War Thunder é um MMO de combate grátis, cross-platform para Windows, Linux, Mac e PlayStation®4, dedicado a veículos militares dos períodos da 2ª Guerra Mundial e Guerra da Coreia. Lute em grandes batalhas no ar, terra e mar, com jogadores internacionais num ambiente sempre em desenvolvimento.
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17 de março

[Development] The War Thunder Market and User Camouflages

We are pleased to present our plans to add an exchange for in-game War Thunder items and new opportunities for user-made camouflages in the game.

Today we want to tell you about our plans for the launch of the War Thunder Market – an in-game market in which players will be able to buy and sell items. When the Market launches, all players will be able to buy and sell coupons to get user-made camouflages for vehicles, along with other special in-game items. But we’ll go into that in later in this devblog. For now, we’ll tell you about the Market. Let’s go!

The War Thunder Market

The War Thunder Market is a place where players can buy and sell War Thunder items between each other. Payments on the Market are made with a special in-game currency – Gaijin Coins. Gaijin Coins can be purchased for roubles, dollars and other currencies, or earned on the Market itself by selling items earned in the game to other players. The new currency – Gaijin Coins – is necessary so that users from different countries can easily trade with each other. In the future, it will be possible to spend Gaijin Coins not only on the Market, but also in the War Thunder online store – for example, by buying a premium vehicle pack or Golden Eagles.

What you can buy and sell on the Market

Not all in-game items can be bought and sold on the Market. When the Market is launched for trading, trophies with user-made camouflages will be available (we talk more about those below), along with vehicle trophies, which you can buy in the warbond shop or by using coupons for vehicles and camouflages that you can get from those trophies.

New opportunities for user-made camouflages

Previously it was only possible to implement user-made camos for yourself while other players still saw the standard ones, now some user-made camouflages can be seen by all players in battle. User-made camouflages will be among the first goods on the War Thunder in-game market. Specially for the opening of the Market, we’ve implemented new opportunities for user-made content in the game. Once every few weeks, we’ll select a small number of camouflages exhibited on the WT LIVE platform, and they’ll go to the Market and into the Game. You can get a camouflage by unlocking a special trophy. You can get one of these trophies just by playing on a vehicle at rank III or above. In order to unlock a trophy you should purchase a key for it on the Market. Opening a trophy with such a key will credit you with a coupon for a camo. Both the trophy and the coupon can be sold on the Market. But if you use the coupon, the camo will be applied to your vehicle and you won’t be able to sell it on.

Displaying historical camouflages

We also want to note that not all user-made camouflages selected for the Market will be historical. We understand that some players don’t want to see non-authentic camouflages in battle, so we’re adding an option to the game to set which type of camouflages you will be able to see in battle. You can select between displaying only historical skins, semi-historical or all. By default, the camouflage display option will be enabled for showing only historical camouflages, but when you set any non-historical camouflage on a vehicle, the display option will switch to “Any” mode.

How to earn from camouflage creation

A portion of the money received from selling keys will be shared between the authors of the camouflages that can be obtained by opening the trophy. Authors will receive their payments in Gaijin Coins. We plan to let authors earn real money after their camouflages have earned a specific amount of Gaijin Coins by selling their camos. More details regarding this aspect of the Market can be found in the updated WT LIVE Contribution Agreement.

How camouflages are selected

Gaijin employees will select camouflages from among those exhibited on the WT LIVE platform. The criteria used for the selection may include the vehicle’s popularity among players, the quality of the work and how suitable the camouflage is for the game in our view. Authors of camouflages on War Thunder vehicles that want to see their creations in the game and on the Market should follow the basic principles for creating in-game content. For a camouflage to be a contender for addition to the game, it must not contain forbidden symbols or other graphical or textual elements that contradict the game’s rules of conduct, War Thunder’s age rating or international laws.

Of course, don’t forget about quality and continued support for your content, for example if the requirements for camouflage change. Find out how to properly create a camouflage.

For more information, read the full article here!
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14 de março

[News] Meet Update 1.77 “Advancing Storm”!

WAR THUNDER PRESENTS Update 1.77 “Advancing Storm”

Advancing Storm” has brought us a new version of the Dagor engine - 5.0 and with it improved graphics, detailed landscapes and weather effects. Locations are more beautiful and realistic, the sounds are more impressive and we have added two dozen new vehicles including five tanks at the 6th rank: Т-64B, M1 Abrams, Challenger, Leopard 2K and AMX-30 Brenus.

