PlanetSide 2 is a revolutionary massive scale first-person shooter where soldiers battle as one in strategic, targeted missions against enemy empires in an all-out planetary war. The game challenges the skill and grit of the most seasoned soldier through intense infantry, air, and ground vehicle gameplay.
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Data wydania: 20 Lis, 2012

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"Technically astounding mass-scale warfare that spews out gaming fantasy fulfilment. Bring a friend, or you’ll get lonely."
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PlanetSide 2 2nd Anniversary Bundle is Available!

Celebrate PlanetSide 2’s second anniversary with this mega bundle. You can’t beat this incredible deal on fantastic PS2 goodies such as cool camo, unique armor, special weapons, decals, and of course a 6-month heroic boost. Even better, these items are unlocked on each character on your account.

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Hossin Is Live! Patch Notes for 6/26

Explore a brand new continent with over 80 new bases in a brand new biome.
This is an Early Expedition. Read about what that means in this post from Creative Director Matt Higby:

Continent Locking:
Continents can now be locked to a conquering empire in one of two ways:
Dominate the continent by owning at least 94% of the territory.

Win an Alert:
When a continent locks, the conquering empire automatically captures all remaining regions on the continent.
All players on the locked continent will be prompted to redeploy to another continent.
A maximum of 2 continents can be locked at any one time.
Whenever a continent is locked the oldest existing locked continent will automatically unlock.
A Continent Benefit is now only active while the continent is locked.

Continent Benefits have changed:
Amerish gives -50% Infantry Purchases (up from -10% Aerospace Purchases)
Esamir gives -50% Mechanized Purchases (up from -10% Mechanized Purchases)
Indar gives -50% Aerospace Purchases (up from -10% Infantry Purchases)
Hossin gives +25% XP (new) (It's almost like we want you to play there!)
To accommodate continent locking, Global Alerts have been removed from the game, meaning every alert is now specific to a continent
When a continent is unlocked the warpgates on that continent will rotate, and territory will be reset to a default starting configuration for each warpgate. (Tired of your warpgate location? Now you can fix it)
Warpgates will no longer rotate every other week and are now exclusively rotated via continent locking.

Outfits Recruiting:
Do you run an outfit? Looking for some new blood? List your outfit in the brand new recruiting system.
Are you looking to join an outfit? Want to meet some new friends? Find an outfit to join in the brand new recruiting system.
To list your outfit go to the outfit screen and there is a Manage Recruitment button.
To view recruiting outfits, go to the outfits button on the social tab. On the main page is a button to find an outfit.

Outfit Decals:
Your outfit can now select a decal to represent yourselves.
Purchase Infantry or Vehicle Outfit decals in their Depot categories for 100 SC or 250 Certs
Equip like a normal decal. If you’re in an outfit and the outfit has a decal selected, the decal will display as the selected decal.
If you’re not in an outfit, the decal will not display.

Outfit Base Capture:
When your outfit captures a base your outfit’s decal will be displayed on the faction banners at the base, on the scoreboard, and on the map.
An outfit is recognized as being the captors by being the highest scoring outfit during the base’s capture
For now, this score is simply the cumulative score of the outfit members that participated in the base capture (i.e. the scores that are displayed on the scoreboard).

The descriptions on the Medical Applicator now list the hotkeys required for healing and reviving.
Adjusted ranges of “Enter Vehicle” and “Equipment Terminal” interactions on Sunderer.
Change reduces overlap and is intended to reduce the chances of accidentally triggering the interaction you don’t want.
When the vehicle is deployed, you will need to get closer to the terminal and closer to the vehicle.
When the vehicle is undeployed there should be no change in the enter vehicle interaction.
A lattice link has been added between TI Alloys and Ceres Hydroponics on Indar.

Bug Fixes:
Desynch fix for multiple situations.
Fixed focus issues with the chat window after hitting escape.
Fixed an issue where thermal optics for the Dual-75 Duster were not set up like other belly guns.
The TR Honeycomb camo will now scale correctly.
Updated the descriptions for Liberator belly weapons to be more accurate with recent changes.
The un-purchasable magazine size certification should no longer appear for the Hyena Missile Launcher.
Camo will now apply correctly to the Bruiser Plating and Scrapper Vanguard attachments.
Kills caused by explosions will no longer grant double experience.
Equipping the Ammunition Package during a weapon reload will no longer skip the reload animation.
Adjusted the Ammunition Package so that it it less likely to continuously shake when thrown on uneven terrain.
Fixed an issue where tank reverse turning speed would change when toggling the ‘Invert Reverse Steering for Tanks’ option.

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“Audacious. Sony Online built a multi-continental world wide enough for thousands of players on three factions to fight in the air, on the ground, and inside bases, and released it for free.”
PC Gamer

“Technically astounding mass-scale warfare that spews out gaming fantasy fulfillment.”
90/100 – PC Gamer

“With versatile classes, deep progression systems and various styles of air and ground vehicles, there’s no shortage of ways to contribute to a fight, and on a coordinated team in PlanetSide 2’s open environments, Sony Online Entertainment’s game of nonstop war can be a truly incredible competitive experience.”
9/10 – IGN

Właśnie zaktualizowano

Hossin is a massive new map that will introduce an entirely new type of battle experience to PlanetSide 2. With its swamp-like terrain and natural barriers, players will be challenged like never before. Hossin will add an insane new element and its 80 new bases are scattered throughout, making infantry combat the most important it’s ever been.

