Командуйте собственным космическим кораблем и бороздите просторы галактики в этом трехмерном тактическом космическом симуляторе с элементами RPG! Никогда еще космос не был так привлекателен — но внешность может быть обманчива...
Дата выхода: 26 сен, 2014

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"New space trading and combat sim with some CRPG-elements. If you like Freelancer this is a game for you!"

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18 февраля

Secrets of Aethera DLC for Starpoint Gemini 2 is out now!

Greetings captains, once again.

We've got another announcement today. It's not just an update day, it's also a DLC day.

Secrets of Aethera is now available bringing new ships, new missions, a special upgradeable weapon, new freelance mission... a nifty little bundle :).

I won't spam you too much, so here's a link to the DLC store page

Safe travels captains!

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18 февраля

Update v1.3000 - Long time no see

Greetings captains!

It's been some time since our last update, but we've been hard at work.

The full change-list for the update is below, but as highlights I'd definitely mention the all new side missions, the shield charger structure and the new global events!
Naturally, along came a number of fixes as well.

If you like what we're doing with the game, I'd suggest checking out the Secrets of Aethera DLC :).


  • FIXED: A bug that could trigger a constant loading of new video files, without first releasing the unused ones
  • FIXED: An error that could in some instances cause asteroids to render improperly
  • FIXED: A rare crash bug that happened when the player chose maximum weapon energy or shield energy in the energy transfer panel while affected by an engine dampener anomaly.
  • FIXED: A problem with the drydock turret button that caused it to become permanently disabled
  • FIXED: A bug related to Freelance mission generation that could in some instances cause the game to crash
  • FIXED: A visual bug related to very bright or very dark ships
  • FIXED: Several errors in the Assembly editor
  • FIXED: Several minor errors on Taxy and Ferry Freelance missions
  • FIXED: Side mission HUD icon is now identical to the log icon
  • FIXED: Side mission markers are now properly shown on the Starchart, when the mission is acquired
  • FIXED: Various minor errors that could appear when using controllers
  • FIXED: A minor error with Thaddeus Malen hero definition file
  • FIXED: A minor bug related to audio playback while anchored
  • FIXED: A minor database error in the Russian localization
  • FIXED: An error where a notification did not always appear when exiting a wormhole even if an event occured
  • ADDED: Ships can now be added using global parameters instead of only local (region-based)
  • ADDED: Automated repair facilities, artefacts, shield chargers now have special individual Starchart icons for easier recognition
  • ADDED: Ion storm global event can now occur
    • Be careful when entering Ion storm. It's discharges can severely damage your ship
  • ADDED: Ion Storm now encompasses the Maelstrom region
    • Maelstrom can be a good source of Ionized gas which you can sell for profit
  • ADDED: Numerous side missions, mostly faction-related
    • Side missions can be triggered in various ways
    • Appearance of side missions is linked to both Reputation and player level
  • ADDED: Bounty hunters of the Gladius Group now hunt for the player if his/her reputation is Outlaw
    • The lower the reputation, the higher the chance of appearance
    • Chance is automatically higher in some regions
  • ADDED: Shield charger structure is placed in the world and can be used in the same manner as Automated repair facility (enter it...)
    • Charging your shield costs Credits
    • Simply enter the ring-like structure to start charging your shield. Credits are automatically deducted
  • ADDED: Regions now become more difficult in several stages
    • First switch occurs when player reaches level 30
    • Second switch occurs when player reaches level 60
  • ADDED: A third control scheme ONLY for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers
    • when starting the game, choose the Joystick/Gamepad scheme
    • this scheme has predefined controls configured specifically for these controllers
    • modifying controls in this mode is NOT possible!
  • ADDED: Several gameplay effects on anomalies (when scanned) and accompanying HUD warnings
  • ADDED: A specific side mission related script function to prevent bugs and glitches
  • UPDATED: Target locking of objects is now automatic when using gamepads.
    • Simply cross over an object with the targeting reticle to lock onto it
    • In combat, some objects are filtered out so they don't get in the way (you can still manually target such objects by cycling through available targets)
  • UPDATED: The in-game menu on the upper right (Starchart, Captain info...) is now hidden by default when using controllers. You can get the menu to appear by pressing the START button. This automatically pauses the game as well.
    • You can change which key is used for this action in the Controls Menu, command is called "Show Menu". This change allowed us to free up some additional buttons on the controller, like DPad Up/Down for Tactical Overlay/Align To Plane
  • UPDATED: Opening any panel/in-game menu/context menu pauses the game when using controllers
  • UPDATED: When boarding enemy ships, troopers are automatically sent when possible
  • UPDATED: Various hints and tooltips are added when using controllers (Drydock, Trader, Hiring... panels)
  • UPDATED: Hints when using controllers are no longer placed in the middle of the screen
  • UPDATED: Changing your avatar name when starting a new Freeroam game, when using controllers is now possible
  • UPDATED: Changing the name of your ship on the Drydock->Customization panel when using controllers is now possible
  • UPDATED: Autosave is now created when ANCHORING on a station/planet, NOT when leaving
  • UPDATED: On normal and lower difficulty levels, when boarding an enemy ship - all allied/neutral/mercenary ships will immediately stop firing on it, unless instructed otherwise by Marking the ship (via the Context Menu)
  • UPDATED: Starchart icons of collected Artifacts are greyed out
  • UPDATED: NPCs no longer attack a ship you're attempting to capture
  • UPDATED: Several minor changes in NPC AI
  • UPDATED: Several changes to the game text files
  • UPDATED: Increased level requirement for some events to occur when leaving stations or planets
  • UPDATED: Numerous smaller changes made to different files to make the Secrets of Aethera DLC possible and in working order. Modders are encouraged to cross-reference their files with the default game files
  • UPDATED: Added current contraband quantities so that players can decide whether they should pay the fine or fight for the valuable goods.
  • UPDATED: Stations now show faction-ownership changes
  • UPDATED: Several minor changes done to cloaked NPC ships
  • UPDATED: More distant stations now keep a more detailed info on commodity prices
  • UPDATED: Accepting quests is no longer possible when using T-Drive to open the Starchart
  • UPDATED: Player name is now displayed on the dialog panel
  • UPDATED: Add & Remove turret buttons are now exchanged with the Configure turrets button so it gives more info on what exactly is going on

