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A free-roaming squad based RPG. Focusing on open-ended sandbox gameplay features rather than a linear story. Be a trader, a thief, a rebel, a mercenary, a business owner, a doctor, a bandit... the list goes on. Research new equipment and craft new gear.
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Erhalten Sie sofortigen Zugang und bringen Sie sich in die Entwicklung des Spiels ein.

Hinweis: Dieses Early Access-Spiel könnte sich im Entwicklungsverlauf erheblich verändern. Wenn Ihnen das Spiel im aktuellen Zustand nicht gefällt, sollten Sie warten, bis das Spiel einen fortgeschritteneren Entwicklungsstand erreicht hat. Mehr erfahren

Was die Entwickler zu sagen haben:

Kenshi is currently in alpha state. The game is still in development and is missing many features. There are currently unfinished gameplay features, and the stability will fluctuate as new features are added. Expect crashes and bugs at this stage.
But remember the game receives regular ongoing updates and improvements, by purchasing at this early stage you get the game for a reduced price and can watch it gradually grow and improve, provide your feedback to the developer, and above all you are helping to fund the development for a small independent developer. Remember: the price will gradually increase over time as development progresses, so the sooner you purchase, the lower the price.”

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Update 0.69.0

20 Juni 2014

Sorry for the delay - the big frame rate boost should really help with performance now. Plus, building and wall placement will be a lot more smooth and user friendly.

This update is currently just for the "Experimental" version. If you don't know how to get it, you need to right-click Kenshi in your Steam library, go to properties->betas and select "Experimental" from the drop down list there.



  • Big frame rate boost!
  • Totally revamped wall placement system
  • Slightly better building placement in general. Easier to place furniture inside buildings.
  • Toughness now affects degeneration rate, meaning that rookies are more likely to die than veterans when defeated.
  • Difficulty settings added to the New Game and Import Game windows.
  • -Added an "Amount of death" slider to the new game options to increase difficulty. Setting it higher than 1.0 makes ALL characters in the game more likely to die from their wounds (eg 2.0 means bloodloss + wounds degenerate 2x faster).
  • -"Easy prospecting" option: resources are adjusted by biome only.
  • -Multipliers for research, building and production speeds
  • Some subtle tweeks to the combat AI to help characters deal with being outnumbered slightly better.
  • Bandits can now catch you if you are running away and can't run fast enough.
  • Strength improves slightly faster from encumbrance
  • "Max blood" stat is now influenced by character's strength.
  • Heavy club was a bit overpowered, so I turned it down.
  • Added Splint Kits to the research list
  • Forgot to mention in last update, gun turrets now have an advantage when placed at a higher altitude than their target. Put them on hills, on walls, and it will make them much more effective
  • You can now upgrade or delete a whole chain of walls at once
  • More audio sfx additions from Kole Hicks
  • Fixed the "reset position" for game imports
  • Fixed some characters being invisible when dead or paused
  • Fixed outnumbered characters causing a big freeze-up mid-battle
  • You can't run away mid-stumble anymore
  • Skin tone wasn't being randomised properly for NPC generation.
  • Fixed a bug where splint kits sometimes cause healing to get stuck
  • Fixed the high-velocity ragdolls bug
  • Fixed research ETA, also daytime speed was running too fast when time as speeded up

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Update 0.68

26 Mai 2014

This will be in experimental version only until most bugs are fixed. If you want to try it out now, go to Kenshi in your Steam library, right click->properties->Betas and select Experimental version.
You can always switch back again if it gives you problems. Once this new version has been stabilised it will appear in the regular version too.


The new pathfinder system isn't ready yet, but I have made a release of the new features so far. The same old bugs with the walls and collision will persist until then I'm afraid, but it's on the way.

  • Prospecting added. The button in the bottom right makes your selected character analyse the surrounding terrain for resources, based on his science skill.
  • Farming, wells, mines etc are now dependent on the available resources in the area they are built. Mines from old savegames will be capped at a certain minimum value if they happen to be in a low or zero yield area.
  • Random patrols passing by are now likely to attack your base and other towns
  • Production rebalanced: Most machines and mines need way less workers, and also have a more pronounced efficiency improvement with each upgrade.
  • Build speed doubled.
  • Added 3 new walls and gates, levels 3-5
  • Turrets now snap to fixed wall positions
  • Added training turrets, so you can train your turret skills.
  • Added harpoon turrets! Including a double barrel and 6-shot version, if you can find the blueprints.
  • Added "Enable civilians in towns" to the options. Turning off civilians will improve performance a little bit.
  • Added auto-save time to options
  • You now own and can dismantle the furniture in buildings that you purchase
  • Limited population slider options to 2x. Too many people were setting it to 4 and wondering why the frame rate was so bad. (you can still set higher than 2 by editing settings.cfg)
  • Fixed the storage chest not working, as well as a visual bug for storage boxes inventory
  • Fixed another inventory bug duplicating stacked items
  • Changed the name of the town of Catan/Capan to Catun. Ssshhhh...
  • Made indoor buildings more tolerant and easier to place
  • Stopped gates and walls appearing red before you place them
  • Fixed the bug where clicking to attack an enemy that was too far away would make your characters just stand idle.
  • Fixed a bug with the female character editor limits using the male limits
-64-bit build, to prevent super-crashes
-New pathfinding/movement system
-Fixing the awkward wall placement interface

