Community Announcements - mt_worlds
-New tutorial images on shotgun in trapshooting event to make it a bit less confusing for new players.

-Increased visibility of spectator scoreboard.
-Improved responsivness of sword and shield.
-Moved the pump action interaction area and range for the shotgun, please let me know if this is easier now? It should be.
-Increased size and definition of some main menu items.
Community Announcements - Pixellore
Subterrain Weeklong Sale has begun!

AT 42% OFF.

Thanks everyone!
Community Announcements - Jesterhead37
Just released a patch that will fix some bugs with the rune doors in the shrine. There was a major bug where if you picked up the runes in certain orders, they wouldn't place on the doors properly. This has now been resolved, and runes can be placed properly, regardless of order.

Community Announcements - Bex_GGG
The Essence Challenge Leagues launch on September 2nd alongside the Atlas of Worlds expansion. While exploring the Essence league, there are forty challenges to test yourself against for exclusive rewards. Completing thresholds of these challenges can earn you the Essence Footprints, Essence Back Attachment and Essence Portal Effect. Interested? Check out the full news post to view the challenges!
Community Announcements - Max Bread
Hey guys,

I know, I know, we just had a delay, but please bare with us! We just watched some more youtubers and playtesters try out the game, and noticed a lot bugs that we could improve, so that your first time experience is even better. Even though this is early access, we still want your first impression with the game to be as good as possible. We also messed up our game submission process, so we need some time to resubmit.

Current release date if nothing goes wrong is this Friday, Sept 2nd.

Thanks for your patientence!
Community Announcements - RayneCloud
The current patch has been rolled back to the previous version of Heliborne. This rollback will remain in effect until further notice. We apologize for this and will keep you updated as we work to fix the issue stopping us from making 0.44.6 Live.
Team JetCat
Community Announcements - CrochaN
Hello everybody, it's been another very busy week for us here and I would like to share a few very important things with you! In this announcement I will be talking about the Free Roam gameplay updates coming our way as well as a short term road map regarding the new features.

Free Roam overview

First I would like to thank you all for your feedback! You have been a great help and because of this active community we can now identify and improve the gameplay experience.

I would like to start with my personal observation and experience with the new Free Roam gameplay. During the last week I was heavily involved in breaking down the gameplay and reviewing the feedback from the community. And personally, I felt that the gameplay was lacking in several aspects. The free roam section map did not capture the feeling of the open space and was heavy on the machine resource consumption. The overall experience playing the free roam map did not deliver what we were aiming for and it was something I was not comfortable with!

We put our heads together, and worked even harder on improving both of these aspects of the gameplay and I am very happy to announce that we have made great progress!

The screenshots below will show you the newly developed Free Roam Utah State section:

We were able to create a map that captures the essence of the open world gameplay. Vast planes, mountains and forests now cover the land that is four times larger than the previously introduced section.

These new developments allowed us to invest even more details into the living world of the game. Each location (node) that is spread across a huge terrain will have additional sub nodes that will be governed by the location state.

The sub nodes will be randomly spawned in the area governed by the primary location (like the farm in the screenshots) and those sub nodes can vary between scavenging sites, bandit or survivor camps, resource drops, random events, missions and more..

The Faction controlled locations will have reputation vendors that players can purchase resources, materials and equipment from by spending the faction reputation currency gained from tasks and events.

Players will have to maintain the control of the locations and help faction NPCs fend off the infected and bandits. Should the location fall into bandit hands or be overrun by the infected, the sub nodes related to that location will be less frequently spawned until the location is liberated again.

This is just one example of the upcoming features that we plan to implement into the new gameplay. We plan to have these features gradually added onto the free roam gameplay in our weekly updates.

The new free roam will feature all of the locations present on the current section as well as several new ones.

The day night cycle will be revised respectively to the new free roam section size.

We are in our final stages of the dynamic world loading system and we plan to implement it with the new Free Roam section release.

I will be posting updates as we progress through the development and talk about the features I have mentioned here in more details soon!

Thank you!
Community Announcements - KTG_Dev_Messenger
We heard that some people reported crashes during online co-op play. We found that the issue tends to happen when a microphone is used during online co-op play.
We are investigating the issue now so meantime please do not connect a microphone to the PC port during co-op play for the time being.
Thank you for your support.
Community Announcements - DFO

It's a good chance to obtain EPIC weapons!

  • Period: AUG 30 ~ Sep 27, 2016 (UTC) until maintenance

  • LV.17 and above can participate, 5 times daily

  • Rewards are EPIC weapons and more!

For more details, please visit our event page!

