The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® Game of the Year Edition includes Morrowind plus all of the content from the Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansions. The original Mod Construction Set is not included in this package. An epic, open-ended single-player RPG, Morrowind allows you to create and play any kind of character imaginable.
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"Surpassing the somehow dated combat mechanics, this is an RPG masterpiece, arguably more so than any other game on the series. Great Mod Community."


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® Game of the Year Edition includes Morrowind plus all of the content from the Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansions. The original Mod Construction Set is not included in this package.
An epic, open-ended single-player RPG, Morrowind allows you to create and play any kind of character imaginable. You can choose to follow the main storyline and find the source of the evil blight that plagues the land, or set off on your own to explore strange locations and develop your character based on their actions throughout the game. Featuring stunning 3D graphics, open-ended gameplay, and an incredible level of detail and interactivity, Morrowind offers a gameplay experience like no other.
In Tribunal, you journey to the capital city of Morrowind, called Mournhold, to meet the other two god-kings of Morrowind, Almalexia and Sotha Sil. Your journey will lead you to the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil and massive, epic-sized dungeons, where strange and deadly creatures await you, including goblins, lich lords, and the mysterious Fabricants.
Bloodmoon takes you to the frozen Island of Solstheim where you'll experience snow, blizzards, and new creatures, including frost trolls, ice minions, and wolves... just to name a few. You'll have a choice of stories to follow and have the opportunity to defend the colony, take control over how the colony is built up, and eliminate the werewolves. Or, you can decide to join the werewolves and become one of them, opening up a whole new style of gameplay.
Key features:
  • Players can take their existing Morrowind characters and save games and continue their adventures in the Morrowind GotY edition
  • Adds up to 80 hours of new gameplay and quests for current Morrowind players
  • Explore the forests, caves, and snow-covered wastelands of the island of Solstheim
  • Delve into new, epic-sized dungeons and visit the Capital City of Mournhold and the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil
  • Fight new creatures including bears and wolves, lich lords and goblins, ice minions and spriggans
  • Direct the construction of a mining colony and face the threat of savage werewolves
  • Become a werewolf and indulge your thirst for the hunt
  • New armor and weapons including Nordic Mail and Ice blades


    • OS: Windows ME/98/XP/2000
    • Processor: 500 MHz Intel Pentium III, Celeron, or AMD Athlon
    • Memory: 256 MB
    • Graphics: 32MB Direct3D Compatible video card with 32-bit color support and DirectX 8.1
    • DirectX®: 8.1
    • Hard Drive: 1GB free hard disk space
    • Sound: DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
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In Oblivion, you are an assistant to the hero prophesied by the stars and the dream of a king, and go on to greatness as foretold. In Skyrim, you are a natural hero born with dragon blood and the innate ability to speak the language of dragons, and go on to greatness as foretold. In each game, along the way, you are seen as the savior of many guilds, groups, and towns, even if they are in conflict with each other in some way.

In Morrowind, you are placed in Vvardenfell by order of the Emperor because you match a supposed prophecy. With the Daedric prince Azura's assistance to enact her revenge, you're thrown into the position of fulfilling said prophecy under guidance from the Blades, and by going to the hard work of convincing everyone you really are the prophesied one. You don't know if you really fit the bill, but you'll be damned if everyone else won't believe it.

You climb your way up the ladder of each guild or ruling house you join, fighting your way to the top each time. It's a long, hard road through many cracked and broken pathways, but you clamber up the pile of corpses you made with One-Clan-Under-Moon-And-Star wrapped around your finger, and an ancient Dwemer hammer in your hand. You reap what you sow.

This is a sign of how different this game is from its successors and predecessors. A story which questions deification, worship, and prophecy; a world wracked by cataclysmic blight storms and the threat of a mortal-turned-insane-god; gameplay that greatly encourages a close eye to character building and leveling; and a plot which culminates in the death of gods and the destruction of that which deifies mortals. This is why Morrowind is so much different than its peers.

