Join an all-out planetary war, where thousands of players battle as one in strategic, targeted missions against opposing empires. Utilize infantry, air and ground vehicles to destroy your enemies in this revolutionary, massive scale, first-person shooter.
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Releasedatum: 20 nov 2012

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PlanetSide 2 spelen

Free to Play

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12 mei

Need a Boost? Now’s the Time.

Soldiers! You’re needed on the battlefields of Auraxis, and we want to make sure you’re extra prepared. That’s why we have Double XP + a SALE on Utilities and Boosts! And this isn’t just your regular weekend… these bonuses will be available for over a week!

Here are the logistics:

Double Experience will be available for EVERYONE beginning at 12:01AM PDT on Friday, May 13th and running for over a full week (two weekends!), ending on Sunday, May 22nd at 11:59PM PDT.

During that same time frame, you’ll also be able to get 20% Off Utilities and Boosts. This includes:

  • Experience Boosts
  • Resource Boosts
  • Squad Experience Boosts
  • Character Slots
  • Additional Loadouts
  • Banners
BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Just for this sale, the 30 Day Boost is returning! That’s right, you can buy Experience Boosts in 1 hour, 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days, OR you can buy one that’s good for THIRTY DAYS.

If the Double XP + the Sale wasn’t enough, we’re also adding New Player Studio Items to the Depot. You’ve got so much added firepower, you might as well spruce up your vehicle and helmet at the same time, right? Here’s a selection of the new items coming this week*:

  • Harasser Roll Cage
  • Sunderer Ambulance Armor
  • Sunderer Comm Array
  • Scythe Usurper Plating
  • Prowler Cavalier Armor
  • Prowler Peacekeeper Armor
  • Spartan Helmet
  • Farseet Hood
  • Shwarz Corp Culture Helmet
  • Shwarz Corp Storm Helmet
  • Shwarz Corp Skull Helmet
  • Schwarz Corp Medic Helmet
  • Schwarz Corp Bulwark Helmet
  • Inspector Cap (no not Inspector Spacetime)
  • MK 4 Brute Helmet (This is for the MAX)
  • Singularity Helmet
  • Lucanis Helmet
  • Buyce Helmet
  • Rift Helmet
*Unlike the Double XP + Sale, which are only available for a limited time, the Player Studio items will remain in the Depot.

Take advantage of the Double Experience and the AMAZING Boost Sale (did we mention the return of the 30-Day Boost? We did, yeah? Just making sure you saw it!), before it’s too late!

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2 mei

Guide To The New Construction System

***UPDATE: To celebrate our biggest update ever, we’re going all out with 2XP for everyone from 5/13 – 5/22! And, XP boosts will be 20% OFF during double XP week. So get out there soldier, and grab your extra certs while you can! ***

In case you missed it, the construction system is now live on PC! The discovery of the powerful new mineral Cortium has given rise to all new objects, tools, and vehicles – so here’s all the intel you’ll need to start building your way to victory!


Players can summon an Advanced Nanite Transport (ANT) at any vehicle terminal. ANTs are 4-man transports that have mining lasers for harvesting Cortium nodes, which are scattered around the map. The ANT can be deployed at any time, which will reveal access to a building terminal from which you can equip and then place fortifications (at a cost to Cortium).
Placing Construction Objects
When placing fortifications, you can rotate the object using left or right click. Move the object closer or further from you by holding left and right click at the same time. Raise or lower an object by looking up or down without clicking the mouse. All objects have blue and green “placement points” which help the player determine the right height of an object. Blue points must be beneath the terrain, while green points must be above the terrain. When your object is in position, press “E” to place it.

A “Cortium Silo” can store large quantities of Cortium, and also “claims” the land for you and your squad. Claimed land means that players cannot deconstruct any of your fortifications with the “Decon Tool” (also found in the ANT terminal). ANTs can offload Cortium to friendly Silos using the same method as harvesting minerals: just approach the Silo and hold the firing button.

Powered Construction Objects
Some construction objects require a nearby Silo (with stored Cortium!) to remain active. Modules, for example, are constructs that can improve surrounding fortifications, but go offline if the Silo runs out of Cortium. While a module is near a Silo, Cortium will be drained automatically. The more objects that require power, the faster your Cortium Silo will drain.
Hardline Interference Volume Emitters or “HIVEs” are structures which can generate Victory Points over time. These structures also require a nearby Silo for power, but only when they are active. A HIVE becomes “active” when your faction has an available core.

