Community Announcements - BrettC_Frontier
Hi everyone,

From our official forums here:

As promised by our beloved Sam Denney in yesterday’s livestream, here’s a sneak peek on what’s coming in a small update next week regarding the coaster support system.

The team has been working really hard to make improvements to the current support system; the new system is more comparative to real-life coasters and coaster engineering, as well as being aesthetically pleasing!

Below we have a side by side comparison of the old and new system, so you can see exactly what will change regarding the coaster supports. Top image is the old system, bottom image the new one!

A comparative overview of the global support changes.

New support just on vertical drops/rises.

Dive coaster has its own new vertical support.

New diagonal supports just for specials.

Sloping supports stay facing the same way when ascending and descending.

No more 'Goal post' supports on track one variants.

Dog-legging now only occurs 100ft from the ground.

New support just for vertical loops on inverted (Rival, Boa, Stingray).

it’s worth noting that this is an automatic system based on angle slope and track piece type. There’s no manual option available, so we would appreciate any feedback and suggestions on how to improve upon the new system.

All these changes will automatically populate across your parks.
Community Announcements - InvertMouse

Unhack 2's launch week has come to a close. Thank you to everyone who picked up the game ːneonyaː!

Software developers know the 90-90 pattern. When a program is 90% complete, another 90% always creeps up. This applies to game projects as well, but in Unhack 2's case, it felt more like 90-90-90.

The first draft of Unhack 2 was a disaster ːnblushː. In Unhack 1, I was able to hide a lot of flaws through gameplay, but with Unhack 2, my lack of skills became apparent.

To tell a good story, you may for instance wish to describe the senses. What does a place smell like? How does it feel to touch this wall? Every step was a nightmare with Unhack 2 thanks to the AI cast. Program X can describe what something smells like, but can she experience it?

I rewrote the script, and once again, nothing made sense. At that point, I had spent a significant sum on production. If this were a novel, where the only cost is time, I might have abandoned the project.

And so, I took a month off to study. Watched films, read books, browsed documentaries. By no means am I a scientific mind, but I enjoyed my time with the research.

Next, I locked myself in the library and created a deeper lore for Unhack. Generation 1 AI, what were they like? How about gen 2? Eight pages crammed with notes, and now I was ready to try again ːpxː.

Is this the 3rd, 4th or 5th rewrite? I had lost track, but I knew those password mini-games were rubbish. Let me try it this way. No, they still suck. How about this? All right, maybe you should give up.

Hey, you know those mini-games from Unhack 1? Why not bring them back one more time, but with a twist? Sure, but that means more money and time. Do you love Unhack, though? All right, I will do it.

Another month passed, and I could no longer tell if Unhack 2 was good. It is impossible to have perspective when you have memorized every scene in the game, almost down to the individual words.

I have cut close to 20,000 words off the script. It means a shorter read, but I will never accept padding.

Since Unhack 2 is filled with AI, the traditional hero's journey can be a poor fit. I will negotiate with the cast, let them do as they please and pray gamers may approve.

Unhack 2 received the okay from testers, so it was time to do or die. It sure would be painful if the game turned out to be a disaster. Regardless of my feelings, Unhack 2 was at last published on Steam.

Thank you to everyone who purchased and reviewed Unhack 2. Reception wise, I am glad these AI characters connected with you. The Unhack universe is complex, but I tried to balance depth with concise language ːwhappyː.

In terms of sales, Unhack 2 could have performed better. It may take several more discount weeks before the numbers break even, so I will have to live with that.

If you visit visual novel boards, you will be lucky to find Unhack 2 mentioned once. This has been a trend for me, and it is indeed hurtful, but all I can do is focus on improving ːblushː.

If money was a non-issue, I probably would have considered Unhack 3 based on the feedback so far. I have no new story in mind for this universe, so we will see what the future holds.

So yes, I had considered giving up. In retrospect, I am glad I was stubborn enough to continue. I learned more from Unhack 2 than any other game, and I look forward to carrying those lessons into future projects ːa2ː.

