Pinball Evolution VR - evolutionpinballvr
Update 3.5 23042018

If you haven't written a review we'd appreciate it :-)

VFX: Added flame vfx for summoned entity. Lightning vfx for left and right drains.

Attendant: Call attendant functionality now implemented. If ball is stationary for 10 or more seconds, table screen will show instructions to retrieve ball to launch lane. X for gamepad, start button for motion controllers. Floor will now automatically teleport ball back to launch lane.

Hide hands: Added hide hands functionality to menu. This will hide hands and switch off hand collision, button presses will start function.

Removed unused menu items.

Updated engine to latest stable version.

Thank you, Evo Team.
Darwin Project - Scav_Bebesimba

Hello inmates,

Here are the changes coming on Tuesday, April 24. Warning: this is a big one! Maintenance will begin at 11 AM EDT (3 PM UTC) and is expected to last about one hour. Everything in these patch notes applies to Steam and Xbox One unless otherwise noted.

The Glider tool was recently unlocked on Steam. More information on scavengers studio web site click here

See you in the arena!


We’re overhauling the progression system to give you the ability to earn a variety of cosmetic items as you level up. As you play Darwin Project matches and gain Fans, you’ll occasionally receive Fan Gifts. Open these packages to discover new styles for your clothes or weapons. We hope you’re excited to start expanding your collection, because we’re adding over 200 items on Tuesday, with more coming later!

Full information click here

Spectator Interactions: Now with More Votes!

The last update we made to Spectator Interactions allowed viewers tuned in to contestant streams to vote, even if the Show Director was streaming on a different channel. On Tuesday, we’re making another significant update to this feature that will engage viewers even further. The update is in two parts:

  1. All zone closures will be voted on by the public, regardless of whether there is a Show Director in the match. This guarantees many votes are launched in a match, giving more control to the audience.
  2. In matches where nobody joined as a Show Director, an AI will take over the Show Director drone and use Powers whose targets will be voted on by the audience! The Powers that the AI Show Director will be able to use are Nuke, Manhunt, Warm Up, Heal, and Gravity Storm.

In short, if you’re looking to watch some Darwin Project matches, all streams where at least one contestant in the match is streaming (and connected to Twitch/Mixer) will allow you to have a say in the match by voting!

Show Director Power Targeting Update
Finding the sweet spot for what Show Directors can and cannot do has probably been the most persistent challenge of Darwin Project’s development so far. Our vision for the role of the Show Director continues to be entertainment-first, with the contestants’ ability to negotiate and win over the Show Director an important factor in the outcome of the match. Unfortunately, some players still feel that Show Directors directly granting Powers such as Heal and temporary Invincibility to an inmate counts as an unfair advantage. The Show Directors themselves sometimes have trouble dealing with the negativity this creates, so we’ve decided to change the way targets for Show Director Powers are decided.

On Tuesday, all Powers that require a player target will cast a vote to the audience. There’s a sense among players that if a group of viewers decides which contestant receives an advantage, that player has earned it―but the Show Director’s decisions aren’t received the same way. We hope this change will have a positive impact on both contestant and Show Director experiences while still allowing Show Directors to make matches a blast to watch. [Note: in Private Matches, Show Directors will still be able to target players directly]

Further improving and adding depth to the Show Director role is on high priority for our future updates. Please let us know what you think about this update on any of our official channels as always, and we’ll keep working until we get it just right.

Gain Fans in Duo Mode, Private Matches, and as the Show Director
Another frequently requested improvement! Playing in Duo Mode, Private Matches, and as the Show Director, will now also allow you to gain Fans. This means that Duo and Private Match enthusiasts will also be able to fill up their Dressing Rooms with new gear starting April 24. (Don’t worry, Show Directors, we haven’t forgotten about you).

