Project Zomboid is an open-ended zombie-infested sandbox that asks one simple question – how will you die?
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Note: This Early Access game may or may not change significantly over the course of development. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you may want to wait until the game progresses further in development. Learn more

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Hello Survivor, and welcome to the Project Zomboid Early Access launch!

We’re a game that’s in heavy active development, so when we were considering our appearance on Steam Early Access we thought it vital that we provide potential buyers with as much information as possible about the current state of our game.

Sometimes with alpha funded games people don’t know what they’re jumping into until they’ve bought the game, and annoying compatibility issues can spring from the woodwork after download.

To do our best to avoid this we’re launching with a playable demo you can try out first – in which a pre-made character’s fate is already sealed by a zombie bite. It’s our way of making sure that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase, and so you can be sure that a game in alpha (that’s due some extra optimization work in future) runs at an acceptable lick on your machine if it’s of a lower spec.

Please make sure to check out some of our regular YouTubers’ guides and opinions on the game. (We specifically asked this lot to cover both the pros and cons of our game and its development, but it goes without saying that they already enjoy playing it!)

Finally, we’re on Twitter (@theindiestone) and our website and forums can be found at Here you’ll find the development updates that we blog every Monday in our ‘Mondoid’ updates.

If, after all this, you’re up for jumping into Project Zomboid, then thanks for the support – and good luck in your gruelling battle against an inevitable death!”
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Aiming to Please

7 Temmuz 2014

Howdy all, it’s Mondoid time again! This week we’re all at the grindstone trying to get those last missing promised gameplay features into the game, as detailed here.

That’s not to say we don’t have some juicy info about what’s coming. This week its from Romain, who has been revamping the ranged weapon systems to reintroduce aiming skills.

In Romain’s own words (with a few edits!):

Weapon Changes
The ranged weapon have receive a bunch of fixes/changes, I tried to stick to the reality, even if I’ve never fired a gun.. Meh.

First thing, bullets don’t really pierce zombies now, meaning if you shoot a zombie, and there’s a zombie behind him, he won’t die, but he could take slight damage from rests of bullets (even being knocked back/down and become a crawler, yay for crawlers!).

So by knowing this, you already know the shotgun has been really nerfed!

The range of weapon has been slightly nerfed, as well as their angle too (mostly for the pistol), that means you will need to be at the right place to aim for a shot. No more 45° kill with a pistol.

Guns have now a critical chance (modified by aiming skill, but more on that below), understand it as a “head shot”.
For example a pistol can have a great chance of critical, while the shotgun will just blow up a zombie's chest (in a bloody glory moment !).

Weapon also have a recoil delay, meaning you can’t fire like an assault rifle with the shotgun.

It will mean no more taking a 300 strong zombies horde with 3 shotgun shells.
So by now, I’m sure you understood that the shotgun is a good weapon to start, and the pistol will be more deadly at end level, because it has a larger capacity, less recoil, makes less noise and way better range/critical chance than the shotgun.

Take your time
Second thing I’ve changed, is the physical aiming and panic influence over guns, you’ll now need to aim for a little moment to shoot accurately. If you run then shoot, your shot will likely be far away from your target, but again, aiming skill decrease this malus.

Yes, Panic can reduce the hit chance/damage done, panic usually mean trembling hands, so it’ll take a good skill to bypass that and make a true shot while you’re surrounded by zombies, again, it depend on weapon, a pistol will require concentration, while a shotgun will almost always hit his target(s).

Just stand still, breathe, take your time, and blow that head up. Please.

The glorious aiming skill
While making my changes to weapons, I saw that the aiming skill barely modified the hit chance, damage and stuff, well, that’s the past.