In addition to the release of Hossin, there were other brand new features introduced into PlanetSide 2:

  • OUTFIT RECRUITMENT – New streamlined process for building, seeking and joining outfits. Players can choose their crew, their way with this new recruitment tool.

  • OUTFIT BASE CAPTURE – New “ownership” system where the facility / outpost is awarded to the top contributing outfit during capture.

  • CONTINENT LOCKING – Offering an unprecedented level of player control, the Auraxian population can now control which continents are open for contest, when those continents have alerts and when warpgates will rotate.

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O tej grze

PlanetSide 2 is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online first person shooter (MMOFPS). Empires fight on a massive scale where soldiers battle in an all-out planetary war on a scale never before seen in stunning, breathtaking detail. PlanetSide 2 battles persist when thousands of players align in this game that challenges the skill and grit through intense land, air and vehicle gameplay.

Across four huge maps, players come together in enormous battles to win control of critical territories and key resources for their Empire. With an extensive skill tree and free-form class-based system, players customize their soldier, weapons and vehicles to match their play-style, as well as the needs of their squad, outfit or Empire. The world of PlanetSide 2 is massive and persistent with every soldier capable of making a difference.

Key Features:
  • THREE WARING EMPIRES: Players will choose to align with one of three unique Empires – the militaristic, authoritarian Terran Republic, the rebellious, freedom-fighter faction New Conglomerate, or the technocratic, alien-influenced Empire Vanu Sovereignty. Each Empire has access to unique weapons, attachments, vehicles, abilities, and more.
  • MASSIVE WARFARE: Battles take place not between dozens of troops, but hundreds; with air and ground vehicles slugging it out alongside squads of troops. Each battleground holds valuable resources and key positions, and the Empire that can conquer (and manage to hold) these territories are rewarded with tech bonuses, greater access to equipment, and more.
  • ENORMOUS MAPS: PlanetSide 2 features four incredible and diverse continent maps with dozens of square kilometers of seamless gameplay space; every inch of which is hand-crafted, contestable space. Whether in open fields, tightly-packed urban centers or enormous outposts, victory requires calculated teamwork and a quick trigger finger to survive the massive battles.
  • PERSISTENCE THAT PAYS: In PlanetSide 2 the war isn’t won by a single base capture. The core gameplay of PlanetSide 2 is about holding crucial territories and controlling resources. Working strategically as a team to secure tactical positions, such as power plants and ammo depots, has long-lasting effects that can shift the tide of battle and provide key rewards and bonuses.
  • CLASS-BASED COMBAT: Players can build their soldier to match their play-style, as well as the needs of their squad, outfit or Empire. With six distinct classes to explore, each combat role, vehicle and weapon has extensive skill trees that will allow players to grow characters laterally, unlocking hundreds of weapons, attachments, equipment, specialized skills, vehicles, and more. Play as one of six distinct classes:

    - Heavy Assault – Rush into the battle ahead, guns blazing. You are the dedicated foot soldier of Auraxis.
    - Light Assault – Go where the Heavies can’t with your short-burst jetpack. Pick a high spot, throw a grenade and surprise your foes!
    - Combat Medic – Keep your fellow soldiers healed- it’s your job to revive fallen comrades.
    - Infiltrator – Stealthy and silent, you are death from the shadows. Whether you choose a knife from behind or a single shot from sniper’s nest, you are the enemy’s greatest fear.
    - Engineer – A crucial support class with the ability to repair important gear including vehicles, terminals, and turrets. Engineers can drop their own shielded turret and mow down advancing troops.
    - MAX – Heavily armored, cannons for hands, and a disposition to match, you are the ruler of the battlefield and a walking mass of armored death.

  • OUTFIT TEAMWORK: Outfits play a very important role in each and every battle. From a small group of specialized soldiers or rapid response team, to a huge clan that can field multiple platoons of hundreds of players, outfits have access to unique customizations– allowing them to create their own identity and manage their reputation and overall role in the ongoing war.
  • VEHICLES & WEAPONS: Players are able to access a huge array of weapons and vehicles which can be extensively customized for player preference or purposed with unique attachments and add-ons earned in game to fit each player’s style.
  • PLAY FOR FREE: PlanetSide 2 is Free-To-Play with an additional in-game RMT marketplace with items that range from cosmetic camouflage patterns and armor paint jobs, to XP accelerators. Items that affect gameplay, such as weapon side-grades will be purchasable via resources earned in-game through gameplay and achievements.
  • VOICE INTEGRATION: Players are able to communicate with their squads both through keyboard and voice chat.