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"This level of thoughtfulness and ambition is why I learned to love the PC in the first place and I’ll be damned before I put on my cynical hat before I have good reason."
Rock Paper Shotgun

Steam Greenlight

Über das Spiel

A free-roaming squad based RPG. Focusing on open-ended sandbox gameplay features rather than a linear story. Be a trader, a thief, a rebel, a mercenary, a business owner, a doctor, a bandit... the list goes on. Research new equipment and craft new gear. Purchase and upgrade your own buildings to use as safe fortified havens when things go bad, or use them to start up a business. Aid or oppose the various factions in the world while striving for the strength and wealth necessary to simply survive in the harsh desert. Train your men up from puny victims to master warriors. Carry your wounded squad mates to safety and get them all home alive.


Freeform gameplay in a seamless game world stretching over 400 square kilometers. The game will never seek to limit you or restrict your personal play style.
Custom design as many characters as you want and build up a whole squad to fight for you.
Original take on the RTS-RPG hybrid genre. No "hero" characters with artificially stronger stats than everybody else- Every character and NPC you meet is potentially an equal, and has a name, a life.
Build a base where you can research new technologies, upgrade your defences and craft new gear.
You are not the chosen one. You're not great and powerful. You don't have more 'hitpoints' than everyone else. You are not the center of the universe, and you are not special. Unless you work for it.
Variation and possibilities of gameplay. Be good, be evil, be a business man, be a thief, live in a town, live in the desert, join the army, fight the army, travel alone, travel in hordes, build a fortress, raze a city.
Purchase and upgrade your own buildings to use as safe fortified havens when things go bad, or use them to start up a business.
Carry your wounded squad mates to safety and get them all home alive.
Dynamic, ever changing world. Support or hinder whoever you wish, or keep to yourself, the world won't stop moving. This is not just a "game", you are living and surviving in a simulated world.
Absolutely no Level-scaling. The world does not level up along with you, and the shops don't change their inventory to only items matching your level. At the start of the game almost everyone will be stronger than you, and survival will always be a struggle.
Realistic medical system that affects gameplay. A character with a wounded leg will limp or crawl and slow the party down, wounded arms means you must use your sword one-handed or not at all. Lose an eye and it will affect your field of vision. Blood loss means you can pass out, and the blood will attract predators. Exhaustion affects performance and is increased by equipment weight, weather, blood loss and thirst. Severed limbs will need expensive robotic replacements.
Intelligent AI that allows for characters to reason and work towards long-term goals and desires. Squads work together and carry their wounded to safety. Characters can be setup to take care of micromanagement for you.
Aid or oppose the various factions in the world while striving for the strength and wealth necessary to simply survive in the harsh desert.
Independently developed with no design influences, or alterations dictated by men in gray suits who have never played a game before in their lives.
Original game world. There are no fantasy-knock-off cliches. No magic.
Realistic physics simulation. PhysX Technology provided under license from NVIDIA Corporation. © 2002-2011 NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved.


    • OS:Windows
    • Processor:Dual-core
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Pixel shader 3.0 capable card
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:1500 MB HD space
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:Quad-core
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
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1 Review
63.3 Std. insgesamt
Early Access-Review
Echt super Squad basiertes RPG mit der Funktion des Bauens einer eigenen Basis in einer sehr harten Welt. Man ist nicht einfach der Held der Welt der alle niederstreckt, nicht der Dovakhin oder sonstige Held, man ist gezwungen zu überleben und dabei über die nächsten Schritte nachzudenken.

Wenn dann mehrere Leute im Team sind merkt man wirklich das Gefühl etwas zu starten: Der Bau der eigenen Festung beginnt. Zuerst dann die Suche nach Materialien und einer guten Stelle. Immer wieder kreuzen Banditen den Weg und am Anfang sind sie Sieger auf dem Feld. Aber wenn dann der Moment der Rache gekommen ist merkt man die lohnende Mühe und freut sich wie ein Kleinkind auf Weihnachten.

Der Entwickler ist auch tüchtig bei der Sache und baut immer weiter an dem Spiel, sogar ehemalige Vorschläge die ich hatte sind drin bzw. besser sogar als gedacht und es wird immer geiler.

