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La aclamada franquicia de Prince Of Persia regresa por primera vez para las consolas de nueva generación y nos trae un viaje épico y completamente nuevo. Emerge un nuevo héroe – domina las acrobacias, la estrategia y las tácticas de combate del más ágil guerrero de todos los tiempos.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 10 Dic 2008
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Acerca del juego

La aclamada franquicia de Prince Of Persia regresa por primera vez para las consolas de nueva generación y nos trae un viaje épico y completamente nuevo.

Emerge un nuevo héroe – domina las acrobacias, la estrategia y las tácticas de combate del más ágil guerrero de todos los tiempos. Cuélgate del borde de edificios, realiza acrobacias aéreas perfectamente medidas y deslízate a través de cañones, edificios y prácticamente cualquier cosa que esté a tu alcance. Este nuevo guerrero deberá utilizar todas sus nuevas habilidades a lo largo de un sistema de combate totalmente nuevo para lograr combatir con éxito a los tenientes corruptos de Ahriman y así poder curar la tierra de la oscura corrupción y restaurar la luz.

Comienza una nueva y épica aventura – escápate para poder experimentar un nuevo y fantástico mundo de la antigua Persia. Historia y elementos ambientales perfeccionados que ofrecen una experiencia de aventura y acción que bien podría competir con las mejores películas de Hollywood.

Nueva estructura de mundo abierto – por primera vez en la historia de la franquicia de Prince Of Persia, tendrás la oportunidad de determinar la forma en que evoluciona el juego en una aventura no-lineal. El jugador decidirá cómo se desarrolla la historia al escoger su camino en este mundo abierto.

Surge una nueva aliada – la aliada más grande de la historia se revela en forma de Elika, una compañera con IA dinámica que se le une al Príncipe en su lucha para salvar al mundo. Dotada de poderes mágicos, Elika interactúa en el combate, la acrobacia y la resolución de rompecabezas dentro del juego; permitiendo así al Príncipe alcanzar nuevas alturas de artística y mortal acrobacia a través de movimientos acrobáticos a dúo y devastadores combos de ataque.

Requisitos del sistema

    • Sistema operativo: Windows XP/Windows Vista (únicamente)
    • Procesador: procesador Intel Pentium D Dual Core a 2,6 GHz Intel Pentium D o AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 o superior (se recomienda Intel Core 2 Duo a 2,2 GHz o AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400 o superior)
    • Memoria: 1 GB para Windows XP/2 GB para Windows Vista
    • Tarjeta gráfica: 256 MB compatible con DirectX 10.0 o DirectX 9.0 y Shader Model 3.0 o superior (ver lista de tarjetas compatibles)*
    • Versión de DirectX: DirectX 9.0 o 10.0
    • Disco duro: 9 GB
    • Tarjeta de sonido: compatible con DirectX 9.0 o 10.0 (se recomienda 5.1)
    • Controles: teclado, ratón, o mando opcional compatible con Windows (se recomienda el mando Xbox 360 para Windows)

    *Tarjetas gráficas compatibles en el momento del lanzamiento:
    ATI RADEON series X1600*/1650*-1950/HD 20004000
    NVIDIA GeForce series 6800*/7/8/9/GTX 260280
    *Sólo compatible con PCI Express

    Las versiones para portátil de estas tarjetas pueden funcionar pero NO se consideran compatibles. Estos conjuntos de chips son los únicos que permiten ejecutar este juego. Puede consultar la lista de requisitos mínimos más actualizada en la página de FAQ de este juego o en nuestra Web:

    Para audio Dolby Digital se requiere NVIDIA nForce u otras placas base/tarjetas de sonido que contengan el Codificador de Contenidos Interactivo de Dolby Digital.

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Prince of Persia is a beautiful game and it's a lot of fun to play. The controls are simple and make all the well animated jumping and running easy to pull off. The graphics are very beautiful, almost like playing in some kind of painting.

The game is rather easy, since you can never die. If you fall or miss your jump, your partner Elika will pull you back onto solid ground. If you start to lose in a battle, she will pull you to safety, knocking the enemy back. However, the enemy will regain some of it's lost health for doing so. To me, this is a really great option. Sometimes games are just meant to be fun, and not so much to provide a hardcore challange that will only end up frustrating.

Combat is fun and smooth, with great attack animations. You can attack with your sword, you can grab an enemy, and you can let Elika attack. You can combo all sorts of beautiful moves together to make for an awesome fight scene. None of the bad guys should really give you too much trouble, especially since right before you would "die", a button will pop up and if you press it in time you avoid the "final" blow, so that way Elika doesn't have to save you and the enemy's health stays where it's at.

The environments are great to look at. The world starts off all dark and dreary with corruption, but as you heal the lands, everything becomes bright and green and lush again.

Most of the time you'll have to go through an area twice, once to get to the fertile ground so you can heal it, and then you'll probably want to go through it again after it's been healed so you can collect all the Light Seeds lying around. You collect Light Seeds in order to "buy" special powers that Elika can use for platforming, which allows you to get to new areas.

The voice acting and script of the game are not top-notch, but are certainly passable. Personally, I found the soundtrack and plot incredibly pleasing.