Wymagania systemowe

    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • CPU: Core i5-760 or better / AMD Phenom II X4 or better [Quad-core CPU]
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM (32-bit) / 6 GB RAM (64-bit)
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB free
    • Video Memory: 512 MB
    • Video Card: nVidia GeForce GTX 260 or better / Radeon HD 4850 or better
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:Intel i5 processor or higher / AMD Phenom II X6 or higher
    • Memory:6 GB RAM
    • Graphics:nVidia GeForce 540 or higher / AMD HD 6870 or higher
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:15 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible Sound Card
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
Pomocne recenzje klientów
16 z 18 osób (89%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
17.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 29 września
- Ogromne kontynenty, na których cały czas trwa walka.
- Niespotykana w grasz FPS linia frontu. Ludzie sami wybierają co atakują i w miejscu gdzie stykają się dwie armie tworzy się linia frontu, która stanowi strefę intensywnej walki. Jest to o tyle ciekawe, że jeżeli chce się zdobyć dany teren, trzeba wojowników wspomagać i samemu walczyć z przeciwnikami po przeciwnej stronie. W innym wypadku przeciwnicy zyskają przewagę i zniszczą twój oddział. Osobiście bardzo mi się to podoba, bo w przeciwieństwie do BF3, przeciwnicy nie respią ci się z za pleców.
- Różnorodność broni i możliwości stylu gry.
- Mimo różnorodności broni, wszystko jest zbalansowane. Te najdroższe, nie są wcale najlepsze, są sytuacyjne. Nawet podstawowe bronie niszą jeżeli umie się ich użyć.
- Różnorodność środowisk walki: Pustynie, Kaniony, Zielone równiny, Bagna, Tundra, Zabudowania itp.
- Coś z serii: "Chcesz grać snajperem? Naucz się wszystkiego od nowa"
- Praktycznie 0 cheaterów, a nawet jeśli to nie zauważysz. Zbyt dużo razy się ginie :D
- Wojna frakcji. Czyli już masz przejąć wielką strukturę, a tu ci trzecia frakcja wbija i niszczy wszystko co żyje.
- Regularne eskapady złożone z ~50 czołgów. Twoja frakcja robi sobie wycieczkę i przejmuje pół kontynentu.

- Tutaj na pewno optymalizacja. To nie tak, że mam słabego kompa i gram na najniższych ustawieniach z możliwych.. Podczas bety spokojnie grałem na systemie 32bit z wysokimi ustawieniami. Po pewnych aktualizacjach gra mi się crashowała i dopiero jak zmieniłem systemna 64bit, mogę grać.. Na najniższych ustawieniach. Nie narzekam jednak, bo grafika nawet na tych jest bardzo ładna.
- Tak w sumie, większość wkur* rzeczy od bety zmienili i gra jest bardzo grywalna.

POLECAM GRĘ :D Jeżeli ktoś lubi zabijać to ta gra daje możliwości posiadania KD 10.0. Trzeba tylko mieć odpowiednią taktykę.
Czy ta recenzja była pomocna? Tak Nie
13 z 14 osób (93%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
37.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 9 sierpnia
Bardzo fajna gra. ogromne bitwy z innymi graczami, świetna grafike. Brak P2W. Sony wie jak zabrać się za dobrą grę :D
Czy ta recenzja była pomocna? Tak Nie
14 z 18 osób (78%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
359.3 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 16 sierpnia
To jest śmieszne, bo mam ochotę wstawić grze ocenę negatywną. Po wielu godzinach gry, zaczęła żądać ode mnie wykupienia konta premium (kick z serwerów po kilku minutach)! Ale nie był bym fair... Gra jest wyśmienita. Długo można by się rozwodzić nad jej zaletami, ale ogólnie rzecz biorąc jest to chyba najlepsze połączenie masywnego pola walki na lądzie i w powietrzu, jakie mamy obecnie dostępne na rynku. Z początku jest bardzo ciężko i często się ginie, ale później... bajka. Jeśli się tylko wyspecjalizujecie w jednej profesji i przyjmiecie na siebie jedną, strategicznie ważną funkcję... na prawdę odczujecie swój wpływ na to co się dzieje... no a później oskarżają człowieka, że nie można np. bez czitów trafić myśliwca rakietą inżyniera. Można! Sama satysfakcja! :)

Ogólnie polecam... Z resztą co komu szkodzi pograć w darmową gierkę. I tak długo grałem bez restrykcji. Zdecydowanie warto przynajmniej zorientować się co to jest, bo gra wykonana z rozmachem.
Czy ta recenzja była pomocna? Tak Nie
619 z 651 osób (95%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
34.1 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 12 października
Here's My Summary/Opinion on PS2.

War in PlanetSide 2 isn't hell, though your first experience of it probably will be. You create your character and pick a faction. Then you're unceremoniously dropped - literally, from space - right into the biggest battle the game can find, surrounded by enemies and tanks and anything else that happens to be around, with a life expectancy measured in milliseconds.

Somehow beat the odds and things don't get better. You stagger from death to death in a haze of confusion and unexplained icons, not as some elite soldier of legend, but simply one more fleck of gristle in a planet-sized meat grinder that never, ever stops churning. At some point, you will be run over by a tank. Probably driven by someone on your team.

It's nothing personal, of course. PlanetSide 2 is far too busy for that. In most shooters, 16 players counts as a party. More advanced ones might push the limit to 32, or 64. In Sony Online Entertainment's free-to-play massively multiplayer game, you're dealing with 2000 players per continent - thankfully not all on screen at once - locked in a three-way tug of war that doesn't simply take cues from the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield, but has a good go at stealing their thunder.

