Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Jordan Oloman)

Greg Kythreotis and Daniel Fineberg make up Shedworks, a game development studio with four years experience in the industry. They’re both self-taught and, as the name suggests, they conduct their work out of Greg’s parents shed in North London.

At E3 this year, both Greg and Daniel took the stage to present their game during The PC Gaming Show. Unlike anything else seen at this year’s expo, Sable‘s dreamlike world and wonderful art style stood out, and its trailer inspired instant fans. From the comfort of his family garden, Greg talked to me about Sable’s wide spectrum of inspirations, the struggle to convey the point of an abstract game, and what the player can expect from Sable. (more…)

BioShock Infinite - (RPS)

Listen up, you re drumming on my time now. What s the tune? It s the RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show of course. This week we are talking about music in games, and what makes a good game soundtrack. The bleeps and bloops of Pac Man? Or the orchestral panache of Oblivion? A lot of people requested this topic, so we ve also done something special a music quiz! Can you guess the game based on a few seconds of music? Even if you can, I doubt you ll score higher than Katharine, who it turns out is, uh, quite interested in videogame music. (more…)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Dominic Tarason)

Sometimes you get the itch to punch a fascist in the face. Heather Robertson’s scrappy visual novel/brawler EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER respectfully disagrees; it’s far more fun to maul them with a giant body-horror meat-mecha instead. Today, the first two episodes of this strange and lurid outpouring of anger, frustration and hope landed on, with the rest due by mid-September. I got to try this one out early, and reckon it’s a trip worth taking.


Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Nic Rueben)

I used to see Agent 47 as a sociopath. A blank slate . The ideal state for a video game protagonist. Hitman puts us right in his polished black shoes. A gulf of meaning into which we can project ourselves. 47 has a contract, we have an objective. Our goals are aligned, even if we can t quite get behind the brutality of it all. Between entrance and exfiltration stretches out a space littered with pistols and piano wire, rat poison and rubber duck bombs, faulty wires and water pumps. What kind of person 47 is, how the cogs behind that barcode turn, is our shout. (more…)

Total War™: ROME II - Emperor Edition - (Dominic Tarason)

Creative Assembly today announced Total War: Rome 2‘s next expansion – Rise Of The Republic. A prequel campaign set 127 years before Rome 2’s campaign, it promises a more focused game of grand ambition as nine playable factions set their eyes on a detailed, zoomed-in map of Italy. In the real world this era of conflict led to the Second Founding of Rome, but with Gallic tribes and Carthage playable, the history books seem due for a rewrite on August 9th.


Enter the Gungeon - (Alice O'Connor)

New guns, enemies, minibosses, NPCs, room layouts and oh so much more–including the ability to slide over tables like a cool dude–arrived in Enter The Gungeon today with the launch of its long-awaited ‘Advanced Gungeons & Draguns’ free content update. My main grumble about the roguelikelike action-RPG dual-stick shooter wasn’t that it needed more items but rather that so many of its items sucked, so I’m glad to hear that AG&D also brings a rebalancing aimed at giving players more good stuff sooner. Not that I’m turning down new stuff, mind. (more…)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Katharine Castle)

When it comes to upgrading our PCs, we so often forget that one of the most important parts of our system is that big old screen sitting right in front of us, which is why I’m here to help you find the best gaming monitor to suit your needs and budget. Let’s face it – buying a new monitor is hard>. It’s one thing to look at the specs, but trying to judge whether that screen actually produces a good picture or not is nigh on impossible to do from the comfort of your own home.

Fortunately, I’ve done the hard work for you, as below you’ll find a list of all my top recommendations across a multitude of different screen sizes and resolutions. Tried and tested at Castle Shotgun itself, the only monitors you’ll find here are the ones I’ve had in front of my own eyeballs and measured with my trusty X-Rite Display i1 Pro calibrator. Naturally, this means I’ll be updating this list as and when new gaming monitors come in that I think deserve a place on the list. This time, it’s Acer’s Predator XB241H, which comes in as my new 24in 1920×1080 Nvidia G-Sync recommendation. You’ll also find everything you need to know about screen sizes, resolutions, refresh rates, panel types, inputs and adjustable stands. By the time you’re done here, you’ll be fully equipped to find the best gaming monitor for you. Let’s begin!


Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alec Meer)

I’m getting pretty burned-out on remastered vintage videogames, partly because they’re ten-a-penny now and partly because PC graphics settings and mods mean it’s often straightforward to make a golden oldie look better than ever. There’s one notable exception to that for me, which is Elder Scrolls series peak Morrowind. Its spindly world of shroom’n’insects’n’ash’n’gonzo weirdness is seared onto my memory forever, but in 2018 it has neither the remarkably fresh stylisation of proto-3D like Quake or the just-about-getting-away-with-it Xbox 360 era. I love its look, but I have to play it with mods, to overcome the likes of draw distance limits and smeary character models. I’d love a remaster that kept the fundamentals but loosened up the limitations.

Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard thinks differently: “for something like Morrowind, my personal preference is not to remaster it.” Dagnabbit!


Grand Theft Auto V - (Alice O'Connor)

Grand Theft Auto IV’s fallen nightclub king Anthony “Gay Tony” Prince will return to help players run nightclubs in GTA Online, reveals a new trailer for the upcoming ‘After Hours’ free content update. That’ll launch on July 24th, Rockstar announced today. Tony is coming to the west coast to help us lowly criminals start clubs, recruit talent, and get into explosive japes which honestly seem quite secondary to the business of playing songs for people to dance to. Today’s trailer makes club missions look fairly story-focused, more like the ace Doomsday Heist than other businesses, and I hope that’s true. Watch it below. (more…)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (John Walker)

Far Cry 5 continues Ubisoft’s on-paper rather charming habit of adding DLC to its games that completely transforms them into something else. Vietnam-themed Hours Of Darkness rather passed us by, but Lost On Mars joined us last week so I thought I’d take a look. It’s… it’s really bloody awful. (more…)


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