Safe travels captains!

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“ of the most positive and relaxing game experiences I’ve had in a long time”
80 – PC Gamer

“… if you’re the kind of gamer who really enjoyed the likes of Freelancer and the X-series, then you’ll want to keep an eye on this game.”
Escapist Magazine

“...largely nails that feeling of being a grizzled starship captain who doesn't play by the rules, making his living any way he can.”
75 – Strategy Informer


Мы официально НЕ поддерживаем операционную систему Vista, как указано в разделе «Минимальные требования» (минимум Win7), но делаем все возможное, чтобы сохранить совместимость. ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, помните об этом, планируя покупку. Текущая версия действительно работает на Vista, но для этого предусмотрена специальная процедура (нужно выбрать специальную версию продукта), что подробно описано на форуме игры.

Steam Workshop And Modding

Мы постарались сделать Starpoint Gemini 2 как можно более дружественной к модам (и мы постоянно работаем над ее дальнейшим расширением). Совместное использование модов через Steam Workshop легко осуществимо с помощью Mod Manager, поставляемого вместе с игрой. Узнать, какие моды уже доступны, вы можете в разделе Workshop!

Об этой игре

Командуйте собственным космическим кораблем и бороздите просторы галактики в этом трехмерном тактическом космическом симуляторе с элементами RPG! Никогда еще космос не был так привлекателен — но внешность может быть обманчива...

Вот уже два года прошло с тех пор, как закончилась вторая война Близнецов, и ситуацию в истерзанной войной системе никак нельзя назвать спокойной. Отряд борцов за свободу под названием Лига Близнецов в настоящее время уменьшился до небольшой группы, лишенной власти и влияния после утраты своих лидеров. Тем временем Империя использовала вновь открытую звездную точку, чтобы оккупировать предавшую ее когда-то систему Близнецов — и не только.

Огромный флот военных кораблей Империи и гигантские космические базы подчистую уничтожили движение сопротивления. Ситуация выглядела безнадежной, когда они вдруг остановили свою армаду и снова сосредоточились на укреплении звездной точки. Скоро поползли слухи, будто они боятся чего-то, идущего за ними через T-ворота из сердца Империи. Что заставило их бежать, обратив саму могущественную Империю в трепет?

Starpoint Gemini 2 увлечет игроков в захватывающее дух путешествие к темными тайнам и немыслимым поворотам, чтобы в конце концов раскрыть невероятную правду...

Главные особенности:
• Сложная, но удобная в использовании система RPG, дополненная теперь динамичным трехмерным боем в реальном времени.
• Исследуйте динамический игровой мир в целом, а не через отдельные карты.
• Используйте Т-ворота, червоточины и разломы, чтобы быстрее путешествовать по системе Близнецов.
• Пятьдесят различных фракций, начиная от государств и компаний и заканчивая изгоями, заняты борьбой за власть, а более 100 различных товаров открывают широкие возможности для торговли и грабежа.
• Специальные отзывные лицензии, приобретенные у фракций, предлагают различные бонусы и открывают новые возможности.
• Нанимайте корыстных капитанов, которые разделят вашу судьбу в путешествиях, и назначайте офицеров на ключевые должности на корабле (машинное отделение, навигация, тактика).
• Случайные миссии генерируются в зависимости от действий и пристрастий игрока.
• Более 70 уникальных кораблей с возможностью модернизации различных корабельных систем, обзорными башнями и богатым арсеналом разрушительного оружия, позволяющего разнести врага на куски.
• Прямое управление кораблем создает эффект полного погружения.
• Продвинутая физика достигается благодаря технологии NVIDIA PhysX.