Long live DFO!
Community Announcements - WEB Gaming Entertainment

Hello everyone! Another week is here and so is another update. We missed last week as we’re pouring as much time as we can into development only. Just like cramming for a school exam, we’re cramming to get this game to you as fast as possible.

So this week I want to shift gears and talk about the satellite offices you will be running in the game. As mentioned before, the gameplay visuals will be based at your company’s headquarters. All other offices in the game will be off-screen. However, you will have full control over those offices. I want to talk about what types of offices there are and explain how they work in this blog and what you can expect to do with them.

Satellite offices are all of the offices (mostly specialized) that can house more employees when your headquarters is no longer big enough to house all of your company’s operations. You will eventually need to expand and spread out. There are many gameplay aspects to the satellite offices that have a big impact on how successful you can be. Let’s begin by listing the different offices you can expect to buy/lease

Headquarters – at the beginning of the game and throughout, you can house most employee types at your headquarters. As the game progresses you will find that specializing your operation can assist in organizing your company. Also, Headquarters is the only place you can house executives. Executives work out of headquarters but can visit the satellites to get more hands-on management of their departments. Currently, the only employees that cannot work at headquarters are manufacturing and warehouse personnel.

Factory / Warehouse – The Factory and Warehouse is where your products are physically created and shipped out to the public. This is the only office type that can house warehouse and manufacturing personnel. In the early game, you will not necessarily need one as you can outsource this to more than willing companies.

Research Lab – The research lab houses your scientist and engineers. Scientist and Engineers perform better within a research lab as it can host the best equipment for the job. You can buy different types and quality level equipment for your teams that will have an impact on how efficient they can be.

Call Center – Each product you create will have customers who are either dissatisfied or may not know how to necessarily use it. Others will experience malfunctioning product and you will need to have personnel available to take care of those customers. The call center, like all of the specialized offices provides a boost to your customer server and tech support teams. Better equipment and infrastructure will make way for better service to your customers

Game Studio – If you prefer to create games, you will be best inclined to do so from a full fledge game studio. It is entirely up to you what equipment and technology you decide to set your teams up with. The best equipment is great as long as your team is skilled enough to use them.

Administration office – Lastly, if your headquarters has become full and you really don’t need a specialized office, you can simply acquire an administration office. This is very much like a headquarters, just–off screen.

For every office, you can hire a General/Office Manager to manage the offices connection to headquarters. So for instance, placing a General Manager at your warehouse will make it much more efficient as the manager will directly report to your COO at headquarters, or directly to you in the case that you don’t have a COO. Without a top level manager, that office will be less efficient due to its lack of leadership. Game-play wise, data and information will be less accurate and slower to come in for you to analyze without someone preparing those reports for you or your executives.

In the game, there will be teams for your employees. You can set them or you can delegate and have your leadership teams set them up. Each team consist of a manager and a number of team members of a specific department. As your company and position teams begin to grow, you can place managers over teams of those positions. So, for example, if you have 10 Accounting professionals in your Finance department, you can place a manager over them which will increase their efficiency (as a unit and individually) based on the leaderships skills of the manager. This can be a very effective way to save cost as well. The more people you hire, the more you will need to have effective management. I will showcase more on this soon.

So at every office, you can have an Office/General Manager, managers who run teams and then the teams themselves within each department. You could also just have a bunch of disorganized satellite offices if that’s your thing as well.

Thanks again for reading and there will be more coming in the next week. See you soon!


When you introduce motherboards as a product can you instead let motherboard architecture technology be just for the motherboard so you can make computer architecture technology a separate technology so we can slot all computer based products like operating systems, memory, power supply units, graphics cards, central processing units & hard drives into the computer? Will we be able to make higher cored CPU’s allowing us to research higher architecture technologies than level 5?

WEB: At this point, we can always add more. It does take quite a bit of time to level that particular technology up.

Hey, Can’t wait for the game to release, it looks very detailed, realistic and really good overall. Will we have the option the design and develop a software as well? and make our software to be built in in our products? thx

WEB: You will be able to design games and software. Later on, you will also be able to develop operating systems.

Will there be technology in the game that will allow us to decrease the size of the CPU/GPU as well as the other components to achieve a slimmer profile for laptops if we want to make a gaming laptop like NVidia’s pascal laptops with GTX 1060-1080?

WEB: This is simulated in the way that slotting and technology works in the game. So as you level up in the slotting tech tree for any technology type, it will increase the number of a component you can fit into one slot.

Do the video games have different categories and sub categories like you can make an action adventure game or adventure RPG game

WEB: Yes, there will be plenty of gaming genre’s that you can create games for. I cannot wait to share the game development process with you all. The correlation of what type of game you want to design and the talent you have at your office will be an interesting one indeed.

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