Those games ultimately win out in terms of feel, but PlanetSide 2 even being comparable is a stunning achievement when compared to the standards of your average action MMO. This is easily one of the most ambitious online games ever - and setting aside some launch issues, one that lives up to its impossible promises.

Fighting in an open world feels strange - not as intimidating as you'd expect, but far more than just a gimmick. For the most part, standard first-person shooter rules apply. Shooting is skill-based rather than reliant on arbitrary levels. If you don't want to be shot, you get behind cover. Returning fire can be done from the hip, but you generally want to take advantage of iron sights and sniper scopes to deal out more accurate shots and hit distant enemies. It's a shooter. You've played shooters before. The twist here is that, instead of existing as isolated maps, battlegrounds emerge organically as boundaries shift. Today, that bridge over a canyon is simply a handy route between outposts. Tomorrow, it might be a sea of tanks, with infantry crawling all over the scenery like ants.

Being in an open world, anyone who wants to take part can do exactly that. There are no lobbies, no queues, no arbitrary restrictions on numbers or how much you're allowed to bring into battle - not overt ones, anyway. An Instant Action button will spirit over anyone who requests a teleport, but you can just as easily spot something happening and head over under your own steam.

The longer fights go on, the more people will be drawn to them. Sunderers (APCs) are brought in as mobile respawn points, planes strafe the ground and battle for air superiority, tanks take up positions and all hell breaks loose until one side seizes victory. If you're outnumbered, too bad. Reinforcements may arrive, or not. War isn't always fair.

The sheer scale of the battles is stunning - to the point that, while it makes sense for PlanetSide 2 to be a free-to-play game, it takes longer for that to fully sink in. Sony hasn't so much embraced the model as given it a back-breaking bear-hug, almost to the point of creating a hidden mini-game called "What's the Catch?" Without paying a single penny, you get - deep breath - all five soldier classes and access to mech suits, full access to all three continents, all of the vehicles, no equipment restrictions, as much fighting as you want and the ability to join and start your own guilds (Outfits).

Never are you made to feel like less of a player for not paying a subscription fee or for earning any equipment you need by saving up in-game currency. It's a similar system to League of Legends and Tribes Ascend, only on an MMO scale and with less in the way of boobs/jetpacks.

The most important purchases are, as ever, boosts that speed up your in-game resource generation and guns with which to shoot people in the head for the crime of wearing the wrong colour armour. These are expensive, with new guns costing around £4 each (500-700 Sony funbucks) and each class having several slots to fill up with new weapons.

Your starting load-out is respectable though - and while I'm sure it's not deliberate, any temptation to spend a fortune in the store is swiftly dampened by most of its gear being bland variations on stock themes like 'assault rifle' and 'pistol'. There's nothing as iconic as the Tribes spinfusor, and nothing particularly sexy if you're not into efficiency. In a nice touch, you're allowed to borrow any weapon for a half-hour field test before investing your cash/points.

In a straight fight between two players of equal skill and time played, it's true that the one who's paid will usually come out on top - if only because upgrades can only be bought with in-game credits, and outright buying a gun leaves many more of them to spend there. The sheer scale of PlanetSide 2's battles does a lot to prevent any slide into pay-to-win territory though. Whatever your gear and however many upgrades you have, you're only ever one soldier in a rock-paper-scissors throwdown - where paper and scissors are represented by the sniper over on that hill and his friend in a tank.

Whatever role you're playing, the action is very solid - a touch floaty perhaps, and made a little stop-start by the way PlanetSide 2's body armour usually makes tissue paper look like mithril dipped in adamantium, but more than adequate. Its only significant failings are in accessibility and readability. There's no tutorial, for instance: just a link to an hour or so of YouTube videos in the launcher and a UI that comes across as a mess of unlabelled icons, blinking lights and labels apparently harbouring an active grudge against the colourblind. It's a staggeringly bad new player experience for a game that does have a tricky learning curve, but whose raw basics really aren't that complicated.

Similar confusion sneaks into the graphics. Textures are often very busy, which combined with the oddly muted faction colours can make it hard to spot enemies at even mid-range, or to react fast enough to sudden threats. The Vanu are particular offenders here, with their purple colours blending into much of the scenery, though the Terran Republic's combination of powerful red with murky grey comes a close second. (If you play Terran, they also earn bonus confusion points for internally using red to flag up enemies. Cognitive dissonance can kill, people!) I'd like to have seen PlanetSide 2 take a few more cues from the likes of Tribes Ascend and even Team Fortress 2 in terms of its general readability, colour choice and silhouettes.

Back to the war itself. Out in the field, combat unsurprisingly varies dramatically depending on your class - which you can change at will, either at reload stations or between lives if you get bored or your team needs something. A Heavy Assault soldier's life is one of explosives and endless streams of hot lead, while Infiltrators work the shadows with sniper rifles and Light Assault troopers bop around on jetpacks. The more points you put into each class and its gear, the more efficient you get with it, so it pays to focus.

