SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition - SharpEyez
* Added a couple hundred new backstory lines

* Increased walking transition animation
* Modified character select descriptions for clarity
* Modifed dialogue for clarity
* Modified orb moniker
* Modified cave exploration events
* Added Unlock indicators for clarity
* Modified Enchant in handcrafting
* Reduced Ranked Matchmaking exp/gold gain by 33%
* Reduced Bloodthrust damage by 50%
* Decreased skeleton spawn chance in late game

* Fixed colosseum quest town hub bug
* Fixed running from VM display bug
* Fixed VM giving free heals
* Fixed wardrobe unlocking graphic bug
* Fixed matron dialogue grammar bug
* Fixed portal graphic not showing bug
* Fixed wardrobe only dropping from first portal bug
* Fixed certain act 4 enemies not playing music bug
Dec 31, 2014
Unturned - Nelson Sexton

If you're interested in testing out this patch head on over to the Preview branch! You can gain access using the secret passcode "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF" in the Betas tab.

  • Added ability to slide on ice.
  • Added traction to off roaders, trucks, vans, fire trucks and police cars.
  • Added reduced handling and brake effectiveness when driving bad traction vehicles in blizzardy conditions.
  • Added new structure placement system to snap buildables based on look direction as oppposed to looking at the floor.
  • Added ability to press F1-F8 keys in editor to toggle visibility.
  • Turning sirens on alerts all zombies regardless of speed.
  • Improved 16x scope model.
  • Scope accuracy improvement only applies when aiming.
  • Structures scale down a bit when destroyed to pop out better.
  • Improved level ownership enforcement slightly.
  • Increased all vehicle speeds.
  • Increased firetruck turning rate.
  • Decreased default midnight brightness.
  • Increased Grizzly damage multiplier on chest and recoil recovery.
  • Disabled masks protecting against freezing.
  • Increased upward vehicle explosion force.
  • Renamed Oakbear to Colt because Grizzly is more specific than bear.
  • Menu graphics shows a bit more info.
  • Decreased the rate at which freezing occurs.
  • Fixed tree stump height.
  • Fixed snow particles showing up in map overview.
  • Fixed missing space message when swapping items.
  • Fixed water icon missing.
  • Fixed forward and backward detection radius flipped.
  • Fixed misaligned road on Devtest.
  • Fixed default water height.
  • Fixed no doorway/window message when unfocused.
  • Fixed zombie clothing models not properly scaling.
  • Fixed serverlist map filter not updating when loading.
Happy new year!

Edit: Fix
  • Fixed ping system getting the wrong information.
  • Fixed new structure system misbehaving with birch/pine on servers.
Thanks for reading!
Dec 31, 2014
Dandelion - Wishes brought to you - - Cheritz

Happy new year, everyone!
Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~ - Cheritz
Hello, everyone!

We apologize for the bugs that were in Nameless on Steam.
We made a patch. Please update your game.

Bugs fixed:

1) Unable to get into the second secret route.
For those who are not able to see secret 2 route,
please update your game, click on "forget the name" and type "the" name. (We are trying not to spoil anyone here...^^;;)

2) Scripting issues. A lot of empty texts/wrong text message/typos/activation on memories. Missing ending 1 movie.

Thank you for those who reported the issues.

And happy new year!

Cosmochoria - 30/30
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Well I know it's not 2015 yet, but I'll jump on the chance to type anything in capital letters. I want to thank each and every one of you for making my fall / winter season so awesome. There have been a lot of amazing comments, reviews and feedback posted on Steam and I wanted to tell you what it means to me as a new developer to have that sort of positive support. It means a lot.. A LOT!!! Ok, again with the capital letters.

Anyway, there have been some great new updates finished up in the past week or so. Including new Jelly Enemies, and their bum head of a boss: BigJelly.

To celebrate the addition of this new boss, I've added some sick new tunes and tweaked the placement of the boss stuff a bit, but hopefully you encounter the boss without too much difficulty. If you dont find him, let me know and I can drop a hint or a straight up spoiler on how to get him to show up.

In addition to that there have been some more general updates, tweaks and optimizations. Here's the good stuff though:

  • NEW ENEMY: LilJelly
  • NEW BOSS: BigJelly
  • New Music: Specific to Mothership and BigJelly Bosses.
  • Laser Sword can now charge up by holding the swipe button. Charged sword shoots a laser.
  • Fixed issue with sword not damaging bosses correctly.
  • Reduced health of mothership boss.
  • When fighting mothership, jetpack regenerates faster?!?!?!? Must be some sort of special field.
  • Hitting mothership in her weak spot causes heavier damage.
  • Moai Moai Statues now slowly regenerate completed planets.
  • Reduced frequency of wasps spawning slightly
  • Slightly Reduced frequency of UFO’s in early game.
  • Reduced damage from fireballs.
  • Made Fireballs do damage in a ‘hit’ style, triggering your adrenalin / invincibility so multi fireballs cant decimate you.

Anyways, thanks again for the amazing support this year. If you like what you've been getting in this game, I would love a steam review from you! If you dont like what I've been laying down, please dont feel shy about chiming up in the forums, your feedback can definitely help shape the game as I move forward, or else it will be met with a snarky comment as I might be too high on my horse at the time i read the comment :)

Huge love my friends, may 2015 bring your dreams to fruition.

