Battlerite - sls_Liz

At long last it's time to announce the winners of the Jade Concept Art Contest! Congratulations to TofuMao, whose entry, Lotus Jade, will be made into an in-game outfit!

TofuMao will be receiving a Legendary Loot Pack and five Creepy Chests, as well as the title of Art Warrior.

Our three runners-up are Storm Raven by Juicy Soda, Rebel Jade by Lavius, and Bloodline Legacy by Pixel_Hat. Each will be receiving three Creepy Chests and the title of Art Warrior.

Finally, thank you to Chocolatemonkey and Roguemuffin for their entries, Chevalier de la Rose and Desperate Corsair. Both will be receiving the Art Warrior Title.

Thank you everyone for sending in your concepts and for voting for your favorite idea in round two. Winners, expect to receive your items in the next couple of days.

Results of the poll have been made live, you can get a link to it at our Round Two blog post.
Gloria Victis - BartoldGV

The world expansion just hit the servers! Besides of 30% more lands, there are also six new settlements to capture, including two massive castles close to the Azebian areas. New lands reflect the “link” between Midlandic and Ismirean faction-based castles, significantly improving the world PVP balance. Axes in hands, warriors!

We have added a treasure chests system too! While exploring the world, you will be able to find and collect special hidden chests to earn precious loot. This update also contains further fixes to controller and synchronization, as well as numerous other gameplay improvements. Also, Monteverde server has been moved back to Brasil in response to the Community request.

Enjoy and see you in battle!

Changelog v. Alpha

– Introduced new lands to reflect the southern “link” of Midlandic and Ismirean faction-based settlements in order to balance the world PVP
– Added 6 new settlements, each with resources nearby, including 2 massive fortresses of size of Blackrock and Volkvar castles which are located close to the Azebian starting areas
– Added a lot of new PVE spots with mobs, npcs and containers in new areas
– Introduced exploration treasure chests – these unique chests are located in hidden places and each can be collected only once by each player
– Further fixes and improvements to controller and synchronization
– Map and minimap have been rotated so all factions are now geographically placed properly
– From now on, minor flag located near castles and towns are visible on map only with close zoom
– Introduced a battle music system – battle music plays in the high risk situations
– Updated the Turkish translation
– In response to the Community request, Monteverde server has been moved back to Brasil in order to reduce ping for South American players and to prevent splitting the North American Community
– Server-side optimization
Sudden Strike 4 - Unerde
We have applied a small update to Sudden Strike 4, version 1.04.21015, which includes following:

- Moscow mission date fix
- Chinese voiceover fix in Road to Dunkirk DLC
- Minor UI fixes
- Minor localization text fixes
Gil's Lucid Dreams - OblionStudio[CRICCO]
Hi guys!
Gil's Lucid Dreams is now -40% off on the store page!
Do not forget to rate it for "Steam Awards"!

-Oblion Studio ːsteamhappyː

Armored Warfare - Silentstalker

Armored Warfare is now available on Steam – to celebrate the occasion, we’ve prepared a special competition for you – the Steam-powered Vehicle Contest!

The rules are simple – design a steam-powered armored vehicle by any means you see fit and post it in the Armored Warfare Steam community hub with hash tag #SteamPoweredVehicle by December 3, 2017!

You can draw one, make one using graphic editor, build one from wood... whatever suits you the best. The only condition is that it has to be clear that the vehicle is powered by steam!

Three best creations will be selected by the community managers and rewarded with the following prizes:
  • First Place: the entire ICE edition of premium vehicles, 7 days of Premium Time and 5 Platinum Loot Crates
  • Second Place: 3 ICE vehicles of winner’s choosing, 3 days of Premium Time and 3 Platinum Loot Crates
  • Third place: 2 ICE vehicles of winner’s choosing, 1 day of Premium Time and 3 Gold Loot Crates
Additionally, one winner of community’s choosing will receive the brand new Vickers Mk.7 “Vanquisher” Tier 8 Premium Main Battle Tank!