Lone wolf players are likely out of luck, though not entirely. It's certainly possible to play solo. You can join pick-up groups as you travel, be added to squads at the touch of a key, and contribute to base assaults and defence along with everyone else. PlanetSide 2's epic-scale battles put tight limitations on what any individual can accomplish, though, and being a cog in a silent machine is rarely a rewarding career. To make the most of PlanetSide 2, you really have to gather some friends over voice-chat and set your own goals on the vast battlefield.
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9 z 10 osób (90%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
66.8 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 31 sierpnia
Taki drugi battlefield ale trochę lepszy szkoda tylko , że nie ma systemu zniszczeń wtedy bym napisał , że to battlefield to taki inny planet side 2 ;)
Grywalność/hackerów praktycznie nie ma/klimat kiedy podbijasz bazy /i totalny rozpierchaos w końcu wojna :)

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9 z 11 osób (82%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
45.0 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 19 października
Epickie walki z tysiącami jednostek. Można poczuć się jak na prawdziwej wojnie tylko, że za kilkaset lat ;).
Czy ta recenzja była pomocna? Tak Nie
8 z 11 osób (73%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
1,541.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 28 października


Gram w Planetside 2 od ponad roku podajze od GU6 przegranych mam ponad 1500 godzin głównie frakcja Terran Republic a to moja kompleksowa pełna recenzja gry na dzien 29 października 2014 roku PROSZĘ SIĘ NIE SUGEROWAĆ OBECNĄ OCENĄ GRY gdyż została ona wystawiona dawno temu kiedy gra była grywalna.

O tyle o ile tę grę mógłbym polecić z czystym sumieniem ponad pół roku temu, w dzisiejszym stanie jest nie grywalna około 50% ludzi grajacych w Planetside odeszła albo z powodu bezsensownych zmian i działań developerów albo z powodu że gra już nie chodzi jak kiedys jest tak kiepsko zoptymalizowana.

Może zaczne od mojej specyfikacji technicznej komputera:

CPU: Intel Core i5 3570K @ 4.7 GHz
GPU: Gigabyte (GV-R797OC-3GD) HD7970 @ 1040MHz/1550MHz
RAM: Kingston DDR3 HyperX Genesis Grey Series 4x4GB 2000MHz CL12

Wcześniej Planetside na mojej konfiguracji na bitwach typu "cluster ♥♥♥♥" czyli około 100 vs 100 graczy miałem minimum te 50-60fps, absolutnym minimum w grach FPS/FPP jest utrzymanie minimalnie 60fps, na dzien dzsiejszy w tych samych bitwach fpsy wynosza od 19-30fps co jest wartoscia kompletnie nie grywalna.

Działo się to z patcha na patch z hotfixa na hotfix, jak ludzie poodchodzili to zaczeli łączyć serwery. SOE zdaje sobie z tego wszystkiego sprawe, ale nic w tym kierunku nie robi, powstała nieoficjalna ankieta na ten temat a SOE nadal milczy.

Wielu graczy grajacych kiedyś na ustawieniach medium dzisaj nie są wstanie grać na najniższych.

Przeszliśmy przez temat optymalizacji teraz przejdźmy do błędów


Każdy patch czy też hotfiź wprowadza pewne błędy czasem jest to nie uniknione, poważniejsze błędy zostaja zawsze szybko naprawione szczególnie te które łamią rozgrywkę.

Miesiąć temu wyszedł patch który boryka się z poważnymi błędami takimi jak.

- Po wyjściu z pojazdu nasza postać respawni sie 100m nad ziemia spada i ginie
- Złe wykrywanie obrażen magazynkowych broni na pojazdach(główny czołg TR ma magazynek i przez to nie zadaje takiej ilosci obrażen jaka powinna byc)
- Złe wykrywanie obrażeń na broniach piechoty(jakbysmy sie czuli grajac z AWP w CSa i nie zadając obrażen? no własnie)

I do tego kilkaset nieco pomniejszych błędów.


Terran Republic są najsłabsi najgorsze czołgi najgorsze jednostki MAX, potem mamy New Conglegomerate, a najłatwiejsza i Overpowered frakcją jest Vanu, a dlaczego zaraz rozpisze.

W bitwach na główny przebieg gry wpływają najbardziej trzy jednostki MBT(Czołg Podstawowy), ESF(Myśliwce) i MAX(jednstka MAX).


Czołg Terran Republic do dzisaj ma zbugowany tryb Anchored Mode do tego nie ma frakcyjnej broni jak VS czy NC, ma średnia prędkość i jest słabo opancerzony.

Czołg NC posiada tarcze energetyczną wchłaniająca obrażenia, najlepszy pancerz i jest prawie tak szybki jak czołg TR, dodam że jest to czołg z prawdziwego zdazenia armata 150mm dobry dmg i genialna frkacyjna bron dla strzelca napędzana gaussem.