Victory Cores
When a continent unlocks, each faction has a certain amount of cores available. By default, each faction gets 2 cores, with an additional core given to whichever faction unlocked the current continent. Cores are automatically placed in HIVEs closest to an enemy Warp Gate. The closer the HIVE is to an enemy Warp Gate, the faster it will generate Victory Points.
When an active HIVE is destroyed, the faction who destroyed it will recover that core for their faction, and it will then automatically activate the most ideal HIVE, provided another empty HIVE exists.
It’s worth noting that Silos must be restocked with Cortium constantly, as HIVEs, like modules, require an active power source to function. If a Silo runs out of Cortium, an active HIVE will no longer generate Victory Points.
Lastly, Victory Cores will occasionally jump from HIVE to HIVE. Cores gravitate to whichever HIVE is capable of generating the most Victory Points, but will not do so if there are too many enemies in the target region, and cores will also not leave a HIVE currently under attack.

By default, each player is given access to Rampart Walls, Bunkers, Anti-Infantry Phalanx Turrets, Silos, and Repair Modules as default construction objects, and HIVEs are also unlocked at Battle Rank 15 for free. New types of fortifications may be purchased with Certs or DBC.
All structures are much weaker while being constructed than they are when they’ve been completed, and at the moment, each structure type takes 45 seconds to complete.


  • Decon Tool
    Can be used to deconstruct misplaced structures.
  • Rampart Wall
    Long, horizontal wall with high health and firing areas for infantry.
  • Bunker
    Small, durable fortification with firing areas for infantry and an open area on top.
  • Sunderer Garage
    Small garage with enough cover to house a single Sunderer.
  • Cortium Silo
    Small, durable, and provide power to a base. A single Silo can store up to 50,000 Cortium at a time. It also claims the nearby area for you and your squad, which prevents unsquadded allies from deconstructing nearby objects.
  • HIVE
    Initially a vulnerable “chassis” when unpowered. While housing a Victory Core, the chassis becomes indestructible, and a small shielded area becomes the only point where it can receive damage. Active HIVEs generate Victory Points based on their proximity to the enemy Warp Gate, and require Cortium from a nearby Silo to operate.
  • Repair Module
    Cortium-powered module which quickly repairs nearby structures. This is an extremely important component of any base.
  • Structure Shield Module
    Cortium-powered module that creates one-way shields for most of the openings on Bunkers, Rampart Walls, and Sunderer Garages.
  • Skywall Shield Module
    Cortium-powered module which projects a shield above, protecting from aerial bombardment.
  • Turret AI Module
    Cortium-powered module which provides nearby deployed turrets with automated tracking abilities, allowing them to fire on enemies who stray too close.
  • Anti-Infantry Phalanx Turret
    Mannable turret which excels at taking down enemy infantry.
  • Anti-Vehicle Phalanx Turret
    Mannable turret which excels at destroying enemy vehicles.
  • Anti-Air Phalanx Turret
    Mannable turret which excels at destroying enemy aircraft.
Ready soldiers? It’s time to put your new construction system training to test on the battlefield!

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“Audacious. Sony Online built a multi-continental world wide enough for thousands of players on three factions to fight in the air, on the ground, and inside bases, and released it for free.”
PC Gamer

“Technically astounding mass-scale warfare that spews out gaming fantasy fulfillment.”
90/100 – PC Gamer

“With versatile classes, deep progression systems and various styles of air and ground vehicles, there’s no shortage of ways to contribute to a fight, and on a coordinated team in PlanetSide 2’s open environments, Sony Online Entertainment’s game of nonstop war can be a truly incredible competitive experience.”
9/10 – IGN

Over dit spel

PlanetSide 2 is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online first person shooter (MMOFPS). Empires fight on a massive scale where soldiers battle in an all-out planetary war on a scale never before seen in stunning, breathtaking detail. PlanetSide 2 battles persist when thousands of players align in this game that challenges the skill and grit through intense land, air and vehicle gameplay.

Across four huge maps, players come together in enormous battles to win control of critical territories and key resources for their Empire. With an extensive skill tree and free-form class-based system, players customize their soldier, weapons and vehicles to match their play-style, as well as the needs of their squad, outfit or Empire. The world of PlanetSide 2 is massive and persistent with every soldier capable of making a difference.

