Dec 31, 2017
Golden Hornet - PsychoFlux Entertainment
  • Difficulty
    • Some unreasonably difficult sections of Chapter 5, 6, and 7 have been revised.
    • Now the enemy fighter planes will appear a little less often.

  • Miscellaneous
    • Some gameplay-related hints have been added to Chapter 3-2.
Dec 31, 2017
The Legend of Bean - Windward_Birds
Corona MotorSport - Luke

Thanks for yet another year of support from all of you! I look forward to bringing more content to Steam as well as this next update.

Luke Japaridze
LucasGame Studios
Dec 31, 2017
Blasted Road Terror - Tryzna

Hello everyone! Hope you ll forgive me one day long delay but past two weeks were absolute madness. Almost everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong. Xmas rush at work was insane, mix in some health problems and screaming and yelling infant when you finally get home and want to work on Blasted Road Terror, add some minor hardware problems(combined with closed stores) and here you go,that was my exact situation in past few weeks.

However! Here is update 0.7! Sure there had to be few sacrifices like new items are not included in encyclopedia, but that will be fixed with new update as i will get new keyboard with all keys working as soon as stores will open tommorow;-)

Tormented Legion - additions & changes
  • Raging spearboy
  • Nomad 50cal
  • Savage minigun
  • Tanker support vehicle
  • Heavy weapons now reduces vehicle mobility
  • Improved mission objectives display
  • Collision sound warning added
  • Selected vehicle indication improved
  • New init screen
  • New squad names added
  • Obvious bug fixes and small improvements i dont remember about

Upcoming updated
We are past journey from 0.6 to 0.7 which was quite boring and there was ton of invisible changes and internal improvements to ready the game on big content additions. Journey to 0.8 will be bit more exciting as i want to add at least dozen of new weapons or variations of existing ones. New suspension and ornaments to enrich item pool. Further enhancing patrol missions AND finally new command vehicle.

New command vehicle will be bit tricky as when i was initialy designing the game i counted with multiple MCVs however kind of forget about them after few weeks in to development till early public alpha releases. Furtunately, the base for this feature is there and adding this feature wont require rewriting half of the game code.

Thank you for staying with the game!

With regards


Richie's Plank Experience - eastes

Congratulations to Mars S Malo for his entry into the SkyBrush competition. Impressively, he completed his entry in costume and in Mixed Reality. We really liked the result and was also very timely. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!

He wins naming rights to a building in Richie's Plank City and the $50 steam voucher.

Full video of his entry is here
Community Announcements - LDC Studios
Happy new year!
Time for more silly holiday-themed DLC for Grave Prosperity!

And on a more serious note:
Don't drink too much- that's how accidents happen! See??

Nearly finished with all the Scavenger death scenes!
Dec 31, 2017
Chinbu's Adventure - Xefier
  • Nerfed Melee Damage Skill
  • Added Heal/FireBall/FireBlast (More coming soon!)
  • Improved camera
  • Added cross hairs for aiming
  • Improved animal flinch resistance
  • Added skill reset (Early Access only)

  • Fixed unnecessary items in collection
  • Fixed player melee damage bug
  • Fixed multiple level ups only rewarding once
  • Fixed players able to leave world
  • Fixed waterfall in area4 lacking sound
  • Fixed stuck in water after diving
The Parallax Effect - Danstarr13
I'm glad to finally announce after such a long time in development The Parallax Effect has been released on Steam for the first time to the general public. I hope you all enjoy the game I've created and that you will continue to support me in development to make my game better and better throughout the course of the coming year. Thanks to everyone who has been a part in pre-steam development behind the scenes and as active testers of the game. You can look forward to weekly updates every Friday which will bring with it plenty of new content and bugfixes as new issues are found and reported. Please feel free to share your ideas for the game with me and leave any feedback directly to me I'd be more than happy to get your thoughts on my work. Anyway, have a great week and I'll see you all for the first update this coming Friday.
Hentai - Hentai & MILF The Games
Happy new year, I love you all.

Remember girls from 2000 are now 18+

Join us on Discord:
Dec 31, 2017
Domina - bignic
- fixed crash on load
legate/magistrate patronage seems to be pointing to invalid gladiator. this is still an issue because I don't know why its happening, but should no longer cause a crash on load. If you notice mag/leg losing patronage in your save, please send a copy of the savestate to

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