recommendation.

Oh yeah, "THIS PERSON WILL REMEMBER THIS" blares in your face after like every convo choice.

It's like RTG forgot "Show Don't Tell" is the key to immersion.
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I really enjoyed playing the first episode of this game. As always, when you like something you want to continue doing it and now I'm really looking forward to the upcoming parts. Of course I would have loved if all parts were there for me to play already - just like I would like to start to watch and read the rest of the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice of Fire series, or play Kentucky Route Zero to the end. But my anticipation of upcoming episodes and the possible frustration with the episodic nature of any of these is not a fault on their part, but rather the result of being awesome stories.

Dreamfall Chapters is much like the original Dreamfall, a highly enjoyable story in amazing settings with a high focus on dialogue and somewhat less on gameplay and controls. To be fair, the gameplay is much better than in the original Dreamfall, but still nowhere near as good as the story ... (The only hiccup I've found is the totally unnecessary "algae-puzzle" in one of the possible story lines, where you have to steer a robot with really lousy controls in a puzzle that is not the least challenging except to your patience.)

Europolice, the largest setting is simply amazing. It's huge, beautiful and full of pulse. Going on exploration on your own, besides achieving the necessary goals, is totally worth it. It takes some time to learn to find your way around, but there is a clever (and fun) map system embedded in the gameplay that will get you started. Some of the dialogue between non playable characters you can listen to but not interact with. Still it gives you clues as to what's going on in the city and adds to the feeling of being in a live environment.

The game is much about decisions and consequences, and though a lot of the consequences are yet to be revealed I like how you are warned and reminded of that your choices matter. The major decision points are marked by a symbol representing "The Balance", so you can think before you jump. But one time I accidentally triggered a choice before I realized that there was one. Fortunately it was late in the game so I can quite easily replay to make a real decision.

For longer replays the save game system is not great. Your decisions are stored, and the ones you made in your last play through will be the one you keep for the next book. To keep my original decisions even after playing the game again, I have to locate a time stamped save slot from near the end of my first attempt. (Or copy the saved state to a different folder on my computer.) It would be great if you could name your different plays and shift between them inside the game.

All in all it's a great start of a probably great game. I really recommend it.
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The thing about stories and settings, in modern-day fiction, is that there's very little room for innovation or unique ideas to craft worlds without feeling like it's something we've seen before but executed differently.
I'm the kinda of person who loves stories that are self-contained without being treated as a brand that inevitably needs to be pumped for money, or more sequels, faster than an OD'ing alcoholic solely for the sake of the former, and not so much for doing something new with the subject matter.
The thing is; A good sequel uses the original as a jump-point to take features, mechanics, things that worked the first time around into new and interesting directions -- whereas a bad sequel merely wallows in the original like a pig in a pond of its own feces.

Dreamfall/The Longest Journey, as a brand, with its setting, with its story, and as a sequel to Dreamfall, is dynamic, unique and breathtaking.
It's been a long in the making but the continuation of Zoe Castillo and Kian's stories of 2006's DreamfalL: The Longest Journey is finally here, regrettably in episodic format but what can you do, right? 8 years has it been since we left off from where Dreamfall ended, which ironically ended in the precise kind of manner I remotely despise about games, as I mentioned a few paragraphs above. Calling it a cliffhanger would be an understatement but it's been so long now that any feelings that have might been on the questionable ending has long passed and replaced with a sense of "Reconcilliation" or "Rebirth" as the first chapter of the overall experience is titled (or Book One if you will).

Chapters make no comprises here. It starts off directly from where the first Dreamfall left off, giving that eerie sensation that it litterally hasn't been 8 years, but both the player and Zoe seems to think so at least, judging from her elaborate inner monlogueging at least. Before we are treated to Zoe, we are presented with a summarization of what has happened, and the world itself -- In Dreamfall there exist two worlds, Arcadia (the world of magic and dreams) & Stark, our world in a distatnt futuristic-dystopian-cyberpunk-inspired-23rd-century-state. This is what seperates the franchise from truly being labeled sci-fi. fantasy, or just generally be restricted by any genre, which gives a lot of free-roam for telling a fantastical story with exostic characters.

