Community Announcements - LilyHammer0709

Sometimes you just need a good nap. More than once. At random times. In the middle of battle. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!!
Community Announcements - Tiger
Go to Twitch right now to see Alienware streaming the new Beta Branch verision of HTS2!

Community Announcements - Umb16
- Two new types of rooms added.
- A bit improved interface.
- Added easy game mode.
- Many bug fixes.

Next update will be soon.
It will include new levels and talents.
Community Announcements - FirstOfficer
Greetings Star Crusaders! Today at 1:30 PM (Pacific), I will join our friend Chesspieceface on his stream and discuss all things Star Crusade!

If you are a new player, you should definitely join us -- we know Star Crusade can be tough at first, so we want to help!

See you there!
Community Announcements - mindoug

Greetings Pilots! Rayne here with an update on 0.36 and some new images for the upcoming new map.

It seems like I've had to do this a few times as of late, and for that, we'd like to be as transparent as possible and apologize for the patch delays. I myself was on a much needed vacation, and with the integration of new team members, and updates to the games base code we've had a few small technical issues crop up that are forcing us to delay 0.36. This delay should be no more than a day, but if it is, rest assured that you will hear from us if we have to extend the delay period.

On a good note, we've written entirely new ground unit behavior for the new upcoming map, and if it works well, you'll see all the maps updated with this new behavior. What is the new behavior you might ask? Ground units will no longer stop outright when they've deployed from an LZ, if they encounter other ground forces, they will engage them. We hope this adds another small layer of immersion to the game to have ground units engaging one another while you're flying over them on the new map.

Outside 0.36 and the changes and features it will be adding, I'd also like to report that the new team members are all integrated now and working with us to get new helos, maps, and game features in faster than we've been able to do in the past. I'm afraid I still don't have an update on the deck building system, but stay tuned for more because it is coming!

We'd like to thank you all for your continued support, patience, and understanding.

Community Announcements - MigrantP
An update is now available that fixes several bugs reported by the community. We appreciate your help so that we can make Sentinels the best that it can be!

Another way to help is to pledge your support for Season 2. The Kickstarter campaign is ongoing right now, so if you love Sentinels, please pledge and help make sure Season 2 gets made!

Click here to visit the campaign, learn more, and pledge!

Changes in this version:
  • Using the second power on Localized Hurricane now requires an additional click. No more accidental destructions!
  • Added a new gameplay option: “Automatically choose order of multiple optional redirects.” This has been the default behavior for a while, but you may want to turn it off while hunting for the Redirection Misdirection achievement.
  • The “Automatically draw cards when it is safe to do so” now also automatically chooses the order of drawing for cards like Fleet of Foot.
  • Fixed a problem where multiple activations of Next Evolution would not work in some situations.
  • You can now see the destroyed Construct card when Sustained Influence triggers.
  • Fixed some problem interactions with The Living Weapon and The Seeker title cards.
  • Unflagging Animation no longer prevents you from drawing an extra card on your turn.
  • Restored some messages that used to be shown in multiplayer when other players play cards next to cards.
  • Flesh of the Sun God no longer protects Heroic Infinitor, since he’s not a hero character card.
  • Fixed a few more little bugs here and there.
Community Announcements - Enormous Elk
I recently had a pleasure to participate at Roguelike Radio, and the show is up now for you to listen.

This is episode 121 of Roguelike Radio, where Mark Johnson, Darren Grey, Tarn Adams and Sami Maaranen discuss Simulation in Roguelikes:
Episode 121: Simulation
Community Announcements - Sylos
Here's what we've been working on this week:
  • Improvements to the Hub area:
    • Added a "Cleared" message above any stages that you've already finished.
    • You'll also be asked if you want to enter the stage so there's no chance of entering by accident!
  • If you're in a level that you've already cleared, you can now exit back to the Hub area from the pause menu.
  • Improved the player's dodge maneuver to be quicker and more useful.
  • Added in an icon to indicate that the game is saving.
  • Added many more sound effects.
  • Improvements to enemies:
    • Added more variation to the enemy AI. Some enemies will follow you off edges now rather than being cautious!
    • Rebuilt the boss battles from scratch, and gave some of them new attacks:

  • Fixed a huge number of bugs!

We're currently in the process of deciding which keys the alternate keyboard scheme will use.
This is the layout for the primary control scheme:

We'd like to hear any suggestions you might have for an alternate keyboard control scheme. What would work well for you?
Community Announcements - Shatojon

Wooh, what a challenge. We were a little worried the "Colossal Statue" theme might be too difficult, but once again, the community baffles us and completely blows our expectations out of the water. Seriously, I've had devs looking over my shoulder asking me "how the heck did they do that?" as I was sorting through the entries and I'm like, "well, you know, I taught them and stuff." Just kidding, seriously, you guys are great.

Visit this link to see the entries!
Community Announcements - themars2011
Patch notes for todays (02.05.2016) update:
-Fixed spawn cam on Riverside Railway
-Began optimization (Began creating more LOD models)
-Replaced player models with more performance friendly ones
-Added "Optimization Map" - Area 314
-Fixed: "Conecting..." to "Connecting..."
-Scoreboard now has labels for the teams

Known issues:
-Wrong placement of models on Blackout
-Death Camera is positioned a bit wrong

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