Community Announcements - Hexxiss
So, while working on the Fecals and Feclets (what you thought I was kidding when I said I was going to add a poop monster to the game?) a really funny thing happened. I thought it would be worth sharing!
Community Announcements - [TrendyEnt] I_PASS_BUTTER
Phil, Jay, and Dan answer your questions and talk about our newest event, the Dragonfall Carnival!
Community Announcements - kbrown
Release notes for sprint 5.6.0

Creatures seek out the Angler

Creature to defend an area of the Lake

Creature search for Angler when Hungry

Creature to avoid structures when patrolling

Creature pass through all hexes starving following food

Creature allowed to enter structures when following Food

Creature to keep following if gaining ground on food

Large Lily Pads unfishable because defended by 5 creatures

Assorted bug fixes
Community Announcements - sergeidart

This day has finally come. We present to you the next section of our game. From this moment you will be able to upload beta version of the second section and to play it on your own risk. We highly recommend you to not play it yet and wait till this version become stable (it will be around the end of February). If you decide to dive in the new game section and to try this adventures right now than if you find any glitches or troubles please feel free to write about this on the our Steam forum or directly write about it on our email -

Changelog 0.2.0 beta:
  • Beta version of second section.
  • Game engine has been updated to 3.8.6.
  • Fix AMD unstable and frame frop.
  • Small fix in first section.

Others (and brave people that decided to play new section now) can check our new screenshots where you can see our “working place”, cozy house and one of the characters portrait (guess who).

In the current beta version state we found out about the following problems:
  • New achievements is turned off for now
  • Few game events not turned on yet because of the little instability
  • Few environment and events sounds is not turned on yet
  • Optimization is working on the reductive mode.
We will fix all this problems as soon as possible and add it in our new patch.

And to celebrate our second section release we give you a discount and let you once again to buy our game for a very profitable price.

That is all for now. Team Noostyche wish you to spend a good Lunar new year and keep following our news feed to be informed about upcoming patches.
Community Announcements - Zak
We're livestreaming a development update, come on in!
Community Announcements - SpyroTheDragon
Hello everyone! We continue to improve user experience in “Life is Hard” and today we’re ready to announce two new things you might like.

The first thing is updated main menu, which became more beautiful and more friendly to new players.

And the second one could become a main component of a next huge update. It's a save & load system. Yep, we’ve promised to release them before, but on each new stage new massive problems happen. It’s really delayed the progress. To this moment we’ve done a really big work on them, so we would be very happy to push them to the “beta” branch as soon as possible.

WIP screenshot.

Stay tuned!
Community Announcements - Grimmali2K
Let’s recap for a second. So far, we’ve introduced you to 18 of the 25 playable heroes in Battleborn at launch: Axe-wielding dwarves, mountain men with miniguns, sentient mushrooms, laser sword space vampires…oh, yeah, and a penguin-piloting a mech suit – all fighting to save the last star in the universe.

Today, we’re introducing you to two more Battleborn heroes: Attikus and Galilea. If you’ve ever wanted to play as hulking monsters on the battlefield (in more ways than one) we’ve got your new mains right here. Learn how you can get the most out of them, whether you’re playing solo, splitscreen, or 5-player co-op in Story Mode, or teaming up with buddies in the three unique competitive multiplayer modes.

Slave. Laborer. Greatest warrior among the Jennerit underclass – the Thralls. All his life, Attikus’ been told what to do, shoved into the deepest mines of Tempest and kept down. Thanks to an experimental biotech harness, this already-imposing brute was given the one thing the Jennerit didn’t expect: Intelligence. The only thing more dangerous than a huge, imposing beast with an axe to grind against his oppressors…is a smart imposing beast with an axe to grind against his oppressors.

Main Attacks:
Barefisted Brawling – While his normal fist would just as easily knock you out, watch out for when his abilities are fully charged. You’ll be seeing stars as his enhanced hand delivers a burst of shield-draining damage.

Charged Hook – Hold back for a couple seconds and Attikus’ high-octane haymaker delivers a world of pain. To your face.

Pounce - Just because this beast is huge doesn’t mean it can’t move. Attikus can leap to a target location and knock foes back.

Hedronic Arc - That metal arm grafted to Attikus’ body? He uses it to shock enemies when they come in for a closer look.

Hedronic Eruption – Attikus’ ultimate ability hurls shockwaves of energy to clear enemies out of his path.

Hedronic Collector - A fringe benefit of the biotech harness – his passive ability can syphon energy from killed enemies. Once enough energy gets collected, he can pay it forward, juicing up the next skill he uses and making it even more powerful.

Best tactic for fighting against Attikus: Keep your distance. Stun, slow or shoot at Attikus – just keep him out of arm’s reach!

A sacred order within the Eldrid, the Arbiters of Being were charged with undermining the Jennerit Empire’s technology, and Galilea was its most promising warrior. Entrusting her with a long undercover mission, Galilea was embedded within the Jennerit and worked her way through the recruits of the Silent Sisters. During an attempt to sabotage their Sustainment technology, Ambra discovered and attacked Galilea, mortally wounding her. Once a close friend, Ambra attempted to use Sustainment to save Galilea’s life but it was only partially successful. Now unstable, immortal and reeking of life-draining dark energy, Galilea is at war with herself and her new powers as she hopes to find a new purpose among the Peacekeepers.

Main Attacks:
Wraith’s Greatsword - She may be a fallen holy warrior of the Eldrid, but Galilea is still incredibly handy and swift in close combat.

Sentinel’s Greatshield – When Galilea is ready to wade deep into combat, and stare her enemy in the eye, nothing’s better than a shield for deflecting blows and defending allies.

