Lunar Flight - sh0v0r
1.996 Changes
- Removed old OVR Calibration object (Reduces Drift)
- Fixed Context Input not working sometimes after a Mission
- Fixed Pause Button (P) State Toggle
- Fixed IPD not being set properly
- Fixed Roll Axis not working in DirectInput mode
- Fixed Delta Base Disappearing on Canyons Map
Supreme Ruler: Cold War - battlefella
For our Supreme Ruler Cold War fans, you may also be interested in:

- Supreme Ruler 2020 is again available on Steam! Check out this strategy game classic at:

- BattleGoat Studios has launched a Steam Early Access Beta for the latest title in the series, Supreme Ruler 1936 ... Check out this new release at:

If you have questions for us, ask the Devs in the discussion groups!
Dec 31, 2013
Community Announcements - 1337 Games | ScHniPPaH <3
Dear Tactical Intervention fans,


The Tactical Intervention Team
Dec 31, 2013
Forge Quest - OpenRealms
Bug Fixes
- Fixed crash when clicking the secondary weapon slot on character summary view.
- Boots of the Raven, now footgear, not bodygear
- Fixed issue where walk noise sometimes wouldn't change when entering/leaving water
- Player is now invulnerable when in teleport menu. Fixes bug that caused crash if player died in menu.
- Buffs that reset their timer, now properly reset on client
- If you fail to connect to a remote player and then decide to start a game yourself it won’t crash.
- Fixed a crash on quitting the application

Player Collision
- This is a bug that some people have experienced, either them, their pet, or a monster getting knocked into the walls or dungeon water/lava.
- A fix has been put in, that if an entity if found in one of these areas, they are teleported to the nearest valid location.
- This should solve most of cases, but I'm not going to label this fixed without long term testing

- Added difficulties to the game, there are currently five, Normal, Intermediate, Hard, Expert, and Master.
- Difficulties can only be played with a character if you have beat the game in the previous difficulty.
- To start a new difficulty, use the "New Game" option on the character select screen.
- You are restricted to joining games only of difficulties you can normally play.

- The game is marked complete when the fire boss is defeated. (This will change later) To anyone who has already beat the fire boss, you can reset him using the "/undo_event dungeon_fire_complete" command in the chat window.

- Difficulties change the monster levels, as well as how hard the monsters are. (These are initial values, likely to change)
- Normal: 0-20 Levels +0% Health +0% Damage
- Intermediate: 20-40 Levels +150% Health +75% Damage
- Hard: 40-60 Levels +300% Health +150% Damage
- Expert: 60-80 Levels +450% Health +225% Damage
- Master: 80-100 Levels +600% Health +300% Damage

Steam Integration
- Added “Invite to Game” / “Join Game”
- If you are fully within a game you can choose the “Invite to Game” option on one of your friends.
- If you are currently not in a game and receive an invitation to join accepting it will start the forge quest application. You will be taken directly to a character select menu where you only need to pick a character and choose ‘Play’. You will not need to type in an IP address. If you instead hit ‘Cancel’ it will take you back to the main menu and your invitation will be cancelled.
- If you are currently in Forge Quest at the main menu and receive an invitation to join someone’s game, accepting it will take you to the character select menu to pick a character. The behavior of ‘Play’ and ‘Cancel’ are the same as the previous case.
- If you are already in a game of Forge Quest and receive an invitation that you wish to accept, then please exit your game and go back to the main menu before accepting the invite. If you accept it while in game nothing will happen.
- Similar cases apply if you wish to choose “Join Game” of a friend who is already in Forge Quest.

Rogue (Balancing)
- Dagger volly: damage increased, mana reduction, cooldown increased
- Withering touch: poison stack now 60% chance per attack, buff duration increased, move speed reduced
- Throw Bombs: mana reduced

- Hood of the Raven icon changed to placeholder
- Added confirmation menus to exiting/quitting the game
- The largest size of jelly is now named “Monstrous Jelly” rather than just “Jelly”
- A few spelling and grammatical mistakes were fixed in the opening story.
- Added another 1/2 square of spacing around dungeon entrances.
- Moved bow projectile back, you can now hit things standing right in front of you
Cook, Serve, Delicious! - chubigans
Hey everybody, here's the newest patch for CSD! This one includes a new high rendering option that improves the quality of fonts and other graphical effects for high resolution monitors. While 1080p and above is recommended for this option, any display over 720p will see a difference when going fullscreen.You will need to select it in the Options menu (default is off).