Системные требования

    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8
    • Processor: двухъядерный 2,2 ГГц или эквивалент
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: совместимая с DirectX 10 графическая карта с 512 Мб оперативной памяти
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: совместимая с DirectX звуковая карта
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8
    • Processor: 3.0 GHz Dual core or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 11 compliant graphics card with 1GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Полезные обзоры покупателей
39 из 46 пользователей (85%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
11.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 4 ноября, 2014
Версия 1.0008
Ну что могу сказать... Чем-то напоминает космических рейнджеров в 3d, без текстовых квестов. Или х-3 сдвинутый в сторону аркадности, что не портит игру. НО разработчики выпустили игру сырой до неприличия. Несмотря на четвертый крупный патч, среднее время игры до вылета не более 20 минут. Налицо крайне плохо отрегулярованная финансовая система. Вроде как присутствующие торговля и шахтерство на деле приносят совсем уж копейки. То ли цены на эти вещи серьезно регулировать, то ли вместимость кораблей увеличивать... причем минимум на порядок.
Если отвлечься от количества багов, вылетов, отсутствия вменяемой оптимизации графики, кривую финансовую составляющую, то... играть в это можно и даже интересно))
Удобный интерфейс, обширный мир игры и бедность среди конкурентов вынуждает поставить по итогам + в рекомендации, однако настоятельно советую дождаться еще хотя бы парочку патчей, чтобы не испортить впечатление от игры.
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7 из 9 пользователей (78%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
Пользователей, посчитавших этот обзор забавным: 1
46.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 29 января
Тут многие сравнивают игру с такими титанами как Фрил и Х3. Конечно старпоинт в чем-то (да что там в чем-то - во многом) уступает им, а что вы хотели от игры, которую создавало 3,5 человека при копеечном бюджете? Убийцу евы? Элиту 4? Если бы чудеса происходили не только в книжках... А игра то тем не менее достаточно неплохая.
+ Корабли и оборудование: кораблей много, разных классов, от летающего сапога до всевозможных хэвидредноутов, разных дизайнов. Оборудования тоже хватает, хоть вооружение и несколько однообразно. Ну и вообще сама реализация корабельных систем несколько своеобразна в игре - все основные системы (щиты, движок и т.д.) уже установлены на корабле, покупать можно только постоянные апгрейды на тот или иной вид оборудования и одноразовые модули а-ля "зелья жизни/ маны". Последние размещаются отдельно. Вообще, в этом месте хорошо заметен крен в сторону рпг. Олсо, можно покупать ведомых (будут летать рядом) и офицеров (будут сидеть в нашем корабле и пассивно влиять на статы).
+ Космос. Достаточно красивый, туманности, астероиды разных видов, разнокалиберные станции и т.д. Местами ярко и аляповато конечно, но лично мне в целом понравилось.
+ Майнинг. Разные астероиды выглядят по разному, различаются по содержанию. С одного астероида вываливается сразу несколько видов руды. Видов ископаемых много. Также радует что они реальны, а не всякие там пирезий, содил, перриус, оричалзин из сами знаете откуда.
+ Мир. Бесшовный. ВООБЩЕ БЕСШОВНЫЙ. Представляет из себя одну единственную звездную систему, но очень большую, поделенную на множество гексагональных секторов. Сектора полностью условны, никаких окон загрузки и прочей ереси нет. Сильно добавляет реализма игре. Наполненность мира также присутствует, станции, планеты, астерные поля, аномалии, магистрали, спутники, обломки, мусорные поля и т.д. и т.п. Олсо, есть радиация, которая ВНЕЗАПНО сопровождается зеленой туманностью (фрилансер детектед).
+ Описание внутриигровых предметов. Часто с долей юмора, похоже на GoF. Читать более-менее интересно.
+ Планеты. НА НИХ МОЖНО САДИТЬСЯ. Хоть и аркадно конечно, отмосферы не будет да и поверхность планет не завезли, по приземлении будем пялиться на статичные картинки (хоть и довольно неплохие).
+ Абордаж тоже есть, хоть и кастрированный по сравнению с теми же Иксами.
+ "Политическая карта мира". Много фракций, карта поделена на много секторов и сегментов, репа есть к каждой фракции.
+ Интерфейс. Есть в нем конечно довольно неудобные элементы, чего греха таить, однако все они перечеркиваются одним ОГРОМНЫМ плюсом, а именно интерфейс делался ДЛЯ КОМПЬЮТЕРА. Никаких консольных костылей, меню-подменю-подподменю и прочих бесконечных списков прокрутки, прямо луч света в темном царстве нынешнего геймдева.
+ Оффлайн. Лично для меня плюс. Знаете ли, как-то не способствует погружению в игровой мир лицезрение всяких "XXXDeadKnight666XXXX", "AleshkaNagibatorrR" и прочих кракозябров, активно срущих при этом в игровой чат.