The only way to improve is to step out of your comfort zone. Perhaps next time I will stumble and produce a disaster, but I would rather take risks than to grow stale. I am thankful for every obstacle I crashed into throughout Unhack 2's production.

To stay up to date with my future projects, please feel free to join our Facebook community:

You can join connect with me on Twitter, where I post daily fun stuff:

Thank you everyone ːweedyː!
Community Announcements - bencelot
Just a little heads up on what I'm doing. Geneshift will be released in a couple of months and I'm on the home-stretch now. I'm currently testing Steam achievements and making sure they all trigger correctly. It's so cool watching little Geneshift icons pop up in the Steam overlay!

Anyway I'll keep you posted on updates as I make them. Until then please follow and wishlist Geneshift so you know when it's finally released.

Cheers, bencelot.
Community Announcements - InvertMouse

I moved from Hong Kong to Australia when I was a kid. Aside from that, our family never went on trips overseas. To put it simply, we couldn't afford to, so for 20 years, I never wandered beyond the borders of my state. That was until I took a trip to Melbourne several years ago on business.

Melbourne is a next door neighbor to me, but I had never been there until that trip. The taxis are of the same model, yet they are yellow instead of white. Those street signs are the same, but Melbourne has way more trams. Melbourne provides both the comfort of home and the excitement of some place foreign. The city connected with me right away ːexceliaː.

It is important to try new things, but every time I visit Melbourne, I always drop by my usual list of CBD areas. It feels like visiting an old friend. Stress piles on all of us, but when I sit down in Fed Square and watch those trams pass by, I feel at peace.

A few people mentioned Without Within 2 might have sold more copies if it took place in Japan instead. Maybe, probably. I am aware, as I keep a hand on the pulse at all times. Perhaps there also should have been fanservice scenes with Excelia, but Vinty does what she wants. She goes wherever calligraphy takes her, and everything else is gravy.

Without Within 2 is not a secret experiment to brainwash gamers into loving Melbourne. With that said, when I saw that post on the forum about players wanting to visit this city, I was delighted.

While iconic landmarks are great, I prefer to build my own memories. I got lost here yesterday ːvintydreadː, but now I know this shortcut. Oh, I wonder what is the history behind this building? Damn, the lady in this restaurant had a great sense of humor, but it looks like the place has closed down. More intimate experiences.

A place will never judge you, either. Maybe you bought a mansion yesterday, or perhaps another person just got let out of jail. These streets will continue to exist either way, and you can interact as you see fit. Grin like an idiot while you take that selfie, or call your friends over to hang out. Whatever makes you happy ːvintydelusionalː.

Without Within 3 will take place in Singapore as well as Malaysia. If I am once again able to share my passion with you through Vinty's adventures, I am thrilled by the opportunity.

To stay up to date on Without Within 3 news, please feel free to join our Facebook community:

You can also connect with me on Twitter, where I post daily fun stuff:

Thank you for supporting VInty ːvintysmileː!
Community Announcements - Gua
Final chapter has been added to the game. If you finished chapter 1, just click on the "Continue" button in the main menu, watch the final cut-scene for chapter 1 and continue playing the new content. If for some reason something happened to your save file, there is a cheat code to launch the final chapter. Unfortunately, this approach will skip the playable prologue for the final chapter. Here's how to use that cheat code:

- Final chapter has been added to the game.
- Playable prologue for the final chapter has been added to the game.
- Twisted ankle mechanic added to the game.
- Graphics options significantly improved and streamlined.
- Level design improvements.
- New music for chapter 1 cave level.
- Added visual feedback, to indicate to the player when he can't run.
- A hint about the Killer’s location has been added to the church .
- Credits section has been redesigned.
- FOV difference for running state reduced, because it was causing discomfort for some players.
- Final cutscene for chapter 1 is now skippable. Use Esc to skip it.
- Improved roots climbing in cave level.
- Improved quality of important textures for low graphics quality settings.
- Fastest graphics quality setting has been made more performant.
- Fixed bug where getting underwater would change level fog.
- Fixed bug where the game would load textures with wrong language.
- Fixed bug where music could stop playing after four kills.
- Fixed bug where boss fight with Teddy bear didn't work properly if you load the game after the boss fight ended.
- Lots of small changes and improvements.
Community Announcements - [GM]Esprezzo

