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La aclamada franquicia de Prince Of Persia regresa por primera vez para las consolas de nueva generación y nos trae un viaje épico y completamente nuevo. Emerge un nuevo héroe – domina las acrobacias, la estrategia y las tácticas de combate del más ágil guerrero de todos los tiempos.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 10 Dic 2008
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Acerca del juego

La aclamada franquicia de Prince Of Persia regresa por primera vez para las consolas de nueva generación y nos trae un viaje épico y completamente nuevo.

Emerge un nuevo héroe – domina las acrobacias, la estrategia y las tácticas de combate del más ágil guerrero de todos los tiempos. Cuélgate del borde de edificios, realiza acrobacias aéreas perfectamente medidas y deslízate a través de cañones, edificios y prácticamente cualquier cosa que esté a tu alcance. Este nuevo guerrero deberá utilizar todas sus nuevas habilidades a lo largo de un sistema de combate totalmente nuevo para lograr combatir con éxito a los tenientes corruptos de Ahriman y así poder curar la tierra de la oscura corrupción y restaurar la luz.

Comienza una nueva y épica aventura – escápate para poder experimentar un nuevo y fantástico mundo de la antigua Persia. Historia y elementos ambientales perfeccionados que ofrecen una experiencia de aventura y acción que bien podría competir con las mejores películas de Hollywood.

Nueva estructura de mundo abierto – por primera vez en la historia de la franquicia de Prince Of Persia, tendrás la oportunidad de determinar la forma en que evoluciona el juego en una aventura no-lineal. El jugador decidirá cómo se desarrolla la historia al escoger su camino en este mundo abierto.

Surge una nueva aliada – la aliada más grande de la historia se revela en forma de Elika, una compañera con IA dinámica que se le une al Príncipe en su lucha para salvar al mundo. Dotada de poderes mágicos, Elika interactúa en el combate, la acrobacia y la resolución de rompecabezas dentro del juego; permitiendo así al Príncipe alcanzar nuevas alturas de artística y mortal acrobacia a través de movimientos acrobáticos a dúo y devastadores combos de ataque.

Requisitos del sistema

    • Sistema operativo: Windows XP/Windows Vista (únicamente)
    • Procesador: procesador Intel Pentium D Dual Core a 2,6 GHz Intel Pentium D o AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 o superior (se recomienda Intel Core 2 Duo a 2,2 GHz o AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400 o superior)
    • Memoria: 1 GB para Windows XP/2 GB para Windows Vista
    • Tarjeta gráfica: 256 MB compatible con DirectX 10.0 o DirectX 9.0 y Shader Model 3.0 o superior (ver lista de tarjetas compatibles)*
    • Versión de DirectX: DirectX 9.0 o 10.0
    • Disco duro: 9 GB
    • Tarjeta de sonido: compatible con DirectX 9.0 o 10.0 (se recomienda 5.1)
    • Controles: teclado, ratón, o mando opcional compatible con Windows (se recomienda el mando Xbox 360 para Windows)

    *Tarjetas gráficas compatibles en el momento del lanzamiento:
    ATI RADEON series X1600*/1650*-1950/HD 20004000
    NVIDIA GeForce series 6800*/7/8/9/GTX 260280
    *Sólo compatible con PCI Express

    Las versiones para portátil de estas tarjetas pueden funcionar pero NO se consideran compatibles. Estos conjuntos de chips son los únicos que permiten ejecutar este juego. Puede consultar la lista de requisitos mínimos más actualizada en la página de FAQ de este juego o en nuestra Web:

    Para audio Dolby Digital se requiere NVIDIA nForce u otras placas base/tarjetas de sonido que contengan el Codificador de Contenidos Interactivo de Dolby Digital.

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Buen juego, mezcla la jugabilidad del clásico original con la movilidad de las nuevas versiones
Publicado: 7 junio 2014
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Aburridisimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hacia mucho que un juego no me aburria tanto. Hay alternativas muchisimas mejores. Lo jugue solo media hora... tal vez despues mejore algo.... pero no tenia ganas de seguir sufriendo
Publicado: 14 julio 2014
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This game is beautiful, but bland. Most of your time will be spent parkour-ing around mini-hubs in search of enough collectibles to open up further mini-hubs to parkour around to collect more collectibles, and so on.