И минусы, они тоже в наличии:
- Оптимизация. Периодически игра подлагивает, фризит (особенно в туманностях и на магистралях). Отчего непонятно, графоний в игре явно не некстген, статы компа выше рекомендуемых и играю на средней графе. Вылеты редки (2 раза за 11 часов игры), но тоже имеют место быть.
- русская локализация. Шрифт УГ, в некоторых местах идет наложение буков друг на друга. Перевод тоже часто хромает, причем что интересно, например, обучалка и описание товаров переведены неплохо, создается впечатление что до поры до времени игру переводили нормально, но потом резко наступил дедлайн и х*****ли промтом. Может допилят еще...
- Бэкстори. Фракций в игре много, с красивыми названиями, но кто-что-против кого - непонятно. Хотя, может я не нашел, но вроде искал...
- Сюжет. Банальщина. С другой стороны, а где кроме Фрила он есть?
- Крафтинг. Его нет от слова "вообще". Добытое шахтерством можно только продать. Никаких Иксовых фабрик, никаких Спейсфорсовских апгрейдов. Пичальбида.
- Локации. Если на планетах мы пялимся на статичную картинку, то при стыковке со станцией мы пялимся на замыленную картинку космоса в момент нажатия на кнопку стыковки. Рукалицо...

Итого 7 из 10. Игра стоит потраченного на нее времени. Опять же, возможно со временем многие минусы допилят...
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Опубликовано: 2 марта
Я мало кому ставлю лайки, но этой игре - поставлю! Очень хорошая игра! В ней всего по-немногу. Атмосфера как в косморейнджерах, космос как в иксах, заявка на то чтобы быть культовой - как во фриналсер. Отличный звук, прекрасная музыка, классический графический интерфейс, удобное управление.. вообщем, я ЗА! Это действительно хорошая игра.
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4 из 6 пользователей (67%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
27.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 22 января
Скучно, вяло и неинтересно. Такое впечатление сложилось на первых порах игры. Возможно ближе к середине станет динамичнее, но все желание играть убивают огромные (космические) расстояния (можно сходить в туалет пока летишь от точки А до точки Б) и какие-то невразумительные цены на новые корабли и оборудование, при том что за побочные однообразные задания дают копейки.
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4 из 6 пользователей (67%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
15.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 8 марта
Прошёл Starpoint Gemini 2 и она плоха. Это сложно, но будучи лучше большинства космических игр на стиме (на которые не будет ревью, так как я не пройду их никогда), будучи местами неимоверно красивой, имея все элементы, которые мы ожидаем от космосима, добившись баланса между простотой и насыщенностью боя, игра оказалась плоха. Не из-за багов (а они тут в фатальные), не из-за ужасной озвучки (а она вызывает кровотечение из ушей), а из-за того, что в неё не интересно играть. Цели — липовые. Сюжет не вызывает желание его «дочитать». Песочница — техническая. Космос — декоративный. Корабли — поддельные. Это качественно выполненное упражнение, а не продукт. Аккуратно и усердно заполненные прописи, а не творческое произведение. Наверное именно из-за недостижимого другими indi-космосимами аналогичного качества Starpoint Gemini 2 меня так сильно разочаровала. Да, это EVE Offline, но не ту которую многие так хотели Сохранив недостатков мультиплеера, она ещё и не обзавелась сильными сторонами сингла.
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4 из 7 пользователей (57%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
Пользователей, посчитавших этот обзор забавным: 1
3.7 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 27 декабря, 2014
В этой игре есть все, но почему кораблик, как в киселе плавает, полета нет, есть плавание, да да игра не про это, торговля, задатки рпг, космосим, все дела, а полетать не завезли ..жаль. расчитывал на игру, открытый мир. полет, иследоапния, такой облом, любителям дайвинга сойдет.
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35.5 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 28 октября, 2014
Из плюсов +
- Свобода действия ( торгуй,воюй,добывай)
- Огромный парк космических посудин разного тоннажа.
- Достаточно атмосферный космос. ( Тут и туманности и аномалии и всякие завихрения с молниями)
- Интуитивно понятная
- Приятная графика
- Элементы RPG

Из минусов -
- Развлекай себя сам
- Нету ивентов ( Ну там, к примеру: Империя начала военные действия в отношении государств Тринити)

Игра интуитивно понятна и от этого играть очень приятно. Свобода действий очень даже хорошая и естественно ограничена вашими навыками. Избрать для себя путь, за кого идти и против кого или даже против всех.
Но эта из тех игр, где нужно самому себя развлекать, так как планетарных событий тут нету. Всё статично. Бывает что пираты или патруль вражеской организации случайно залетел в ваш регион, бывает в новостных сводках инфа про дорожание тех или иных товаров. Так же на станциях информируют о появлении особо опасных рицедивистов. Но не более того.
Но не всё так плохо, со временем появится много интересных модов и игра заживёт уже иначе. Так или иначе я не пожалел что купил её.
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32.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 27 февраля
Открытый космос-разнообразие фракций-множество кораблей-не повторяющиеся космические станции-что еще нужно для любителя космо-игр?!
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3.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 10 января
управление - г@вно
текст перевода - г@вно
игру выкидывает и постоянно виснет
графический дизайнер кораблей в игре, что-то скрывает - все корабли похожи на фаллосы!!!
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26.5 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 5 ноября, 2014

Starpoint Gemini 2 is a bit shallow and a bit pricey for what it offers, but it is still enjoyable. Overall the story was okay enough to keep me going, and the combat was fun enough to make my stay in Gemini enjoyable. If you are itching for a space sim that is pretty easy to get into and doesn't require a large time commitment to win (around 24 in-game hours for me), this will scratch that itch pretty well. Otherwise, you may want to think carefully on buying this game unless it's on sale.