Czolg VS lewituje bardziej podobny do niszczyciela czołgów nie ma ruchomej wieży, do tego ma pancerz pomiędzy TR a NC, do tego jest najszybszy ma dopalacze, związku z tym że lewituje posiada stabilizacje działa co umożliwia mu strzelanie w ruchu, do tego może poruszać się na boki będąc zwróconym do wroga przodem, i bardzo dobra frakcyjna bron dla strzelca


Co tu duzo mówić najlepszych mysliwcem jest mysliwiec Vanu Scythe wbudowany Hover na 2 poziomie najlepsze bronie łatwość latania,


MAX TR - Najgorsze bronie wymagające bycia twarzą w twarz z wrogiem umiejetnosc specjalna sakotwiczanie ktore zwieksza szybostrzelnosc i predkosc ladowania. Do tego nieruchomy MAX to martwy MAX, pierwszy cel dla bazook, czołgów i LA z C4. Konkluzja bezuzyteczna umiejętność

Broń Anti Infantry - Dwa miniguny z bardzo słabym DMG niedorównującym nawet broni dla zwykłego piechóra ale z dużą ilościa amunicji

Broń Anti Vehicle - 10 nie kierowanych z duzym opadem i małymi obrażeniami rakiet, trudno piechote z tego zabić

MAX NC - Najlepszy we wszystkim specjalna umiejętność tarcza energetyczna która można sie zasłaniam przed wrogim ogniem wkraczając na punkt albo też uciekając z pola bitwy

Broń Anti Infantry - Shotguny do wyboru amunicja srutowa albo slugi, MAX NC ze srutowka jest najlepszym maxem w grze niszczacy inne maxy w kilka sekund kiedy max TR musi w niego strzelac sekund kilkanascie, slugi dla celow na dalsze dystanse.

Bron Anti Vehicle - Laserowo kierowane rakiety z napędem odrzutowym nie posiadające opadu z dużymi obrażeniami skuteczne na piechote.

MAX VS - max vanu possiada zealot overdrive ktory zwikesza predkosc poruszania sie i zwikszone obrazenia w systemie uzbrojenia kosztem gorszej odpornosci na obrazenia

Broń Anti Infantry - Bardzo dobre bronie na piechote celne szybkostrzelne ze srednimi magazynkami potezne z Overdrivem, max VS również kosi dośc latwo MAXa TR

Broń Anti Vehicle - super mocne niekierowane podstaowe wyrzutnie plazmy z ogromnym DMG dobre na piechote, albo dwa ładowane railguny z ogromna prędkościa pocisku.

I to było by na tyle jeśli ktoś ma jakieś pytania odnośnie gry albo nawet chciałby zagrać w opuszczoną przez developerów grę to zapraszam na serwer Cobalt Frakcja Terran Republic.
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Ta gra jest epicka spowodu paru rzeczy
1 świat 6na 6 km
2 zero p2w czy kupisz za pieniądze w realu czy za pieniądze z gry bronie sa takie same
3 3 frakcie polecym tych niebieskich
4 drzewko zdolności
5 ta gra przykleiła sie do mnie nie moge przestać grać nawet gram pisząć recenzje :D
6 w tej grze najlepiej gra sie w drużynie od 50 do 200 osób ,a na jednym serwie może grać 2000 osób
-często serwery przecinajom a ja miałem 200 fps
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Supeł gła połecam i zapłaszał Łukaszeł Fłączewski
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Nad tą grą spędziłem najwięcej czasu i uważam żę jest tego warta. Choć z początku byłą dla mnie trudna (początkujący fps'owicz) to szybko się uczyłem i z czasem sam zacząłem wygrywać poojedynki 1 na 1. Tytuł obowiązkowy dla każdego fana strzelanek, który potrzebuje otwartych przestrzeni i nieliniowośći. Na przykład chcesz pobawić się w snajpera. Bierzesz snajpę, znajdujesz pozycję i strzelasz ile dusza zapragnie. Chcesz zniszczyć kolumnę pancerną wroga? Zbierasz squad, pakujesz ich do śmigłowca, znajdujesz odpowiednie miejsce i organizujesz zasadzkę. To od ciebie zależy gdzie i czy postawisz miny, rozstawisz działko, czy wezwiesz wsparcie z powietrza.

- niezliczone możliwośći,
- masa broni, do wyboru do koloru (na dodatek można ją wypróbować przed zakupem),
- ciągle rozwijana,
- trzy dobrze zbalansowane nacje,
- nie ma op broni, podstawowa giwera różni się tylko stylem gry i/lub wygodą użycia (przykład na NC: GD-22 za jakieś 250 cert jest niemalże identyczna do Anchora za 1000 certów )

- yyy... nie dopatrzyłem się

- warto używać usprawnień w broni takich jak chwyty przednie czy tłumiki,
- jeśli grasz piechotą, pierwsze czego potrzebujesz to pistolet maszynowy

Do zobaczenia na linii frontu!
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Yeah that is great combo and it's generally nice felling to fight with thousands of people in one fight ;)
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Fajne jest to że mapy są ogromne. Świetna gra ale jest dość wymagająca. Polecam.
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PalnetSide 2 to nietypowa strzelanka multi-player. Mamy do dyspozycji spory arsenał broni i wyposażenia. Pojazdy są zróżnicowane, co czyni je ciekawszymi. Każda klasa i środek transportu mają swoje wady i zalety. Wcielić się można w żołnierza jednej z trzech frakcji, który stanie na polu walki razem z setkami innych jednostek. Ogromne mapy i gigantyczne serwery sprawiają, że możemy uczestniczyć w bitwach na skalę świata realnego. Moja ocena to 9/10. Dostajemy więc porządnego FPS-a w kategorii free-to-play.
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Looking to try out this game? It is free to play, so you should definitely give it a shot. Now here's what you'll need to know:

