Groove Coaster - James_Degica

It's Tuesday night, and we all know what that means, Groove Coaster fans: it's time for a new DLC release!

"Machibito ha kozu" the 3rd Touhou Project DLC song for August, is now on sale for $1.99!

Song Details
Title: Machibito ha kozu
Artist: Butaotome
*Arrangement from Touhou Seirensen
Difficulty: Simple 2 / Normal 4 / Hard 8
BPM: 160
The Great Geometric Multiverse Tour - pieonaplateproductions
Hey there all!

This update brings one of the most powerful weapons in the Multiverse, The GALACTIC EQUALIZER, as well as the rest of the pills, bringing the total number of pills to an even 102!

Some color-grading effects have been added, alongside post-processing effects on the guns, tying the whole game together a bit more and making everything look nicer!

Much more has been added and changed as always, so be sure to check out the full patch notes below!

I project only one more major content update before the game is entirely complete, followed by several smaller updates to tweak and adjust things here and there, as well as fix any bugs that may still creep up of course!

Very excited for release in just under 2 weeks!

See you all in the Multiverse!

New Additions (48):
Weapons (3)
-Added Crystal Pistol

Pills (24)
-Added Flaming
-Added Pulsating
-Added Vertical
-Added Purple Glowing
-Added Smoking

-Added Starfish
-Added Dihydrogen Monoxide
-Added Kicker
-Added Powerhouse
-Added Broken Ceiling
-Added Thick Skin
-Added Merchant
-Added Rocket Surgery
-Added Alternative Medicine
-Added Spicy Toes
-Added Mouthwash

-Added Involuntary Teleportation

-Added Cold Feet
-Added Jelly Chambers
-Added Acrophobia
-Added Arthritis
-Added Consistent
-Added Food Stamps
-Added Pacer PTSD

Enemies (2)

Cheats (14)
-Added Bottomless
-Added Can’t Touch This
-Added Addition
-Added Bullet Sponges
-Added Auto Clicker
-Added Banger
-Added Veggie
-Added Boomer
-Added Spicy
-Added Nuclear
-Added Wholesome
-Added Armed
-Added Lottery Winner
-Added Boulder

UI (1)
-Added resolution and fullscreen options to the main menu

Mechanics (2)
-Added auto-zeroing for projectile based weapons. Projectiles will now always go where the reticle is upon firing
-Added full controller support. Controllers can now be used as soon as the game is launched, all menus included

Other (2)
-Added color grading (making colors more vibrant and deeper)
-Added post processing effects to weapons (they should look a bit better now!)

Changes (17):
Pills (2)
-Increased Burrito Night’s random time interval to set a player on fire from 6-10 seconds to 30-75 seconds
-Changed all pill narrations to say correct pill name

Enemies (1)
-THE MOST MAGIC BOI OF THEM ALL now takes only 5 lightning strike deflections regardless of how much health they might have (It used to be more or less than 5 depending on their health value generated by the dynamic boss health system)

Weapons (6)
-Increased CHILLY BOI damage from 7 to 15
-Increased time that enemies are frozen for on CHILLY BOI from 10 seconds to 25 seconds
-Increased time that enemies are stunned for on Shockwave from 8 seconds to 15 seconds
-Increased Shockwave damage from 75 to 90
-Updated model for Modern Rifle
-Added a firing animation to Modern Rifle

UI (1)
-Added slight screen bend to Retro cheat to achieve an old timey TV screen feel

Other (7)
-Mines, grenades, and enemy explosions are now 3D sounds (meaning that they sound quieter the further away they are)
-Optimized explosions
-Optimized enemy spawning
-Changed level needed to unlock some cheats
-Optimized Main Menu
-Removed configuration startup launcher
-Decreased enemy grenade screen shake from 1 to 0.6

Bug Fixes (13):
Pills (3)
-Fixed bug where Heavy Eyelids would increase the amount of time eyes are closed and decrease the time between eyes closing with each level load
-Fixed bug where Burrito Night would sometimes continue to set the player on fire beneath 50 health
-Fixed bug where Reset would sometimes freeze Schizo text on the screen indefinitely

