Community Announcements - CItech
We would like to announce that patch 1.5 has been released.

The following issues have been fixed with the patch:
  • Mana regeneration issue
  • Improper Infiltrator's behaviour
  • Cutscene with the two monks being triggered incorrectly
  • Crafter's VO
  • Overlapping texts in the Rune Screen in French language
  • VO synchronization issue in German
  • The Quake spell damage issue
  • Antanas' Dark Experiments ending being played incorrectly
  • Missing Chinese translations
The patch also provides a support for the Ancient Labyrinth DLC.
Community Announcements - ThePraetorian
Hey everyone!

The team spent most of the time this build to get you some bug fixes, optimization updates and a few added tweaks here and there to help the game play a lot better with what's currently out there! Enjoy the new update and keep the comments coming!

You guys have been a big help!

More new stuff coming your way with the latest build!

Changes Feb 24th and Later:
  • When you upgrade to a better version of a tactic (such as Stabilize 1), the old version of the tactic no longer shows as an option to use. If you had a
  • shortcut option set up for it, that is also upgraded.
  • Added a post processing pass that will prevent duplicate manager scripts from being created. This led to issues in dungeon levels on occasion, but is now fixed.
  • Shotgun particles no longer rotate with the soldier after a shot is fired.
  • Spitter zombies now chase after flares.
  • Allowed throw locations for thrown items is now based on the soldier's position rather than where the cursor is.
  • Added a save anywhere feature to the options menu. It will be usable anywhere after grouping up with your whole squad, as long as you aren’t in a conflict.
  • Added a set of checkpoints to the Urban Hub.
  • Reaching fast travel points now auto saves.
  • Fixed issue with soldiers skipping assigned points when moving.
  • The pause menu’s soldier select screen now prompts whether to go to equipment or skills
  • The equipment page now will show the stats for a weapon/gear when scrolling through to equip something on the equipment page, allowing the user to compare stats with the currently equipped weapon/gear.
  • Added rough character records screen. Right now it only shows the stat diamond, but later will be filled with more content.
  • Fixed Skill Menu not scrolling horizontally when the edge of the options is hovered over.
  • Menu idles that clip with vests no longer play on the menu
  • Fixed issue where the leader would move when using left mouse click to interact with an interactable.
  • Fixed issue where soldier would move into the spot a loot crate's center was after opening it through command mode.
  • Changed molotov fire's layer, so it wouldn't block calculated vision.
  • Fixed issue with lines being drawn incorrectly for soldier movement.
  • Loot crates only spit out loot in front of the crate now.
  • Reduced noise in soldier uniform textures.
  • Polish pass on outskirts environment FX.
  • Added final model for Ares Shrike LMG.
  • Slightly brought down the intensity of the muzzle flash light.
  • Fixed issues with soldier rotating weirdly back and forth sometimes when sweeping between points.
  • Fixed issue where soldiers would rotate away from the assigned angle when reaching the end point of their path.
  • The fast travel pop-up's buttons are now clickable and can be used like other menus/pop-ups.
  • Fixed issue where during the group move for the tutorial too many tactic overlay icons show up on screen part way through the move.
  • Fixed issue with soldier names sometimes not showing up in command mode.
  • Flashbangs now affects enemies who can see the flashbang go off, not just enemies within a small radius.
  • Fixed placing mines
  • Numerous changes to quest waypoints on the minimap. It will resize depending on distance to destination, and will be clamped to the edges in a more readable way.
  • Fixed a bug where when controlling a squad with less than 4 live soldiers, the group move would occasionally show less movement circles than desired.
  • Some more small fixes in the tutorial scene.
  • Can no longer use menu except for system settings in the tutorial.
  • Numerous improvements to pathfinding graphs.
  • When encounters begin, distant squad members will be teleported to the engagement area.
  • Added additional cover in the pharmacy area.
Community Announcements - deathbuffer
Our third patch is now live, which closes these issues:
  • INI file parser bug fix
  • Use desktop resolution by default, instead of the highest resolution supported
  • Resolution can now be passed via command line, e.g.:
    --width=1280 --height=720 --fullscreen=0
  • Fixed loading times being too long when v-sync is active
  • Fixed crash when there is no audio device available
  • Fixed french translation of end screen (thanks, "Real"!)