Are you good at battlefield, call of duty, counterstrike, or other first person shooters? If so, good for you, unfortunately that doesn't neccesarily translate into this game that well. I actually started this game being not very good at any FPS's and have gotten considerably better, to where i can comfortably say i am a decent player in this game. The game is so NOT user friendly, that it's learning curve has been called a "learning cliff" by the game's own producer, David Carey. It is something that is always being worked on however. Now, a little about the actual gameplay

I have never ever played a game that offered me this type, this range, this level of gameplay. You have the option to pick from different classes, and choose different guns for those classes. With some effort, you can be the driver or even pilot of one of many different vehicles in the game. As stated before, the game is free to play, and does a good job of doing so. All of the weapons in the game can be bought with the in game currency you build up as you play. Real money can be used to buy these guns, as well as cosmetics such as helmets for your character or different camo's. I personally feel like there is something for everyone in the game; if you like to snipe, you can snipe! You can jetpack around as a light assault, or go gung-ho as a heavy assault! There are so many different things to do.

The game takes a decent chunk of time to get into and get better at playing, but in just a few months it became my favorite game. I found a super fun group of people who invited me right in and now i play with as much as i can. There are always periods of time where the game has many (and i mean many) issues that make it difficult to play. And although the community is quick to blame SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) and demand fixes, SOE has truly created a masterpiece with this game. As long as there are servers, as long as i am a gamer, as long as i can, i will continue to play planetside, and would more than reccomend it to anybody reading this review.
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Battlefield with lazers.

And not made by EA.
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Planetside 2 is awesome. A little difficult to get into, but once you're there, awesome.
I definitely recommend this game! Every minute of my (dare i say extensive) game time has been enjoyable, and I'm still enjoying it today.

Get this game now!!
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★Planetside 2 is probably one of the best open world, MMO, F2P FPS games I have ever played. PS2 is so diverse and adaptable to so many play styles for each individual person and this is reflected in its felixibility of the class system, the versatile amount of land vehicles, aircraft, weaponry available and also the numerous ways to implement tactics. The game spans over 4 stunningly huge continents where 3 factions have to fight eachother with the goal of total domination of each region in every continant. Its persistant never ending warfare!


+ Immense large scale open world battles
+ Versatile class system
+ Visually impressive environments
+ Satisfying competitive gameplay
+ Great for teamwork & teamspeak gamers
+ Nice customisation of weaponry
+ Impressive map system
+ Tanks, quad bikes, aircraft, jetpacks, stealth cloaks
+ Intense and frustrating while very fun and rewarding
+ You can form your own sqauds, platoon or outfit
+ Freedom to go where ever you want
+ Your playing alongside thousands of players


- While this game is free to play, it will feel very grindy and you will need to put in the work and many hours of gameplay like I have to be able to unlock new items and skills using certifcation points, which are basically points you earn in-game for doing various things. :) If you arn't up for the hustle and grind of starting from the bottom and working your way up slowly you can always purchase station cash with real life money to buy everything you desire, but its not cheap be warned. I appreciate that this game is free to play, although I do find everything to be very expensive when you do the math on most items. However, in my opinion its more down to having skill, persistance and patience to be good, I wouldnt really label it as a pay to win game at all, the element of buying station cash its just an easier way to get stuff faster if your willing to pay, but if your skilled, why worry, just play, learn, and most of all have fun, even when dieing! :)

My Verdict: I have grinded as a 100% F2P gamer earning cert points and it hasn't taken away my gaming experience at all so don't be discouraged, I worked for what I earned and I really enjoy this game everytime I play it and fully recommend giving it a shot, its frikkin epic! 9/10 ★
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i blew up a tank with a pistol

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Brief Reivew:

Fast Paced Fun
Great Selection of Units (Infantry, Ground Vehicles & Air Support)
Massive Maps

Gets Repetitive
New Players at a Significant Disadvantage

If you're looking for a Tribes-like experience on a massive scale, this game is definately for you!

Detailed Review:

While Planetside 2 has been out for a few years now, I'm just getting the opportunity to experience it and am finding it quite enjoyable. Being on a budget, I downloaded PS2 and quickly added it to my 'Favorites' folder. I'll just briefly try to touch on the points mentioned above.

Of the three factions you can play, each on has six playable infantry units, five ground vehicles, and four aircraft; all of which serve their own purpose and have their own strengths/weaknesses. Not to mention scores of different weapons, attachments and ammunition to choose from. All of this spread across huge maps that span several dozen square kilometers.

All of this is absolutely free. There is a Membership option, but it by no means provides a game-breaking advantage. You seriously don't have to spend any money at all and you can still fully enjoy this game.

The downside is there is no 'end-game'. When you spawn, your objective is always the same: Defend the Point, or Assault and hold the point. Even when your faction manages to dominate an entire continent, there is no real significant reward for doing so. You just move on to another continent and do the same thing. There's no story progression, no truly meaningful events, it's all one giant game of lazer-tag.

If you're just going to start playing, chances are you're going to be a little frustrated considering you're going to be at a disadvantage. As you play, you earn experience for things you do, this experience rewards you with 'Certifications' which are in-game currency. These certifications are the only way (short of pay-to-play Station Cash) to upgrade your weapons, armor and abilities. So you'll start with your factions most basic weapons and abilities, fighting against players who have upgraded versions. I dealt with this by viewing it as a challenge to overcome and still managed to have a great time.

