Glitch Pets - Glitch Pets
Fixed an issue where textures weren't showing up (mostly on Surf and Slide)
Sausage Sports Club - cjacobwade
The questions I get most about Sausage Sports Club are all about online play. I would have loved to add online to the game, but having just me to do all the programming, art, and design meant it would have tacked on years to development and also limited the game in a lot of ways.

All through development, I hoped some magic solution would come along to stream video and input between players online at a quality that would resemble a real implementation of networked multiplayer. Years went by and launch was approaching fast and I had kind of lost all hope.

Then Parsec came along!

I heard of Parsec from some other devs making a local multiplayer game and was hugely surprised once I actually tried it. If everyone in your group has decent internet and at least one person has a solid gaming computer, it's an impressive solution for playing local multiplayer games online.

I'm happy to give it an official Luckshot Games seal of approval.

How to play:
  • Download the client from http://parsecgaming.com
  • Run it and create an account. Get your friends to do the same.
  • To host, click "Add A Computer". Set what apps your friends can see/control in Settings.
  • To join a friend who's hosting, add them using their Parsec username, and request to Co-Play.
  • Run the game, and friends can play just like they're sitting next to you!
  • If you have any issues with Parsec, chat to them on their discord here.

Star Explorers - MKSchmidt
The Space Game Junkie is running a contest where fans get to suggest games that deserve more love and visibility (Doesn't have to be a space game). He is offering a free copy of Stellaris to the winner. Read the contest rules here:


DCS World Steam Edition - NineLine
Live2DViewerEX - Pavo Studio
  • Video background item now available in built-in workshop (50MB Limit)

    Due to server pressure, you can only view and download video items smaller than 50MB. If you are a creator and want to see your items in built-in workshop, you need to ensure that the uploaded video is no more than 50MB.

  • Added support for workshop item import and export

    For old exported folders, just copy them to 'Android/data/com.pavostudio.live2dviewerex/files/workshop/' folder, do not change the folder name.

  • Some UI changes and bug fixes
Adeptus Titanicus: Dominus - Mark
Adeptus Titanicus: Dominus has just received its latest Titan variant—a Warhound that combines an Inferno Cannon for short-range work with the new Turbo Laser Destructor weapon system! This new Warhound variant is available for deployment right now in your single- and multi-player games.

We have also implemented several bug-fixes that were messing with player chi. See the full update notes below for details.

The Turbo Laser Destructor is the smaller cousin of the Laser Blaster. It offers a lesser rate of fire and a reduced range when compared with its larger peer, but also comes at a lower points cost than the beastly Laser Blaster. The Turbo Laser Destructor is a potent weapon and favoured by Warhound crews needing enhanced anti-armour capability over what the Vulcan Mega Bolter can provide.

The Turbo Laser Destructor is primarily intended for use on Scout Titans, which cannot carry the weight of a Laser Blaster; however, the Turbo Laser Destructor can also be mounted on Battle Titan carapace, enabling its use on Warlords and Reavers.
BEATris - RhyBad

  • Counterclockwise(CCW) turn is added
  • Deactivate play button when loading music

  • Added quick-save shortcut
  • Disable shortcuts when typing on input-field

Thank you for your patience. CCW-Turn is now here! And more updates are coming soon so stay tuned.

Also, we have an active community on the official Discord server. Feel free to join and talk about the game or meet the developer! We will be waiting :)
BEATris Official Discord
Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution - Quasar
Which, given the context in which this announcement appears, should probably be obvious.

Still! This move has been a long time coming, and it's great to finally make a start on it. This will be the start of a new an exciting era for this project.

Mecha-Tokyo Rush - Giant Evil Robot
Thanks for the feedback, everyone! We're trying as quickly as possible to fix glitches and add features.

• Fixed various text rendering glitches.
• The difficulty select buttons no longer function before selecting a level.
• M.MISSEL will now prioritizes the active mask during the Menreiki boss fight.
• K.SLASH can now reach the Blue Mask during the Menreiki boss fight.
• Weapons no longer effect Spikes.
• "Delete" key no longer closes the game.

An additional note:
Several people requested adding an "auto-fire" to the game. However, if you select Tera from the character select, she already has auto-fire as her default weapon.
They Are Hundreds - Milkweed
Coming with new zombies, more zombies, and zombie animations.

New roads and land marks, and possibly more. Thanks!

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