Community Announcements - DragonFoundry
We've pushed a new build that's fixed today's major bugs:
1. "Disappearing arena"
2. "Left card unplayable"
3. "Test language data"
4. Many small bugs

If you run into another bug, please let us know - post on the discussion group, or send your log file to

To find log files on Windows:
1. Right click on Nova Blitz from your Steam Library
2. Select Properties from the drop down menu
3. Select Local Files tab and click on "Browse Local Files..."
4. Open the NovaBlitz_Data folder and locate the text file called "output_log.txt

To find log files on Mac:
1. Open a Finder window
2. On the Menu bar, go to Go > Go to Folder
3. In the dialog that comes up, put in "~/Library/Logs/Unity/" and click Go
4. Locate the "Player.log" file in that folder
Community Announcements - aerosoft

In this add-on the 17 km south-east of Frankfurt am Main (Germany) located airport is the most important airport for general aviation in Germany. It has been recreated in high detail including all its facilities. In combination with the photo realistic textures of the buildings and vehicles and a 0.5m/pixel ground texture resolution, the scenery looks very authentic.

Community Announcements - Spencer
  • Vehicle reverse behaviour changed, much more force is applied at low speed but this quickly falls off as speed increases. Can hillclimb in reverse again while speed is still capped
  • Ownership stake validation has been improved again, it should be even harder to place stakes inside rocks
  • Ownership stakes now check if they are inside a rock on server startup and destroy themselves if so
  • The door obstructed check has been improved making it harder to close doors on players to push them in unintended ways
  • Bugfix for VehiclePassengerUnsafeEntry, Goat and Kanga entries are now correctly blocked by doors
  • Crash vehicle spawning has been made more robust. An additional raycast check has been added to check the crash vehicle spawn location, if it fails the crash will be cancelled
  • Entering a vehicle in first person with a bow equipped will no longer leave the players hands in the bow pose
  • Window removal marker is no longer offset from window
  • Removed unused fire prefab from SDK and vehicle default pack
Community Announcements - Mr. Robot @AfterShockDEV
Calvin here with a quick update that the kickstarter to help raise funds is ending in 24 hours! Feel free to donate if you are interested and we made this kickstarter because people complained that they didnt see the last one.


Thank You Survivors for the continued support!

Community Announcements - Kingius
What's new?

* New feature - Crystalmail, Rockmail and Diamondplate armours added - exceptionally tough and rare armours.

* New feature - Crystal Falchion and Diamond Falchion added - tough and rare weaponry.

* New feature - Versus screen before every fight!

* New feature - Item graphical refresh for over 400 hundred items!

* New feature - Enemy horrifying sounds mix.

* New feature - Skull buttons, hanging bodies, roof supports, carved faces, smoke trails & stables.

* Optimisation - Faster level initialisation process.

* Optimisation - Includes latest Shockwave Flash standalone player.

* Balancing - Trip wires removed from random areas, replaced with new Coffin traps!

* Balancing - Base damage reduction on weapons that can strike 3 times per second (consecutive damage with weapon skills could ratchet up too quickly on these weapons).

* Bugfix - Rare script error with generated areas.

* Bugfix - Terror snake idle sound.

* Bugfix - Ranking up an active werewolf spell would not increase the active damage bonus.

* Bugfix - Shrunken invulnerashield could be damaged!
Community Announcements - Heather
** Maintenance Announcement **
Regular maintenance for this week will be on
October 27th 00:00 - 02:00 (ingame time∙PST).

Community Announcements - SmartCarrion

Another patch is ready with gameplay improvements galore! This was a tough one to finish as I kept finding one more tweak I could make to improve things, and there were a few bugs that were challenging to track down. Hopefully I can get these patches out weekly, and the full version will be done in no time!

  • Added support for grabbing boxes with two hands!!!!
  • Added level progression for Deadline mode - you have to get $500 or more in a single workday to unlock the next difficulty level. I’m doing this to help guide new players through the content rather than to limit your play. So $500 should be relatively easy to obtain.
  • Auto-selected the difficulty level based on the highest one you’ve unlocked.
  • Added cloud saves of levels unlocked and high scores.
  • Added a new way to get citations in Endurance mode - every 100 missed blocks will trigger a citation. (3 citations and the workday is over)
  • Added display on each box to indicate its current value if shipped. This should help you learn the scoring system through experimentation.
  • Added ‘under construction’ note to game play modes that aren’t working yet
  • Added text to control panel to indicate level unlock requirements
  • Added voice line to explain block type must match box type
  • Added adaptive rendering to improve performance
  • Added occasional wild block notification and dialog to mention wage multiplier changes
  • Added contextual text coloring on control panel and scoreboard
  • Added new posters and K3-VN plaque
  • Fixed bug where you could get to a level 0 (which has no data) and things start breaking.
  • Added lots of backend support for upcoming Special Order mode.
  • Further improvements to the manager’s intelligence, he shouldn’t trip over his lines anymore...I hope.
  • Fixed leaderboards not clearing results from other levels in some cases
  • Fixed another controller-getting-stuck-vibrating bug
  • Spectator camera mode - I got the security cameras working, just need to build a UI so you can control the spectator viewpoint
  • Coming Soon: Special Order mode - Currently testing and doing basic balancing.
  • Better looking display panel for box value
  • Particle effects and audio to guide new players through their first game
  • Manager dialog for missing blocks and getting citations in endurance mode
  • Add effects to the manager voice
  • Add speed up to music in endurance mode based on citation level
  • Add stingers to game over events in endurance mode.
  • Give the manager some memory so he doesn't sound repetitive
  • Create in game tips board with some of the more complicated ideas explained. I’m doing whatever I can to just make the game mechanics intuitive and discoverable, i.e. ideally you should be able to understand the game from what information is presented to you. However, some people might appreciate the more detailed info.
Community Announcements - XO_Team

Pete told me the legend of Martin. What kind of legend is it?
The very same Pete is also a part of it.
Martin from the Land of Castles was ten, when someone in white appeared in his tiny room and gently said: ‘Such Flandern’. They say that night was bright as day: the sky was cut open by fiery winds, dogs howled fearfully in the yards. The visitor could not lie: beautiful was Flanders and its fields abundant. Find Flanders. A spanner became Martin's hand. His father's helmet became martin's head. The car became martin's body. And so Martin became a driver.

Discover more HERE!
Community Announcements - Barkalar Games
Hello gamers,

Professor Nasty Time version 1.1 is now available here on Steam! With this new version, you will find a brand new game mode called "Free Play". In Free Play mode, you have access to every level in the game! Playing the game in Free Play however disables Steam achievements, it does not affect your real game progress, and you do not have access to the game's ending scene. Free Play mode is strictly just to give everyone the chance to play any of the 70+ levels they want at any moment they'd like.

Version 1.1 Update Features:
-Free Play Mode
-New Default Controls Option

Have fun,
Ryan Miller (Barkalar Games)
Community Announcements - Uzisuicide
Hi all, I hope you are enjoying the game and thanks for all the feedback so far.

As I am hearing reports on performance issues in the opening area I will be putting out a patch today that will hopefully fix this. If you are supersampling via Steam renderTargetMultiplier this may also cause performance issues if set too high. I run a 1080 GTX at 1.2.

I will also tweak the darkness at the beginning of the game and/or give the player a more efficient torch light.

The keypad in the hallway cannot be accessed until the gas is switched off, this will be also be signposted more clearly in the patch.


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