Is the gameplay to everyone's liking? Of course not. Those unexperienced with character building, and those without the patience to take in the world around you, won't find much to enjoy in this game. That's the key word. Patience. It's encouraged, and rewarded in spades. Don't play this game if you started at Oblivion or Skyrim. There's very little chance that you'll find this an enjoyable experience.

For those with the open mind and the patience, this is an incredibly worthy experience that will suck you in and never let you go. Play this only if you know how to manipulate chance and skill to your favor, and how to make your way through a harsh, unforgiving, and challenging world.
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*saw stairs*
*spam jump*
Your Acrobatics skill increased to 45

10/10 would jump again
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Slaughtering the Balmora Corner Club and making it my home since 2003.

10/10 would race cliffs again.
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Buy it, Outlander.
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It's like Skyrim except it's an RPG.
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Ah...Morrowind. I hope our ongoing relationship (12 years now!) never ends. I remember our first meeting. I went to GameStop in 2002 with a little extra Christmas money. I was holding you and another game, Shenmue 2, and having a hard time deciding which to take home to my Xbox. I ultimately decided on you and I'm a better person for it.

I still think about the first time I stepped off the boat onto Vvardenfell and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. No quest arrow pointers, no direction. I was just supposed to do whatever I felt like. The very idea was mind-boggling and so hardcore. My first trip down the road toward Pelagiad, then on to Balmora, Caldera, and Ald-Ruhn. It was days before I even started the main quest. I rolled a few characters and we had a lot of fun times, but then you changed. Yes you changed, for the better, when you decided to show me so much more with your Game of the Year release on Xbox.

The game I had already spent hundreds, possibly thousands, of hours in had nearly doubled in size. I still hadn't even done everything there was to do in the base game, but I knew I would come back evetually, so I moved on the expansions. We had so much fun together. I never imagined it could get any better.

But then, I got a PC. Oh, how I never even dreamed of the possibilities. Mods. Mods everywhere. The Unofficial Patch. Better Bodies. Morrowind Graphics Extender. I was never very shallow and didn't mind how you looked, but these and hundreds of other mods, no thousands, showed your true potential.

We've had our ups-and-downs. There's been times I have looked through old saves and realized I haven't spent time with you in over a year, but I know you'll always be there waiting. I'll admit I've cheated on you with your younger siblings. I know I'm a terrible person.

I fell victim to the sway and promises of Oblivion, but it was too easy. It showed where to go and what to do. It gave me less armor and weapon choices. It tried to limit my experience. It was cold-hearted. While it was fun, it was really just a fling.

I went back to you for awhile, but then Skyrim released. Sure it was new and flashy, it looked gorgeous, but that's not what it's about. It was even easier than Oblivion. So after another fling and another lesson learned, I went back to you yet again.

I've purchased you 4 times over now (Xbox vanilla, Xbox GOTY, PC GOTY, Steam GOTY) and I've still never experienced all you have to offer.


Environment: 10 - From the shores of Dagon Fel to the sprawling city of Vivec. From the streets of Mournhold to the Clockwork City. Very few words can describe the magnitude of the environment - sprawling is the first that comes to mind. Go anywhere you want. The sky's the limit. No really, it's the only limit.

Controls: 7 - Look up, look down. Strafe left, strafe right. Pretty basic setup. Combat may be clunky, but mods exist to make it better if you want. It's an action RPG, but an RPG none the less. Stat based combat means not everything willl hit every time.

Gameplay: 10 - Essentially, Morrowind allows you to do what you want, when you want. Play the game however you feel like. Don't feel like ever completing the main quest line? No problem. You might even forget it's there like I did. Want to kill off an important NPC that's part of the main quest line? No worries there either. There's even a work-around quest line that will still allow you to finish the main quest line if your prefer.