Also included are brand new Steam Challenges! The participation bonuses are raised and you'll have a few weeks to get to the top of these boards, so good luck! Thanks once again to everyone for making the game such a big success!


A small fix was issued for Hash Browns being ordered during Rush Hour, as well as not being able to upgrade Stacked Enchiladas to the maximum 3 stars. The following was also included/fixed for 2.21-

  • Added High Rendering in the Options menu. This will improve clarity of text and other graphical elements for resolutions at 1080p and above. You will need to restart the game once selected.
  • Three new Steam Challenges are now available, with participation bonuses ranging from $300-500! Try the Drunken Potato, the Tour of Italy and the Tour of Asia!

  • Removed developer hotkey to change Space/Enter mapping for cooking foods during a work day. This caused some users to have those keys flipped at different times of the day.
  • Fixed some Leaderboard display errors and recording scores.
  • Fixed a menu error when coming back from practicing a food when your Active Menu was set for a Steam Leaderboard Challenge.
  • Adjusted mis-aligned picture in Snap/Thumbs Up minigame.
  • Fixed a few minor display errors.


There are a few users who have the following problems with the game:
  • Some Mac users (MacBook Pro 2012?) unable to run the game at all.
  • Some users experiencing progressive slowdown.
I need feedback so I can try and solve these problems, as they exist within the engine we're using and not the game, so I'll have to report it to the GM Studio people and see what can be done. Please post in this thread:

Thanks again everyone!
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad with Rising Storm - [TW]Yoshiro
We are pleased to announce the PC Gamer has awarded Rising Storm their Game of The Year in the Multiplayer Category for 2013!

More than Battlefield 4, or even Team Fortress 2, Rising Storm makes me feel important. I may only be vital to my team for a couple of moments in each round, but I am significant every second I’m alive. Even as I crumple to the sand on Iwo Jima, sniped from the shore, I’m informing nearby teammates about an enemy location, or at least driving them into better cover. That feeling of significance makes Rising Storm my favourite team game ever. It can’t be won by a few skilled players – it takes organised tactics, and everyone, regardless of their kill/death ratio, is valuable to the team.

I’m satisfied whether I spend a round crouched behind radios commanding my team to victory, or suicidally banzai charging into bases, helping them take ground and acting as an extra in someone else’s war movie. The former is almost guaranteed to put me at the top of the scoreboard, while the latter not so much, but I’m happy just to contribute.

Rising Storm’s flamethrower is one of my favourite weapons of 2013 – a wild dragon in the form of a backpack that immolates instantly and yet somehow remains balanced in a shooter defined by marksmanship and precision.

You can find the full reasoning here:

And don't forget that Rising Storm is still 75% off for just under 24 hours!
Zigfrak - Alex Ayars
This release contains a radical upheaval of the saved game system, and adds support for Steam Cloud. It also introduces weapons lock and engine boost mechanics, which represent significant changes to core gameplay. For a more complete list of changes, the release notes are available here:
Because of the large scope of these changes, we're treading lightly and doing an initial opt-in release for anyone who wants to help test the waters. We'll likely be rolling out future releases in this manner as well. All players are welcome, and we're particularly interested in feedback from players with many hours logged, and/or those who have Steam Cloud enabled for Zigfrak.

To opt in, right click on Zigfrak from your library. Navigate to the "Betas" tab, and select the public test branch. The Steam client should patch the game shortly afterwards. Consider enabling Steam Cloud from the "Updates" tab while you're in there!

To help calm any fears for would-be testers, we've taken a few steps to prevent the possibility of data loss due to unforeseen bugs.
  • Your old save data will be migrated to a new location and format, but will not be removed at this time. We'll add some logic to clean out the old save location in a future release.
  • Backups -- We keep 'em. Under the new save system, the game creates a permanent backup of your saved game file at each promotion tier. Additionally, a backup of the previous save file is created each time the game is launched, keeping up to 10 historical snapshots (for now).
  • Hopefully, we'll be able to roll forward to the new version for everyone with little or no changes, and any character progress you made while testing will persist. In the unlikely event that we need to postpone or revert these changes, your old save data will still be around, but will not reflect any progress you made while testing. Please keep this possibility in mind before deciding to opt in!
If you're testing Cloud support, please bounce between different machines to make sure everything works as expected. Keep in mind that cloud publishing occurs after the game has exited, and changes may take a minute or so to propagate.

