Zeus' Battlegrounds - Ever
Zeus’ Battlegrounds is now available in 7 languages with more in the works. Additional server regions will be spinning up over the next several weeks. The languages that are currently in the game are:

Chinese (simplified)

Players are encouraged to give feedback on the game and translations, and request additional languages to be added at: https://forums.zeusbattlegrounds.com
D3DGear - Game Recording and Streaming Software - D3DGear
Change Logs
  • Added new Background Recording (Buffer Recording) feature. This new feature had been requested by many users many times, now it is finally available for use. The length of background recording now is fixed 30 seconds.
  • Fixed a very tricky video/audio desync bug that would happen during broadcasting.
  • Fixed UI dark issue that would happen in game American Truck Simulator and game Europe Track Simulator 2.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.
Solace Crafting - Malkere

Now live on the public branch v 0.3.3! Bringing in a host of upgrades to towns, including crafting and harvesting auras, trading, and new methods of storage. Also a ton of fixes and lot's of new furniture. Monsters and loot in general now are much more tantalizing with loot tables increased to include all types of resources at all possible rarities.

v 0.3.3 - 2018.10.20 - Condensed patch notes:

Town Buildings
- Town Storehouses can be upgraded to store large amounts of resources
- Town Gatherers can be upgraded to automatically gather resources
- Town Crafters can be upgraded to craft item from a limited set of recipes up to rare rarity
- Town Traders can buy most items in exchange for money and sell item randomly generated every day, at midnight, based on their upgrades

Solace Auras
- An aura can now be bought on any Solace ranging from 2.5km to 20km
- Solace aura range will draw on the map as a yellow circle
- Crafting auras can be purchased on Town Crafters increasing player crafted item speed, damage, and armor
- Gathering auras can be purchased on Town Gatherers increasing harvesting luck, strength, speed, and a chance at increased rewards
- Resource scanning is now a purchasable aura

- Monsters now have a chance to drop "treasure," high value items
- Monsters now have a chance of dropping any of the 5 major resources at any rarity
- Stone monoliths and fire elemental chests now have a chance of dropping higher rarity loot

- Added 26 new decorative items under the furniture category across various professions
- Added editable text to signs and storage chests
- Furniture can now be placed on other furniture
- Ley line teleporters can now be upgraded to 500km and 1000km

- Removed restrictions for placing harvesting enchants on non-tools and non-harvesting enchants on tools

New to v 0.3.3:
- Town crafters can no longer be upgraded to craft elite and legendary items
- Resource random higher rarity reward chances reduced
- Fixed teleporting out of a cave from using a height check instead of going directly next to the home solace

You may need to restart Steam for the update to begin.
1: Publish a free version
The following function restrictions are added for the free version.
You can install up to 5 assets.
Only fonts available are IPA Gothic.

2: Publication of DLC
By purchasing DLC, the number of assets that can be introduced and restrictions on available fonts are canceled.
Users who have purchased the current HOKUSAI will be changed to
purchasing DLC.

3: Delete demo version
The free version is almost the same as the currently released demo version.
Therefore, we will remove the demo version from the store to avoid confusion.
If you are using demo version, please obtain free version.
The assets, pictures and imp files in the demo version are saved below.
We'd like you to transfer it to the free version on your own.

Local disk → program files (x86) → steam → steammaps → common →

4: Workshop will be opened
You will be able to post workshop items from the editor.

5: Workshop viewing function implementation
You can browse workshop items directly from HOKUSAI and subscribe to items.

6: achievement will be implemented
By aiming to unlock achievement, you can learn how to use HOKUSAI.
Endersite - Lilkkgoog
Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of updates I've been so busy lately and haven't had time to sit down and work on an update. I did set up a Patreon page though. Yesterday we set up a Patreon page after setting up: Lilkkgoog Studios. So if you enjoy our work then why not become a Patreon. It helps us out a bunch if you can

Link: https://www.patreon.com/Lilkkgoog

Thank you
Wallpaper Engine - Biohazard
Solutions for common issues caused by Steam/Windows
Steamworks unavailable
Verification issue while updating
Content file locked / Disk write error / Content encrypted

Hey all,

This patch brings some improvements for advanced web wallpapers that have a lot of settings and allow importing custom images and videos. You can now share your own presets including all imported files on Workshop directly, which makes it really easy for everyone else to check out your setup and images.

Workshop Presets
Anyone who wishes to use a Workshop preset also needs to be subscribed to the dependent wallpaper - Wallpaper Engine will prompt you about this and subscribe the dependent wallpaper automatically:

When you unsubscribe the dependent wallpaper, Wallpaper Engine will also warn you that all Workshop presets will now be unsubscribed:

Publishing Wallpaper Presets
A preset can be published from the properties menu on the right. The property functions have been moved down to the bottom and web wallpapers now also have buttons to browse and publish presets:

The publish process is similar to publishing from the editor, the only difference is, that no project is created and saved this time. But you can still save and load presets locally on your PC right there in the browser like before.