Entertainment: 10 - Become a member of the Thieve's Guild and steal your way to the top. Rise through the ranks of the Fighter's Guild and earn your place. Join one of the three political houses for some intrigue. Go on a walk-about and see what there is to see. You might run into a naked Nord that has been bewitched or you could possibly encounter a group of bandits. There is so much going on in this game, you just have to explore to experience some of the random and crazy things out there.

Replayability: 10 - I've spent many, many hours in this game, and have only played a total of four characters. I still want to start a new character at some point. I hope that explains the score well enough.

Graphics: 7 - At release, it was gorgeous. Compared to modern games, it's not much to look at. If you're a shallow Hal, there's plenty of mods available to spruce things up a bit.


If you've never played an Elder Scrolls game before, you have no idea what you're missing. If you started with either Oblivion or Skyrim, you have no idea what you're missing. A lot of gamers agree (no source) that Morrowind is the pinnacle of the Elder Scrolls series and I agree. Do yourself a favor and get the game.

Most important is give it some time. After the short intro scene, you're on your own. You decide where to go and what to do. You decide how to play the game. The learning curve can seem a bit steep, but believe when I say say very simply, it's worth it.



- If you're questioning my listed hours on record, I just purchased this on the Steam 2014 Holiday Sale (12/22/2014). However, as listed above, I have spent quite a bit of time with Morrowind outside of Steam. Give it some time and the hours will begin to climb substantially.

-No, I'm not truly in love with this game nor do I have some sort of abnormal gamer fetish. It's just a game I love to play that is the top of my personal "best games" list. Suprisingly to some, I do actually have a wife and kids.
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It's ok.
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You start playing Morrowind. You pick a race, class, go through the tutorial and dive right in. The controls are a bit clunky and you feel a bit awkward swinging around the first dagger you get. Well screw it, let’s see what this game has to offer. So you go up to the first enemy you see, a mudcrab. You start hacking away at it, only to find that you miss almost 90% of the time. Finally after getting hit a few times you dispatch it. Well, that didn’t go as well as you expected. Then you realize that even when running you are moving at a snails pace and you are constantly very low on fatigue. You get your hands on better weapons and armour, but you still miss often and take more damage than you expect. Despite all this, you play on. You get your first side quest, and then you realize that objectives aren’t marked on your map nor are you notified when they are completed. Then you find other tedious things, your magic doesn’t regenerate, there isn’t a fast travel system, spells can fail, equipment can break, etc. At long last you snap. You run around cursing the day you ever thought it was a good idea to purchase this game in a blood-curdling scream. But for whatever reason you play on, maybe you want to see if you can get the slightest satisfaction out of the money you’ve invested, maybe a small part of you likes the game, or maybe you want to add more play time so your multi-paragraph rant about why you shouldn’t play this game will be taken more seriously.
Then something magic happens, you get a few level ups and your skills improve. You start figuring out how to keep your health up without constantly purchasing potions. You start paying close attention to the quest instructions and find that they aren’t so difficult to follow. You finally start hitting more than you miss and with every hit you land and every creature you slay you get a burst of adrenaline. You grow stronger and start making short work of enemies that once made mincemeat out of you, laughing triumphantly in your sweet revenge. You start moving much faster than you ever thought you would. But that was just the beginning. You then find yourself paying close attention to the side quests and the people of Morrowind and suddenly you’ve completely immersed yourself in a game that has graphics optimized from the N64 era, but that no longer matters. The controls that once baffled you become completely second-nature. The combat that once was infuriating becomes so great you will charge at every enemy you spot. The magic system that once seemed impossible suddenly seems like the only way a magic system should work. Even the most trivial interactions become satisfying, and at long last all the troubles you had in the past with this game make complete sense.

