Audition Online - Redbana Corporation
Our Audition game service will be down for maintenance starting at 9:30PM PST / 12:30AM EST / 4:30AM GMT.

Servers will be closed until further notice.
Swarm Queen - I Like Bunnies
In Celebration of Violence - Julian Edison
  • Some enemies can enter a parry stance.
  • Some enemies use shields.
  • One new potion. Actually it's an old potion that I forgot to add and only now realized.
  • There's a little meter in the Notes section of the menu that tracks your total discoveries.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for radial menu actions can be set in the Controls section of the menu.

  • Most enemy stats now scale based on player level and area, with scaling beginning at level 50 and areas increasing in difficultly. Health, stamina, speed, experience dropped, it's all on the table now. Let me know how this effects you because I'm scared of overdoing it. And spiders.
  • Scaling the number of enemies spawned is toned down.
  • A successful parry keeps your weapon out for a potential follow-up swing.
  • Increased the speed of follow-up swings.
  • You can now dodge at any point during an attack.
  • The peasant's torch will cook raw meat and light braziers when the player touches them.
  • The Skull Lantern no longer stops enemies from dodging.
  • Adjusted the stats of some weapons.
  • Upgrading weapons provides less of a speed increase.
  • Meat can be pushed around.
  • Raw meat will pop up when cooked.
  • Surge potions break stuff as a surge would.
  • All entities have a separate statistic for resisting pushback.
  • The Daughter of Sow will no longer spawn enemies immediately upon entering the fight.
  • The player won't pick up a good if they already have 99.
  • Adjusted the power threshold needed to break some objects.
  • Certain fences can no longer appear on stone floors.
  • Groups of memento crystals can be incomplete. So what would normally be a group of four may only have three.
  • Shrines that spawn enemies will no longer spawn them on the other side of walls.
  • The Castle is less empty.
  • Increased the minimum size of rooms in dungeons.
  • Shrines in dungeons won't be placed directly against the wall.
  • Only one, if any, diary will appear through locked doors in dungeons.
  • Rain from storm enchantment lasts longer and the sound fades out when finished.
  • Electricity has a short delay before jumping to the next person.
  • Small changes to some NPC dialogue.
  • The table holding goods in the Sanctuary can be pushed around.
  • Adjustments to some mementos. Mostly small numerical changes, but the Doorknob will no longer aim for allies.
  • Adjustments to some particle effects.
  • Adjustments to some sprites.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause dropped items to disappear when the player is stunned.
  • The Scabbard no longer affects ghost weapons.
  • Enemies and allies will correctly attempt to dodge each other.
  • Certain memento crystals should be much less likely to block doorways.
  • The Faded Mittens memento won't effect corpses.
  • Moved the Veil shrine in the Sanctuary back so that his rewards aren't swallowed by the nearby hole.
  • Objects in the Labyrinth and Hedge Maze should no longer overlap each other.
  • Ladders in dungeons should no longer be able to appear inside hallways.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause objects inside a locked dungeon room to not spawn.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally allowed wall tiles to appear directly above ceilings.
  • Certain object groups (such as bandit camps) won't pass through walls.
  • The candles found around shrines should no longer spawn without the shrine. They'll still remain if the shrine is destroyed.
  • You can no longer dodge in place.
  • Fixed a graphical bug that would cause the recharge number on spells to disappear when picking up a new spell.
  • Fixed a performance issue that could be caused by constantly dropping and picking up weapons and equipment.
  • You can no longer have a negative score when completing a run.
  • Removed some obsolete prefabs.
  • Fixed some typos.
Anarchy Arcade - SM Sith Lord
  • Improved the Library Browser to automatically detect when you browse to an MDL file and import it as a prop.
  • Added a progress bar while importing all Steam games from your Steam profile.
  • Fixed minor issues with the UI showing up when it shouldn't & item previews not closing automatically when you launch a shortcut that was on continuous play.
  • Fixed an issue with Libretro overlays remaining active after switching to meta search.
  • Improved Libretro overlay PNG's to keep their aspect ratio when scaling.
  • Improved the Libretro Core menu to remember what tab you are on when changing overlays.
  • Fixed meta searching from the Context Menu to work as expected.
  • Fixed setting the slave screen mode from the Context Menu to work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue that caused other objects not to spawn if you were walking around in object placement mode.
  • Improved the image loader to more reliably detect & use cached image thumbnails from Legacy workshop shares.
  • Improved the map menu to show the correct thumbnail that will be Quick Loaded into for each map.
  • Added the 4 most recently loaded maps to the top of the Maps menu.
  • Improved broken Netflix shortcuts to not attempt to play in the in-game browser (launching the shortcut opens it in your native browser.)
Orcs Must Die! Unchained - Harmoniabot
No, you're NOT seeing double. In this weekly challenge, waves double in size each wave for 5 waves. Do you think your hero can stop this prison break?

Can you beat this weekly challenge with Temper, Tundra, and Zoey?

Park Bound - BambasticGames
Three new zones have been added to Park Bound: Lava Keep, Cube Garden, and Lunar Station.

Path of Exile - nazazzza
Two weeks ago, many of our staff attended the New Zealand Game Developer's Conference here in Auckland. While most of the team were attendees, there were also several members who held their own talks. One of our concept artists, George, spoke about his process for making different types of concept art, and how to overcome creativity blocks. We were very interested in his perspective and found that his talk may provide some insight to our community. Click here to read more.
ReThink - ¥aeko
I changed a few things in the Keybindings to allow people to re-use the mousewheel (up/down) as any other key (got a request for that)

This only affects People who already played the game at least once:
If you can't rotate Cubes anymore -> Please edit your Keybindings in the Settings.

I also fixed an issue with "rebinding Spacebar".
Sometimes it happened that a Button had the "focus" of the keyboard and you could not properly rebind the key - this also is fixed now.

The same changes will be made to ReThink | Evolved later today, since both games use the same logic for Keybindings.

Thank you!
Attack of the Gooobers - sluggishtacogames
Knight Online - HolyJoe

Please be aware that we will be conducting a scheduled maintenance on Steam Knight Online Servers and service will be temporarily unavailable.
Maintenance time will be as follows:

Knight Online Server Time (EDT): 21:00
South America (PET): 20:00
Turkey : 4:00, September 20th

Duration: 1 hour 30 Minuites

The maintenance will include:
  • Server restarts
  • Smoke Screen Skill Restricted Area has been Added
    Smoke Screen can no longer be used in El Morad and Luferson Castle
  • End of the Kaul Events
  • End of firecracker/turkish flag sales

Please note that the estimated duration of server maintenance may be less than or greater than the time quoted above and is subject to change without notification. We may also update this announcement as necessary during or after maintenance has concluded. We thank you for your patience during the downtime.

NTTGame || Knight Online Team

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