Aiming skill will now influence a LOT of things! Here’s a list :
  • Hit chance! Like really? It require skill to aim correctly? Jeeze Devs nowaday…
  • Critical chance! Yup, it’s not a FPS where “aim for head = head shot”, we’re in isometric world, so I can add a skill modifier to this (remind you of Fallout?)
  • Range ! Range is now also influenced by aiming skill, at least for the pistol.
  • Angle! Well ok, that may sound weird, but because we’re in an isometric world, aiming can be hard, so now, with a better aiming skill, you won’t have to be at the perfect angle for a straight shot (again, specially for the pistol).
  • Rate of fire! Well, I’m still trying to know how the great shooter can shoot faster than others (maybe it’s a combination of aiming + strength ?)
It’ll mean that you can avoid being violently murdered by a guy with a pistol if he can’t really aim with it, you could try to run toward him with an axe and take him down before he gets you, and with a bit of luck you may get an axe to his head!

Ah. Assault Rifle ? No way. Well, not now!
So, let’s do a little run down of the current ranged weapons:
  • Shotgun have small range, big angle, low critical chance.
  • Pistol have better range, small angle, big critical chance (specially at high level).
  • IT’S A BOLT ACTION RIFLE ! Huge distance, huge critical chance, long recoil time, small clip, so yup, it’ll need a lot of practices (understand aiming skill) to master that gun, but I swear with it, you can take down lot of danger from a long range !
  • Oh also, we won’t have new model/animation for it now, I’ll re-use the shotgun one, but I’m sure Andy will be on it soon, aye Andy ?

And for the future ?
I definitely want to see a bow in game, crafting weapon, silent, powerful, arrow piercing.. And require tons of skills to be mastered.

Also bear in mind that all these numbers will be balanced. You don’t know it, but Chris has a rule for my stuff: take all calculations I do and multiply them by 20, because I suck at balancing things :D

I may do an explanation video of it, with different weapons/aiming skill to show you the difference between a Daryl and.. Well, me for example (oh wait, I had a pistol air gun in my childhood.. I’m sure I’m a beast with weapons!)

REMEMBER, YOU CAN NOW SUBSCRIBE with several options to receive either release notification e-mails, unstable test release notifications, and even receive Mondoids right to your e-mail every week!

Follow this link to sign up:

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Things Wot We’re Doing

30 Haziran 2014

Hello again.

As per the last Mondoid, we’re hard at work plugging away at all the things we said we’d be plugging away at last time so this Mondoid is just going to be a bit of us reporting in, with a little bit of new stuff to prevent Mathas from having to talk for ten minutes about puppies again.

So first, new thing!

Woop! Yep, you can now burn all those zombie corpses you’ve been stacking and thus re-create “the pit” from “The Last Man on Earth” / “I Am Legend” (the book, let’s not mention the film) except with additional accidentally setting yourself on fire.

All this moving and burning of corpses is paving the way for disease and other unpleasantness as a result of having rotting corpses decorating the inside of your safehouse – something we’ve wanted to deal with for a long time but would have been horribly punishing without a mechanic for removing / destroying bodies. But now we have that, we can have the other. HOORAY!

The Reporting In Bit

The game world, so far, consists of Muldraugh, West-Point, and a bit to the north containing a bunch of stuff including a (really, really big) mall and the amusingly-named “Knob Creek” *muffled laughter*. It’s pretty big, so far as hand-made game maps go BUT NOT BIG ENOUGH. To put everything into perspective, this image shows the areas mentioned above and then I’ve indicated the areas currently in progress.

Wowzers. Quite big, eh? So don’t be expecting this map expansion like, tomorrow, or anything since as you can see we’re talking about doubling the size of what’s there currently. And it’s not just bigger in area – that bit to the north? You know what’s up there, don’t you? Yep. A city. Which means that whooooole area is jam-packed with high-density buildings. So we’re talking twice the area but significantly more than twice the number of buildings (and… well, flupping loads of zombies too).
So, yeah…

Short Mondoid this week and I’ve tried to be fairly vague with the map stuff to avoid spoilers, but that’s where we are at the moment. Hope this was enough for you, Mathas <3

*Featured image credit: Steam user "D_loaded", link to source.

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Oyun Açıklaması

Project Zomboid is an open-ended zombie-infested sandbox. It asks one simple question – how will you die?