  • Increased Turret deploy time from 0.5 to 1 second
  • The Turret will no longer highlight players it aims at
  • Decreased the Revenge Cloak clue duration from 2 seconds per level to 1.5 seconds per level
  • Decreased the Hunter Cloak clue duration from 20% per level to 15% per level
  • The Ghost Cloak will now reduce clue duration by 10% per level instead of 15% level
  • Decreased Radar duration from 15 seconds to 10 seconds
  • The Radar will no longer detect Traps
  • The Detector will now detect Traps
  • Increased Detector cooldown from 30 seconds to 45 seconds
  • Reduced Arrow knockback by 30%
  • Increased health recovered when you kill a player from 150 HP to 300 HP
  • Parrying an Axe attack while trapped now breaks the Trap
  • Killing a deer with an Arrow now destroys the Arrow
  • Improved server Axe hit detection (Axe combat will feel better the lower your ping)
  • Aiming your Bow will now slightly consume Stamina
  • Snowballs will now nullify Camo on hit
  • Snowballs will now destroy Turrets on hit
  • Using the Camo power when the Glider is in effect will also camouflage the Glider

  • Added volume sliders for music, sound effects, and voiceover
  • Added music during sudden death [Xbox One only]
  • Added various missing sound effects [Xbox One only]
Level Design
  • Removed a huge rock in the North West Electronic area to create more space for combat during sudden death

  • Matches can now begin in the daytime, at dusk, or at nighttime (previously they would only begin at dusk)
  • The snowstorm will no longer begin at the same point in the match

  • Fixed an issue where the zone restriction would trigger a crowd favorite vote
  • Fixed an issue where Holomaps would disappear after the Manhunt cutscene
  • Fixed an issue where the Turret could hit a player who was out of range if it started firing while the player was in range
  • Fixed an issue where the Evader Boots bonus would stack when multiple players tracked you
  • All Bear Traps, Cage Trap, Tripwires, Turrets and Rigged Chests touching an Arena (Electronic power) when it vanishes will be destroyed (to address an issue where these tools would be stuck in the air if the Arena was used during a jump)
  • Using the Glider will no longer prevent your Stamina from regenerating
  • Fixed an issue where the Turret would sometimes not be destroyed when hit by an Arrow
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect voiceover would play when the
  • Manhunt target was killed
  • Fixed an issue where the kill by trap voiceover would not play
  • Fixed a hole near West Electronic area where a player can fall in and get stuck
  • Jumping through a Portal will no longer cause a hard landing
  • You will now be able to enter a Portal from the side
  • Fixed an issue where audio input and output device settings were not saved

Shout out to our Community: Thanks for the PIZZA!

We're proud to say that the #DarwinProject community is THE MOST AWESOME community there is in this industry. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for this nice suprise. We never thought we'd get sushi and pizza gifted by our inmates. We love you all. #indiedev
Aim Lab - D3nkianma
4/22/2018 - [Early Access Build] - 0.64 EA

New Features
  • First pass of weapon recoil added for all weapons - Added toggle option for weapon recoil under Options -> Controls
    This will universally toggle weapon recoil on/off for all weapons

  • Added AKM

  • Added performance adaptation to Countryside StrafeShot
  • Removed annoying camera rotation when missing targets if Player Damage FX is on

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug that would cause Temple Reflexshot to sit at 0% loading indefinitely
  • Fixed bug that would cause Temple Detection to sit at 0% loading indefinitely
  • Fixed bug that failed to restrict player movement in Temple Strafeshot
  • Fixed lighting and shadow issues in Countryside Maps
  • Fixed bug that caused max framerate to be capped at 240 when changing options via ESC menu, but 300 in lobby. It is now capped at 300 in both.
  • Fixed bug in lobby options that would show Weapon model and Post processing FX enabled even when they were not
The Capture Worlds - worldsdevelopment
Hey hi everyone hope you are having a nice weekend! :D
For Today's Update i added:
-Evolution info on the Monster Board

-Added an item that will increase your inventory size by 1 it cost 20000 and its sold by the general shop.

-Translation for some new items(still need to do the hats)
-Player Equipment (first slot Hats)

You can open it by pressing the icon on your inventory

To Equip this hats drag the item to it or just do right click while having the equipment window.