However, the developers appear to be actively working on improvements to the game as time goes on. Some concerns raised in this article may be addressed as time goes on. Keep an eye on the updates page if you're interested in this product!

The good:

Visuals are nice, music is nice, starship aesthetics are good too, and the combat is solid. The universe feels big, and provides a pretty immersive experience of traveling through space. Said universe is also populated by various starships as well, usually around space stations and various other miscellaneous space structures. There are many different factions that like to use certain types of ships and lay claim to different areas of space, and you can easily see heated space battles taking place at faction borders. The HUD takes a little getting used to, but is pretty nice once you learn it.

The game itself is a bit grindy as it uses RPG levelling mechanics to determine what ship you can pilot, but I personally didn't mind it that much since the combat was pretty fun.

The not-so-good:

The story is okay. The Voice Acting for the story dialogue ranges from terrible to okay.

Side-story missions boil down to "repair structure there for $$$ and XP" or "kill enemies here for $$$ and XP" or "ferry person over there for $$$ and XP" with little fanfare. After you finish the main story, all you can do are the missions described earlier.

During the main story, certain factions and places will be purportedly destroyed or crippled, but what this actually means is that you will just pretend that the story happened while in practice the universe remains largely intact and unchanged.

Certain mechanics are a bit shallow (i.e. hiring crew = looking up which dude/gal has which bonuses, click hire button). Also, while you *can* be a merchant or asteroid miner in this game, it seems to be much eaiser just to capture enemy ships and tow them back to a planet/station where you can sell them.

Character progression is RPG-like, yet character skills/perks can pretty much be ignored. Your character's power is MUCH more dependent on what type of ship you are piloting and how well it is outfitted. The RPG mechanics are more akin to a gating system, where your level determines the type of ship you can pilot.

For me, the entire game was a bit grindy. This was how it went down: capture/sell ships until I can afford the next weight class of ship, do missions (sometimes main storyline) so I can meet the level requirement of said ship. Repeat until I have achieved highest class of ship.

Long segment about what I would have liked to have seen in the game:

Multiple plotlines in the game.

The "Escape Velocity" series of games (plot-heavy 2D shooter space-sim) implemented this rather well; there were multiple plotlines for each main faction AND there were also a lot of side plotlines too.

Examples of side-plots: testing prototype weapons for a starship arms company, or ferrying vacationing CEOs to a jungle planet for big game hunting, or helping a rockstar go on tour throughout the galaxy only to discover that he's a robot! Or picking up a random stranger and ferrying him to a planet only to discover that he's a leader of a small sect of colonists who are trying to resist pirate incursions, and he implores you to help them with their plight since the Powers That Be in the universe are far too busy (or corrupt) to deal with the pirates.

I didn't just do these missions for cash, but to see the story unfolded; to see how these characters reacted to these sometimes tragic events in their lives, and how they would deal with it.

I think it's good to have a big Main Storyline as the main attraction, but there's plenty of room in Gemini for smaller guys with fascinating struggles and dramas in their own lives that an aspiring starship captain can be a part of.

Being able to hail and talk to other ships and planets.

You don't need to have dialogue trees for every one. But it'd be nice to be able to beg for mercy from a pirate and buy him off with credits, or just say hi to random ships and planets. In this vein, they'd also have a message for when you greet them, with each faction having a different way of talking to you. Perhaps even with a random pool of different types of responses from each faction that vary in tone depending on your standing with them? This is a bit small, but I think it would help with game immersion.

The ships, planets, and space stations could use more flavor text.

Though it might seem like a huge hassle to write up descriptions for every space station/planet/starship, you can build an EXTREMELY immersive narrative with these and make the game feel alive. Again, the "Escape Velocity" game series (mostly Escape Velocity Override and Escape Velocity Nova) used flavor texts/descriptions to great effect.

Why is this station in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by hostile space? Are they revolutionaries or sympathizers with another faction, or are they just badasses? Why is this Frigate cheaper than this other one? Oh, the company that manufactures this one wanted to push out a model to get an edge over their hated rival company who was taking their sweet time with their own model. Hey, this Corvette saved an entire company from the brink of bankruptcy! This Carrier design looks like a UFO because of a revolutionary new frame that allows for rapid fighter launching while providing overlapping fields of fire from all of its turret batteries? Cool. This Dreadnought looks like a eldritch abomination because their designers desperately welded a lot of spare parts together and accidentally created a ship that could challenge all previous starship design conventions? Neat!

Planets and some space stations presently have short descriptions with a little flavor text. But it doesn't help that these blurbs are only accessible via starmap. When a player is on the starmap, their first instinct is not to click "info" and read; they want to get somewhere quick. I think it would have been better if you saw the write-up in an unobtrusive static text box on the bottom of the screen. This provides incentive for an exploration-oriented player to land/dock on every planet/station that they find so they can see the little blurb there. These descriptions can really flesh out the factions and gives you an idea of why they exist and how they conduct themselves (i.e. how they treat citizens, local planetary economic problems, policy problems, military actions, natural disasters, etc.).