Check out the full list of changes here!

-Here's a taste of what's being introduced!-

Improved graphics and sound

We have greatly improved the graphics! The picture has become more voluminous and textured, the shadows now look more life like and on roads and tracks, after rain there are puddles and mud. Relief detailing has transformed the landscape diversifying the terrain already familiar to the eye and thanks to the new algorithm of smoothing and contact shadows; buildings, grass, foliage and other small details look even better.

Be sure to listen to how cool the reworked sounds in the game are. Each shot is now collected from several sound "layers" so that the sounds of shots become more detailed.

New ground vehicles

A few examples...

The ground vehicles have been reinforced with some of the more iconic tanks from the 70’s and 80’s in the 20th Century : the Soviet T-64B, the American M1 Abrams, the British Challenger, the German Leopard 2K and the French AMX-30B2 Brenus. All of them are distinguished by great weapons, better armour, high speeds and mobility.

The T-64B is armed with a launcher for Cobra guided anti-tank missiles, and the AMX-30B2 Brenus is equipped with dynamic protection. The Leopard 2K is incredibly mobile, has a quick-firing cannon with an excellent stabilizer and will be able to cope with low-flying air targets thanks to a 20mm anti-aircraft gun. The legendary M1 Abrams, the ancestor of current modern US tanks, is becoming the new top of the American research tree. This machine has some of the most advanced military technologies available at the time including crew protection from ammunition fire. Often after an ammunition fire, the crew of the “Abrams” will be able to continue the battle - it’s fantastic!

By the way some of these vehicles are still in service with different nations.

New aircraft

A few more examples...

The German He 177 Greif heavy bomber was created for our game by a player; Daniel Joy_Division__ Zaitsev, under the profit sharing program - Revenue Share. There is also the Martin M.B.5 - a great alternative for the late Spitfire in the British research tree, this will be one of the best prop fighters in the game. Additionally. a new Soviet top aircraft will be introduced with the La-200 which has two jet engines placed one after another.

In total in this update we have added 14 new and updated aircraft models.

There are many other features in update 1.77 “Advancing Storm”! Download and play it now!

Check out the full list of changes here!
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“War Thunder é muito fácil de começar“
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“A maneira histórica de destruir aviões mais educacional“

“Com brincadeira, combate excitante combinado com muitas costumizações e espaço para skill pessoal, este game é certamente o favorito para seus fãs.“

Sobre este jogo

War Thunder é um MMO de combate free-to-play, cross-platform para os Windows, Linux, Mac e PlayStation®4, dedicado a veículos militares usados nos períodos da Segunda Guerra Mundial e Guerra da Coreia. No War Thunder, você vai tomar parte de grandes batalhas aéreas, terrestres e marítimas, com jogadores reais de todo o mundo num ambiente de contínuo desenvolvimento.

O War Thunder já oferece uma detalhada experiência na aviação militar e forças de combate terrestre, dando aos jogadores acesso a um número recorde de aviões legitimado no Guinness World Record, assim como uma abundância de tanques e outros veículos de combate - e o número estará sempre aumentando.

Você pode sentir a intensidade sem igual dos combates aéreos em caça, o poder decisivo de comandar um bombardeiro estratégico ou o calor da batalha em um avião de ataque ao solo, dando golpes decisivos contra seus inimigos. Alternativamente, pode juntar-se à vanguarda dos veículos blindados, lutando pelo domínio do campo de batalha no solo: Conduza um tanque pesado com a sua armadura e poder de fogo impressionantes, use a manobrabilidade de um tanque médio ou leve, ou apóie sua equipe “limpando” os céus com sua artilharia antiaérea - a escolha é sua!

No futuro, o jogo também irá permitir aos jogadores ‘’zarpar’’ comandando uma variedade de navios de guerra na luta pelo controle dos oceanos do mundo, dando ao jogo uma escala verdadeiramente épica.

Domine o seu veículo através de melhoramentos e experiência pessoal num ambiente em que está constantemente em expansão e recompensando a habilidade pessoal do jogador. Organize os seus esforços num dos inúmeros esquadrões de jogadores e torne-se num ás da aviação, cavalaria ou ambos! A nossa prospera e bem acolhedora comunidade de milhões de jogadores está também ativa na participação do desenvolvimento do jogo, oferecendo conteúdo personalisado através do War Thunder Live, como skins, missões e até mesmo veículos.