In the towns of Muldraugh and West Point, survivors must loot houses, build defences and do their utmost to delay their inevitable death day by day. No help is coming – your continued survival relies on your own cunning, luck and ability to evade a relentless horde.

Mathas 'Early Look At Project Zomboid':

Current features:

  • Sandbox zombie survival game.
  • Full line of sight system and real-time lighting, sound and visibility mechanics. Hide in the shadows, keep quiet and keep the lights off at night, or at least hang sheets over the windows.
  • Vast and growing map (loosely based on a real world location) for you to explore, loot and set up your fortress. Check out Blindcoder’s map project:
  • Use tools and items to craft weapons, barricade and cook. You can even build zombie proof forts by chopping trees, sawing wood and scavenging supplies.
  • Deal with depression, boredom, hunger, thirst and illness while trying to survive.
  • Day turns to night. The electricity falters. Hordes migrate. Winter draws in. Society is in freefall.
  • Farming, trapping, fishing, carpentry, character customization, skills and perks that develop based on what you do in-game.
  • Hundreds of zombies with swarm mechanics and in-depth visual and hearing systems.
  • Proper zombies that don’t run. (Unless you tell them to in the sandbox menu).
  • A ton of amazing atmospheric music tracks by the prodigy that is Zach Beever.
  • Instant action ‘Last Stand’ mode, on top of our Sandbox and Survival
  • Full, open and powerful Lua modding support.
  • Online multiplayer survival with persistent player run servers.

    We’re a small team at the moment, but we’re also committed to providing the following:

    Planned Features:

  • The return of our PZ Stories mode that also serves as first ever tutorial actively trying to kill you at every turn. Kate and Baldspot return!
  • In-depth and varied NPC encounters driven in a persistent world, powered by a metagame system that turns each play-through into your very own zombie survival movie with emergent narrative gameplay.
  • Engine upgrade to make the most of your graphics card as well as your processor
  • Constant expansion of the countryside and cities around Muldraugh and West Point
  • Full wilderness survival systems, animals and hunting for food.
  • More items, crafting recipes, weapons and gameplay systems.
  • Steam Workshop and Achievements support
  • Game pad support
  • Local 4 player split-screen co-op

For more details on the game visit or follow us on @theindiestone or visit

Survival Guide Videos:


PC Sistem Gereksinimleri

    • Nb. This is an Early Access game. A demo has been provided so you can be sure the game runs on your set-up to your satisfaction.

      Radeon 4xxx series (or below) graphics cards and Windows 8 may have issues. Please make sure to try the demo before purchasing!

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processor: Intel 2.77GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2Gb Ram
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.23gig
    • Video Card: OpenGL 2.1 compatible dedicated graphics card
    • Sound: OpenAL compatible sound card

Mac Sistem Gereksinimleri

    • Nb. This is an Early Access game. A demo has been provided so you can be sure the game runs on your set-up to your satisfaction.

    • OS: OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    • Processor: Intel 2.77GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2Gb Ram
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.23gig
    • Video Card: OpenGL 2.1 compatible dedicated graphics card
    • Sound: OpenAL compatible sound card

Linux Sistem Gereksinimleri

    • Nb. This is an Early Access game. A demo has been provided so you can be sure the game runs on your set-up to your satisfaction.

    • Processor: Intel 2.77GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2Gb Ram
    • Hard Disk Space: 1.23gig
    • Video Card: OpenGL 2.1 compatible dedicated graphics card
    • Sound: OpenAL compatible sound card
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"Sims 2 meets DayZ with Minecraft around The Walking Dead Series gibi bir durum var."

Muhteşem, fantastik, fabulous, tremendous bir zombie survival simülasyonu.

