Snail Racer EXTREME - DevKev Dab
Added new thruster upgrade which costs 250 snail dollars and increases your turning speed by 50%
Speed boosters create new effects.
Normal mode now has updated grass and particles
Super Army of Tentacles 3: The Search for Army of Tentacles 2: Black GOAT of the Woods Edition - Bryy Miller

- CHANGED: Images
Super Army of Tentacles 3: The Search for Army of Tentacles 2 - Bryy Miller

- CHANGED: Images
Restoration - Syu-Syu
Buy it for a limited time at a cheaper price as the last portion of the Team Syukino event. Thanks for participating!
Russian Fishing 4 - Lady of Games
We are aware that some players have difficulties connecting to rf4 services.
We are working on resolving this issue.

Thank you for your patience
Fat Kid - Almighty Games
Chinese, Japanese & Korean Languages
This update features Chinese, Japanese and Korean Language Support.

There's still a little bit of work left to do with the overall localization. For example, we haven't finished making "Achievements" for the game yet, so we'll hold off before translating the Achievements. The Scoreboard that appears when you complete each level will also be translated before Full Release.

With all of the recent additions, the Language Selection Menu has gotten pretty crowded. I intend to create a menu that displays language choices with a little more space between selections.
Synth Riders - jheancc
  • Improved performance for a broader range of computer setups.
  • Enhanced visuals, interactions and functionality of musical notes during gameplay.

  • Enhance videos to look more retro with the new glitch effect accessible via the settings panel.
  • Turn on/off sound effects that play upon hitting musical notes during gameplay via the settings panel.
  • Added new game mechanic "Boxing mode" accessible via the settings panel. When "On" the notes will be valid only when punched and will give 2X more points, when "Off" the notes can earn up to 50% more points by hitting them faster during gameplay.
SoulSaverOnline - SSO Master
We are opening special sale for items that are usefull to upgrade your weapons!

Please note that there is purchase limit for sale.
Once item quantity run out, it will be marked as "SOLD OUT"

Hopefully, everyone gets chance to get the items!

Event Period: 21th of August ~ 24th of August
BRAIN / OUT - desertkun

Now all players can create and join rooms on custom Workshop maps, created by players themselves. Players already had a possibility to publish maps in Steam Workshop, but now they also can create rooms by choosing a map from a list of the Workshop maps they subscribed to. To join unpopular maps you would need to know a room ID (that can be shared), but once the map reaches certain subscription count, it will appear in server list for all players to join.

Be aware, kills/deaths and score are not tracked on Workshop maps!

🎁 Additionally, copy this promo code for 1 Gold and 1 Lead container, and paste it into the activation field.


Containers are limited.
Paper Shakespeare: To Date Or Not To Date? - Bryy Miller

- ADDED: New gym images

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