Community Announcements - playboom
Now Battle Ranch supports Italian, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, and Russian languages.
Community Announcements - thywill
We will be launching our new server DLC that will allow players to be able to launch our server application on their computer and play locally.

*Your game access will be played locally from your computer but your server will NOT grant you access to have other players join your game. To unlock the multiplayer feature and to have your game listed in our list of playable servers, you will need to become a Partner.

*To unlock the multiplayer feature and to have your game listed in our list of playable "Partner Servers", you will need to become a full Partner. We will post more information on how to become a partner and run your own private server soon.

What will be included with your Server DLC:

1. You will receive our server application and scripts.

2. You will be able to play Ancients of Fasaria locally from your computer without having to connect to our server. This will give you freedom to play AoF anytime from your computer independent of our network.

3. You will be able to edit your scripts to fit your desired needs (Unlimited Platinum Tokens, Resources etc.). You can also download user modified scripts or add your own to our workshop on Steam.

4. You will find official and user submitted tuts on how to modify scripts in our workshop. Free updates of our server and scripts. No extra fees or costs.

5. No previous scripting knowledge needed. Setting up your server locally is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Editing scripts are also very easy and requires no previous scripting or programming experience.
Community Announcements - Tiggs
1. Double HC weekend starts now!

2. We've significantly increased the HC rewards for new user achievements
  - The idea is to remove the sense of too much grind
  - New users should be able to buy new stuff - more choice, more fun, less stress at making the "wrong purchase choice"
  - We will be watching "the numbers" to see how it *actually* affects the new user experience

3. We're reviving a different gameserver management system that may actually improve performance a bit
  - It's Ansible-based in case you like that level of detail ;)

4. We have an all-new server in Dallas
  - look for "dallas2"
  - it's running in an Internap data center (they're way into good networking)

5. Community tournaments - if you're running one or if you want to run one, send in a support ticket and tell us about it
  - We want to help make your event a success.
  - those "na" servers are running with this

6. There's a cosmetic item available for HC that's usually only an MC item.
  - Be quick though, this time it really is a limited-time-only thing

7. Probably the most important development this last week was this: http://www.megabots.com/
  - I started talking with them.  How could we partner up?  What do you think?
  - Does this mean we need to somehow challenge the MWO team? Post your feedback to https://community.playhawken.com/topic/2666-weekly-update-2015-07-02/
Community Announcements - sear
Hey Exiles,

We wanted to get an update out to you all before the 4th of July holiday weekend, and have a few things we thought we'd share with you.

First, in case you missed it - in our last update, we announced that we're renaming our upcoming version of Wasteland 2 for PC and consoles as Wasteland 2 Director's Cut. It is still coming free to all owners on PC in late summer this year! Be sure to check out this little trailer we put together:


Limited Edition Wasteland Playing Cards – Now on Kickstarter!

The coolest thing we want to share today is a collaboration we started with Jackson Robinson, a Kickstarter veteran who has successfully funded and delivered on numerous projects on this service. His specialty is creating unique, themed, high-quality playing cards. Several of us backed his earlier projects, so when he pitched us the idea of doing a Wasteland-themed deck of cards, inspired by the story and characters of our game, we felt that it was a natural fit.

We were ecstatic to see this Kickstarter hit its funding goal in just a couple of hours after launch, but there's four weeks left for you to jump on board and get this unique collectable! Remember that these cards are limited-edition, and won't be available after the Kickstarter campaign, so get them now while they're hot!

Wasteland 2 Director's Cut Media Update

The Director's Cut edition of Wasteland 2 is progressing well. We are running on all cylinders testing, polishing, and taking it through the required rigmarole for release. This includes the fun stuff – making sure the game is balanced and plays great – to the less exciting but still necessary, such as getting updated age ratings, re-doing the manual, creating new box art, and the big one, console certification.

We'll have more in-depth coverage as we get closer to release, but we wanted to share some brand-new screenshots and a few new clips from the trenches.

We can't direct embed the images, so click the links below to see them. Enjoy!


Last, our CEO Brian Fargo also brings these two Vines as a sneak peek at some of our upcoming features and changes...


That's all for now! If you're in the United States, have a great Independence Day weekend... and if not, we still hope you have a great Friday and weekend all the same! ːSmartAssː

inXile Entertainment
Community Announcements - 0reo
The long awaited DX11 version with improved graphics and lighting is now available!

This new tech will immerse you even more in the classic world of pinball with new dynamic lighting, ambient light settings, improved graphics, and adjustable bulb brightness.