There is one way to play this game: each location has a set number of collectibles to find, that can only be accessed by taking a specific route. Failure to take the appropriate route - for example, by mis-timing a jump, or falling into a trap - means you get caught by your companion, and dropped off at the last flat terrain you were stood on. This means there's very little sense of scale to your surroundings: the only difference between being hundreds of feet in the air dangling from a cliff edge, or hanging from an archway above the ground, is the skybox. Fall off the edge and whoops, try again, you're back at the start.

The graphics are sharp and vivid, colours are vibrant, and there's a clear distinction between areas you've 'healed' and those that are on the checklist. There's even a nice subtle visual effect - what's it called? where the corners of the screen dim? - that appears when you pass from safe to dangerous areas.

There's not really a lot to the game, in all honesty. What kills it for me is the total lack of variety - enemies are few and far between, and generally exist as an obstacle to slow down your progress (as with the collectibles). Combat consists of waiting for the enemy to strike, parrying, and using a certain weapon to attack (that the game helpfully pauses combat to explain). Even the parkour isn't very interesting, as all the areas you are capable of traversing are marked with certain visual cues: 'wallrun here' areas are all marked with the same scraped texture, for example, and 'climb this ledge' areas have the same scuffed edges. So there's hardly even a sense of exploration, or experimentation: it's like you're told how to solve the puzzle before even attempting the puzzle.

Other miscellaneous points:
The player protagonist isn't either an obnoxious misanthrope, or a wisecracking cynic. Dude just wants to save the day and then go home with his donkey, which is admirable. The Princess is your standard warm-hearted 'i must reclaim my land from evil' archetype, but mostly exists outside of cutscenes to be dragged around the scenery with you and fed the collectibles.
The game itself is fully controller-compatible, but for some reason there's a launcher screen with a 'Launch the game!' option that you'll need a mouse for. Of course, graphics options etc. are also to be found in the launcher, rather than in-game.
The soundtrack isn't anything to celebrate: vague 'you are exploring an Arabian Nights-ish landscape' sonic wallpaper, nothing special or memorable.
Publicado: 22 febrero 2014
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Charming and beautiful game. Creative areas with breathtaking vistas. Repetitive game play which still feels fresh until the end. Good character animations. Excellent voice acting. Surprise heart wrenching ending.
Publicado: 24 abril 2014
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As a fan of the Prince of Persia™ franchise, I just couldn't miss this one. And it blew my mind.

This game was just what I needed. Like a ray of pure light it purged the ideas of blood, brutal violence, and gory deaths. This particular game was full of magic. And when I say magic, I mean it. The world is just beautiful. Filled with gorgeous landscapes such as: huge mountains, shining rivers, caves and caverns, flowery plains and other delightful sights. And that's just the "nature" part. There are also a large number of beautifully designed buildings. Some go deep underground, and others reach the throat of the world. Which is both beautiful, and impressive. Especially when there is a Day/Night cycle. And the nights are full of wonders.

The new protagonist is a nameless adventurer in search of fortune. Which, even though called a Prince, is not one. The adventurer is accompanied by an Ahura named Elika, whose race has forsaken the duty given to them by the god of light, Ormazd, and intend to set free the main antagonist, Ahriman. Ahriman is the god of darkness who was imprisoned by Ormazd. The game is a constant fight between the forces of Lights and Darkness. In order to entrap Ahriman and his 4 Corrupted followers once and for all.

Most of the gameplay is still intact. The player can use the Prince character's acrobatic prowess, sword, and gauntlet, as well as magic from Elika to perform combat and acrobatic feats variously throughout the game. Which not only looks stunning, but also causes more damage if you chain all the attacks together. The game features open world exploration that allows the player to travel to any spot in the game world at any given point, and lets the player witness the plot in any way they want. The traps are manifested in various forms of the antagonist Ahriman's Corruption. Black-colored blobs that coat the land and swallow the player if touched. The player can use acrobatic maneuvers to avoid these traps. And after they heal the land, the traps are purged completely.