The ICE edition consists of Premium versions of progression vehicles and comes with unique camouflage as well as Level 5 crews. The following vehicles belong to the edition:
  • Leopard 2AV ICE Tier 6 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • T-72AV ICE Tier 5 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • M60A3 ICE Tier 5 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • OF-40 ICE Tier 4 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • Object 430 ICE Tier 3 Premium Main Battle Tank
Premium Time increases the in-game progression rate by giving you a bonus to Credit and Reputation income, while Loot Crates contain a number of useful bonuses, including Credits, Global Reputation and progression boosters.

Important: Please include your in-game name with each entry.

Please note:
  • The contest ends on December 3, 2017 at 23:59 CET (2:59 PM PST)
  • Entries must be submitted on our social Steam platform and linked in our official entry thread on Steam forum
  • Only one entry per user is allowed
  • The entries must not contain inappropriate content such as profanities, references to illegal acts or any other item that is in violation of Armored Warfare Terms of Service
  • Players who own the prize vehicles already will receive their value in Gold
  • You agree that your creation/content may be published and used by B.V. for promotional purposes
  • You agree not to submit any content protected by copyright or already published on the Internet
  • You identify yourself as the author of the creation/content you are submitting
We are looking forward to your creations and will see you on the battlefield!
Immersive Poetry - Singroff
Greetings Poets!

The long-awaited content update for Immersive Poetry is here! In this update, the focus was around designing and ensuring the new map would provide a solid experience without copying from levels currently in the game. To accomplish this, I borrowed elements already familiar within the game and expanded upon them.

While the new level is an exciting part of the update, it's not the only one!
Patch Notes:
  • Added the Autumn Level to the Game.
  • Redesigned the Main Menu to celebrate the new content and the season of Autumn! :)
  • Added the screenshot save location to the controls UI
  • The Changelog is now available if you click on the version number in the bottom corner of the menu.
  • Using the "Escape" or "Tab" keys will now close the changelog (Requested by Leroy Warnt)
  • The poems on the Boat Beneath the Sunny Sky level now display the poem in the correct flow.
  • Added considerable more poetry to the Limbo level (Requested by "English Teacher Plays")
  • Added an Achievement for completion of the Autumn Level
  • Added an Achievement for Taking a photo with Photo Mode (See controls tab for more information)
  • Added the newspaper entry for the Autumn Level
  • Added an awesome new little help widget for photo mode so you know how it works!
  • Miscellaneous Minor Fixes

In addition, I know that the second set of achievements (The ones that aren't "Complete this" or "Complete that") are difficult to complete as there is no direct or clearly indirect completion method. This is intended, and I have considered either writing a guide or recording a walkthrough to assist people who want to complete every achievement in the game. If anyone is interested, feel free to let me know on our Steam discussion forums, or by commenting below.

Future Plans
The scheduled weekly patches will resume starting next week, and I will focus my attention on QoL adjustments as well as the addition of gamepad support (mentioned below).
Immersive Poetry will be receiving a Christmas content update as well, featuring a new map that brings new mechanics and the ability to fly to the game.
In addition to this, gamepad support is coming in the near future (I have no ETA yet, but this will be added before the Christmas content update).
Lastly. the next project is still underway, and while it's still too early to discuss specifics, Immersive Poetry will receive one more scheduled content update during Q1 of 2018 that borrows mechanics from said project.
Son of a Witch - Bigosaur

Version 2.7.2 is online:

- a new boss for the dungeon level: Trickster. He's able to create clones of himself and use his staff to create obstacles on the battlefield. He's got a special axe that can be thrown through obstacles, so you have to tear them down before he kills you
- two new weapons (drops from the Trickster boss, but also random drop from chests and pedestals in treasure rooms)
- fixed a bug where the game would crash if you try to set the big Yeti boss on fire
- the minions for the ice level boss fights are ice mages now
- fixed a bug where the Witch mom would disappear if you hit her with a meteor, hail or celestial hammer
- fixed various bugs regarding frozen and petrified enemies
- fixed rider and mount positioning for the boar and undead pig. Fired projectiles (orbs, arrows, thrown weapons) are now properly vertically aligned
- increased damage for pet attacks. The blowfish can now kill enemies easily and the Bat does 40 damage per hit.
- the Witch mom shows up at the start of the ice level to advance the story
Tower of Time - Event Horizon