Overall, more flavor text would be nice so that the universe that the player travels in would feel more alive.

Also, it would be nice to have an in-game chart of which ranks correspond to player level.
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Опубликовано: 17 ноября, 2014
Overall the game is pretty awesome, but it could use some polish.


Nice variety of skills and perks available.

Great variety of factions and areas of control.

Good selection of ships.

Can capture enemy ships.

Like the blueprints idea.

Like the compare weapons and ships.


Traveling over 10 units takes a couple minutes.

There are four equipment slots to use and only about four that I found were actually useful, ie. shield recharge, strengthen attack, scavenger bots, hull repairs. Even then, I rarely ever use them.

Crew members do not have special abilities, but rather only bonuses. A single slot for a special crew member. Assuming only one special member exists in the game and is almost impossible to gain because the blueprint takes 20.

Blueprints are super difficult to find, but very rewarding IF you ever complete them before becoming near god strength already. I completed one for a nice fighter hangar jet, but the rest remain far out of reach while I am practically invincible with all the best enhancements and warship.

The only truly useful weapons in the game are rail guns and maybe missiles. I say maybe missiles because they are only really useful if the shields are already down and rail guns can usually take care of it anyway. Lasers are useless. Plasma is too slow to be useful except for mining.

Level 70 bounties are easy kills for a level 50 that has a good battleship with maximum upgrades. I think I may have beaten one with the next class down at a lower level too because you can stay behind them and they cannot fire back.

Travelling outside the known universe area leads to infinite enemies and loss of whereabouts on the map. Travelling too close to the sun does the same thing except enemies will start to randomly die from heat damage.

Cannot see what is on a captured ship until it is transferred to the garage and crew is transferred as well. Crew losses will occur if the captured ship has less.

There are three kinds of heavy weapons, but I failed to see any real difference in shockwave damage.

Exploding ships nearby do no damage.

Has lag and slowdowns most of the time.


Make traveling without gates a little faster when in full engine mode.

Make some artifacts that last indefinitely / bonuses or useables that fit in equipment slots.

Change the decimal enhancement descriptions, eg. 0.5, with percentage values, eg. 50%.

Please fix weapon range. Bonuses are not being counted.

Add a barrier on the edge of the map to prevent getting lost in the void.

Give a warning for pending heat damage when getting close to stars.

Show radiation areas on the map.

Show map sections that are partially visible on the edges of the map.

Allow transfer of weapons and cargo from ships in the garage without transferring crew.

Make plasma weapons hurt shields more, but damage hull less.

Make lasers damage both shields and hull with shield punchthrough for damaging systems.

Make railguns work best on hull, and less on shields.

Do a similar rock paper scissors with heavy weapons.

Fix the pathfinding.

Improve AI for wanted bounties.
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86.5 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 28 ноября, 2014
Loved this game. Felt like Privateer 2 without the cutscenes and sadly missing Clive Owen with Christopher Walkins :-( Freelancer should've been more like this. SG2 is a lot more open world than Freelancer which has its advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I found it purely an advantage. Unlike Privateer 2 and Freelancer you can truly just be a merchant if you want and switch effortlessly to being a badass kill everything murder ship at any space station/planet. Sometimes it's just the little things that make you happy... The graphics are great, the music not annoying, the abundance/ease of quickly accepting missions is a serious plus, and most importantly the flexibility of the game to allow someone the ability to play the game how they want w/out the need of trainers, cheat codes, or cheat engine.
Just like in the real world there are easy ways to make a quick buck with minimal returns or riskier methods that garnish heavy monetary rewards. I love that this game isn't afraid to make the playing field drastically uneven when it comes to rewards. Harder, almost always (there are times you get lucky/learn to exploit advantageous situations), means greater rewards! Learning the in game market is very beneficial. But it gets better, should you disagree w/me all you have to do is download any of the many mods and change how the game mechanics work. This game is a literal win-win. Small minor bonus pluses that I think are worth mentioning are; 1.) Achievements actually give you in game bonuses 2.) Blueprints that give better stuff that can't be bought 3.) Bounty hunting ( this is a mixed bag. this system could better implemented but I'll be damned if i didn't end up hunting everyone down!) 4.) Buying of certificates/licenses (w/game money and not real money) that give-in game bonuses for no other reason but to make the game fun (personally, I think it could have been better implemented but I sure as ♥♥♥♥ was excited to find a new one!). 5.) A good array of ships to pick from (potentially unlimited if you count mods... Just saying...) 6.) Personally, I found the system upgrade gimmick confusing at 1st but once understood, it opens the door to a lot of options that becomes unlimited if you include modding (just saying...).
No game is perfect and this one isn't either. This is the disadvantage section of SG2. SG2 has some pretty poor optimization problems. 4-5 years ago my PC was a champ so it's aged a bit meow. Still, w/the level of graphics/visuals/objects it should run better. Especially since the video/graphics adjustment is bugged/non-functional. It's only a moderate complaint because the game allows mods and several are designed to reduce the toll taken on your PC. The rest of the comaplaints are mild at best because all are easily adjusted w/mods or are drastically overshadowed by the game's massive, bulging, make you scream in your pillow as you take it awesomeness so here goes- 1.) The voicovers are almost all a joke. They're done w/the stalest emotion possible. 2.) The story is kinda flat. Open ended games are prone to this a lot so it obviousley shouldn't be a huge unseen problem here. The game brings up interesting things here and there so kudos for the Devs for trying but it is still kinda... ummm... blah most of the time (kudos for the DEVs for doing such a good job to make the game so fun I really didn't care!)