Shield Throw - That shield Galilea wields can do a lot more than simply absorb damage – give it a toss and share the pain! And, no, she has nothing to do with a certain someone that rhymes with Shnaptain Shamerica.

Desecrate – Always ready for a sword fight, she curses the ground beneath enemies to amplify damage against them.

Abyssal Form - Take personal time-out with this ability. Galilea’s ultimate ability explodes into dark energy allowing her to take a break from the action or run for cover. During that time, she takes reduced damage and regenerates a huge chunk of her health.

Corruption - The more that she connects blows and uses skills, Galilea’s Corruption grows. Once charged, she begins projecting a passive aura that drains the health of nearby enemies.

Best tactic for fighting against Galilea: Keep your distance, attack from behind, where she can't block with her shield, and keep her on the move so she can't bunker down with Desecrate and Corruption.

Pre-order Battleborn now on Steam! If you want to learn more about Battleborn before it launches on May 3rd, check out Battleborn on Facebook, Twitter @Battleborn, on YouTube, Instagram, and the Battleborn blog – we’re always updating it with more details and backstory around the game!
Community Announcements - d.grieshofer
Hey all! A new patch has just gone live to make the experience for new players as seamless as possible, add some tweaks and fix the last known bugs:
  • Added ultra-wide and triple-monitor support by using Hor+ as field of view scaling
  • Added ability to retrigger fireworks after game completion
  • Added auto camera rotation on level completion
  • Added pause menu wrap-around
  • Fixed black undersides by tweaking ambient lighting
  • Fixed lift getting stuck in rare cases
  • Fixed lift sound location
  • Fixed auto detecting quality and starting in fullscreen
  • Fixed performance degradation after fireworks
  • Tweaked fireworks
  • Tweaked sky color
  • Reduced default mouse sensitivity
  • Reduced install size
  • Removed a few unrewarding collectibles
Thank you!
Community Announcements - Mercury1337

Getting your character back to its previous look
Every Lv. 80 (or higher) character will receive 5 style packages in his Special Storage today. The packages will contain all available hair styles, faces, hair colours, skin colours and eye colours. You will be able to pick the one you want from each package and the rest will disappear. The faces can only be picked if you are logged into the right character class for taking them out. Make sure to pick the right style/face/colour!
Note: If you already spent DNP or AC on Style Items since the server reopened, we will refund those (in) DNP and you will have them back by Sunday at latest.

Providing you various useful items aka Redistribution of Make it Count Event
All characters who previously participated in December’s “Make it Count” Event will receive all of those event items back today.
This means you will receive 16 Golden Eggs, a Reindeer Mount, a Bright White Reindeer Mount, a 2012 Costume Coupon, a Rudolph Spirit, 2 Epic Weapon Coupons and Crystal Wings.

(Re-) Upgrading your Gear
We will help you get your gear back to its original upgrade level. For the next 7 days, you will benefit from the Upgrade Chance being increased by +30% (multiplicative). To make the upgrading affordable, every Lv. 80+ character will receive 200 Magic Protection Jellies, 15.000 Gold, 25 Life Essences and 25 Flawless Diamonds per day. Make sure to log in between 00:01 and 23:59 to grab each days upgrade package.

Dragon Boxes from last weekend’s Happy Hour
The 25 Dragon Boxes for everyone who topped up AC during last weekend’s Happy Hour will be sent to all participating characters tonight.

Gold from last weekend’s monthly item event
Everyone who met the event conditions of last weekend’s Gold Event will receive the amount of gold (he unlocked by obtaining monthly items during the event period) tonight.

Upgraded legendary Black Dragon Gear
Everyone who participated in last weekend’s Arms Race event and at least started the event by doing some of the necessary dungeons will receive the legendary Black Dragon Items upgraded to +10 until tonight.

Lost Final Damage Plates and Talismans
If you lost important Final Damage items, please send a ticket to our support (Subject: Help - Final Damage Gear) and include your character name, details about your items and, if possible, screenshots or whatever reference you have about your lost items. We will then send you the Final Damage Plates and Talismans you lost. This is ongoing and will not be sent out in one batch – you write a ticket with the above info and we will send your items to you as soon as possible.


Lost Red Dragon Gear
Everyone who was able to clear something in the Red Dragon Nest (normal/hardcore) since its release will receive the average amount of loot he should have acquired back from us to recreate his RDN gear until Sunday.


Cash Items from the Trading House
We have found that we can partially recreate the last 3 months of Trading House actions. People who acquired Cash Items through the Trading House between November and January will get those items back from us until the end of next week.


Guild Levels
Since all Guilds have been reset and are Level 1, we will increase your Guild Level as soon as our developers are back from their holiday. Since Asia is currently celebrating the Lunar New Year, this might take until 15th February at latest. Then we will automatically increase your Guild Level. We are planning to automatically raise each Guild’s level by 40, but this issue is currently on hold and the solution will be finalized after the Lunar New Year holidays.

Missing Gold
We are currently investigating, why a lot of players do not have the same amount of Gold they had before the server went offline. To look into and to solve this issue, we also need to wait until our developers are available again, after the Lunar New Year holidays. Once we have more insight into this, we will try to give you back the Gold that went missing.

Game Bugs
There currently are several bugs that also require us to wait until the developers are back from their holidays.

These include:
- Dark Avenger Skill Point Bugs
- Job Specialization Alchemist
- Missing trade option when clicking on a character
Community Announcements - Mercury1337

Head into the new Zone "Merca's Heart", try out the new dungeons and experience a wholly remodeled Dragon Nest in our latest Level 90 patch - Dragon Nest Reloaded. A whole new class balancing, a brand-new UI and lots of changes!

Cash Shop Update

Enjoy astonishing new wings, a lovely Valentine's event and a matching UFO of Love!


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