Thanks for reading, have fun!
Community Announcements - BjornB

World Randomly Encounters Exciting New Sequel to Classic Old-school Title

STOCKHOLM — March 2, 2015 — Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer with plenty of initiative, today announced the forthcoming release of Knights of Pen & Paper 2, coming to PC, iOS, and Android devices. Knights of Pen & Paper 2, the appropriately named sequel to Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition, will bring players back to the table, where they can sit and simulate another, different table inside the game (which is about a game). Danger, intrigue, death, role-playing, and roll-playing will return when Knights of Pen & Paper 2 arrives on May 14th.

Use the under-appreciated Appraise skill on this trailer:

Return to the dicey world of Knights of Pen & Paper for a new turn-based adventure, where players get to take on the role of players, and also of the game’s encounter-designing, rules-lawering GM in a fully customizable party. Assemble a group of virtual friends, dress them in class-specific hats, and take on an all-new series of quests, including dynamic dungeons, an improved combat system, new loot and crafting mechanics, and more, as the party faces its greatest challenge yet: the new edition of the ruleset.

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 rolls with the following features:

+2 to Impress: The retro adventure makes the leap from simulated 8-bit graphics to simulated 16-bit graphics, providing players with twice the bits
New Racial Feats: Customize your party members by choosing players such as the Goth or the Rocker, classes such as Wizard or Thief, and for the first time, races such as Dwarves and Elves
A Game of Throws: Face the whims of the d20 in an overhauled combat system, new crafting and loot, dynamically generated dungeons, and a variety of nail-biting saving throws
Entirely Too Many Gaming and Pop Culture Jokes: Seriously

“When you allow people at your company to dress up in wizard robes and suits of armor, sometimes you wind up with games like Knights of Pen & Paper 2,” said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive. “We’re going to be showing off the game in person this week at GDC. I wanted to reveal it during the DICE conference, but nobody agreed with me.”

For more information about Knights of Pen & Paper 2, visit
Community Announcements - olga.daedalic

Today you'll have the roguish delight to watch Flawless Florian and Jaunty John commit all kinds of misdeeds in Blackguards 2.
Also, you'll get lots of informations on Blackguards 2 and can ask questions in the chat.
Today, March 2nd, go to:
Community Announcements - GoGoGadget-DownToOne
Hey Everyone,

Tonight's patch introduces smoke grenades, increased tickrates, ladder improvements and more!

Read on for the full patchnotes.

Additions and Improvements
  • Added the Smoke Grenade
    -The Smoke Grenade can be found in both military & residential areas, and when thrown, will create a large, semi-opaque sphere of smoke for 25 seconds.
  • Increased base network tickrate by 10 packets/second (up from 20 to 30)
  • Increased max spawns from chopper Weapon Crate to 7 from 6
  • Ladders will now show when you can actually climb them, via the crosshair (this is a temporary helper mechanic until we do a complete ladder rework)
  • Death messages now show the name of the player that died
  • Added 5 more random spawn points around the map
  • Added extra low residential crate spawners in some areas
  • Added the "Competitions" tab in the main menu
Bug fixes
  • Choppers will now always fly through the centre of the map, instead of sometimes flying very close to the edge of it
  • Fixed bug where flares & rocks could sometimes not be thrown
  • Flares now get removed from your inventory when thrown

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for minute-to-minute status updates and notifications of when games & events are starting!
Also, today we announced our first official Down To One Weekly Cup! A big thanks to Mwave for supporting this event - we're very happy to be partnering up with the biggest & best online tech store in ANZ!

We'll see you in-game!
Community Announcements - danrs88
Terra now features Achievements and trading cards!

The bugs from 1.2.3 have all been fixed. 1.2.4 is coming later this week with a major content update.

Check it out :)
Community Announcements - NodziGames
Hey there! I apologize for the wait, but this time I have good news. The steam keys have been sent out to all groupees buyers! Enjoy :)

Community Announcements - Mr. Horrible Gelatinous Blob
6 languages for MAC version became available: English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Dutch.
7 more languages will be added to the game later.
Community Announcements - Mr. Horrible Gelatinous Blob
В игру добавлены 6 языков для MAC-версии: английский, японский, немецкий, испанский, французский и голландский.

Еще 7 языков будут добавлены в игру позже.

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