[Flash Sale Alert!]
Duration: Jan 20th - 22th, 2017 OGP (PDT)
Everyday essentials for the daily enchanters and grinders!
Enchanter's Ritual Package / 249 Astros
- Super Dawn Hammer Coupon x10
- Enchant Remedy x10
- Advanced Enchant Remedy x3
- Enchant Booster x5
- Craft Remedy (+30) x3
* 1 per account

Grinder's Ritual Package / 59 Astros
- Abio Coke x100
- Abio Club Soda x100
- Potion of Resurrection x10
- Hero's Attack Nostrum x3
- Hero's Defense Nostrum x3
- Hero's EXP Nostrum x 3
* 3 per account (24 hour cooldown period)
* Sale starts at January 20th 00:00AM and ends at January 22nd 11:59PM
Community Announcements - Linds
Exclusive footage!
Currawong Attack

Follow us on Facebook for more information as it comes to hand!
Community Announcements - Lovi Game

This is our first update of 2017, we have made some bug fixes and adding a new Chapter with new bodies, skills for you to enjoy. Thank you for your helping and we look forward to create more funny bodies and additional parts of limbs in 2017.

Happy Fresh New Year and Happy with Fresh Body!

  • Add The Ice Chapter, where you will meet the painful animals and the mysterious unknown in the Ice Blood Temple.
  • Add 16 new enemies, all can be pieced and made as part of your body.
  • Add 40+ new fresh bodies. Try to collect all of them to accomplish your monster handbook.
  • Add 40+ new skills with some new features. give them a try.
  • Add 18+ achievements. Defeat the new huge bosses to achieve them.
  • Change the base value of attack, health and defense.
  • Add special effect to the third attack of normal attacks. Give it a chance to make bleed, stun, heal and kncokback effect.
  • Reduce the cooldown of normal attacks to make them more smooth.
  • Change the font in UI and Dialog make them easier to read.
  • Make all monsters to be exploded after the boss dead.

  • Fixed bug where loots will drop in unreachable places.
  • Fixed bug where the blood of the elite half body zombie not blink to make it self different with the normal one.
  • Fixed bug where the skill Throw Meat can not be casted on walking.
  • Fixed bug where a wrong sound is triggered when first enter the map.
  • Fixed bug where some text become super huge.
  • Fixed bug where game data not be saved as designed when player is in the camp.
  • Fixed bug where the hunter zombie is sucked in the woods.
  • Fixed bug where thunder talent not increase the cirtical rate as designed.
  • Fixed bug where the gold cost to repair a body not visible on the UI.
  • Fixed bug where the energy cost of skills not visible on the Tips.
  • Fixed bug where the tips are viewed on a wrong posiition.
  • Fixed bug where horror points not be cleaned when pass through the Doom Door.
  • Fixed bug where the flies can not attack and damage player as designed.
  • Fixed wrong description of skills and bodies .
  • Fixed bug where the client crashed.

Community Announcements - makketronics
On the behalf of Makketron LLC, I hope you enjoy this game.

Please feel free to post your ideas on how to improve the game. We will add your name in the "Credits" section of the game if it goes through!

We are working on adding the following features in the next release
* Difficulty settings
* Stats and Achievements (Your input on awesome achievements are welcomed)

After that, hopefully there will be enough players to help us with beta testing for multiplayer.

Stay tuned for updates!

Community Announcements - WapaQapa
Another hotfix for Beyond Despair is already available!

1. Fixed situation when players fall through terrain (all players who was under terrain should be teleported to the closest respawn)
2. Fixes to sounds (new sounds, bugfixes)
3. Changes to "tornado" anomaly (now it is a little visible)
4. Instructions about the game in the journal.
5. A new marker added when you can takedown an enemy when you sneak from behind.
6. More noise from thrown stones.
7. Less noise from character movement.
8. New notification about notes and records in the journal
9. Level design bugfixes( you should not fall through floor in safezone, and other fixes)

Good luck on Ansora, Volunteers!

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