Choose "Play Pinball Arcade (DX11)" after launching the game to give it a try!
Community Announcements - Lach
Hey everyone!

Some of you might already be aware of this, but I've launched a Kickstarter for the next game I'm writing, 'Max's Big Bust - A Captain Nekorai Tale'. The game has a gender bender theme, an anime art style and fully animated cutscenes.

It's going to be a massive game that I hope you all love, and you can check out the project here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/336712504/maxs-big-bust-a-captain-nekorai-tale

If you've got any questions, let me know!

Cheers :)
Community Announcements - Blackbird@Degica
PBBG Development Update 07/02/2015

Greetings to the Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds community!

Patch update V1.05 is going live shortly and will include a fix for excessive speed on monitors with high refresh rates. V1.05 also adds online leaderboards to the game for both Arcade and Co-op modes.

In addition to the patch, we also have more information about the the game's continuing development.

Planned features like improved key configuration and online multiplayer have been delayed by extensive work on Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds: Overdrive, the PS4 port of PBBG, which diverted the development team from work on the PC version for some time.

We now expect key configuration updates by the end of this month, and online multiplayer later this year. Although these updates have been delayed, development has resumed and we are continuing development on these features as planned.

The upside of this is that with the PS4 version out soon, Mages is still committed to support all versions of PBBG for a long time.

Thank you for your continuing support!

Best wishes, the Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds team.
Community Announcements - Blackbird@Degica
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds is now updated to version 1.05, which adds online leaderboards to the game!

PBBG V1.05 Patch Details

◆[Fix] Refresh Rate : Corrected an error which caused the game to run too quickly on monitors with refresh rates greater than 60Hz.
◆[New] Leaderboards : Added global leaderboards for arcade score and clear time, and co-op modes.


◆「修正」  リフレッシュレート:60Hz以上のモニターでゲームを遊ぶと高速化される問題を修正
◆「新規」 リーダーボード: アーケードスコア、クリアタイム、COOPのリーダーボードを追加
Community Announcements - banov
You may have noticed we've pushed several updates in the last few days; we've been tracking down a bug that had to do with class unlocks. We've been adjusting how class unlocks work internally to allow for some new features down the road, and for some players it seems they lost some character classes they had previously unlocked.

The current build of the game will attempt to restore your character classes if some are missing, but, because it does this based on money spent, players from very old versions of the game will probably have to do some more unlocking because unlock prices were changing continuously until the game came out. And if you haven't touched the game at all in the last few days, your save file was probably spared. Sorry for the inconvenience! We'll be keeping an eye for any urgent bugs that may need a quick patch like the ones we've been dishing out.

In the meantime, we've also been adding some new little features. The biggest change with the new update is in how deities spawn. It used to be that two deity statues would spawn per level, and one of the two was guaranteed to be the deity who you had donated the most money to (if you had donated at all).

Now, three deity statues spawn per floor, and the top two who you've donated the most money to are guaranteed to spawn. This means that it's now much more viable to combine coins of different deities, and even to try to maximize the happiness of two simultaneously. This opens up a lot more strategies and coin combinations in the game, some probably game-breaking, but we're excited to let players try it all anyhow. :)

Keep mancin'!
Community Announcements - Blackbird@Degica
XIIZEAL is now updated to version 1.03, adding expanded leaderboard and replay functions!

XIIZEAL V1.03 Patch Details:

◆[Fix] Replay Error : Fixed an error that caused replays to display incorrectly when multiple shot buttons were used.
◆[New] Notification on continue : The game now displays a notification that your game will be ineligible for saved replays and score submission if you continue.
◆[New] Expanded Leaderboards to record submitted scores on all difficulty settings.
◆[New] Replays can now be saved on any difficulty setting.
◆[New] Replays can now be uploaded to the leaderboards and downloaded by other players!


◆「修正」  リプレイ問題:ショットボタンが複数設定されている場合、リプレイが不正になる問題を修正
◆「新規」 コンティニュー時の警告: 最初にコンティニューする時、スコアの登録とリプレイの保存ができなくなる警告を表示。
◆「新規」 リーダーボード拡張:全難易度のスコアが登録されるように変更
◆「新規」 リプレイ保存の拡張:全難易度でリプレイがセーブされるように変更
◆「新規」 リーダボードスコアのリプレイを共有:リーダーボードスコアにリプレイが追加され、共有・閲覧できるようになります

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