In short, my complaints are minimal at best and I had countless hours of fun playing it. I found it quick and easy to learn and SG2 left a lot of options for me to explore for future play throughs. I can't ask a game to do more than that but w/mods this game could be literally different everytime I played. I got it on sale and felt like I stole something. I would have happily paid full price and been more than content. This game is awesome, WOOF!
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23.0 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 20 декабря, 2014
I really enjoy this game for the sense of freedom/exploration it gives.

Here's something that happened to me a couple days ago.

I got a mission to deliver some porno mags to a sector that I had not explored yet, everything was going fine... just another day in the Space Delivery bussiness, full speed, power diverted to my propulsion system... everything was going smooth.

When I finally was able to spot my destination (long trip), I got a warning on my bridge control about hostile/uncloaking ships nearby, not even a second after the warning BAM, my Power gets disrupted and my Engines no longer work at full speed, I am now being chased by ~6ships with MUCH better Offensive/Defensive systems, I had no chance.

Im taking a lot of hits, and my shields are long gone, my HULL is down to ~30% and my ship is about to be blown to pieces... THEN I spotted it, one of those small wormholes that take you to about ~3 sector away if you keep "riding" its gravitational pull.

I had no time, my ship was burning, my guns didn't even scratch the enemy ships and all I had left was the items that give you a small speed boost. Without thinking much I pointed my ship to the worm hole and put it on the max speed possible. It was freaking amazing to avoid the enemy ships by riding the Worm hole.

I ended up riding it for about half a sector and then used my PowerToEngines to get out of it and back to my delivery destination, this time fully cloaked!

Can't help but think what kind of sick Space Porno that was.

I recommend this game to everyone, the various things that happen make it very interesting for those who thrill to be a Space Captain.
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1.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 28 ноября, 2014
I wish I hadn't bought this game. I loved Freelancer and thought it would be something similar but boy was I wrong.
This game lacks any atmosphere and feeling of a space-traveling universe. Docking at stations and visiting stations is one of the most disappointing events I ever encountered in a space game. There is no radio chatter, no clearance for docking; you never hear anybody over radio nor do you see more than one or two ships (even near well populated planets!). This game feels so incredibly dead and empty, that travelling and exploring just simply isn't any fun at all. It all feels so static. Add to that that planets and stations you visit are not animated but all just have a static, bland screensaver in the background of dull buying menues. There are no bars or other places that give you the feeling of really setting a foot on a place. Rather it all feels so incredibly generic and it doesn't get better if you add the boring "go there and kill pirate x"-missions that we all have seen way too often now.

This game is nowhere near Freelancer and if you look for something like that, you will most likely be as disappointed as I am. This is a sad and empty game and I would be careful to get carried away by the positive albeit misleading reviews here.
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94.8 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 4 ноября, 2014
Starpoint Gemini 2 is a great space rpg.

usually a statement like that needs clarification, so here we go.

this game is basically if you took the most complicated parts out of games like x, opened up the game world like evochron mercenary and throw in a control system not unlike eve online. what im getting at is that its not as complicated to play as the aforementioned games but leaves the best parts of each and marries them into a system thats fresh and familiar.

one of the things that irritated me about the x series and evochron for that matter is that missions had to be acquired at a station. my question has always been, why? no long range communications in either universe? in SPG2 that is a thing of the past, when you enter an area, you will be notified when missions are available and you can accept missions directly from the starmap

which brings me to the next point. the starmap is one contigious area, like in evochron, there are no load screeens and while the actual area is smaller than evochron, its a lot more detailed visually. so yes its probably not 100% true to life because there are very few areas that just look like a black void in space, but the visuals are well done and give you more to look at than just black with white dots everywhere.

controls are reminicent of eve online though i havent played it in years, it reminds me of that. not necessarily a terrible thing, but if you are looking to find yourself in the cockpit of the ship, these ships dont feature cockpits. if anything even the smallest class available would have a bridge. so in comparison to the ships in X or EM, youre piloting a capital ship right off the bat. in fact to give some comparison, the M5 through M3 classes of ships in X are basically bought as commodities to place in the hangar of carriers. you wont be flying anything that small and if you were, youd have reason to be very very afraid. it would seem that the gemini system doesnt build much of anything in small scale :)

As of this writing there are a few technical issues that arent game breaking but considering the devlopment team is very active and even communicates with the players regularly i feel that this game will evolve into something even better. if you like rpgs and space games, this will be right up your alley. LGM has done a great job keeping the game fun and challenging without making it a nightmare to learn how to play.
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3.1 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 19 декабря, 2014
This is a good game for space adventurers. However, there should be an emphasis on the word "adventure" more than action on this one.

