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06 月 21 日

Kerbal Space Program patch 1.1.3 is now available!

Hello everyone!

The 1.1.3 patch is now available! We’ve taken our time over the past couple of weeks to tackle as many issues as we could in this patch and the results speak for themselves: close to 100 fixes have been logged compared to the previous version of KSP, and we even found time to hide something small in the game that we’re sure a lot of long time fans will appreciate!

Check out the full changelog at our Forums.

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04 月 30 日

Patch 1.1.2 is now available!

Hello everyone!

We noticed a number of issues persisted through the 1.1.1 patch earlier this week. We’re releasing patch 1.1.2 to address these issues before we head off to a long overdue vacation for the next couple of weeks. Patch 1.1.2 addresses issues with the user interface and landing legs, amongst others.

Check out the full changelog on our forums.

The Patch will start downloading through your Steam client automatically.

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In KSP you must build a space-worthy craft, capable of flying its crew out into space without killing them. At your disposal is a collection of parts, which must be assembled to create a functional ship. Each part has its own function and will affect the way a ship flies (or doesn't). So strap yourself in, and get ready to try some Rocket Science!

The game offers three gameplay modes: Sandbox, in which you are free to build anything you can think of; Science Mode, which lets you perform Scientific experiments to advance the knowledge of Kerbalkind and further the available technology; and Career Mode, in which you must manage every aspect of your Space Program, including administration strategies, Crew Management, Reputation, as well as taking up Contracts to earn Funds and upgrade your Space Center Facilities (or repair them).

Add to this the ability to capture asteroids (a feature done in collaboration with NASA), Mining for resources out across the furthest reaches of the Solar System, Constructing Bases and Space Stations in and around other worlds; plus literally thousands of mods from a huge active modding community, all add up into the award-winning game that has taken the space sim genre by storm.

Key Features

  • The Vehicle Assembly Building and the Space Plane Hangar allows players to build spacecraft out of any imaginable combination of parts.
  • Fully-fledged, Physics-based Space Flight Simulation ensures everything will fly (and crash) as it should.
  • Take your Kerbal crew out of the ship and do Extra Vehicular Activities.
  • Fly out to Moons and other Planets.
  • Procedural Terrain delivers detailed terrain at a vast scale. The Kerbal Planet is 600km in radius!
  • Mod-enabled, allows players to create new content and modify the game.
  • Ship systems. Keep an eye out for engine temperatures and fuel levels, and try not to explode.
  • Build ships with multiple stages, and jettison parts away as they burn out.
  • Full control over the ship’s setup allows for complex ships and advanced functionality.
  • Dock spacecraft together to build Space Stations, Massive Starships, or even surface bases on other worlds.
  • Manage your crewmembers, hire them, and send them out into space and make them into heroes.
  • Research and Develop new technologies to advance your Space Program.
  • Take on Missions to attract interest in your Space Program.
  • Discover new worlds and expand the scientific knowledge of Kerbalkind.
  • Extract valuable resources from all over the solar system.
  • And a whole lot more!


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:Windows Vista or 7
    • Processor:Core 2 Duo
    • Memory:3GB RAM
    • Graphics:SM3 512MB VRAM
    • Hard Drive:4 GB HD space
    • OS:Windows 8 or 10 64 bit
    • Processor:Core i5
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:SM4 1GB VRAM
    • Hard Drive:6 GB HD space
    • OS:Lion (10.7)
    • Processor:Intel
    • Memory:3 GB RAM
    • Graphics:SM3 512MB VRAM
    • Hard Drive:4 GB HD space
    • OS:El Capitan (10.13)
    • Processor:Intel Core i5
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:SM4 1GB VRAM
    • Hard Drive:6 GB HD space
    • OS: Linux (Most distros should work)
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 4 GB HD space
    • Video Card: SM3 512MB VRAM
    • OS:Ubuntu 14.04
    • Processor:Core i5
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:SM4 1GB VRAM
    • Hard Drive:6 GB HD space
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Dapper Illuminatist |
( 144.1 記錄時數 )
張貼於:06 月 28 日
I have had the game since 0.9 and really liked it. There was some bugs. But ok. Now the dev quit on the game which is pretty sad because they promised many features in 1.1 but they didnt come out... Still recommended
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( 1,129.9 記錄時數 )
張貼於:06 月 28 日
Love this game there is so much to do and so much play time worth in it
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[Booplesnoot] Ben Carson
( 1,135.2 記錄時數 )
張貼於:06 月 28 日
Steams says ive spent over 3 months in this game...


Would learn to be a wannabe-Physicist/Astronomer again
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( 200.0 記錄時數 )
張貼於:06 月 28 日
An incredible game that really fueled my fascination for everything space and space travel. It has made me appreciate my own existance a lot more, and now every time I look up on the moon in the night sky I think to myself "Man, I reeally want to go there", and with KSP, I can.

It can be hard at first, but it is also incredibly satisfying when you achieve your goals. You even learn a whole lot while playing it!

It's also great fun to just fool around and build the craziest constructions and see how bad they fly and how terrible they crash. I really like the humorous undertones of the game.

One of my favorite games of all times, I'm deeply in love with it.