-Fixed bug where kill box wasn’t working sometimes on REALLY HIGH UP

UI (6)
-Fixed buttons not working on pause menu on THE FOG
-Fixed bug where percentage would sometimes say 100% when more XP was still needed
-Fixed bug where some parts of the REFRESH text during survival mode wouldn’t clear off the screen upon picking up a pill
-Fixed bug where rainbow flashing colors for some pills weren’t flashing correctly
-Fixed bug where light sparkles around pill name texts wouldn’t appear upon picking up sparkling colored pills
-Fixed bug where changing graphic settings in

Other (3)
-Fixed bug where camera would stop shaking during an explosion/gunfire/environmental event whenever the player was running
-Fixed bug where shooting would sometimes stop explosion camera shake
-Fixed bug where a SHOP would sometimes load a SHOP for the next level
It Lurks Below - Graybeard Games
- Slightly moved the distance a pet follows at so you can see their face more often
- I halved the price of each bank tab. Sorry, those who bought them before, that gold is gone.
- There are now multiple gold fertilizers sold in General Store
- Sleep now heals a percentage, not a flat number. 1% on the ground, 2% in bed.
- The ALT key has some upgrades/changes
- Fixed the bug that prevented some names above the items on the 512/0 wrap-around
- Gold now says how much gold ("130 Gold")
- The names try not to overlap
- The new Rich Clay Block is now available in Creative
- When a ring pattern drops, it will now say if you know the recipe on mouse-over in the world.
- Cobblestone is for sale at the General Store
- Some Farming changes:
- You can now hold down the right-mouse-button and walk along harvesting everything in the path
- When you use the composter, it tries to stack the compost you create with a stack in the inventory
- New Survival Farming Tree Node: Double the stack size of seeds
- New Survival Cooking Tree Node: Double the stack size of potions
- You can now use the 'e' (or interact) key to convert crystal plants directly into crystal shards instead of harvesting first.

- Fixed World Corruption going beyond 80% of the world width
- If you ate the last item in a stack of food while sleeping, you woke up, but now you can eat and sleep at the same time all you want.
- If you placed a fridge down, opened it, then pick it up the fridge UI was still open. This has been fixed.
- You can now longer use the Whirling Charm and sleep at the same time.

Card Hunter - Blue Manchu
Yay, it's almost that time of year again, so get ready for free chests and loot fairy madness. Due to popular demand, we'll also be bringing back the AotA release leagues with a chance to win the classic GM figures. Follow the link for more details:
The Exorcist: Legion VR - Chapter 5: The Tomb - admin

In addition to releasing this final episode, we have made a few quality-of-life improvements to all chapters ranging from various bug fixes to increased free movement speeds (for all you speed demons).

We hope you enjoy The Tomb. Try not to get lost...

Stay or Leave / 留离 - Cyber
I am sorry.
Due to unfamiliarity with the first release of the game on steam,the time was inconsistent with expectations.
The release time is 2018-8-17,15:00.
Sorry again !
Virtual Desktop - ggodin
Bug Fixes
-Fixed repeated UAC prompts on launch for some users
-Fixed crash when rendering specific cursors on Windows 10 April update
-Fixed issue with Virtual Desktop being stuck running in Steam after closing the app through the SteamVR Dashboard
-Return to Desktop functionality is now disabled by default
-Other stability improvements
Path of Exile - Natalia_GGG
After our Delve announcement at the end of last week, there was much community discussion about many aspects of the league and its mechanics. We've collected some of the key talking points to explain further in today's news.

Click here to read more.
Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered - MegalomaniacNG
-Fixed a number of crashes that were introduced with the previous two updates
-Fixed/reduced stuttering problem that a lot of people were experiencing
-Fixed purchased backpacks/hammers not properly being loaded from save file
-Added a message box in a place where the game is likely attempting to read corrupt data, prompting the player to verify their cache
-Slightly tweaked Ashes to Ashes mission in an attempt to prevent random mission failures
Dog's Quest - Andy Z
It turns out that it's possible for starting players to run straight past the introduction at the very start of the game, thereby missing the entire story. I put in a simple solution: boxing the player in until the tutorial is complete so you can't leave until things get started. Hopefully this will help with other new players.

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