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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® Game of the Year Edition
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® Game of the Year Edition comprende sia il contenuto del gioco originale Morrowind che il contenuto delle espansioni Bloodmoon e Tribunal . Il Mod originale Construction Set non è compreso in questo pacchetto. Morrowind è un gioco epico appartenente al genere Role Play Game.
Data di rilascio: 29 Apr 2002
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Informazioni sul gioco

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® Game of the Year Edition comprende sia il contenuto del gioco originale Morrowind che il contenuto delle espansioni Bloodmoon e Tribunal . Il Mod originale Construction Set non è compreso in questo pacchetto.
Morrowind è un gioco epico appartenente al genere Role Play Game. Questo gioco, dal finale aperto, ti permette di creare e utilizzare qualunque tipo di personaggio immaginabile. Puoi scegliere di percorrere la trama principale per scoprire la fonte del degrado che devasta il paese, oppure girovagare per conto tuo, esplorare luoghi singolari e plasmare il tuo personaggio in base alle azioni che si compiono nel corso del gioco. Morrowind è un'esperienza ludica senza precedenti, grazie a grafiche 3D pazzesche, a un epilogo aperto, a un livello fantastico di interattività e, infine, alla ricchezza di dettagli.
In Tribunal, ti rechi presso la capitale Morrowind, ovvero la città di Mournhold, per conoscere i due sovrani divini Almalexia e Sotha Sil. Il viaggio ti porterà alla Clockwork City di Sotha Sil fin giù per immense prigioni sotterranee, dove strane creature mortali di aspettano. Tra queste creature ci sono goblins, lich lords, e i misteriosi Fabricants.
Bloodmoon, invece, ti porta nella ghiacciata Isola di Solstheim dove affronterai bufere di neve, tormente e nuove creature, come per esempio i troll ghiacciati o i lupi... per citarne solo alcuni. Potrai scegliere da un'ampia gamma di storie da seguire ed avrai, altresì, la possibilità di difendere la colonia, seguire i lavori di costruzione della stessa ed eliminare i licantropi. Oppure, puoi addirittura unirti ai licantropi dando avvio a uno stile di gioco del tutto diverso .
Caratteristiche Principali:
  • Gli utenti possono utilizzare i personaggi esistenti di Morrowind e le partite salvate, e continuare le loro avventure in Morrowind GotY
  • Per i giocatori attuali di Morrowmind, ci sono oltre 80 ore di gioco addizionale e di imprese A
  • Esplora le foreste, le caverne e le terre desolate, coperte di neve, dell'Isola di Solstheim
  • Avventurati in nuove e immense prigioni sotterranee, visita la capitale Mournhold e la Clockwork City di Sotha Sil
  • Lotta contro nuove creature tra cui orsi, lupi, lich lords e goblins, ice minions e spriggans
  • Dirigi i lavori di costruzione di una colonia e affronta la minaccia dei licantropi
  • Diventa un licantropo e placa la tua brama venatoria
  • Nuove armature e armi, tra cui la Nordic Mail e le lame di ghiaccio

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows ME/98/XP/2000
    • Processore: 500 MHz Intel Pentium III, Celeron, o AMD Athlon
    • Memoria: 256 MB
    • Grafica: Scheda video da 32MB compatibile con Direct3D e con supporto per la profondità di colore a 32-bit e le DirectX 8.1
    • DirectX®: 8.1
    • Hard Disk: 1 GB di spazio disponibile
    • Audio: Scheda audio compatibile con DirectX 8.1
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If you like TES games this is a must have. You can easily mod a Graphical Hoverhaul for shiny new graphics, but the concept art is that good you don't even need to do that. Just resist the unforgiving beginning in the low res starter village and let the story develop a little bit...

Even if 12 years old, the current version you can get from Steam works smooth with all the Window systems, it's an install-straightaway-play.
Pubblicata: 2 Aprile 2014
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One of the most epic games ever made. Over 12 years past yet Morrowind has a large active community and millions
of fans. One simply cannot explain why =) Morrowind is an Role Playing Game. Abosulety free from story line. After completing initial character creation (5 minutes) you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want.

But what makes this game playable in 2014? Answer is - Plugins. Thousands of plugins, made by community over 12 years.
Texture and graphics enchancing plugins, armor, quests, new lands... this game has unlimited potential for modding. If you still havent tried any mods, do so, you wont regret it!

And even without mods you will spent hours just walking in Vvardenfel, exploring, fighting, questing and looting.

This game is a legend. A must have.

