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Community Announcements - Community_Infestation
Greetings everyone,

Please take a moment to check out and discuss a letter from OP Productions to the Infestation: Survivor Stories community at http://forums.infestationmmo.com/index.php?/topic/145303-to-the-community-of-infestation-survivor-stories/
Community Announcements - Flux

Phalanx's new Air Forward attack

We've got a patch for you waiting on Steam. Lots of game balance and other changes requested by the community made it into this version, so thank you for helping make the game better!

Game Balance

  • Increased grab damage from 20 to 25 to make up for the buffed wakeup time from last patch
  • Reduced shuffle cancel time from 0.3 to 0.22 to prevent "shuffle jump" exploit
  • Made jumping velocity take a penalty during hit-stun so jumping isn't as good of a way to get out of bad situations (currently velocity is halved)
  • Recovery attack now given extra warmup frames to prevent insta-punishing T3 knockdowns
  • Reduced air hitstun animation movement duration from 0.2s to 0.1s so that gravity takes over even sooner, making opponents land earlier when 'juggled'


  • New Balanced Right T3
  • Increased tracers for B3T1
  • Swapped B1T2 with B1T3
  • Fast Left T1 damage reduced from 17 to 12
  • Fast Right T1 damage reduced from 24 to 18, T2 damage from 27 to 24, and T3 damage from 29 to 26
  • New voice-over work for several Balanced and Heavy moves
  • Re-timed the SFX for her new attacks
  • New ledge grab animation

Pure's new Balanced Right Tier 3


  • Replaced Air 1 with a new attack animation


  • Updated throwing star animation
  • Added sfx to throw star animation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several bugs and exploits related to string counter (resetting strings via canceling, etc)
  • Fixed a prediction error that happens when side canceling into another stance
  • Fixed a bug where foil was not able to deal damage for the first 10 seconds of a map
  • Fixed potential heap corruption issues in server
  • Fixed some potential crashes
  • Fixed disconnect confirmation not closing itself when game starts with +map in launch properties
  • Fixed highgpu override being ignored when sm3 was not detected
  • Rebuilt game engine libraries with fixes to Source Engine


  • Added binding translations for controller


  • Added workshop item editing
  • Fixed some issues when reloading / editing shared resources between multiple items by completely ignoring all mounted VPKs in edit mode
  • Added workshop file overview panel


  • Added a bb_lookat_enabled to enable or disable head turning for screenshots
  • Added bb_cam_thirdperson_x_offset and bb_cam_thirdperson_y_offset to offset the camera for taking screenshots
  • Made some animations not turn their heads (eg rolls)
  • Added text coloring to sword details menu
  • Added some workshop localization for client-side mods
  • Changed default sit binding to T
  • Secret items
Community Announcements - Pixowl
Hello sandboxers!

Following the launch of the game, you have been sending us a lot of bugs and issues reports and we are trying to address all of them as fast as possible.

We published today a new minor update (v1.5.15) which incorporates the following changes:

Bug Fixes
- Human bubbles disappear after time delay
- Human bubbles smaller
- Taking a screenshot no longer corrupts the background
- Fixed a bug not displaying the (HD) marker on some HD worlds (those without a rating)

Other Changes
- cosmetic fix on Main Menu buttons

Thank you for your support!
Pixowl Team
Community Announcements - Spiral HQ

Due to your lovely responses to this box, Spiral HQ is extending the Blooming Prize Box through April 29th!
Community Announcements - [HWK]ZamboniChaos
Greetings pilots!

On April 24 at 9:30 a.m. we'll be taking the HAWKEN client and game servers offline to deploy our April Update.

We expect the downtime to last approximately 1 hour. Thanks for your patience!
Community Announcements - x-4000
I promised a second release today, but I was a little overly optimistic. ;) One of the top features that people have been requesting is an auto-resolve feature for battles, and that's something I've been working on today. I'd thought I'd have it ready in time for a release tonight, but alas not; it will definitely be ready tomorrow, though (and better-tested for the extra time, too).

Why is auto-resolve important?
You can read about that on this post on our forums, since these announcements have character limits. ;)

How, precisely, are we implementing it? Well, I'll get into a lot of the details tomorrow, but the coolest bits are:

1. Once you are in a combat battle, there is a little "Auto Resolve" button in the bottom left corner. You can click that at any time during the battle (unless you have perma-death turned on, in which case you can't use it at all) and it will auto-resolve the rest of the battle for you. To repeat: you can do that at any time during combat.

2. Auto-resolution uses a formula based on the number of abilities you have unlocked, your tech upgrades, and so forth, to get your space power (as seen on the racial power grid, although the formula there will be updated some to account for things better for you -- the races are already represented fine, but your number is not quite right yet).

3. Auto-resolution also uses a value based on your combat difficulty level, so the different difficulty levels there have meaning even if you are auto-resolving everything. The combat an the strategic difficulties both kind of feed into one another, so this makes a fair amount of intuitive sense -- when the combat difficulty is higher, you need to worry about personal ship tech upgrades more, for instance, regardless of whether you are auto-resolving or not.

4. Depending on the objectives of the scenario, the outcome of the auto-resolve will come out a couple of different ways. However, you will never be killed as a result of auto-resolve (again, note that this is only usable at all when permadeath is turned off).