Overall, Prince of Persia is quite fun; however, it is not for those who don't want to relax. Challenge-seekers will be severely disappointed, and those looking for excitement will also be let down. For those who seek a fun and relaxing experience in a richly textured world, on the other hand, Prince of Persia is the game to play.
Publicado: 26 diciembre 2013
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A rather underappreciated game that fails to innovate like previous installments in the series have, yet, it delivers a thrilling adventure, beatiful enviroments, great platforming and parkour experience. This, mixed with a lackluster fighting system it gets a solid recommendation.

While the game itself is not on par with the Sands of time trilogy in terms of fighting mechanics, it sure delivers a story that will stick, a beatiful, cel shaded world that encourgaes to explore through the platforming system that is as satisfying as always.

It feels like Ubisoft took a hasty look at The Two Thrones, threw all mechanics out the window and started fresh with everything but the core of the franchise. The instant revival system that recieved a tsunami of hate is there, yes, however this is not necessarily a bad thing. While the fact that you get pulled from every jump you miss shortens the game somehwhat, it gives the more casual gamers a try to get involved in this massive laborynth called gaming.

7/10 - Great bang for the buck

// Xaeleep 26/11-13
Publicado: 26 noviembre 2013
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This game is beautiful, but bland. Most of your time will be spent parkour-ing around mini-hubs in search of enough collectibles to open up further mini-hubs to parkour around to collect more collectibles, and so on.

There is one way to play this game: each location has a set number of collectibles to find, that can only be accessed by taking a specific route. Failure to take the appropriate route - for example, by mis-timing a jump, or falling into a trap - means you get caught by your companion, and dropped off at the last flat terrain you were stood on. This means there's very little sense of scale to your surroundings: the only difference between being hundreds of feet in the air dangling from a cliff edge, or hanging from an archway above the ground, is the skybox. Fall off the edge and whoops, try again, you're back at the start.

The graphics are sharp and vivid, colours are vibrant, and there's a clear distinction between areas you've 'healed' and those that are on the checklist. There's even a nice subtle visual effect - what's it called? where the corners of the screen dim? - that appears when you pass from safe to dangerous areas.

There's not really a lot to the game, in all honesty. What kills it for me is the total lack of variety - enemies are few and far between, and generally exist as an obstacle to slow down your progress (as with the collectibles). Combat consists of waiting for the enemy to strike, parrying, and using a certain weapon to attack (that the game helpfully pauses combat to explain). Even the parkour isn't very interesting, as all the areas you are capable of traversing are marked with certain visual cues: 'wallrun here' areas are all marked with the same scraped texture, for example, and 'climb this ledge' areas have the same scuffed edges. So there's hardly even a sense of exploration, or experimentation: it's like you're told how to solve the puzzle before even attempting the puzzle.

Other miscellaneous points:
The player protagonist isn't either an obnoxious misanthrope, or a wisecracking cynic. Dude just wants to save the day and then go home with his donkey, which is admirable. The Princess is your standard warm-hearted 'i must reclaim my land from evil' archetype, but mostly exists outside of cutscenes to be dragged around the scenery with you and fed the collectibles.
The game itself is fully controller-compatible, but for some reason there's a launcher screen with a 'Launch the game!' option that you'll need a mouse for. Of course, graphics options etc. are also to be found in the launcher, rather than in-game.
The soundtrack isn't anything to celebrate: vague 'you are exploring an Arabian Nights-ish landscape' sonic wallpaper, nothing special or memorable.
Publicado: 22 febrero 2014
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So first things first: You can't die in this game. Your partner will ALWAYS save you. Although, to me, it kinda takes away some of the challenge, but this feature encourages you to explore and collect light seeds. The game is beautiful, the combat is kinda weird but it doesn't take long to get the hang of it, the voice acting is spot on, and the way you move around the enviorment is just amazing and awesome. I happened to get this during the Steam Autumn Sale, but for $9.99 you can't really go wrong with this game.

My Personal Rating: Solid 8 out of 10
Publicado: 15 diciembre 2013
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Personal Rating: "Worth playing"
Traditional Rating: 8.5/10
Platform: PC
Genre: Action Adventure

As this generation closes out Prince Of Persia 2008 will steadfastly remain one of my favorite games of the era even when there where times I wanted to rip my ears off my own head when it came to the dialogue and voice overs - Why oh why did the Prince have to sound like some juvenile American school kid with so many modern day wisecracks and quips he could fill a mineshaft? It was God-awful. Normally I am a fan of Nolan North's work but I am afraid just not here.

This re-imagining of the past POP classics takes the game in a slightly different direction. Not only does it introduce a new art style, which is simply breathtaking, but it removes the frustration of death which I am sure will not please many hardcore gamers. This exclusion does keep the game moving at a frantic pace and for pure adrenalin based platform fun, it can't be beaten.

The story even wraps up with an emotional twist giving the player the choice to choose selfishly or selflessly for love. The only other negatives I can think of apart from the voice-work and script are the somewhat erratic camera, which this series has suffered with since the Sands of Time, often leading to a variety of frustrating mishaps when the action is moving at a cracking pace. Also limited enemy encounters do become repetitive.

All in all though it's a very impressive game indeed and one I love!
Publicado: 23 noviembre 2013
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