O War Thunder tem algo para todos. Jogue jogos cooperativos com os seus amigos no Windows PC, Linux, Mac ou PlayStation 4 contra AI, ou faça uma equipe para batalhas PvP numa dificuldade do seu estilo de jogo, desde Arcade a Simulação, usando o Mouse e Teclado, Gamepad ou Joystick.

Funcionalidades incluídas:

  • Um autentico arsenal sob o seu comando - Cerca de 500 altamente detalhados aviões, tanques o outros veículos de combate cuidadosamente feitos a partir de documentos históricos e fontes que ainda hoje sobrevivem.
  • Diretamente ao coração da batalha - Experiências PvP intensas em missões de combate em larga escala em várias definições de dificuldade para todos os estilos de jogo e graus de experiência.
  • Uma simples bala pode fazer a diferença - Um sistema de dano realista para aviões e forças terrestres envolvendo a durabilidade dos componentes em vez de uma barra de vida global.
  • A verdadeira experiência de jogo grátis - Faça o download e jogue o jogo grátis por quanto tempo quiser. Apoie o corrente desenvolvimento inteiramente pelo seu lazer.
  • Atravessando a fronteira das plataformas - Jogabilidade cross-platform entre Windows PC, Linux, Mac e PlayStation®4 (em breve) com dezenas de milhares de jogadores de todo o globo online.
  • Jogue com os seus amigos - Conteúdo PvE rico incluindo campanhas dinâmicas e históricas, missões individuais, um editor de missões e muito mais para jogos cooperativos e de um jogador.
  • Desafie o melhor dos melhores - Os sempre em expansão sistemas de torneios e batalhas de clã, incluídos no sistema ELO de machmaking além de eventos organizados profissionalmente envolvendo centenas de jogadores.
  • Beleza teatral - Gráficos impressionantes, efeitos sonoros autênticos e uma linda música criando uma atmosfera que vai te envolver completamente.
  • Resolva com as suas próprias mãos - Crie conteúdo personalizado para o War Thunder e compartilhe-o em War Thunder Live, com a possibilidade de ganhar dinheiro real através do Revenue Share Partner System!
  • Mas espere, há mais! - Um ambiente em constante expansão e envolvimento, oferecendo novo conteúdo excitante e funcionalidades a cada grande e regular atualização.

Requisitos de sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • SO: Windows 7/Vista/8/10
    • Processador: 2.2 GHz
    • Memória: 4 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: Intel HD Graphics 4000 / AMD Radeon 46XX / NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 (DirectX 10.1 level video card and drivers, The minimum supported resolution for the game is 720p)
    • DirectX: Versão 10
    • Rede: Conexão de internet banda larga
    • Armazenamento: 8 GB de espaço disponível
    • SO: Windows 7 64bit /Vista 64bit /8 64bit /10 64bit
    • Processador: Intel Core i5
    • Memória: 8 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 or higher, AMD Radeon series 77XX or higher (DirectX 11 level video card and drivers)
    • DirectX: Versão 11
    • Rede: Conexão de internet banda larga
    • Armazenamento: 17 GB de espaço disponível
    • SO: 10.12 Sierra
    • Processador: Intel Core i7 (Xeon processors not supported)
    • Memória: 4 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: Intel 4000 HD/Radeon HD 5550/GeForce 8800 (The minimum supported resolution for the game is 720p)
    • Rede: Conexão de internet banda larga
    • Armazenamento: 8 GB de espaço disponível
    • SO: 10.12 Sierra
    • Processador: Intel Core i7 (Xeon processors not supported)
    • Memória: 8 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: Nvidia GeForce GTX 680M or higher
    • Rede: Conexão de internet banda larga
    • Armazenamento: 17 GB de espaço disponível
    • SO: Most modern 64-bit Linux distributions, SteamOS
    • Processador: Dual-Core 2.4 GHz
    • Memória: 4 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: NVIDIA 660 with latest proprietary drivers (not older than 6 months) / similar AMD with latest proprietary drivers (not older than 6 months; the minimum supported resolution for the game is 720p)
    • Rede: Conexão de internet banda larga
    • Armazenamento: 8 GB de espaço disponível
    • SO: Ubuntu 14.04 64bit, SteamOS
    • Processador: Intel Core i7
    • Memória: 8 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: NVIDIA 660 with latest proprietary drivers (not older than 6 months) / similar AMD with latest proprietary drivers (not older than 6 months)
    • Rede: Conexão de internet banda larga
    • Armazenamento: 17 GB de espaço disponível
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