Unfortunately Morrowind isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. It’s no exaggeration that this game takes a LOT of patience to get into. You begin with selecting races you’re not familiar with and making choices for your character without any knowledge about all they ways they will affect you throughout the game. Then, you are put through a brief tutorial and are thrust right into the game with only an item for the first main quest and a dagger. The rest you will have to look up online or learn through experience. But don’t be discouraged, as this game get’s extremely enjoyable once you get out of the ‘rut’ of the first chunk of the game. Once you finally get a good understanding of how everything works you finally start to see that things that once frustrated you are there for good reason. The customization level of this game is extensive, more extensive than Oblivion or Skyrim. Not that those are bad games, but Morrowind offers a deeper and more challenging experience. You have plenty of classes to choose from, you can make your own class, and you choose a birthsign which can augment your stats or grant you new abilities, further increasing the amount of character builds to experiment with. Overall, if you’ve got a lot of free time on your hands and want to play through an deep and immersive RPG, I cannot recommend Morrowind enough.

+Very immersive open world
+Plenty of ways to build your character
+Background Music is subtle yet very catchy
+Deep Stat/skill development
+Rock Solid Gameplay, takes some getting used to

-Takes a large amount of time to get used to gameplay and controls
-Outdated Graphics (Can be fixed with the right mods)
-Sound Effects are a bit lacking
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Was asked to do a quest by a guy standing in the Wilderness in his pants, also he was about 70 and had a six pack.

12/10 best game eva.
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The "GTA San Andreas" of RPGs.
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Best RPG I've ever played. Hands down. The openendedness is amazing. Don't let bad graphics get in the way of this amazing game

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Accidentally ate an emerald that i looted out of a underground Dwemer fortress. It had no effect.

10/10 would eat again
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Drank five hundred homemade levitate potions. Flew Half way across the map in 10 secs before it crashed my toaster. 10/10 Would Crash Again!
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Like your quest markers? Gone.
How about your fast travel? Gone.
Oh, don't you LOVE your dual-wielding, shouts, infinite mana with the right gear, vampires that don't catch on fire on contact with the sun, followers, and anything else that is softcore? GONE.

Now, I'm not saying Skyrim is a bad game, it's actually a great game. It just seems a bit too easy to me. But, luckily, before the generation of games that help you aim, regenerate your health, and let you use a sniper rifle the wrong way but it somehow works, there was these kind of games.

This game is one of my personal favorites of all time. I really enjoyed this when I was a kid on the original Xbox, so, a couple years ago, I decided to buy it on steam.

It gives you a brief tutorial, then you're on your own, and it won't hold your hand. Just you, your weapon, your skills, and your unforgiving enemies (not to mention cliff racers... oh god, the cliff racers).

The story is also great. What's that? You're the dragonborn? How about a cross-Vvardenfell idol that kills gods, vampires, kwama, etc, is the greatest wizard in the history of Tamriel, and can literally levitate and go anywhere? Anyway, the story made me feel like I was a god. I never felt like that in a game in a while.

Overall, I would say this is a must-buy for any challenge-seeker, fan of classic games, elder scrolls fan, or those looking for a great RPG. This game is NOT for everyone, and I can understand that. This game is very memorable, though, and I would recommend for sure.
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its like skyrim with good
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Best of TES' games
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Is it bad that I think this game is better than Skyrim?...
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Three words sum the game up: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ED CLIFF RACERS!

Now buy the game.
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I had never heard of the Elder Scrolls games until Skyrim and thought that it was absolutely captivating that I wanted to play the others. I played Oblivion next, then Morrowind, and I have to say out of those 3 Morrowind is my favorite Elder Scrolls games I have played. It was extremely challenging at first since some areas have very high level monsters and it isnt leveled like it is in Oblivion and Skyrim.

However, when you reach higher levels you become a literal god of Morrowind able to fly around, leap far and high distances, cast crazy insane spells. It's a lot of fun packed with tons of content. It is very unforgiving so one thing I learned is to save, and save often!

Also if you steal something and no one notices prepare for the Dark Brotherhood to come kill you in your sleep. What happens when you tell a guard? They pretty much say "tough ♥♥♥♥" and to write a will. 10/10 would steal again.
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If sex were a game, it would be The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.
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