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Captain Potato
( 300.2 記錄時數 )
張貼於:06 月 28 日
Just amazing. This game can cater for those who like to fool around, right to the very top of the ladder with absolute expert Scott Manly's out there. Challenge yourself. Blow ♥♥♥♥ up. Build a space station. Build a tank. Finely tune a hyper-manuverable jet. Make a plane out of nothing but fuel and engines to burn it.
This game is so versatile, you could literally get anyone to play it.
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( 6.4 記錄時數 )
張貼於:06 月 28 日
Great simulation game but better read this first if you have little to no background on how space travel works: (courtesy of JPL)
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( 444.6 記錄時數 )
張貼於:06 月 28 日
10/10 I just now figured out how to launch a plane
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( 123.3 記錄時數 )
張貼於:06 月 28 日
even most failures are fantastic
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( 59.1 記錄時數 )
張貼於:06 月 27 日
amazing and thank god they added the female kerbin so now young impressionable girls wont feel left out because there is a very large comunity of young women on steam interested in rocket simulation games. im going to reccomend this game but i really need more diversity in the future or i WILL be offended. for instance all of the kerbins are clearly cis why? the next update needs to have an openly gay kerbin and a trans kerbin, or do gay and trans kids not get to go into space? the fact that you think its ok to only represent two genders is disgusting and im VERY offended, this is 2016 you cavemen and obviously there are more genders now. if you like to play fun games and dont mind giving money to the white cis patriarchy then i can reccomend this game. if your a brave social justice warrior you will find this game very offensive and triggering and you need to stay far away from this and all video games because your a special snowflake and the worst crime another human can comit is hurting your precious precious feelings.
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( 159.1 記錄時數 )
張貼於:06 月 27 日
No place program for the sogram in the lowgram you toejam ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
513 人之中有 493 人(96%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 515 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
212.7 記錄時數
張貼於:05 月 31 日
>Buy game in sale in 2013
>Spend 4 months attempting to get to the Mun
>Spend the entire space program's budget on a Mun mission
>Forgot solar panels
>Jeb crashed due to lack of power. He is now stranded
>Tell him I'm mounting a rescue mission
>Get sidetracked flying planes to get more funds
>Accidentally learn to dock
>Somehow get to Duna
>Mannded Duna landing and return
>Make huge space station in Kerbin orbit
>Turn it into a huge ship by docking engines
>Fly to Jool and visit all the moons
>Have spare fuel so decide to do a grand tour of the solar system
>Finally done everything I came out to do. Start playing other games
>Be me 2016
>Load up KSP after new update to check it out
>Jeb still stranded on Mun
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214 人之中有 203 人(95%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 161 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
227.7 記錄時數
張貼於:05 月 31 日
ruined my ability to enjoy science fiction movies.
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236 人之中有 220 人(93%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 129 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
280.5 記錄時數
張貼於:05 月 31 日
If you have kids, get this game for them. If you don't have kids, get this game anyway.
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127 人之中有 120 人(94%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 54 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
15.6 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 3 日
This is Major Jeb to ground control
I'm stepping through the door.
And I'm floating in one of the most peculiar ways.
And the stars look very different today.
~10/10, great game.
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有 119 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
267.7 記錄時數
張貼於:05 月 29 日
Using Hyperedit I successfully:
Crashed Kerbin into Jool.

Using the BDarmoury I successfully:
Destroyed the space center.

Using Rockets I successfully:
Killed thousands of Kerbals.

Using Alcohol I successfully:
learned not to drink and rocket science.

Reviewing Kerbal Space Program I successfully:
Reviewed Kerbal Space Program.

11/10 would drink and rocket science again.
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84 人之中有 71 人(85%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 86 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
13.1 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 1 日
- Launched into space.
- Climbed outside to get science.
- Accidently let go.
10/10 would burn in atmosphere again.
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51 人之中有 47 人(92%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 8 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
112.1 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 6 日
So i told myself when i reached 100 hours on this game i would write a review. Well, here i am.

So i got this game around summmer 2015, after wanting it for a long time.
The game had just left early access and was in beta. (I just want to point out that i am very attatched to this game)
I adore this game. Most of my summer was spent playing this. (Before you say that isn't possible, i would like to point out my hours didn't add up as I ran the game from the .exe rather than steam.)

I would, and have, recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the feel of success, science, exploration, engineering, space, cute green creatures who you shall become the merciless god of as you stack them on top of each-other and use them as landing gear.

The only slightly bad thing about this game is the learning curve. I know the 1.1 update added loads of tutorials, 'cuz the old ones were exeedingly bad, but you will spend around 5 - 10 hours before you can do anything useful. Needless to say though it is worth it, and soon you will conquer the solar system!

Or, y'know, just abuse the various bugs the game has... that's cool....

Anyway, thanks for reading this review. If it helps someone buy the game, or spread the word, or anything, then i'm glad.

-- Simple Concept
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56 人之中有 47 人(84%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 86 位使用者認為這則評論很有趣
987.2 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 3 日
Picked up a copy during its early access, have been in love with it since.
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298 人之中有 185 人(62%)認為這篇評論值得參考
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45.7 記錄時數
張貼於:05 月 30 日
Before I played:
\\ _
   \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    < ⌒ヽ
   /   へ\
   /  / \\
   レ ノ   ヽ_つ
  / /
  / /|
 ( (ヽ
 | |、\
 | 丿 \ ⌒)
 | |  ) /
`ノ )  Lノ
After I played:
/フフ         ム`ヽ
/ ノ)  ) ヽ
/ |  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ⌒(ゝ._,ノ
/ ノ⌒7⌒ヽーく  \ /
丶_ ノ 。   ノ、 。|/
   `ヽ `ー-'_人`ーノ
    丶  ̄ _人'彡)
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25 人之中有 19 人(76%)認為這篇評論值得參考
有 1 位使用者對這則評論感到有趣
68.8 記錄時數
張貼於:06 月 7 日
This is without doubt the best game i have played.
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