Key Features:
  • THREE WARING EMPIRES: Players will choose to align with one of three unique Empires – the militaristic, authoritarian Terran Republic, the rebellious, freedom-fighter faction New Conglomerate, or the technocratic, alien-influenced Empire Vanu Sovereignty. Each Empire has access to unique weapons, attachments, vehicles, abilities, and more.
  • MASSIVE WARFARE: Battles take place not between dozens of troops, but hundreds; with air and ground vehicles slugging it out alongside squads of troops. Each battleground holds valuable resources and key positions, and the Empire that can conquer (and manage to hold) these territories are rewarded with tech bonuses, greater access to equipment, and more.
  • ENORMOUS MAPS: PlanetSide 2 features four incredible and diverse continent maps with dozens of square kilometers of seamless gameplay space; every inch of which is hand-crafted, contestable space. Whether in open fields, tightly-packed urban centers or enormous outposts, victory requires calculated teamwork and a quick trigger finger to survive the massive battles.
  • PERSISTENCE THAT PAYS: In PlanetSide 2 the war isn’t won by a single base capture. The core gameplay of PlanetSide 2 is about holding crucial territories and controlling resources. Working strategically as a team to secure tactical positions, such as power plants and ammo depots, has long-lasting effects that can shift the tide of battle and provide key rewards and bonuses.
  • CLASS-BASED COMBAT: Players can build their soldier to match their play-style, as well as the needs of their squad, outfit or Empire. With six distinct classes to explore, each combat role, vehicle and weapon has extensive skill trees that will allow players to grow characters laterally, unlocking hundreds of weapons, attachments, equipment, specialized skills, vehicles, and more. Play as one of six distinct classes:

    - Heavy Assault – Rush into the battle ahead, guns blazing. You are the dedicated foot soldier of Auraxis.
    - Light Assault – Go where the Heavies can’t with your short-burst jetpack. Pick a high spot, throw a grenade and surprise your foes!
    - Combat Medic – Keep your fellow soldiers healed- it’s your job to revive fallen comrades.
    - Infiltrator – Stealthy and silent, you are death from the shadows. Whether you choose a knife from behind or a single shot from sniper’s nest, you are the enemy’s greatest fear.
    - Engineer – A crucial support class with the ability to repair important gear including vehicles, terminals, and turrets. Engineers can drop their own shielded turret and mow down advancing troops.
    - MAX – Heavily armored, cannons for hands, and a disposition to match, you are the ruler of the battlefield and a walking mass of armored death.

  • OUTFIT TEAMWORK: Outfits play a very important role in each and every battle. From a small group of specialized soldiers or rapid response team, to a huge clan that can field multiple platoons of hundreds of players, outfits have access to unique customizations– allowing them to create their own identity and manage their reputation and overall role in the ongoing war.
  • VEHICLES & WEAPONS: Players are able to access a huge array of weapons and vehicles which can be extensively customized for player preference or purposed with unique attachments and add-ons earned in game to fit each player’s style.
  • PLAY FOR FREE: PlanetSide 2 is Free-To-Play with an additional in-game RMT marketplace with items that range from cosmetic camouflage patterns and armor paint jobs, to XP accelerators. Items that affect gameplay, such as weapon side-grades will be purchasable via resources earned in-game through gameplay and achievements.
  • VOICE INTEGRATION: Players are able to communicate with their squads both through keyboard and voice chat.


    • OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or later
    • CPU: Core i5-760 or better / AMD Phenom II X4 or better [Quad-core CPU]
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM (64-bit)
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB free
    • Video Card: nVidia GeForce GTX 260 or better / Radeon HD 4850 or better
    • OS:64-bit Windows 7 or later
    • Processor:Intel i7 processor or higher / AMD Phenom II X6 or higher
    • Memory:6 GB RAM
    • Graphics:nVidia GeForce 560 or higher / AMD HD 6870 or higher
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:20 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible Sound Card
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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276.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 30 januari 2014
PS2 heeft niet veel uitleg nodig, athans wat de game inhoud. Je strijd als in een alliance tegen twee andere groepen, waarbij iedere alliance zijn eigen kwaliteiten heeft.

Speel je als individu of groep
Dat hangt van jezelf af, soms is het leuk om zelf rond te struinen (zeker als infiltrator). Maar wil je jezelf staande houden in grotere gevechten, dan is aansluiten of creeëren van een squad of outfit geen overbodige luxe.

Hoe leuk is de game?
In het begin zuigt het, je hebt weinig armor en de guns zijn ook basic. Daarbij is het wennen aan de snelheid waarmee er gespeeld wordt. In het begin ga je veel en snel dood, zeker in 1 vs 1 gevechten. De learning curve is in het begin stijl, zeker als je geen gebruik wilt maken van Station Cash (SC) en alleen op xp (Certs) wilt ontwikkelen.
Naar mate je meer Certs en upgrade hebt ga je steeds beter meekomen met het gemiddelde. Niet te min, het blijft een game waarbij je soms tegenstanders hebt die net wat beter zijn.