Over last few weeks we have been very busy, working on almost every aspect of the game. We are about to start testing phase for Book Two part of the game. About 12 hour of new content will be added - but also lots of changes to the existing. Some highlights of what is coming soon:


  • Re-writing almost all existing dialogues to add distinctive personalities to the characters
  • Adding new cinematics

Skills and Combat

As announced before, we added lots of new combat modes - with different objectives, such as defend objects, destroy portals or free one or more champions from traps / distant locations.

We added elite enemies - mini-bosses that might appear at any moment (or might decide not to bother you.. yet). When they approach, they can do a lot of unpleasant things to your party.

We added lots of new skill mechanics, extended number of skills for each champion and added a full skill tree. All those changes have significant impact on the flow of combat - especially movement skills and gravity skills.

Also added lots of the other things requested by the community - e.g.stances (stand ground / aggressive), combat statistics (showing performance of each champion), improved ability to hold enemies by tanks, ability to switch party at any time, not only in city - the list is very long here.

Book Two

The story will continue and will twist in unexpected way. We cannot say more.

We will announce the date for Book Two release shortly. We hope you will enjoy those changes.


Bad Pad - Headbang Games
This will probably be the last update before we go into phase 3 of our Early Access.

The last level is not completely done yet, but it's fully playable and you can play the game from start to finish.

What's left to be done in phase 2?

1. Final level - Update some asset for boss #1.
2. Final level - Finish design and logic for boss #3 + boss losing animation.

What's left for phase 3?

1. Polish act 4 + add decorations.
2. Finish decorations for act 3 (currently at 40%).
3. Add missing dialogue between Square and T.Z. right before the final level.
4. Record and add act 3 ending song and cut-scene.
5. Add a few missing assets for act 1 ending song.
6. Record one-liners taunts for all boss levels.
7. Add all missing sound effects.
8. Record a few more background music for the levels.
9. Add concept art section to menu.
10. Add all missing translations.
11. Update credits sequence.
12. Do a thorough bug checking and code optimizations.

We will also go through the game and look for place where we can improve visually and tidy things up.

There are a few more optional tasks that we might throw in, but that's basically it.

A reminder, once we'll go into phase 3, the price of the game will go up to 12.99$, final release price is set at 14.99$.
Mare Nostrvm - SlithFox
Hi Everybody!

Mare Nostrvm has been updated to version 1.01! This version brings many improvements and bug fixes, as requested by the community.

In addition, we have a nice news for you! The first Mare Nostrvm Tournament will be open soon!
So better keep training your crew if you don't see them meeting Neptune!

Stay tuned for further updates!

v1.01 Changelog

- New settings menu with graphic and sound options.
- Tab key allows to ciclically select active ships while in orders phase.
- GAMEPLAY: fixed bug affecting colisions against rotating ships. Now ships that are collided by an enemy in a closed angle -
while they are rotating perform a rotation (or counter rotation) to align with the enemy.
- GAMEPLAY: ships do a ram attempt in bow against bow lateral colisions against enemy ships.
- GAMEPLAY: ships with grappling orders now try grappling when barely touching and enemy stern.
- GAMEPLAY: ships whose manpower is reduced to zero that have grappled an enemy ship automatically releases it.
- SKIRMISH: Ships do not show order icons when redeploying.
- SKIRMISH: Commander ships cancel subordinate orders when redeploying .
- MULTIPLAYER: fixed problem resetting scenario when playing several multiplayer games.
- SETTINGS: very low graphic qualities option erased.
- INTERFACE: all hotkeys disabled while the save menu is active.
- CONTROLS: inverted zoom keys.
- TUTORIAL: text corrections.

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