FRONTIERS - railboy

Hello, everyone! I've been watching your lets plays, reading your bug reports, listening to your suggestions and reading your personal mail - erm, I mean: here's a collection of balance-related tweaks made in response to your feedback:
NOTE: Many of these changes may not show up for you until you start a new game.
Balance Changes
  • Food & Water - Even the hardcore survivalists agreed these were punishing. So at normal difficulty you can now survive while drinking only once every three days & eating only once every week. Many new water sources have been placed in the game to make finding water easier, and you can now drink from lakes. The Civilization bonus you get from following paths and staying in populated areas is more potent so eating / drinking isn't a concern until you're in the Wild. (Note: In the future you'll be able to reverse these changes using custom difficulty settings.)
  • Temperature - This system has been overhauled. Temperatures are milder in general and more consistent with climates. Structure interiors are always comfortably warm and cave temperatures are now suitable for shelter. Clothing can no longer cause you to overheat.
  • Clothing - Shirts, pants, boots & gloves have been added to the game, and more varieties are incoming. You'll start the game with a basic set of clothing and you can craft more.
  • Crafting - You no longer need to select blueprints before crafting. Several items have been reworked to be less expensive to craft (like the Canteen). You now start the game knowing how to refine metal and I've placed forges in the University area for public use. Charcoal is dropped by nearly all burnable items.
  • Money - It's a lot more scarce. Purses contain considerably less money than before. Luminite no longer respawns indefinitely. Your cash is automatically converted to base currency when buying things.
  • Animals - You're far more likely to find leather on dead animals. Many creatures are easier to kill in general. You can shear sheep for wool, pluck chickens for feathers and milk cows.
  • Reputation - Damaging another person's goods will cause reputation loss. The rep system will play a bigger role now that money is more scarce.
  • Paths - Several more arterial paths have been laid down in the South. More are coming.

Major bugs I'm still working on:
Not really related to balance but I might as well give you an update while I'm here.
  • The post-prologue crash is still happening for some of you. I'm still seeing more success cases with every build, and your reports have helped me pinpoint the exact cause, so thank you for that. I'll keep at it.
  • Darkness Issue - The game is unplayably dark on a handful of machines. I'm frankly mystified by this one. I've made no real progress in figuring out the root cause. Hopefully the new brightness settings will help in the meantime.
  • Disappearing buildings - the cause is known so now it's a matter of fixing the problem without causing more bugs in the process. I'm still seeking / interviewing programmers who can focus solely on this issue while I handle everything else. (Feel free to email me at if you're interested.)
  • That one bug you really hoped I'd fix in the next update because it's way more important than balancing hunger, and besides how hard can it be to fix anyway? Yeah, that one's still in there. But seriously: don't assume that time spent on balance means bug [x] is getting forgotten or ignored. I know it sounds weird but that's not really how it works. A lot of these bugs have to get fixed a little bit at a time so the fixing doesn't break everything else. It's a living nightmare long and difficult process. (Just kidding it's not so bad.)

Alright, the update should download shortly - you can expect daily builds to resume again, at least until we gather enough feedback for Balance Update: La Deuxième Partie.

- L
Community Announcements - Happy Wars Team
The Happy Wars Team wishes you all a Happy New Year!
Let`s celebrate by playing Happy Wars!
  • All stages have New Year decoration
  • Network adjustments

今年もHappy Warsをよろしくお願いします。
  • 全ステージがニューイヤー装飾となりました
  • ネットワーク調整を行いました
Dec 31, 2014
Celestial Command - Romenics
For everyone who already met it, and who will meet it soon.
Just look at that! 2015 sounds very futuristic! The human civilization makes a very good progress. Still have a lot of problems, but we like the dynamic. :)

So, unfortunately multiplayer is not ready yet and we cannot give it for you as a gift. We made a very good progress, but we still need some time.

However, we cannot leave you without a gifts. :)
The first 10 people who will ask for the game in this thread - will get a free key. The only condition - you should not have the game in your Steam library. Please make sure that your Steam profile status is "public", so we can check your Steam library.
Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars - Fingers
For those of you who wish to help iron out bugs before the update goes public, Click here for instructions on how to enroll to the pre-release beta program. Note that the public beta thread will likely contain spoilers, as we test things like new special encounters.
Community Announcements - LegacyElite84
Yes, double holiday blog posts!

Sorry, but I have been lazy with this post. While I wanted to cover the whole year of 2014, honestly I think way too much happened! It started off with a whirlwind ride with the Kickstarter, which lead straight to being greenlit. Then there was the push to launch on Steam, then a move around the world [with a day job career change]. We got the commander update, new parts, the Hexapods, the start of the social update, the most snapshot builds between releases EVER, camo patterns, music, level art, new levels, and so many bug fixes [and creations :/].

Honestly, I think the craziest part of the whole year is right now, today. As I look into 2015, all I see is a bigger, crazier, more impressive year for M.A.V..

So let's lift our howies into a barrage, level down our cannons, hone our snipers, and blast into the fray of 2015, guns blazing. Here's to you, the supporters that make M.A.V. a possibility!

Happy New Year!

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