There is story here, but I find the game play is slightly lacking. The idea of controlling a modify-able ship is awesome, especially with the ability to turn auto-firing and auto-pilot on and off - but I just find this game lacks a bit in depth. There is a lot to do, a lot of side missions, main missions are intriguing enough, but SG2 just fails to deliver amazing game play. Maybe it's because I'm playing with a controller, but I find from the stuff you can do in game to scanning or teleporting is not quite there. You cannot walk around space ports or your own ship which is really disappointing because what captain doesn't want to see what's going on - on his/her ship. I find myself always chasing new nav points and flying in circles and turning on auto-firing.

I like the game, but enough to pass time or keep me busy. I do not think it's worth the stated price and recommended to buy on sale.

7/10 as it is simply an average game.
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18.5 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 8 ноября, 2014
It took nearly 20 hours to finally come to a conclusion on this game.

Despite all efforts made to make the combat complex - energy management, 4 different active abilities (with a kinda silly feeling levelups with them), and up to 4 consumable items (of a selection of around a dozen) useful for combat - it just isn't all that fun. I believe the biggest culprit is turrets. While it is possible to partially blindside a less maneuverable ship than yours in 1v1, ultimately maneuvering and dodging in combat is best done by spinning around in circles. When you're spinning around in circles, you can't effectively target and attack targets manually, and so you rely on fire-at-will auto targetting to do that job for you. This is boring.

The economy is workable, but not that interesting - different stations have a set low-mid-high value for all of the commodities. Buy and sell appropriately.

The storyline is workable. The Gemini universe is interesting, and is worth reading about if you're into that sort of thing. The storyline does an almost adequate job of immersing you in that universe. The voice acting/writing is awwwwwwful.

The good: All around, this is a workable game that will scratch your spacefaring itch, though will likely not leave you satisfied. The graphics are beautiful, each region of space is very well stylized in the coloring, asteroids, and various anomalies. Plenty of the starbases and ships have pretty unique detailed models. Music and sound are good, although the short soundtrack for the music is a mild disappointment there.
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30.5 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 29 ноября, 2014
This game gets compared to Freelancer a lot (particularly by forums users), but it's like a poor man's version of Freelancer without any of its artistry or high points like the lore backgrounding the game, and the great universe design. There are similar mechanics: do some basic trading, have a ship...

TBH it is a bit of a disappointment after the hype you hear about it from fans. To be really blunt in its current state I think this is a $10 max game. It feels a bit like it would be a good iOS space game, but as yet isn't a good PC space game. It needs an additional layer of depth and polish to become anything more than average. I'm playing it a bit but it's mostly as a time filler and because its a pretty massive grind to get anywhere (which I assume covers for a lack of content).

The forums seem to be an unadulterated love fest for this game and that was one of the main things that swayed me, but it's fairly average so far. I think it has something to do with the developers being active on the forums, big-upping anyone that says anything positive. Will update this review if my opinion changes, but I have a pretty good picture of the core dynamics: capture till you get a bigger ship, capture till you get a bigger ship until you get the biggest ship. Do really boring missions until you get your rank up. Otherwise you might do the really boring version of trading or mining (compared to other games).

  • Tutorial and the campaign to date are pretty bad and unengaging (I kinda know what I'm doing but just don't care).
  • Visuals are mediocre, although the ship art is okay.
  • Universe feels empty in a bad way.
  • Voice acting in the plot is amateur.
  • You can only save in certain places which is a pain in the ♥♥♥♥ (there are some lackluster excuses about this)
  • Combat seems fairly one dimensional
  • RPG elements are lighter than I expected (4 skills that you level, and some perks)
  • Crew are just stats bonuses
  • Trading economy and mining seem extremely basic

Overall I think a game like Starsector has far more RPG depth.

You can customise ship colours, decals, and names so we can all call our ship Stormbringer, however, I haven't tried naming one Mistake Not My Current State Of Joshing Gentle Peevishness For The Awesome And Terrible Majesty Of The Towering Seas Of Ire That Are Themselves The Milquetoast Shallows Fringing My Vast Oceans Of Wrath - it might be possible.

The cosmetic stuff like naming the ships and changing colours seems to be my high point so far. It might end up being a good's hoping.
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83.0 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 14 февраля
I love this game. Great mods, awesome single play gameplay. I wish there was some multiplayer action though. Maybe in the future sometime. Idk. Huge open world and lots of upgrades and weapons etc.

9/10 will play again.
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59.8 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 5 февраля
30+ hours in game and I'm nowhere near finished with this thing! Totaly got my money's worth. I heard there are people with 1000+ hours and I know I'm not going there, but I'm pretty suer it will keep me occupied over 100 hours.

Then again, DLC is near and it means even more time sunk into this amazing game. Keep up the good work developers!!!
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