Instructions for contacting with your saved game data have changed for Zigfrak 1.11 or newer. The updated steps are available here:

I hope many of you will opt in. If all goes well enough, we'll set this build to be generally available soon. Please chime in with feedback on this thread:

Dec 31, 2013
Zigfrak - Alex Ayars
This release is available, on a beta opt-in basis for now.

Opt-in notes:


* Steam Cloud support is here (Steam builds only, obviously.)
- "Steam Cloud" section added to Game Options.
- Syncing for character progress, game options, and keybindings may be toggled independently.

* Added weapons lock-on mechanic, which is required by default.
- To hold a weapons lock, your combat target must remain within the area of the targeting reticle and line of sight.
- If a weapons lock is not held, auto-aim will be disabled and rockets may not be fired.
- To revert to the old behavior where auto-aim was always on, untick "Require combat target lock-on" in Gameplay Options.
- The "Look at Target" command may not be used when requiring weapons lock; made some HUD changes to help make up for this.

* Added engine boost mechanic, now built-in to all ships!
- Boosting provides a substantial increase to forward thrust.
- To boost your engines, press shift while thrusting. This keybinding may be remapped to your liking.
- If you boost for too long, your engines will overheat, and may not be used at all until they've fully cooled down.
- While boosting, fuel will be consumed at an accelerated rate, and your engines will lose durability. Use it sparingly!
- Gotta go fast!

* Enemy AI behavior tweaks:
- Enemies now enter Berserk mode at 65% health.
- Enemies may use engine boost when evading. Evasion behavior kicks in when an enemy sustains critical damage.

* Minor HUD tweaks:
- Untargeted units now have a diamond indicator to distinguish them from the current target, which has a hexagon.
- Increased size of off-screen arrow indicator for the current target. Decreased arrow size for untargeted units.
- Added indicators for weapon lock status.
- Added indicator for engine temperature.
- Fixed issue where enemy overshield/armor bar was partially blocking their velocity and distance.

* "Advanced Options" Game Options section removed.
- Target FPS moved to Graphics Options.
- "Enable Debug Menu" option removed.

* Save system rewritten. Location and format of save files changed.
- Import/export debug commands removed. These options are no longer needed under the new save system.
- Upon launching Zigfrak 1.11, any existing saved game data will be imported into the new save system.

* Added descriptions for graphics quality settings slider.

* Added gameplay hints to loading screen.

* Updated several tutorial missions to mention weapons lock-on and engine boost mechanics.


* Fixed an issue where no more than 10 ships could appear in the player's shipyard.
Dec 31, 2013
Nuclear Throne - Rami

The mutants don't have fireworks, but they do know how to light up the sky! Happy 2014 from Vlambeer & the Nuclear Throne team! Wallpaper version by the ever-amazing Justin Chan.

Happy new year!
Community Announcements - lexer_t
Update 1.1.0 ( 12.31.2013 ) contains

1. A new voice for the English commentator ( authored by Jason Heine)
2. Fixed artifacts in some textures ( no filtering , black edges )
3. Now, cars do not create obstacles for other players on the finish line
4. Fixed defects in models of cars and weapons
5. Fixed black screen bug for multi core GPU
6. Corrected English localization, supplemented credits
7. The affected area of projectiles for hyperblaster and turret was increased
8. Reduced requirements on points for multiplayer
9. Adjusted timing synchronization for multiplayer that reduce blink of the cars

Обновление 1.1.0 (31.12.2013) включает

1. Новая озвучка для английского комментатора (за авторством Jason Heine)
2. Исправлены артефакты в части текстур (отсутствие фильтрации, черные края)
3. Машины на финише теперь проезжают за полосу, не создавая препятствий для других игроков
4. Исправлены дефекты в моделях машин и оружий
5. Исправлена ошибка черного экрана для многоядерных ГПУ
6. Доработана английская локализация, дополнены титры
7. Для снарядов оружия гиппербластер и турель увеличена зона поражения
8. Уменьшены требования по очкам для мультиплеера
9. Скорректированы тайминги синхронизации для мультиплеера что сократить мерцания машин

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