Oldukça büyük bir haritada, bir dairenin içerisinde oyuna başlıyorsunuz. Ha bu arada "Sandbox" modu ile aklınıza gelecek her tür ayarı değiştirebilmeniz mümkün. Etrafınızı araştırmaya başladığınızda o kadar çok "gerçek" şey var ki, bir an için şaşırıyorsunuz. Hemen silahlanıp zombilere saldırıp hepsini öldüreceğiniz bir konsept sunmuyor size Project Zomboid. Tabi ki yapabilirsiniz ancak önemli olan zaten öleceğiniz. Bunu bilerek hayatta kalmayı gösteriyor bize oyun.

1. Yiyecek & İçecek

Türlü sayıda meyve, sebze mevcut. Mutfak gereçleriyle, envai çeşit yiyecek hazırlamak da mümkün. Cheese, bread ile peynirli sandviç... Eğer tavanız varsa grilled cheese sandviç yapmak mümkün. Bozulabilir yiyecekler var, gereğinden fazla üstünüzde kalırsa bozuluyorlar, dolapta durması gerekenler dolapta durmak zorunda. Ocak, mikrodalga, fırın... Bunları kullanarak yiyecekleri pişirebiliyorsunuz. Pişirme zamanını takip etmeniz lazım, zira 10 15 saniyede pişiyor ve ateşten almazsanız 5-10 saniyelik zaman içerisinde "yakma" durumu var. Bu süre sonunda yiyeceğinizi yakmış oluyor ve yiyemiyorsunuz.

2. Zombiler

Zombiler koşmuyor, bazıları daha hızlı yürüyor diyebiliriz. Sese çok duyarlılar, dikkatli olmanız gerekiyor. Zombi sürüleri gerçekten sürü gibi. Şehir merkezinde hiç anlamadan, aralarından sıyrılarak kaçtığınızı düşünürken kendinizi bir markete sığınmış ve önünüzde 50'den fazla zombiyle bulabilirsiniz. Bu sayı 100, 200, 500 olabilir. Özellikle şehir merkezinde elinize silah alıp ateş edin ve bekleyin. Silahlarınıza o kadar güvenmemeniz lazım, ateşli silahlar inanılmaz ses çıkarıyor ki olması gereken de bu. Ve her taraftan sesinize gelen zombilerle karşılaşıyorsunuz. Zombilerin sayıları haritada genel olarak ilk bir kaç gün içinde artmaya başlıyor, 5. günde ise en yüksek haline geliyor. Zombilerle olan temasınız değişken, kimilerinden hastalık kapabilirsiniz. Enfeksiyon kapmanız halinde uzun soluklu bir hastalık ve ölüm sizi bekliyor.

3. Mood

Karakterimizin bir çok duygusu var. Oyuna başlarken olumlu ve olumsuz traitler atayarak genel bir karakter yapısı belirliyoruz. Oyun içerisinde kapalı alan korkusu, açık alan korkusuna sahip olabiliyor. Zombiler ilk karşılaşmanızda panik yapabiliyor. Çok durağan bir gün geçiriyorsanız karakteriniz sıkılıyor. Hepsinin ayrı ayrı çözümleri var ancak böylesine bir karakter derinliğini kimse beklemiyordu sanırım. Değişken duygularınız taşıyabilme kapasitenizi, görüş mesafenizi, hedef vurma hassasiyetinizi etkiliyor. Susuzluk, açlık, çok soğuk ya da sıcak hava, sürekli güneş altında olmak... Bunlar dahi karakterinizin dengesini değiştirebiliyor. Kimi zaman çok sıcak olduğu için üzerinizde bir şey giymeden geziyorsunuz. Eğer sürekli sıcakta kalırsanız bir süre sonra hastalanıyorsunuz.

4. Crafting

Şu an için tahta ev, duvar, kapı vs. yapmanız mümkün. Gerçek hayata uygun biçimde ilk aşamada yalnızca tahtadan bir şeyler yapabiliyor olmak harika bir duygu. Tabi bazı storelarda "çimento" yer almakta. Planlanan güncellemelerde neler yapabileceğimizi kestirmek mümkün değil. Bir kapı yapmak için çivi, tahta plaka ve kapı menteşesine ihtiyacınız var mesela. Evet menteşe. Onu da store'lardan bulmanız lazım.