4.a. If you are trying to just "kill all the enemies or flagships or whatever," then it will do auto-resolve combat until you are basically redlined, and then will withdraw you. If you win before that, then great, you won. If withdrawing was a loss condition, then you'll lose that battle. If withdrawing was not a loss condition (by far the most common case), then it's an "indeterminate" result, but of course your results feed back into the main solar map just like always.

4.b. If you are supposed to be doing something specific, like capturing a science outpost to get a tech or whatever, then you will always succeed in this. However, based on your relative power and some other factors of the actual ships and turrets and whatnot that get seeded, you may either "succeed well" or "succeed poorly." The poorer you succeed, the more solar map months it costs you to do the auto-resolve. This is significant in terms of in-game resource costs, since solar map months are a major resource. But again, by making sure that you have a ship that is outfitted well, you reduce the risk of incurring such costs in any substantial way.

5. You'll still get Credits for ship kills, and pick up pilots and so forth, as part of auto-resolve. So that avenue of things is not shut off to you, which is really nice.

6. Any optional or side objectives -- civilian or military buildings to destroy, etc -- will be completely ignored during auto-resolve. At first glance you might think this a major handicap, but actually not. If you want to destroy some of those things, usually it doesn't take many turns to do so. You can easily play a few turns manually, destroy the thing in question, and then auto-resolve the rest of the battle and have done with it. Easy peasy. This is a big part of the reason for the "you can auto-resolve at any point in a battle."

7. The other part of the "you can auto-resolve at any time" bit is if a battle is dragging on and you are clearly going to win, and you don't feel like going through the motions of mopping up properly. Generally the design of the battles avoids putting you in that position in general, and in any cases where this happens too frequently we're going to be updating the battle definitions to begin with. But there's always edge cases, and this lets you deal with them gracefully even if you love the combat.

So. This thing needs a TLDR, because boy was that long. If you read the whole thing, thanks for taking the time! The TLDR is that some of you guys asked for an auto-resolve feature, I was opposed to it for a while on really fallacious grounds after initially being all for it, and now I've come to my senses and the feature is coming tomorrow. I'm glad that you guys that wanted it pushed the issue, because it's definitely a great thing for the game to have.

You'll be able to check it out sometime tomorrow!
Community Announcements - [UBI]ChemZero

Join us as our Developers battle it out on Dolls vs. Devs!

Date and Time

April 25th, 2014 - 10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT

Dolls N' Devs 

Tune into the official Frag Dolls livestream at http://twitch.tv/fragdolls to watch the show! Who will claim victory? Will our hard-working Devs claim victory, or will they get worked hard by the ferocious Frag Dolls? Be present to watch the action unfold!

So Many Raffles 

There will be raffles for in-game content, including free AC! So, be there to make sure you don't miss out!

See you on Twitch.tv!

The Ghost Recon Phantoms Team

Community Announcements - El Oshcuro
BEHOLD, OSCURIDOS! The very latest of the worst of SNR from the one and only Gijz!
BUT WAIT - there's now over 1500 members in the ROTT Steam Community?! #LUDICROUS. Know that El Oshcuro loves each and every one of your wierdos. Yes, even you Nore (hax)

Also, seeing as we've finally started to get back into CTF during SNR - I also made this handy dandy instructional video on HOW TO CTF IN JUST 9 EASY STEPS!

Enjoy ːPorridgeː
Community Announcements - oZanbee
Check out all the new Kafra Shop items here: http://playragnarok2.com/news/article/193

Here are some of the highlights of this week's Kafra Update.

Clockwork Toy Costume

Tartan Costume

Amusement Park Costume

Blocktoy Costume

Pony Deer Princess Mount
Community Announcements - Sean Young
Hey all! For the sake of bug fixes, I wanted to push this update out as soon as possible. Here's a list of all the cool stuff I've done with this update. 0.8 should be out in a bit with even more kickstarter enemies and items.

Bug Fixes
Fixed Multiplayer "Can't Hit Enemy" Bug
Fixed Multiplayer Music Bug
Players other than Host can now catch Fire/Thunder/Ice Bugs
Weird temporary Fix for Black Screen Bug:
Quit any programs that are utliizing internet. For example: Skype

Gameplay Changes
New Leatherworker NPC!!!
New Tailor NPC!!!
New Hoarder NPC!!!
New Enemy Ore Spider
Added Full Leather Armor(Rugged, Tribal, Elegant, Royal, Luminous)
Added Full Cloth Armor(Rugged, Tribal, Elegant, Royal, Luminous)
Added Monster Pelt
Added Refined Cloth
Added Monster Hide
Added Refined Leather
Added Tribal Drum (Wood Plank + Refined Leather)
Added ATK Drum (Tribal Drum + Fire Bug)
Added MAG Drum (Tribal Drum + Ice Bug)
Added DEX Drum(Tribal Drum + Thunder Bug)
Added New Magic Spell: Frostshard
Added Unique Weapon: The Philibuster
Armor now boosts HP and ATK
Leather Armor boosts HP and DEX
Cloth Armor boosts HP and MAG
Final Boss base HP is increased to 4500
Lava Bison HP increased to 150
Lava Biome has lots of Ores & Chests but also more enemies now
Goldium & Diamonite Ores more common in higher level biomes
Stamina is decided by player level, not DEX
Slowed down flying mobs a bit

As always, thanks for the support! I'll keep working on the other kickstarter backer content and try to get out 0.8 as soon as possible. For now, have fun making leather and cloth armors :D

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