The player can not conventionally "die" in Prince of Persia. Rather, when an enemy is about to strike the finishing blow, or The Prince presumably falls to his death, Elika saves him. But by doing this, the enemy has time to regain it's health. The combat is tricky at first, but when you get the hang of blocking and deflecting attacks, you won't go down anymore.

The voice acting is probably my favorite part of this game. As soon as the Prince started talking, I knew it was Nolan North. And the game would be full of jokes, witty comments, and funny remarks. And boy, I laughed my face off. Elika was serious about the imminent apocalypse, while the Prince was joking around most of the time, making this adventure less tensioned. Take a look at this:

Prince: I hope that hurt!
Elika: He can’t hear you.
Prince: He can’t?! And you're an ugly mother too!
[Elika gives him a look]
Prince: What?

Or this:

Elika: Tell me about your family.
Prince: I don't have a family.
Elika: Well, you come from somewhere.
Prince: Yes, and I'm going somewhere else.

Although I find Yuri Lowenthalțs voice more charismatic and touching, I cannon resist Nolan North's. His voice created so many amazing characters...

Alright, last one:

Prince: Want to play a game ? Come on, it'll be fun !
Elika: The World's about to end and you want to play a game ?!
Prince: Might as well die happy.
Elika: What sort of game is this ?
Prince: Well, I see something and you have to guess what it is.
Elika: How can I guess that ?
Prince: You just guess.
Elika: Grass.
Prince: No.
Elika: Rock.
Prince: No.
Elika: This is a stupid game.
Prince: Want another go ?
Elika: No... Path.
Prince: No.
Elika: This is impossible !
Prince: The game would be easier if we played it by the rules.
Elika: There are rules ?
Prince: Yeah. I tell you the first letter.
Elika: Then why didn't you do that ?
Prince: You didn't give me a chance.
Elika: *sigh* Can we get to the Fertile Ground ?
Prince: S.
Elika: Are you still playing that game ?
Prince: S.
Elika: Sky.
Prince: Hey! You got it! Okay, your turn.
Prince: Come on, your turn.
Elika: For what ? Uhm... C.
Prince: Corruption.
Elika: Yes. Can we go on ?
Prince: S.
Elika: Sky again ?
Prince: Now you're getting it !
Elika: You picked 'sky' again ?
Prince: No, but you're getting the hang of the rules.
Elika: Ah, thanks, they're so complex I was worried they might evade me.
Prince: S.
Elika: Scar.
Prince: No.
Elika: Scarf ?
Prince: No.
Elika: Shrine ?
Prince: Aha! No.
Elika: I give up.
Prince: It's too soon to give up.
Elika: I give up !
Prince: Soulless Follower of Ahriman !
Elika: I am amazed no one threw you overboard on your sea trips.
Prince: G.
Elika: Are you still playing ?
Prince: G !
Elika: Gauntlet.
Prince: Yes !
Elika: You wanna make this game harder ?
Prince: Wanna play the game again for forfeits ?
Elika: No.

I was even laughing while I was re-checking the text again. Ubisoft, thank you for choosing Nolan North.

Now the music. Stuart Chatwood and Inon Zur, my favorite composers. They created this amazing, vibrant music for the game. Both epic and fantastic. When you are roaming around the plains, and other healed ground. A soft, relaxing, light music is playing. And when a fight starts, the drums and flutes are pulsing and come crashing down. Both of these create the perfect atmosphere.

As I said, this game is just stunning. Full of adventuring, jokes, fights, flights, magic, beauty, and romance too. I had so much fun playing it, and I still do. I recommend this game to everyone who enjoys an epic adventure.


Publicado: 19 marzo 2014
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Lo compre, lo baje, y lo instale, 16 hs depues, durante el fin de semana lo gane y la verdad, es un muy buen juego, Gameplay sólido, la pareja del principe y la princesa esta muy bien realizada, se siente que estan vivos. Me encanghe, y no muchos juegos logran eso, la verdad lo recomiendo.
Publicado: 25 diciembre 2012
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