Pubblicata: 11 Marzo 2014
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I'll admit Morrowind isn't for everyone. It's a huge, sprawling, megapolis of a game that can take a couple hours just to get into and a hundred hours to complete. In an industry where most games present clear, linear paths guiding you from one pre-defined problem (a jumping puzzle, a monster, or some other dexterity test) to the next, some gamers will find Morrowind's open-endedness unfamiliar, bewildering, even perplexing. They'll sit there, waiting for someone to come along and tell them what to do.But others will find it liberating. Freedom is intoxicating. If the purpose of games is to provide absolute escapism, to immerse us deeply in another world that never was, and then to give us the ability to go through it and do what we want to do, then Morrowind accomplishes that brilliantly.
Pubblicata: 22 Giugno 2014
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Hey guess what?
Skyrim isn't the first Elder Scrolls game.
Isn't that just SURPRISING? Now before you make yet another tasteless joke about arrows or sweetrolls, why don't you play this?
Pubblicata: 11 Marzo 2014
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Morrowind really sucked when I first played it... then I played it again and again and again and not because I didn't have any other games, but because I told a friend about my character, and he told me about his and they were completely different. I was then interested in exploring all of the possible paths that one could follow while playing morrowind. It became my cult-favorite/alltime-favorite game.

Then came along Oblivion which was promised to be morrowind with nice graphics and I played that and hated it. Then DLC came out and I played it again and again and again you get the picture. Soon, I found myself lost in the massive world of tamerial and it became my cult-favorite/second-most-favorite game of all time.

Along comes the big bad Skyrim and I was prepared. I expected the game to be dumbed down, and I expected it to be the last ES game that would I ever play. Because, I figured that I'd like the story and dlc but it would lose it's replay value in the dumbing down process. I played it and I hated it then the DLC came out and I hated that too. I managed to put a hundred or so hours into it and felt as though it was wasted time. Then came along 200 hours, and I said that was enough, I'm way over powered, and the game is not much fun anymore. Along comes the modding community to save the day, and that is what they did. I became addicted to modding my skyrim and playing a few levels and modding it more till I broke the game, fresh install, rinse and repeat.Then I used the memory patcher and everything just worked and I decieded that I'd play the game one more time to see if I could tolerate it as an ES title. Now, three different characters later I can say that Skyrim has become my cult-favorite/third/second-all-time-favorite game. I enjoy this more now than oblivion, but chronologically it is third :p

Now I've decided to give Morrowind another play-through, right now I'm on the road on my way to balmora and loving it but not for any of the reasons stated above, but because there is a level of nostalgia that is present. I worry that the cliff racers and the terrible combat mechanics will force me to abandon my task.

Pubblicata: 12 Febbraio 2014
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Morrowind in my honest opinion is the quinessential entry in the Elder Scrolls franchise. Easily better than the previous installments, and its direct sequel, and a good debate on whether or not it is better than Skyrim. I would be in the camp to say it is better. Skyrim is nothing to mess with though, as it is an amazing game in its own right. Both have their strong points. But the weak points for Skyrim are mainly only things that were not introduced yet until later Elder Scrolls titles. The weak points for the followups would be things that sadly got nerfed later on, to make the games more console friendly. In any event, I think Morrowind is fantastic. And it has after 11 years aged wonderfully.

So what Morrowind, and its brethren are, would be best described as a massive open world single player role playing game. A game with a world so massive you could spend hundreds of hours, and still discover new things. Virtually every building and room can be entered. There are full towns, castles, keeps, crypts, dungeons, temples, and a wide assortment of other places to explore. There is a nice lengthy 20 hour main storyline, and a number of side quests that could add hundreds of more hours onto the main quest. There are guilds and factions to join. Friends to make and even more enemies to take on.

The other great thing that helps flesh out how huge the game can be would be the player. You can be pretty much whatever you want in terms of class. You can use a wide variety of preset classes, or create your own from scratch. And from there evolve it into something completely different. And there are many races to choose from, each with varying impacts on quest lines and character interactions. You can be a pure warrior. A thief. A magic user. And much much more. You can rob people. Help people. Be the local hero. Be a fiend and murder an entire town. Become famous or notorious. It's all up to you. And of course, like other Elder Scrolls games, you become shunned by being a vampire, werewolf, or carrier of a disease.

The level progression in The Elder Scrolls is handled through a number of ways. You can level up by a wide variety of skills. Not just for killing things. You could level up merely by boosting your sneak skill, or acrobatics, or whatever else. And each time you level up, the world scales with you. So enemies become more fierce. But so do you. And not to worry, as along the way you'll discover many new weapons, and magical abilities to mix and match to complete your personal arsenal. One thing I enjoy about the magic is that Morrowind allows you to custom create spells, giving you a near infinite potential to creating the perfect spells.

Visually, Morrowind has aged decently, but with the use of visual mods, the game can look on par with even Oblivion in terms of world detail. Which is not at all bad I must say. In the sound department, there are only a few tracks, but they get the job done right, and are easily going to be memorable for those that play for more than a few hours.

11 years later, and this still remains as one of the best Western RPGs to date. It's never too late to get into Morrowind.
Pubblicata: 25 Novembre 2013
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