I would suggest avoiding the temptation to buy 'Station Cash' in order to give yourself an edge because most equipment is pretty expensive. You'll be spending $5.00 for a single gun. I was initially offended by the prices, but came to realize it's a good thing as it keeps people from just buying everything and becoming a 'Pay-to-Win' game.

I hear the game is even better if you're playing with your friends. I've been primarily playing solo and still haveing a great time.

While this game may not be record-breaking, it's still a lot of fun. Considering how many FPSs are on the market today this one has managed to capture my attention more than most.

"Loyalty Until Death, Strength in Unity"
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My my, what do we have here? A massive online FPS game? Wow, looks like Battlefield 4 can shove it right up their rusty cornhole because Planetside 2 just blows it out of the water! The firefights are intense, but sometimes I'm left saying "What the everliving ♥♥♥♥ just happened" and I'm left watching my character drop to the floor just to find out from the death screen that "Mr. XX420NoScOpEzXX" just killed me by shoving his gun barrel so far up my rectal cavity that I could pull the bolt back with my tongue, and somehow I still come back for more!

Now, I'm not one of those guys who is quick to whip out the credit card number and demand my insanely overpriced upgrades and weapons, because I enjoy actually earning my stuff! Like, if there is a competition and all you do is just buy the trophy, What did you accomplish? You just bought a ♥♥♥♥ing trophy because you're a lazy pile of ♥♥♥♥ who couldn't run a mile on Wii fit while sitting down! You want to earn that trophy! Run the mile, get the trophy, and go home feeling accomplished! So then you can tell your mommy and daddy that you just did something with your life! Unless you're 35 or older in which case your parents are probably scolding you to get the ♥♥♥♥ out of the house, or your parents are dead and your cat is left paying your rent because you're too busy buying ♥♥♥♥ on Planetside 2 and League of Legends.

I digress, Planetside 2's gameplay is far superior to most online shooters especially due to it's HUGE amount of players and it's intense firefights. My friends recommended this game to me and at first, I didn't want to be caught in another online bandwagon because inevitably that wagon either tips over because of the fat guy from 4/chan posting Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life Part 2/Chapter 2/Section 3/Paragraph 16, or the wagon ends up driving off a metaphorical cliff because the damn leader of this wagon decided to jump off and man another wagon, leaving us hopeless sheep in the cart, heading towards our permanent fate. Unless you're intelligent enough to either stay AWAY from that bandwagon, or get the ♥♥♥♥ off when you know that ♥♥♥♥ has officially hit the fan, and sometimes it's not even ♥♥♥♥. Most of the times, it's shotgun diarrhea and it ends up knocking the fan over and killing one of the passengers in this god forsaken wagon, BUT I digress...

Where was I? Oh yeah, my friends recommended this game to me and at first I was very skeptical. I didn't want to get involved in something that I couldn't handle, but of course I just HAD to be a cool kid for once in my life and say, you know what? Maybe I should try this drug you call Planetside 2. Don't forget the eyedrops! Anyway, I played the game and It was love at first sight! It was an intimate moment with the loading screen and I chose the Vanu race (BECAUSE MY FRIENDS PEER PRESSURED ME INTO IT), and I moved on. I got in game, went through the tutorial and I was immediately thrown into the action! God this game made my ♥♥♥♥ rock hard!

Let me explain the gamplay, ok. Imagine yourself in a peaceful area, filled with gun and explosions and ♥♥♥♥ rock, and then you notice and enemy player in your sights. What do you do? There is no marker on the screen telling you to shoot that guy because he's a different race or color than you, you just automatically assume that this guy is a threat if you don't pull the trigger first, he's gonna lay your ♥♥♥ out on a platter. So, you aim down your sights, you've got this guy right in the center of it. You pull the trigger, BAM!!!! Silence....... Then Mr. BLaazinQuIcKScOpEs ends up planting bullets in you like a god damn greenhouse at point blank range. Then the little ♥♥♥♥ has the audacity to say "U ned skilz bruh!" Ok pal, look. I don't know where your parents are, but I think it's time for a parental lock to magically appear on your daddy's PC. The gameplay overall depends on what most online shooters depend on. Who shoots first and who has the better aim. Also who has the better weapon. It doesn't matter if you pump lead into his bullet sponge ♥♥♥, if he has a bolt action sniper and he can aim with that thing, you might as well sign your epitaph buddy! Aside from barrel-stuff Bobby and camping Carl, the game can get very enjoyable with 300 tanks rolling down the damn road, just as long as those tanks are on your side, and the same goes for aircraft, but tanks are the primary mode of transportation and destruction so enjoy the brutal butt-♥♥♥♥ing or the hardcore gun porn! My ♥♥♥♥ is so hard now, it has gained sentience and is now singing the Canadian National Anthem!

For a verdict, I will leave that up to you people! YOU choose the verdict because this game speaks for itself. You either like it, or you don't. THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN! Just don't jump into the bandwagon with 4/chan fat ♥♥♥ or follow the Rump Ranger leader into is other bandwagons. This isn't your mom. We can't just keep hopping from one ♥♥♥♥ to another! Stick to your own path, and if anyone questions your motives, always remember. Llamas don't lay eggs.
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