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L'édition jeu de l'année Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® inclut le contenu original de Morrowind et contient les extensions Bloodmoon et Tribunal. Ce jeu de rôle épique vous permet de créer le personnage de votre choix et vous donne une grande liberté d'action.
Date de parution: 29 avr 2002
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À propos du jeu

L'édition jeu de l'année Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® inclut le contenu original de Morrowind et contient les extensions Bloodmoon et Tribunal.
Ce jeu de rôle épique vous permet de créer le personnage de votre choix et vous donne une grande liberté d'action. Ce jeu ouvert comprend des graphismes époustouflants et dispose d'un niveau incroyable d'interactivité. Morrowind est une expérience unique.
Dans Tribunal, vous vous rendez à la capitale de Morrowind, Mournhold, pour rencontrer les dieux-rois de Morrowind, Almalexia et Sotha Sil. Votre voyage vous emmènera dans la cité-horloge de Sotha Sil et ses donjons gigantesques où se dissimulent d'étranges créatures comme les gobelins, les seigneurs des morts et les mystérieux Fabricants.
Bloodmoon vous emmène dans l'île de glace de Solstheim où vous ferez l'expérience du blizzard, de la neige, des trolls, des démons des glaces, des loups... Vous aurez un choix de scénarios à suivre et vous devrez défendre la colonie. Vous pourrez décider de joindre, ou pas, les rangs des loups-garous ce qui ouvrira, ou non, un style de jeu différent.
Comprend :
  • Les joueurs pourront poursuivre l'aventure avec leurs personnages de Morrowind, dans cette édition de l'année de Morrowind
  • Plus de 80 heures de jeu avec les extensions pour les joueurs de Morrowind
  • Explorez les forêts, les caves et les étendues enneigées de l'île de Solstheim
  • Explorez les donjons et visitez la capitale Mournhold ainsi que la ville de Sotha Sil
  • Combattez de nouvelles créatures comme les ours, les loups, les spriggans...
  • Participez à la construction de la colonie et faites face au danger des loups-garous
  • Devenez un loup-garou et partez en chasse
  • Nouvelles armures et armes comme la cotte de mailles du Nord et les lames de glace

Configuration requise

    • Interface : Windows ME/98/XP/2000
    • Processeur : 500 MHz Intel Pentium III, Celeron, ou AMD Athlon
    • Mémoire : 256 Mo
    • Graphismes : Carte vidéo 32Mo Compatible Direct3D avec couleurs 32-bit et support DirectX 8.1
    • DirectX®: 8.1
    • Disque dur : 1Go de disque dur
    • Son : carte son compatible DirectX 8.1
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Excellent épisode de la série qui, certes à pris un bon gros coup de vieux, mais reste tout de même apprèciable (surtout pour les fan de la série)
Posté le : 22 janvier 2014
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Morrowind in my honest opinion is the quinessential entry in the Elder Scrolls franchise. Easily better than the previous installments, and its direct sequel, and a good debate on whether or not it is better than Skyrim. I would be in the camp to say it is better. Skyrim is nothing to mess with though, as it is an amazing game in its own right. Both have their strong points. But the weak points for Skyrim are mainly only things that were not introduced yet until later Elder Scrolls titles. The weak points for the followups would be things that sadly got nerfed later on, to make the games more console friendly. In any event, I think Morrowind is fantastic. And it has after 11 years aged wonderfully.

So what Morrowind, and its brethren are, would be best described as a massive open world single player role playing game. A game with a world so massive you could spend hundreds of hours, and still discover new things. Virtually every building and room can be entered. There are full towns, castles, keeps, crypts, dungeons, temples, and a wide assortment of other places to explore. There is a nice lengthy 20 hour main storyline, and a number of side quests that could add hundreds of more hours onto the main quest. There are guilds and factions to join. Friends to make and even more enemies to take on.

The other great thing that helps flesh out how huge the game can be would be the player. You can be pretty much whatever you want in terms of class. You can use a wide variety of preset classes, or create your own from scratch. And from there evolve it into something completely different. And there are many races to choose from, each with varying impacts on quest lines and character interactions. You can be a pure warrior. A thief. A magic user. And much much more. You can rob people. Help people. Be the local hero. Be a fiend and murder an entire town. Become famous or notorious. It's all up to you. And of course, like other Elder Scrolls games, you become shunned by being a vampire, werewolf, or carrier of a disease.

The level progression in The Elder Scrolls is handled through a number of ways. You can level up by a wide variety of skills. Not just for killing things. You could level up merely by boosting your sneak skill, or acrobatics, or whatever else. And each time you level up, the world scales with you. So enemies become more fierce. But so do you. And not to worry, as along the way you'll discover many new weapons, and magical abilities to mix and match to complete your personal arsenal. One thing I enjoy about the magic is that Morrowind allows you to custom create spells, giving you a near infinite potential to creating the perfect spells.

Visually, Morrowind has aged decently, but with the use of visual mods, the game can look on par with even Oblivion in terms of world detail. Which is not at all bad I must say. In the sound department, there are only a few tracks, but they get the job done right, and are easily going to be memorable for those that play for more than a few hours.

11 years later, and this still remains as one of the best Western RPGs to date. It's never too late to get into Morrowind.
Posté le : 25 novembre 2013
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What makes Morrowind special? To me, it's simply the incredibly unique game world. Morrowind is so delightfully alien, inhospitable and most importantly extremely detailed. This bizzare land, where trees are giant mushrooms and people ride giant insects to get around is unlike anything I've seen before. Every aspect of Dark Elf society seems to be represented in this game , creating a game world that feels alive.

It's also extremely densely packed with content. This game rewards players who take their time to look inside every nook and cranny for hidden items. You can't take more than 5 steps without stumbling on a Daedric Shrine, Dwemer Ruin or Cave.

if you want to experience one of the most detailed gaming worlds ever made, and are willing to look past hardware limitations that were present at the time to experience that world, then give Morrowind a shot.
Posté le : 26 novembre 2013
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Ce jeu est vraiment une tuerie scénaristique et énorme bouse graphique à la fois :/ L'eau y est superbe et les décors très prenant, on aime plonger dans ce jeu et dans cet univers magique et l'on attends toujours plus de ce jeu et il nous en donne plus !!
Posté le : 2 février 2014
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Dated? Yes. Bad? Hell no. Quite a lot of people say this is the best TES game, and while I wouldn't make that claim, it certainly ranks up there with Oblivion and Skyrim. While the mechanics can take a bit of time to get used to and sometimes can be admittedly kind of an aquired taste, the atmosphere and story is certainly unique, and the character-building system allows for a lot of possibilies. If you can get past the outdated graphics, you're in for an experience.
Posté le : 6 novembre 2013
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