-New Hats shop its inside of the Monsters shop.
(2 of them are just for fun and the other one its a lantern hat that will help you at night)

I will be adding the "hats mod " to the workshop tomorrow i think.
I'm looking into this bugs:
-Teleport Level selector not working
(its possible that when it was reported didn't know that you have to have a Tower Teleport Scroll)
-Restore sleep some times bugs out and doesn't let you do anything after using it.

That's it for Today hope you have a great day!
Tales of Maj'Eyal - DarkGod
My minions, I am happy and proud to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.5.6 ! See

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!

  • Added Discord Rich Presence support
  • Aether Beam cast by NPCs will be visible
  • Alchemist golem creation method is now global to the talents namespace (and thus can be modded)
  • Can send talent links in the chat from the talent's right click menu or in the levelup dialog by pressing ctrl+l
  • Chat names of devs and mods have the proper mention of the status
  • Check on character creation for magic/antimagic combo with a warning
  • Clarified online event option with three states, if you had changed the setting you need to reapply it
  • Class icons for all classes!
  • Disabled highscore on the main menu, nobody cared about that anyway
  • Dreaming Horrors now have a custom tooltip regarding their awaken/dreaming state
  • Exported necrotic aura and create minions data and functions to the global talents environment for easier modding
  • Fix Infestation pools blotting out the sun
  • Fixed Flames of Urh'Rok shader (and other similar ones) for ATI GPUs
  • Fixed Fortress and Glass walls for corner cases
  • Fixed randarts with very low ammo regen turns
  • Fixed talent unlearning and item removal to correctly remove buffs they set like they already removed sustains
  • Fixed the orb pedestals in the slime tunnels to be an actual requirement
  • Invulnerable npcs are denoted as such in tooltips
  • Made temporal fugue more resilient to reccursion (with regard to automated defence system of Embers of Rage)
  • Melee retaliation powers on randarts are rarer and higher level
  • Ogres and Shalore are not in Ziguranth patrols anymore
  • Recall buff is now classified as "other"
  • Remove pointless Pestilent Blight combat log entry
  • Removed restriction on shimmers based on weapon/armour types; you can now shimmer a dagger to a staff or a plate armour to a robe!
  • Replaced Rapid Shot with Aim for Bowman Thoughform to correctly match the weapon
  • Revise Rot and Plague talent targeting and tactical tables
  • Switched drem and dremling names to be more fitting
  • Tighthened security around file access functions
  • Addons: "In Combat" status is now computed by the game for all actors, always available as "actor.in_combat" and with callback "callbackOnCombat(state)" when status changes
  • Addons: ActorTemporaryEffect support #hisher#
  • Addons: Added "callbackOnTargeted"
  • Addons: Added game:shakeScreen()
  • Addons: Added loadIfNot to entities environment to only load said list if it has not yet been
  • Addons: Added setTextFont and setAnswerFont functions to chats definition files to switch the fonts used.
  • Addons: Chat:load hook exposes the chat file environment
  • Addons: Damage shield supports on_absorb callback
  • Addons: Fixed events generation in temporary zones
  • Addons: Fixed resolvers.charm/charmt to be last resolvers to avoid problems with reapplying ego
  • Addons: Items that can save life get notified if they do with "on_resurrect" field
  • Addons: Levels can decide if they'll dynamically match stairs with "auto_zone_stair"
  • Addons: New hooks "Chat:invoke", "CommandStaff:SentientOptions", "CommandStaff:SentientChat", "GameState:makeEventName" and "Winner"
  • Addons: New Quest:isSuccess method
  • Addons: New set of inventories parsing methods: findInAllWornInventories, findInAllWornInventoriesBy, findInAllWornInventoriesByObject, wornInventoryApplyAll
  • Addons: New table.pairsRemove function
  • Addons: NPCs can have a custom_tooltip method to add stuff to their tooltips, dynamically
  • Addons: Temporary zone shifts can use "temporary_zone_shift_save_pos" to back back exactly where the entrance was
  • Addons: Zone's generators using "zoneclass" can be a string instead of true to load a specific file

Have fun in Eyal!
Catacomb Kids - FourbitFriday
More bug fixes, and bringing Linux+Mac versions up-to-date.