As soon as that is out of the way we are shortly introduced to a scene that showcases the sounds of a birth taking place, a scene that will make sense if one considers the scene that came right before it, which I'll avoid elaborating on due to its spoilery content, for those who've played the previous games but not this one yet -- Let's just say that it all alludes to the title of "Rebirth" as a soothing female narration will point out.
It's interesting to note that during the story, there are words that seem to reccur again and again, like reconciliation & remembering, mostly in regards to Zoë's current condition, but consider these words and one will find they mean the same. It goes back to namely; Rebirth, the state of starting anew and building upon the old to create something new.

Book One is the story of Rebirth for both Zoe Castillo and co-protagonist Kian Alvane (now voiced by Nicholas Boulton, known for voicing Hawke in DA2), and as all these introductory scenes come together we find ourselves in the company of our heroine, Zoe Castillo -- She's still in a coma and even worse, she's stuck in a limbo called Storytime, where all stories goes to die, as does hers. Having somewhat come to terms with her dire situation, Zoe has garnered a purpose in this netherrealm between worlds, as she's gained powers to manipulate the fabrics of Dreams and thus she utilizes them to guide dreamers who's lost their way, and help them find their way back to reality.

Meanwhile, in the world of Arcadia, Kian has found himself facing execution after being convicted as a traitor to his people for things he did not commit in the last game. Memory doesn't serve me too well in regards to Dreamfall with everything, but Nicholas Boulton's voice acting adds that needed sense of despair to a broken man, who's been betrayed and lost so much. It's actually a quite welcoming take on the character with the new voice, but he's not alone, as Zoe's voice is also quite different.
Kian, however, soon find himself being rescued by an enigmatic stranger with an eyepatch, who also briefly appeared in the beginning intro cutscene -- He reassures that Kian's story won't end here as he's somehow REALLY important to a revolution that is going on in his homeland and he's the key to turn the tide. It's safe to say that while it is seemingly uncertain how this relates to Zoë's adventure yet, it mostly likely will intertwine with hers in future episodes.

Back to Zoe, after having helped a few, poor, lost souls escape their nightmares, she soon find herself being embolded to return to her world, by a mysterious being returning from the last game, called The Vagabond. He reassures Zoë that her story has not yet ended and by returning to the real world she'll have a fighting chance against whatever it is that threatens dreams and everything we hold dear.
This is where the meat of Book One begins -- Chapters is largely reflected upon the dialogue choices you makes, specifically one 'major' choice that will change the kind of person Zoe might become as she wakes up again. This is a choice you make prior to this.

Moving on from the premise and into the functions of the dialogue that I've been mentioning just now; The occasional dialogue decisions you make are rather well seggregated, and they are written as such not to cater to any pretentious moral compass. It's more or less as dredged in various idealogious, reflections of states of mind, that all seemingly makes sense in regards to either Zoe or Kian's characterization. No choice feel preposterous or even out of character which adds complexity and thus a more fulfilling and engaging experience. It's something I feel developers like BioWare, Sucker Punch, 2k or other developers who've dabbled in awful moral choice system mechanics, never seem to capture quite well.
Both Zoë and Kian each have a short inner monologue for every choice you can pick, to truly draw the player into the character's mindset and be able to pick which response seems most appropriate, considering each circumstance.
It feels more or less like a neat marriage between the dialogue systems of a few noteworth RPGs like Deus Ex or Witcher, where the moral ambiguity of the Witcher and the easy-to-monitor paraphrasing of Deus Ex's systems come great together. It's gratifying to see that the quality of The Longest Journey franchise's writing is still there, and it shines just as bright with the new addition of a dialogue system for the first time ever in the franchise.

The writing being solid as it is only helps complimenting the ongoing process of bringing life to the world of Stark, as you're in the position to roam around the city of Propast -- A cyberpunk, dystopic, metropolitan, totalitarian soceity, where the affluence of Cyberpunk & George Orwell really kicks in -- Corruption, conspiracies, surveillance everywhere, guard operatives enforcing their authority, junkies, the scum of the underworld, political intrigue etc. It's all of the things I really love from dystopic/cyberpunk/noir narratives mixed into one delicious cocktail.

I'm running short of characters, so I'll sum up some thoughts here -- Chapters is what I'd consider a successful kickstarter that delivers, and only truly fails with it being an episodic game, puzzles being a bit simple and choices more or less feeling like a retread of the pretentiousness of Telltale that amounts to nothing. Each dialogue option however feels intuitive, the world feels alive, the characters are great, writing solid...
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