Ein Glück war ich früh dabei ( ab v4.0-4.4 oder so).

Kauft es euch denn das lohnt sich wirklich.

Warnung: Es ist immer noch Early Access, das heißt Fehler sind immer mit dabei (Beispiel: Leute aus dem Squad bleiben in Gebäuden stecken. Trick: Speichern, alles Importieren mit Reset Squad Position, es hilft.) Wer nicht viele Fehler will, soll bis Launch Day warten ( es werden wohl immer einige Bugs bleiben). Ansonsten empfehle ich es jedem/jeder hier.
Verfasst: 24 Juni 2014
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27 Produkte im Account
1 Review
10.9 Std. insgesamt
Early Access-Review
I have the feeling its going nowhere the core idea is good but it bugs crashs and its near impossible to mine, farm without looking every 2 seconds after them because they just stop doing it.
the best part is the enemy is 1000 times stronger then you.
I got a stronghold with 1 old hero and 13 normal ppl with a big wall and 5 crossbows on the walls
i trained everyone hours and gave them the best gear i could buy in the town
but the bandits and sand bandits just smacked everyone like it was a peace of cake!
i mean is balance on???
my review: 2/10 5/10 without bugs
i know its early access but how long will it stay early access?
Verfasst: 10 Juli 2014
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25 Reviews
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Early Access-Review
Verfasst: 26 Mai 2014
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36 Produkte im Account
2 Reviews
70.7 Std. insgesamt
Early Access-Review
So after playing Kenshi for about 50 hours with a few playthroughs I thought it would be time to write a review. Kenshi is mainly a openworld RPG with a bit of base building and strategy, as listed in the tags for the game. The character customizations go way in depth. Everything from eyes to hair, to the length of you arms and legs. I've seen some messed up people on the screenshots and just about laughed myself off my chair. The fighting is amazing. It's realistic. You try taking on a group of raiders 1v7 and you WILL lose if you haven't trained your person to be a great fighter. You can hire others, or go at it alone. The amount of things you can do now, is awesome. Anything from wandering around from city to city or building a home for you and your allies. Keep in mind, the game is in Early Access so there are plenty of bugs and random glitches. Things like out of this world rag-doll, people being stuck inside of each other (kinda funny at first, but can be a pain) and raiders spawning inside of your base. I have a little list I made that I write down everything and with this last update, a few of the things were fixed. I'm glad to see this game still being worked on and I can't wait to see this game fully built. I will keep playing this for a long time to come and I'll keep updating the review.
As always, keep on gaming!

EDIT: I forgot to say anything about crashes. This game does crash with me. I do also get the "Super Crash" every 5 hours or so. Playing the game for long amounts does trigger this and I hear that a number of things can also cause it to crash. Save everytime you do something that is major like buliding a town, buying a bit of really good armor, or even when you're on the move. I also have read a few reviews and I have noticed something. The game starts you out as a normal person. You are not all powerful, Dragonborn, The Arison, or somone else who matters. You start out with almost nothing. You pick a fight early on, and will be killed.
Verfasst: 22 März 2014
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2 Reviews
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Early Access-Review
This is THE game for a gamer who is seriously into strategy/simulation. I bought Kenshi on the steam sale, and instantly became hooked. There is no friendly, happy, bunny mode. You begin in one of the scenarios you choose. i.e. your starting squad and loadout, and instantly begin in an unforgiving world of sand ninjas, samurai, and desert drifters. How you choose to proceed is up to you, and if you choose unwisely, you will die/fail. No one to blame but your past. If you don't rush into the desert wastes, put some thought into you development, and plan, there is a great chance you will succeed ... or at least not be bludgeoned too bad by hungry bandits. Wait and admass a squad and income before trying to form your own town and you will be okay; if not you will have to fight like clint eastwood in an old western, but without the guys.

Great game for those with the patience to play it and overlook the occasional bug. On this issue, updates are constantly coming out, and fixes come out even faster. The Dev is doing a great job for it's small operation, and if you can handle the occasional stress of dealing with a bug and at the worst having to revert to the newest save or auto save, there is nothing too flawed about the game.

I highly recommend it for any serious gamer. If you can handle anything but immediate gratification, don't buy it; plain and simple. Just call downstairs to your mom for some more soda and pizza bites ... everything will be okay snookums’.
Verfasst: 12 Februar 2014
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2 Reviews
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Early Access-Review
Kenshi ist zwar noch recht unfertig, die Welt zwischen den Städten ist noch relativ leer und der Start ist mit schwierig sehr nett umschmeichelt, aber es macht nichts destotrotz süchtig. Ist man einmal über den harten Anfang raus, entpuppt es sich als schöner Mix aus RPG und RTS mit komplexen Wirtschaftszweigen und einem riesigem Forschungsbaum.
Verfasst: 16 Januar 2014
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