Community Announcements - Akio
Hello Immortals!

We are proud to announce that we finally have a official German Facebook page! If you are interested in the status of the German version of Guardians of Ember, please follow this link:

And, don't forget to hit that like button! ;)

Your GoE Team
Community Announcements - akari.vs

Our game, Mosaic: Game of Gods II is on the Steam Greenlight now! Please support! Thanks!

Community Announcements - Zeb89
- Added a new deathmatch map: Chaos Castle
- Added name tags when aiming at players
- Added Ultimate Regeneration powerup
- Added Laser Prism fire effect
- Added a particle effect to improve visibility of pickups
- Added blood decal to player explosion
- Fixed jumper air control not working on client game sessions
- Fixed player arms not always displaying team colors in first person
- Fixed gibs not spawning for hosts
- Ultimate Adrenaline added to Lost Station map

Please restart your Steam client to install the update.
Community Announcements - Gamious Dev
Hi all,

Today we’ve got a BIG update with new content!

This update brings the Weekly Challenge to Turmoil. Every week everyone will get one chance (and one chance only!) to play the exact same level. Your score will be posted on the Leaderboard where you can compare yourself to the rest of the world and your friends. The Weekly Challenge will feature every Area from the game sequentially, including the Bonus Island. So, get ready and Git Gud.

We have also added a Game Over state in the game. No more borrowing money from the bank until your eyes bleed and you’ve developed a severe case of repetitive strain syndrome. After 3 years of ‘being in the red’ you will now get told to get out of town and try again.
Other changes include the ability to send your end of game screenshot to Steam and some rework of the Russian and Chinese translations.

Enjoy the update and we’ll see you on the Leaderboards! Below us preferably. 😉

  • Weekly Challenge – ONE chance at glory. Every week.
  • Game Over state – A negative bank account 3 years running.
  • Screenshots – uploaded to Steam.
  • Chinese – Complete rework of the translation. Thanks to
  • Russian – Multiple translation fixes. Thanks to a community member.
  • Small bug fixes.
  • Millionaire achievement now works again.

Community Announcements - y.proklova
Dear Panic Room Players!

Today, March, 23 - from 14:30 to 15:00 (UTC), we'll have maintenance.

The game will be unavailable at this time.

We apologize for inconveniences.

Уважаемые игроки!

Сегодня, 23 марта, c 17:30 до 18:00 по Москве, в игре "Цена Свободы" будет проводиться обновление.

В это время игра будет недоступна.

Приносим свои извинения за неудобства.

Community Announcements - aerosoft
Community Announcements - iggynore

Dear Steam Trading Cards collectors!

I am here to officially announce that the Light Apprentice trading cards are coming, and soon. However, it's been very difficult to choose which of these will be the final seven cards in the deck, and I need you to help me define them!

Check the picture at the end of the post, choose your favorites and vote for them on

You have until Tuesday the 28th (lunch time in US, evening in Europe, morning Australia). Any further feedback is appreciated down here in the comments section.

Also, the 20% off launch sale ends this Friday (tomorrow). As far as I am concerned, the game will only be able to go on sale again when it leaves Early Access, so make sure you support the development by grabbing a copy for yourself, and perhaps also for a couple of friends or a group while on sale.

And thanks to the warm welcome from the community, so many screenshots shared and great art, and the most important, we are gathering a lot of great feedback! We're very grateful for how helpful you've been, and I'll post development updates next week to show you where we're heading.

Thank you all and see you next time!
- iggynore

Community Announcements - createthis
Feature Release: Fill Tools

We now have the ability to color triangles/faces! This was a fairly massive undertaking and we're really excited about the potential of this awesome new feature.

First, we needed a color picker tool. You'll find it in the Settings panel. Trigger click and drag the sliders to change colors. Your choice will be remembered across application restarts.

Next, we discovered the Wavefront OBJ library we were using didn't have MTL (material file) support, so we had to add that upstream. MMVR will now read and write the file "load.mtl" in the same folder as the file "load.obj". On our machines the path to these files is: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mesh Maker VR"

This means you can save your work in MMVR and import it into Blender or any other application that reads Wavefront OBJ files with colors attached to faces. You can also go from Blender to MMVR just as easily with colors attached to faces.

Finally, we needed a way to fill triangles with the selected color. You'll find two "Fill" buttons in the Tools Panel. The first is in the Triangles section. This allows you to fill one triangle per click. The second button is in the Selection section and this allows you to fill multiple triangles at once from the current selection ( box select, etc ).

We also overhauled the selection visualization system and tweaked the lighting in MMVR so colors show up properly and are recognizable in various situations.

We have an eye dropper tool planned and we'd like to make colors visible in object mode as well as triangle modes. Stay tuned for more updates!
Community Announcements - pogosan
To address the biggest issue with the current progression system, which is a huge difference between low and high level players, making it impossible to play with any level but 50, it was decided to increase the base of all character stats and implement lower steps with every point investment.

Light and medium armor is used rather rarely at the moment, and to encourage wearing less heavy equipment, encumbrance effect was increased for movement speed as well as attack speed for both melee and ranged characters.

Archery has also been slightly changed with Damage stat affecting ranged weapons, but encumbrance implementation will also slow archers down if they wear heavier armor than light, naturally balancing the buff.

  • Free full respec is given to everyone.

  • Balanced character stats.
  • Added Damage stat affecting archery.
  • Increased encumbrance effects for movement speed.
  • Added encumbrance for melee speed and ranged reloading.
  • Stabbing damage decreased once character's arms are fully outstretched.
  • Added an autobalance feature.
  • Added a kill feed for practice.

  • Fixed double nocking when holding a bow for too long.
  • Fixed the camera not moving with TAB pressed.
  • Fixed not being able to start a vote.
  • Fixed reloading a crossbow when no bolts are left.
  • Fixed a top-down view appearing on Duel and Skirmish.
  • Fixed the menu breaking if flying too far away in spectator mode.
  • Fixed spectating while the spawning countdown is visible.
  • Fixed the map view on Lake being invisible.
Community Announcements - aerosoft
It's getting closer! On the Road will launch as Early Access title on 30th March 2017 and we are happy to get the possibility to work together with the community to reach the best results. There will be already a lot of features included in the Early Access – of course we aim for more. Therefore be part of the development!

We are looking forward to your support!


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