Fixes Crash when wraiths have no target Player is annihilated upon entering a floor in a snowdrift Humanoids trying to chase through locked doors constantly jiggle the doorknob loudly AI_action_backhop crash Energy bar looks weird when you changing to equipment with less MAG Regeneration overwrites owl wings when flying Ceiling spikes draw beneath jump-thru platforms in the AC Lava bridges are now destroyed when lava loses it heat (Reaper fight, siphon, etc) Pressing select+cancel at the same time over a gravestone select backs to class select but still shows the custom kid dialog Backing out of kid select shows particles for destroyed mana batteries Shopkeepers get mad at you if you're infected with any plague flies Pressing select+cancel at the same time on the level-up screen levels the selected stat without advancing its tier Flame cone traps shoot at the wrong angle Crash when going through the tank door in co-op
Hanse - The Hanseatic League - Mr.SUX
Hello Hanse Fans!

thanks for joining us on our journey so far but we have to announce that "Hanse - The Hanseatic League" will delay a few days more from the 26th to the 30th of April.

So we hope you can be patient a few more days and we are excited to see you on release and launching a new era of the Hanse series.

See you soon and sail safe!
Beer and Skittls VR - Player 1 (fi)
- As requested, new gamemode SMASH added. Break all bottles to win.

First of all thank you very much for all your positive feedback and constructive criticism! <3

I'm currently focusing on adding more polish to the game and smoothen out all the edges. Below you can find most of the changes that got implemented with this update. There's still more to come in the future but this update has already gotten big enough as it is and the majority of the fixed bugs most players would normally never encounter. ^^

  • Intro
    • New animation: circles now move around instead of being static!
    • Fixed a bug where it would wrongly jump to the chapter menu under certain conditions

  • Move forward
    • Part of the word now becomes italic after a certain amount of time to indicate that your input is required
    • If coming from the pause menu, the part of the word becomes italic immediately
    • Pressing W no longer works (I didn't expect people would actually press W for multiple minutes ^^)
    • Fixed a bug where the words would fade before reaching the top

  • Trapped
    • Completely reworked the background behaviour to make it feel better
    • Added a new shockwave effect on the start of the chapter
    • Fixed a bug where sliding sound would still play after quickly releasing the left mouse button
    • Fixed a bug where the sliding sound would still play when being on the edge of the window
    • Slightly lowered the volume of the effect when it hits the wall

  • Let me die
    • Updated graphics when solving the puzzle
    • Now returns to the chapter menu on both possible solutions after your first playthrough
    • Fixed a bug where graphics would not change after unlocking Breakout right before

  • Voices
    • Fixed a bug where it would not save the progress
    • Updated the background fade when coming from the menu

  • Wordplay
    • You can now solve this in any order
    • Added a new autoscale effect
    • Fixed a bug where the sliding of words would get interrupted
    • Sounds now continue playing when going back to the menu to keep up the atmosphere

  • Safe
    • Added multiple sound effects and a new background sound
    • Fixed a bug where the letters rearranging sound would not stop
    • Fixed a bug where the background would not completely disappear
    • Background sound now fades in when coming from the menu
    • Sounds now continue playing when going back to the menu to keep up the atmosphere

  • Menus
    • Added a hint system when you're on your first playthrough
    • Added a little animation to all menu item on mouse over
    • Added new sound effects to all menu items
    • Updated the transition from the chapter menu to the selected chapter
    • Slightly lowered the volume of the background music
    • When "reset" is visible it now shows "(to unlock chapters)" below the word
    • Updated the graphic that shows when you start the game for the first time
    • Fixed a bug where progress would not get saved after a complete reset

  • ...and lots of other tiny changes & improvements that are hardly noticeable ^^

    Please report any issues you encounter here.

    Thanks again for brighten my days with your positive words!

    Peace & Love
Dead - OrangeJuice

I've added a bunch of new crosshairs that will hopefully make things easier if you need that extra help. Some are a bit nuts like the one above but I figure the more options the better.

I may have also fixed the issue with Dying Ember not giving Easy Mode achievements. I check the code over and over and it seems totally solid. I think if you didn't get the achievement then something particular funky must have been happening.

We'll get there in the end.

Have a good one!


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