Ja en nee, in het begin kost het tijd om Certs op te bouwen en dien je er toch aardig wat uurtjes in te stoppen. Ben je eenmaal wat ontwikkeld, dan bouw je Certs sneller op en kun je sneller upgrades aanschaffen.
Als je het over tijdrovend hebt in hoelang je wilt spelen op bijvoorbeeld een middag, dat hangt er dan echt vanaf. Je kan kiezen om een halfuur te spelen, maar al snel ben je een uur bezig. De keuze om een half uur of minder te spelen is goed mogelijk, aangezien je niet aan levels vast zit.

Als je shooters leuk vindt dan is dit echt het proberen waard, ook kun je ongegeneerd afknallen en je frustraties in kwijt. Zoals al gezegd, je bent niet gebonden om elke dag een beetje te spelen, alles op je eigen tempo. Dus ja, wat mij betreft een aanraader.
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121.0 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 2 december 2013
Best Free FPS shooter in my opinion. I really recommend it to people who love teamplay and Sci-Fi battles on a big scale.
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5 van de 5 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
127.3 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 30 oktober 2014
In this game you are not some overpowered supersoldier who kills everyone he sees, in this game you are just another grunt in a meatgrinder that keeps on going 24/7 and you will die .

Fast , you live a couple of seconds the first time you get dropped from orbit into the biggest battle the game can find and it will be frustrating and you will want to quit.

However if you decide to stick with it and learn the game you will find epic battles and you can add lots of customization to your character and vehicles

You absolutely need to play this game with friends otherwise you will find yourself getting bored pretty quickly because the game can be a bit repetive at times.

This game is great just make sure you do not give up after your first hour of dying over and over again

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6 van de 7 mensen (86%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
180.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 21 juni 2015
Erg goed spel #BadgeNodig
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3 van de 3 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
166.3 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 23 juli
Voor een gratis te spelen game is PS2 top,
grafische heel mooi (en daar let ik toch wel erg op)
Gameplay is ook leuk, het doet me denken aan de goede tijden van Battlefield, maar dan op andere planeten.
Er wordt op tijd aan gewerkt en verbeterd,
Wat minder is is sinds de laatste updates word je wat verplicht om allemaal op dezelfde map te zitten, er worden mappen gesloten en dat is een minder leuke kant van planetside 2.
Er zou ook wat meer tacktisch mogen gedacht worden, nu gaat het in de richting van een deathmatch
Als ik punten op 10 zou moeten geven, dan toch een 8/10
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3 van de 3 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
176.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 27 maart 2014
dit spel is geweldig.
Een goed spel voor mensen die niet alleen
maar op één kleine map willen spelen.
Het is ook leuk om de map te verkenn en
onderweg een paar spelers neerhalen.
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2 van de 2 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
88.7 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 31 juli
My hours of play time is not that high
But i played this long before using steam
Trust me. With friends it is realy fun to hop into tanks and destroy everything in your way but on singleplayer is not that fun. Sometimes being boring.
There is not much of a pay2win element but it takes pretty long to buy a weapon.
You dont have pay anything if you want. You can get all weapons without paying a dime
(May take 3 years) teamspeak is a must have since the voicechat in game is not that good
You can join a squad of 12 people and you can make it a platoon of 48 people
Overall pretty good game
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65.0 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 8 augustus
Epic game, it has a lot of really cool features. Battles are different everytime. One time you drop in with a Galaxy or the other time you come storming in with a tank charge. The game has a lot of variety and also is a lot of fun! Its not pay to win, the started weapons are the best all the other purchaseable weapons are sidegrades of the original weapons. There are 3 factions you can choose from, i personally chose the Vanu Sovereignty. Overall its a perfect game. :D
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2 van de 2 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
134.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 28 november 2014
I think this is an amazing F2P game, although it does require a LOT of grinding to get certain upgrades.
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25.1 uur
Geplaatst: 29 september
never seen such a mess of derptards flying and shooting everywhere, never seen so many players get killed within a seccond and not rage in chat.
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CS:GO 360noSCOPE pro
2.0 uur
Geplaatst: 9 september
flut spel
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
0.7 uur
Geplaatst: 8 september
P2W ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ crap game

not worth any money
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
172.1 uur
Geplaatst: 5 september
you like COD, you like hacker and pure bs, than this is pure youre game ♥♥♥♥♥♥!
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
TrisTy | No Russian
10.5 uur
Geplaatst: 27 augustus
HuftersSide 2
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
0.7 uur
Geplaatst: 23 augustus
Erg onduidelijk wat je moet doen.
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig
76.0 uur
Geplaatst: 30 juli
10/10 would play again
Behulpzaam? Ja Nee Grappig