Browsing Wallpaper Presets
You can browse all presets easily by either right clicking a web wallpaper and choosing 'browse presets' or using the button with the same label on the right next to the properties. The Workshop browser will now clearly show this and you can go back by clicking the 'X' next to the alert:

You can also use a new filter option to only browse presets for all web wallpapers:

Playlist Presets
Wallpapers in the playlist will now allow you to assign a preset to them by right clicking and then choosing a local preset you created from the list. Workshop presets are downloaded as genuine wallpapers so those will have a separate icon and you can add them to the playlist as well.

What's Next
I am currently waiting for missing translations for some languages to be fully completed and then I am looking to remove the Early Access flag at the soonest possible time. The next feature that will be added is most likely the ability to publish and share single assets for scenes on the Workshop for other scene creators to use in their wallpapers. Think custom particles or image layers that can be imported easily from the Workshop.

That may happen right after leaving Early Access since creating a new trailer and updating the store page will take a good chunk of time away from development on any new features.

Customizable Wallpapers
Here are some wallpapers that are very suitable for presets, check them out and share your own setup on Workshop!

Full changelog

  • Added Workshop support for presets.
  • Added preset overrides in playlist.
  • Added localization for Workshop publish steps.
  • Added nicer search text reset button.
  • Added preset Workshop browser options and tags.
  • Added new property controls to bottom of propery list.

  • Fixed random time seed for playlists.
  • Fixed no anim warning showing on templates.
  • Fixed particle system crash when child system uses box emitter and is requested to stop emitting.

  • Made Steam error show up when query is expected to return *something* yet Steam returns nothing at all and says everything is ok, while in reality Steam's servers are yet again in meltdown mode.
  • Reordered Workshop query lists based on Steam preference.
  • Made wallpapers unpause when user changes the wallpaper.
  • More obvious file missing error for users who move the files around after installation.
VR Robotics Simulator - Mindrend
Added ability to scroll file browser with touchpad. Left controller scrolls directory tree on the left, right controller scrolls file tree on the right. Please let me know if you do not like this scheme, rjs@mindrend.com.
Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 3 - Pilgrim Adventures
  • Fixed a rare bug in the "Pinball Wizard" quest.
  • Corrected a glitch during the Latona station flashback.
  • Took care of a couple of path-finding bugs in the school canteen and the final location.
You can also now follow the Pilgrim Adventures Creator Homepage for updates on game development and new releases!
Deadsiege - Null Pointer Studio
Rework the Quest system
Quest system (Twitter post)

Follow my Twitter to know more about other systems.
Black Mesa - [BMS] Adam-Bomb
Hello again,

We continue #Blocktober with another section we’ve shown off previously, the Xen cave. This part shows up after last week’s arch island, and exists in the same “badlands” biome. The goal was to call back to the original Half-Life, where water and life collected more on the interior of the Xenian land formations.

The initial concept by Xen Lead Chris Horn was to have a bridge, built by the scientists in order to cross the dangerous water. The bridge would mysteriously have a section missing and the player would need to long jump the gap in order to proceed.

The Blockout
We planned on having islands throughout the cave that the player could explore optionally. This would create a risk vs reward scenario as the player would have to jump over water that MAY (OR MAY NOT) contain Ichthyosaurs.

An initial subdivide of the blockout geometry with sculpt changes to help shape the cave’s look.

After we added the bridge from the initial concept, we ultimately decided that while it may have looked cool, it lead to the whole cave section being a simple straight shot which provided minimal gameplay. There was little chance that the player would fall into the water and it didn’t encourage exploration, due to how direct the player path was.

From there, we changed the plan. Working as much as possible with our existing geometry, we forced the player to long jump between platforms, added more obvious resources for the player to find through exploration, and made the path to the exit much more indirect. This lets the player take in more of the environment and makes them feel like they are progressing through a challenging environment, instead of simply following a line.

This was a paint over of the existing environment by Project Lead Adam Engels, designed to help convey the intended new look and feel. The Level Designers did a great job of building new gameplay out of the shape we had already created. A great example of “creativity through constraint”.

Things start to come together here with better lighting, some stalactite placement, and underwater foliage props.

Throughout the process, we iterated on the shape of the cave to feel more natural and support gameplay. You can see in the image below (brightened for visual clarity) that we lowered the ceiling and the height of the outcroppings on the left and right of the player’s view.

Dialing In
By identifying problems and addressing them in iterative passes, we were able to utilize more of the environment, improve/maximise gameplay, and still keep optional risk vs reward sections in the playspace. This is a design process that we have followed throughout the entirety of Xen.

After these revisions, we handed the scene to Level Designer/Artist Spencer Rose to push it up to the quality of something that was worthy of a public screen shot. He further sculpted the displacements, propagated the cave with assets made by the art team, and used lighting to guide the player through the scene; for instance, making the hole in the ceiling stand out with lighting and volumetric rays (which subliminaly point to the cave exit). He also tweaked the water to look more “alien” and unique. The new water added some much needed contrast to the environment.

We hope this was an insightful peek into our design process. More to come for #Blocktober!

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