5. Dünya & Yaşam

Oyuna başladığınızda yapmanız gerekenler basit. Yiyecek ve içecek depolamak ve sonra silahlanmak. İlk geceyi geçirmek. İlk gece demişken, oyunda default olarak ilk 2 ay boyunca elektrik ve sular açık oluyor. Bu süreden sonra ise elektrik ve sular kesiliyor. Artık su kuyularından su çekmeli, buzdolapları vs. çalışmadığı için bu zamana kadar bir şeyler ekip biçmiş olmanız lazım. Bir şeyler iekip biçmek ya da iyi pişirmek için, evlerde yer alan kitaplıklarda bir çok kitap bulunmakta. Burada yer alan farming, carpentry, cooking gibi belirli seviyelerde kitapları okumanız gerekiyor. Muhteşem düşünülmüş bir detay.

Güneş battı, yiyeceklerinizi depoladınız ve evinizde güvendesiniz. Gerçekten öyle mi? Evin içindeki ışıkları kapatmanız yararınıza olacaktır çünkü zombiler ışığa geliyorlar. Işığın dışarı yansımaması için, odalarda yer alan dolaplarda "sheet" bulunuyor. Bunları camlara takabilir ve perde işlevi kazandırabilirsiniz. Perdeleri kapatarak, zombilerin sizi görmemesini sağlayabilirsiniz.

Cidden çok ince görülmüş detaylarla, harika bir oyun mekanizmasıyla, mod desteğiyle mükemmel bir oyun olma yolunda hızla ilerliyor Project Zomboid. Early Access döneminde ve şu anki haliyle bu kadar eğlendirip kendine hayran bırakması, her oyunun yapabileceği bir şey değil. Bir oyunu oyunu yapan şeyin grafik değil "content" olduğuna en iyi örnek!
Yayınlanma: 23 Haziran 2014
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çok eğlenceli güzel ve saran bir oyun tavsiye ederim :)
Yayınlanma: 30 Mart 2014
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Best 2D Survival Game

You can do everything if u want

Yayınlanma: 14 Haziran 2014
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Zombie / Survival oyunlarını seviyorsanız bu oyun tam size göre . Oyunumuz rastgele bir evde başlıyor ve etraftaki raf , dolap gibi yerlerden basic itemleri alabiliyorsunuz . İstediğiniz evi safehouse* yapabiliyorsunuz .(Camları bez parçasıyla kapatarak veya kapı ve camlara tahta çakarak) . Oyunda aniden devlet su ve elektriği kapatabiliyor . Böyle bir durumda eviniz etrafına kaplar koyarak yağmur suyu toplayıp içebilirsiniz geceleride flashlight alarak geçirebilirsiniz . Oyundaki moodlet sistemide harika damage yediğinizde veya canınız acıdığında sağ üstte moodlet şeklinde gösteriyor . Canınız sıkıldığında kitap okuyorsunuz , uykunuz geldiğinzde uyuyorsunuz (her yerde uyumayın sonra geceleri zombilere yem olabilirsiniz :D) .. Kısacası oyun early access'de gerçek bir potansiyele sahip . Yakında gelecek NPC ve arabalarla gayettende hoş olacak . Ve arkadaşlarınla multiplayer oynamak istiyorsanız ortak bir servera veya hamachi ile kendi serverinizi oluşturabilirsiniz . İleriki zamanlarda aynı monitörde split screende çıkacakmış ^^ İyi oyunlar!
Yayınlanma: 8 Temmuz 2014
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Türkçe dil desteği zaten yetersizdi, son güncellemelerden sonra Türkçe karakter desteği de gitmiş yazılar kaymış, herşey çorbaya dönmüş. Oynanması imkansız hale geldi. Full sürüm olmadan satın almayın özellikle Türkçe olduğu için almak isteyenler kesinlikle uzak dursun.
Yayınlanma: 2 Şubat 2014
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